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Female Speedster coming to The Flash


TV Line reports that Days of Our Lives alum Allison Paige has joined the cast of The Flash as Eliza Harmon aka Trajectory and will appear in the 16th episode of season two.

Via TV Line:

Having arrived in town intent on creating maximum chaos, Trajectory’s antics are misinterpreted as having been perpetrated by the Flash himself. Barry thus must quickly uncover the mystery of who is the girl under the mask — as well as what is driving her mad desire for speed and destruction.”

In the comics, Eliza Harmon aka Trajectory begged Lex Luthor to grant her superhuman speed. The testing left her unable to return to normal speed without the use of a drug called Sharp. Eventually, her work on Luthor’s super powered team left her dead. However, TV Line reports that The Flash’s Trajectory will be an “exceptionally bright scientist” with a “split personality a la Jekyll and Hyde.”

The Flash season 2 is becoming the season of the speedsters. We already have the Flash and Zoom. Then the show introduced Harry’s daughter Jesse Quick, but we have yet to see if she will become a speedster. And the show ended its mid-season finale by bringing Wally West into the fold but, once again, we don’t know if he’s a speedster just yet. Regardless, it must be hard to find someone powerful enough to battle with the Flash, a speedster is a simple way to counteract that.

It also seems like the live-action adaptation of Trajectory will follow the comic book iteration extremely closely, minus Lex Luthor who’ll be terrorising Batman and Superman on the big screen instead.

The revelation that Central City might even turn on The Flash thinking he’s throwing up destruction and chaos is a fun little narrative turn and seeing more speedsters will simply strengthen the aesthetically pleasing aspect of the show.

What do you think?

Written by Nasim Ali

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