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OutLoud! Culture Podcast Episode 14: Ghostbusters and other unnecessary remakes


Hey there everyone! This week Vlad Pavlov, Sarah Lennox and myself discuss the upcoming remake/reboot/sequel/whatever the hell this new Ghostbusters thing is. We’re talking about the two trailers, the supposedly troubled production, the controversy around the film, the controversy surrounding the promotion, and what out expectations are. We’re also going to talk about other pointless remakes of the same ilk, and about how to make a good remake. As a little bonus, we also discuss the difference between how things go down now as compared to how they did back in the 1980’s. Sit back and listen, because we’re digging into this mess!

Up next week is This Month in Gaming. We’ve got ourselves a good list of topics for the podcast, but we might have missed something, so feel free to pop anything that comes into your head into the comments below! I’ll see you then!

In case you miss an episode, or want to marathon the whole series at once, you can find the series playlist here.
Every week, I’m joined by members of the OutLoud! Culture staff to discuss a new topic off of the big list we accumulate in the downtime between each episode. We’ll discuss anything from whole genres of media to a specific episode of a TV show. At the beginning (and sometimes the end) of every month we cover all the gaming news we can find in This Month in Gaming. If you have any suggestions for topics, feel free to put them in the comments section below, and if we decide to use them we’ll mention your name in the podcast.

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