Boston Bruins hypothetical trades based on thoughts and rumors: Kevin Shattenkirk, Robby Fabbri and more

Some more trade talks but centered on one team, the Boston Bruins.

In a Bruins Facebook group that I am in, a possibility of trading David Krejci arose. At first, I thought no way, but then I read on. The guy who brought it up in the group pondered how Ryan Spooner‘s development into a pretty solid player could make the Czech centerman expendable. He also mentioned how the Bruins could acquire defensive help for Krejci. I think they could get much more. He also said how Spooner could benefit from an increased role and Krejci has a large cap hit ($7.25M AAV) over the next 6 years. Even with that contract teams would still be lining up at the door for Krejci. This move could accelerate and even complete the Bruins very minor rebuild at this point.

That moment was when I jumped on board. Here are some thoughts on the matter:

David Krejci currently started off on an absolute tear to start the year, motivated from last year’s late injury for sure. That alone probably tripled his trade value. He has some of the best hockey sense in the league, great playoff experience and success, outstanding playmaking ability and he is extremely well disciplined. Honestly, when was the last time Krejci took a penalty? Teams would salivate over possibly acquiring Krejci. This would be a blockbuster of massive proportions I mentioned in my last article about Evgeni Malkin going to St. Louis. Krejci is another good fit. His playoff experience would heavily improve the playoff trouble-ridden Blues. This may be a match made in heaven for both teams. The Bruins need a top 4 defenseman, Kevin Shattenkirk, another center to replace Krejci, young stud Robby Fabbri, and Kyle Brodziak to get Max Talbot out. Max Talbot just isn’t a good faceoff man, did you watch the Winter Classic, woof. The Bruins would like need to add another high-end prospect to compliment Robby Fabbri.Alexander Khokhlachev hasn’t had a great chance with the Bruins at all and would be very hungry for an opportunity with St. Louis. The trade would also be between teams in separate conferences. This will send multiple pieces both and will likely be a win-win trade. The only problem with this is, the Bruins signed David Krejci to a long-term extension with a no-movement clause last season, which could make the Don Sweeney hesitant and Patrice isn’t going anywhere. Bruins fans would be heated if Bergeron was ever moved.


Kevin Shattenkirk, Robby Fabbri, and Kyle Brodziak


David Krejci and Alexander Khokhlachev

Sami Vatanen of the surprisingly bad Anaheim Ducks is another more affordable for a Bruins top 4 defenseman. He has been in the rumor mill here and there. He is fast, offensively skilled has a good shot and hockey sense. He’s currently making a mere 1.275M and is an RFA at the end of the year. But the RFA status wouldn’t matter much in a trade. The Bruins could sign him to a 2-year deal like they did for Torey Krug to let him prove himself, then if warranted, sign him long term. Sami Vatanen and Torey Krug could be two of the league’s best offensive defenseman in years to come. The Bruins could be much more lethal from the blue line. This makes perfect sense; I would like to see someone else tell me otherwise. Oh yeah, and if I may add, he is only 24 years old. This could be a huge win for the Bruins, and maybe the Ducks. But who would the Bruins move? This is where Alexander Khokhlachev comes in again. Like I said, Koko could play over Sean Horcoff and Nate Thompson and get the fresh start in which he wants so badly. He even told the Bruins that he wanted a role with them. He has 33 points and a -5 rating in 28 games, put up 57 points and a +11 rating in 2013-2014 both with Providence, and has 0 points and -2 rating with the Bruins this year. So he can definitely perform but at the NHL level? I think so and I’m not alone. Another Bruins win-win trade but the B’s would have to add more than Alexander Khokhlachev, possibly not depending on what Anaheim thinks of him. A second-round pick would probably work; Anaheim would be out of their mind not to accept that maybe a third-rounder would suffice. Who knows? Maybe the Bruins would even need to add anything. This is also another out of conference trade.


Alexander Khokhlachev and a 2016 2nd-round pick


Sami Vatanen



Alexander Khokhlachev and a 2016 3rd-round pick


Sami Vatanen

Written By: Mike Cratty

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