Julianne Moore circling villainous Kingsman 2 role

The Hollywood Reporter is aptly reporting that Julianne Moore is circling a villainous role in Kingsman 2, the sequel to the surprise Matthew Vaughn-directed hit film.

THR does add that Moore may have to turn down the project due to scheduling conflicts but that her addition is being talked about.

Should Moore joined the project, she will be backed by the likes of Taron Egerton, the film’s lead and presumably Mark Strong. However, THR claims that Colin Firth will not be back for the sequel.

For those who have seen the first film, it would have been extremely contrived and difficult to bring back Colin Firth’s Harry and whilst there were talks of bringing his suave spy back, the project has decided to leave it behind.

Now, Moore may join the project as the film’s antagonist and you have to adore the decision. Moore is one of the most consistent and great actresses working today. 90% of everything she does is dynamite whilst the other 10% is often serviceable. Seeing her turn on her nefarious side opposite the smarmy Egerton will provide a different alternative to the lispy and comical Samuel L. Jackson.

And if Kingsman 2 is as big a success as Kingsman: The Secret Service, the series could be setting itself up for an iconic actor taking the villainous role in each consecutive instalment.

Kingsman 2 is set for release on 16th June 2017.


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