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Music Spotlight: Samantha Jade

For those that don’t know who she is, Samantha Jade was born Samantha Jade Gibbs in my hometown of Perth, Western Australia. She is a singer, songwriter, actress, and former child model. To music enthusiasts around the world, Samantha’s work may be known to you, for other’s this may be the first time you are discovering the songstress. Samantha has written tracks for artists such as JoJo and Ashley Tisdale and shot to fame down under when she won the fourth season of Australia’s X Factor.

But before she was discovered on X Factor, Samantha Jade’s career was slowly on the rise. In 2002, a friend of Jade’s sent a demo to a record producer in Los Angeles, California, who then decided to send Jade and her family to Hollywood for a meeting. The following year they moved to Los Angeles and in 2004, she signed a US record deal with JIVE Records and began recording demo’s. In that same year, and song she had co-written called “Secret Love” was showcased on the soundtrack to the movie “Shark Tale” and was recorded by singer JoJo.

In 2006, Samantha Jade recorded the title track for the movie Step Up, with a song by the same name that was written by Grammy award-winning songwriter Dianne Warren and produced by the Fugee’s Wyclef Jean. The single, when released, charged onto the Billboard 100 and the position of 92. In 2007, Jade released a follow-up single called “Turn Around” which launched onto mainstream radio in the US, and was penned for her upcoming debut album “My Name Is Samantha Jade”, but sadly the album was never released.

Also, in 2007 Jade co-wrote the song “Positivity” on Ashley Tisdale’s album “Headstrong“. Jade went on to work with notable producers like Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, and also some of the team at the famously known Swedish powerhouse Cheiron Studio’s. Eventually, though Jade was dropped by JIVE Records, but still continued to work independently, and managed to get the spotlight on her again when she featured on a David Guetta track for his album “One Love“. In 2010, Jade moved back to her hometown in Perth and began working at a mining company.

After a lot of tough years, Samantha Jade’s breakthrough finally came when she auditioned for the X Factor in 2012 and ended up winning the show becoming the first female to take home the honor’s. After much dedication on November 20th on Sony Music Australia, Samantha Jade released her brand new album “Nine” and peaked at number 2 upon the Australian charts. Jade continues to bring in the big names, working on this album with the likes of Babyface, DNA, MdL, Pitbull, The Jackie Boyz and more.

For fans of pop music, you will love this album. Although it’s penned as a pop album it still contains that hint of urban sound, matched brilliantly with Samantha Jade’s creative song lyrics. One thing you can definitely take away from “Nine”, is the hard work and effort Jade put into it and how the whole creative process of this album shines as a singer who was born to do it. If you haven’t heard her work, don’t despair as I’m sure it won’t be long before it turns up on your radio stations. One thing is certain, we here in Perth are proud of her and how far she’s come.

Rating 4 out of 5

“Nine” tracklisting and credits:

  1. Always (Samantha Jade/Jon Levine/Carmen Reece)
  2. Naked (Jade/DNA)
  3. Wait For It (Tiffany Fred/Mansur Zafr)
  4. What You Want (Jade/William Singe/MDL)
  5. Only Just Begun (Jade/DNA)
  6. Shake That (feat. Pitbull) (Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds/Antonio Dixon/Leon Thomas III)
  7. Show Me Love (Hayley Aitken/Sebastian Lundberg/Carlos Battey/Steven Battey/Trinity Music)
  8. Let The Good Times Roll (Zac Poor/Ivan Berry/MDL)
  9. Castle (Jade/Poor/Hayley Warner/Khaled Rohaim)
  10. Born To Be Alive (Nikki Flores/David Delazyn/Poor/Jade/The Fliptones)
  11. Nine (Jade/Poor/Beau Golden/MDL)

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Written by Neill Frazer

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