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Mad Dogs Season One Episode Six “Leslie” review

Mad Dogs

After days of long gap, we continue and decide about our fatal series Mad Dogs. The next episode titled Leslie is a kind of culmination of the previous episodes.
The plot gets shifted to a side-story for a while but in the end it clears it’s motto about it.

In the last episode, Hat we observed that the four so called friends’s plan to reach Guatemala is thwarted by some government officials as they state the area to be infected by smallpox.

This episode commences with the buddies being taken to a medically safe area so that they cannot contaminate the whole place. They are then told that they will have to stay at the faculty for a while until the reports come in and clear them off. Who goes, who stays is something to watch out for.

Leslie in my opinion is a very sophisticated episode. It concentrates more on the nature of the characters rather than the story which needs to carry on. It also shows and informs us about the personal lives of all the characters. The friendship and loyalty of each one of them is tested. Michael Imperioli is the one who performs with a shine despite of getting less screen time. His character is very different from the other three as he always tries to see the bigger picture without being selfish. He always has that co-operative and believing nature that no-one else has. Romany Malco slightly overdoes what is required from him with being consumed in his own consumption. Ben Chaplin and Steve Zahn are also doing great. The makers have not explored the sites completely but have easily shown the prestigious and the isolated places simultaneously. One really good thing in that is that they are not trying to repeat the sets again and again. The background score and music played is very much Central-American and also suit the situations.All these technical successes do not shadow or hide the atrocious deeds of the story-line.

Only in the end of the episode you realize that the episode has come on the right track but it is too late. Making the characters sit at one place and discuss something that looks out of the context is very confusing. Sometimes it looks like the characters are really frightened and sometimes it looks like it is still a healthy vacation for them. Last couple of episodes are really disappointing in that context and also because the first 3 episodes were full of adrenaline, rush and many more turning points. I would be rather happy if the makers try to get all those things back. The direction is 10/10 in almost every episode but a weak script restricts us to catch the most of it. But still Chris Cole has the potential to end Mad Dogs on a very high note. Lastly I can still advice anyone to watch Mad Dogs due to it’s uniqueness and turns. Also because of the reason that it is not based in some very well-known place.

What do you think?

Written by Rudraksh Bhardwaj

Writer For Movies and TV

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