Leona Lewis Returns Like “Thunder”

British singer and songwriter Leona Lewis released her brand new studio album “I Am” towards the end of 2015. The album charted as high as number 8 in the UK. The first single released off the album was called “Thunder” which was written and produced by both Lewis and Grammy award-winning songwriter Toby Gad. The single is about picking yourself up in difficult times, and Lewis explains that the song is about self-reflection and self-empowerment.

The track received a lot of praise  from music critics and complimented her album with its powerful message and was declared the highlight of the album. Many say the lyrics are aimed at her former manager, American Idol’s Simon Cowell, but one thing is very noticeable about the single and that’s its anthem sound.

Although the single was released a few months ago, I hadn’t actually heard it til I was watching the final season of American Idol. I believe this single should be highly publicized just for its pure genius, and brilliant songwriting and production. I don’t believe this single has been given enough justice especially seeing as it only peaked as high as number 12 on the billboard charts.

When the single debuted in the US it recorded a massive 2200 copies in just its first week and caters for all genre’s including fans of pop music and of adult contemporary. From its storytelling lyrics to its perfect empowerment production, this track is all around just hard to fault, and in my opinion, could be the best song released last year. If you haven’t heard it do yourself a favor, and give it a listen, once again Toby Gad showcases just why he’s one of the best record producers in the music industry.

Written By: Neill Frazer

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