Destiny Gets a New Valentine’s Themed Event

Bungie has released another patch for Destiny, this one bringing a little love to the tower. ‘Crimson Days’ is a Valentine’s Day themed event, which brings some much needed new content. There is no love for the PVE guardians as this event is PVP only.

So what is this new PVP mode? Crimson Doubles is a 2v2 elimination mode which will be available for the entirety of the event. Win 5 rounds and the match is yours. Unfortunately there is no matchmaking, so you will have to grab a friend or head over to one of the Destiny matchmaking sites to find yourself a blind date if you want to have a go.

Bungie hopes to entice guardians to play this event, offering new shaders, and ghosts which drop at 320 light. Yet more emotes have been added, this time featuring the fist bump amongst others.

The Crimson Days event runs from February 9th – 16th. Anyone who logs in to Destiny between now and Tuesday 16th will be awarded 25 legendary marks.

Is this enough to make you feel the Destiny love? Or is it too little too late? Does anyone even remember what Destiny is at this point? Let me know in the comments below!

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Written By: Heather Stanley

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