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Justin Bieber Unveils Unreleased Track “I’ll Be There”

Since the release of Justin Bieber‘s album “Purpose“, all you seem to hear on the airwaves are his catchy singles, and yes the once non-fans of his are quick becoming followers. But when you thought Justin was done dominating the music world, he released a new track entitled “I’ll Be There” on his Vevo account which seems to be a deleted track that was meant for his album Purpose.

The track has an R&B sound, but like Bieber’s latest music, it’s complete with that dance edge that he’s now famously known for. He even try’s out his rapping skills on this joint. The song isn’t even marketed as a single, and without an official video, the song already has 770,000(+) views.

Any fans of the “Purpose” album will be a fan of this track, and we won’t be held accountable if you can’t get this out of your head either, enjoy…

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Written by Neill Frazer

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