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Where Are They Now? : Savage Garden


Remember this popular Australian duo Savage Garden? Making smash hit songs from 1993 in Australia and shooting to fame in America in early 2000 with there number 1 world wide chart topping single “I Knew I Loved You”. The duo consisted of vocalist Darren Hayes and instrumentalist Daniel Jones, and won a catalog of awards at the Billboard Music Awards, the ARIA’s and sold over 25 million albums world wide.

In 2002 the band announced the group had disbanded leaving a legion of fans heartbroken and wondering where are they now? Well we tracked them down and found out where they are and what they’ve been up to.
Daniel Jones receded basically into non existence, being the reclusive member of Savage Garden it really didn’t come as a surprise. But Daniel is living a comfortable life in Las Vegas with his wife, Kathleen De Leon who was a member of the Australian children’s music group Hi-5. Daniel stays busy buying property for cheap renovating it and then reselling it. He even completes some of the renovations himself. It made sense that the camera shy member of Savage Garden was living a quiet secluded family life.

As for Darren Hayes he continued into the spotlight for a little bit longer. He stemmed a semi successful solo career and then turned his back on the music industry not long after. Hayes is now based in Los Angeles, and has been embracing his love for comedy, hosting a comedy podcast called ‘He Said He Said’ with new creative partner Tim Stanton and regularly performing with legendary comedy troupe The Groundlings.

Hayes recently began sharing his sketches on YouTube which features music he wrote, and explained on his Facebook page to his fans “This is what I’ve been doing for the past three years”. As for music, Hayes recently took to Facebook to reveal that he has in fact never stopped working on new music and is currently working on a musical which will unite his three passions – music, comedy, and writing.

“I get asked by people all the time if I’m ever going to make music again. I’ve never stopped. In fact, I’m writing a musical. I stepped away from the recorded music industry to study performance art, sketch comedy and improv,” Hayes wrote. “My lifelong dream has always been to write a stage musical. I’ve been quietly doing that for some time now, I just haven’t spoken of it publicly.” Hayes noted that the majority of his time not spent studying is spent on penning new songs. “It’s a big collaborative process and It’s a very long road – years in fact – until it reaches fruition – but just know that’s what I’ve been toiling away at all this time. There are many sides to me.” Hayes went on to say.

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Written by Neill Frazer

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