Sony wants to destroy Venom without Spider-Man

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Sony Pictures is moving forward with a Venom feature film that won’t be connected to the Tom Holland Spider-man set to feature in Captain America: Civil War.

Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach, the guys who ruined Spider-man on two separate occasions, are producing and overseeing the new film, which will be written by ‘Edge of Tomorrow‘ scribe Dante Harper (it isn’t all bad news).

Whilst Harper helped write one of the best sci-fi action movies in recent memory, this is just silly. Now, I’m all for film’s that battle against fan expectations because if it’s a good end product, we’ll watch it and enjoy it numerous times.

But this doesn’t make sense narratively. Venom is a character that relies on the existence of Spider-man. He is the fusion of an alien symbiote with a character that plays closely into the Spider-man narrative. Whether it’s Eddie Brock or Peter Parker’s high school bully Flash Thompson, you need Spider-man for Venom.

The last time a studio took a popular comic book character away from its main draw and focused a feature film around it, we got the infamous Halle Berry edition of Catwoman.

Don’t worry Venom, we’ll pour one out for you.

Venom doesn’t have a release date yet.

Written By: Nasim Ali

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