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‘The Warriors’ Came Out To Play 37 Years Ago Today.

Today marks a very special day for myself and many others. On this day in 1979, Walter Hill‘s cult classic gang warfare film The Warriors was released in theaters. Sometimes a movie becomes much more than ‘just a movie’, for me, The Warriors is that movie. Most people would think it glorifies gang violence. Compared to the violence in movies of today, however, The Warriors is very tame.  The Warriors had its controversies, but the best films always do.

For those who may have never seen the movie here’s a quick rundown of the story. Nine members of the gang The Warriors from Coney Island, New York are invited to a conclave of all the gangs in the city held by Cyrus, the leader of the biggest gang in the city the Gramercy Riffs in the Bronx. During the conclave. The Warriors are framed for the murder of Cyrus. They must fight for their lives all the way back to Coney Island with every gang in the city looking to take them out.

The film is based on a book by Sol Yurick, but there isn’t much likeness between the two except the basic story. It’s a rare occasion where I like the movie much more than the book. In the book the name of the gang is different. Not to mention the characters aren’t likable, as they do the terrible things gangs are known for, but in the movie you actually care about the characters.

I was 11 years old when I first seen the end of The Warriors on TNT. All I saw at the time was the climax where the weary looking Warriors made their way home to Coney Island to face the real murderer and his gang. I remember thinking I had to see what happened to The Warriors up to that point. When I did, I knew my life was changed.

For me the film is about fighting for what you believe in, and never giving up no matter what. It’s about never stopping chasing your dreams.  As Warriors member Snow says near the end of the film. “It’s all out there. All we gotta do is figure out a way to go steal it”. That line is something I’ve kept in my mind as a metaphor in my everyday life.

The Warriors came out 37 years ago today, and I can only hope they come out to play for many more fans for many more years to come. Can you dig it?!

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Written By: Billy Cripps

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