Sia’s New Album “This Is Acting”

On January 29th, Australian singer/songwriter Sia released her brand new album “This Is Acting“, which was proceeded by the release of the single “Alive.” The album is her sixth studio album and a follow-up to her highly successful “1000 Forms Of Fear.”

Bird Set Free” was set to be released as the album’s first single, and was originally written for the movie ‘Pitch Perfect 2‘, but it was later rejected in favor of “Flashlight.” It then was pitched to Rihanna who later rejected it, and also recorded by Adele but failed to make her album “25.” The songs “One Million Bullets” and “Cheap Thrills” were also rejected by Rihanna, who Sia described as a no show at the recording studio’s.

“This Is Acting” topped the Itunes charts in over 50 countries just hours after it was released, and received positive reviews online from critics such as Metacritic. The album scored 69 out of 100, which generally means it received favorable reviews.

The album is made of entirely of songs she wrote for other artists but, in the end, were rejected. Now she wants to show off her works of art and prove there was worth in this songs after all. Sia has always been a gifted songwriter, and you can tell in this album and even in her previous one, just how brilliantly they are written as every song is a poetic story. I guess the great thing about Sia is she shows her diversity in different genre’s, and the production of every track manages to fit each song to convey its emotion.

Sia is somewhat Australia’s answer to Lady Gaga, both gifted songwriters who decided that their songs were good enough to be their own. If you enjoyed “1000 Forms Of Fear”, you will without a doubt enjoy this. In a way, the success of this album will give her a chance to tell all the artists that rejected her songs…I told you so.

Rating 4 out of 5

“This Is Acting” tracklisting and credits:

  1. Bird Set Free (Sia Furler/Greg Kurstin)
  2. Alive (Furler/Adele Adkins/Jesse Shatkin)
  3. One Million Bullets (Furler/Shatkin)
  4. Move Your Body (Furler/Kurstin)
  5. Unstoppable (Furler/Kenan Williams/Shatkin)
  6. Cheap Thrills (Furler/Kurstin)
  7. Reaper (Furler/Kanye West/Noah Goldstein/88-Keys)
  8. House On Fire (Furler/Jack Antonoff/Shatkin/Sinclair)
  9. Footprints (Furler/Tyler Williams/Josh Valle/T-Minus)
  10. Sweet Design (Furler/Kurstin/Mark Andrews/Robi Rosa/Desmond Child)
  11. Broken Glass (Furler/Shatkin)
  12. Space Between (Furler/Braide)
  13. Fist Fighting A Sandstorm (Furler/Shatkin)
  14. Summer Rain (Furler/Shatkin)

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Written by Neill Frazer

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