Doctor Who Series 9 Finale – ‘Hell Bent’

As usual, I’ve been watching Doctor Who with mixed reactions throughout the series. The finale was no exception to this and received a mixed reaction from fans online. Last week, we saw the Doctor being tortured for 4 1/2 billion years in order to get out. In “Hell Bent” we see the Doctor out for revenge on whoever put him in there and who is the reason for Clara’s death. Revenge and violence are not the Doctor’s style, however, we finally see his darker side. The loss of his best friend Clara, and then to only be put in unimaginable suffering, it is not surprising that he would become corrupted in his beliefs. The Doctor’s hatred for guns is gone, and we see his behaviour go rogue with his new a badass demeanour.

The beginning of the episode was really confusing to what was going on. No surprises there. Eventually, it did all make sense, and I admire the decision to wipe the Doctor’s memory, instead of Clara’s. It was a dark twist to the story and refreshing, considering he had to do that to Donna Noble in a previous series. The opportunities in the next series could be really exciting.

The finale had a decent ending, however, I’m annoyed how they got around killing off Clara properly. I wanted her to be dead and stay dead. But it was pointed out to me by fellow OLC writer, Daniel Rochelle, that it is pretty cool the way it was executed. You have Asheildr, the girl who can never die and Clara, the girl who can never live, travel in time together. This series has improved significantly. My faith has been restored since its decline in quality.

All that’s left now is the Christmas special. Writer Steven Moffat has admitted it would make fans ‘disappointed’, so I’m adamant to what will be in store for Doctor. All I know is we will be greeted by River Song this Christmas.

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Written By: Alice Denmark

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