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Music Spotlight : Grace VanderWaal

“Miracles can happen” was what she said on her first audition at America’s Got Talent, when Simon Cowell asked if she really thought she could win the competition. It turns out, she was right. Less than 3 months from being named the winner of AGT, VanderWaal is releasing her debut EP entitled “Perfectly Imperfect” which is produced by Greg Wells. This EP contains original songs by her that she performed on stage, which will now be remade in a studio setting. All this is hard to imagine especially seeing as Grace VanderWaal is only 12 years old. But the possibility has become a reality for this talented prospect, who’s 5 track EP takes us through an array of emotions and styles entirely written by her.

“We wanted to strike while the iron was hot, and before some people forgot,” VanderWaal told Billboard. “We didn’t want to release it and have people be like, ‘Oh hey, isn’t that the girl from that show?’ We wanted to keep the momentum going. So almost immediately, we tried to do it as fast as possible, and in a matter of days, this EP was finished.” VanderWaal had originally recorded 10 tracks for the EP but narrowed them down to 5, keeping the songs “Clay” and “I Don’t Know My Name” which helped her win the judges over on AGT. Her vocals are well beyond her years, and her songwriting talent is incredible, but winning AGT was made more so impressive by doing something most artists don’t do, and that’s performing your own original songs as apposed to covers.

“Every time I watch these shows, I see a little girl or a little boy walk out, and I think, they’re going to be a singer, they’re going to be adorable, and it’s usually true. But I think I was a little bit of a surprise, and I think it’s because I did originals throughout the whole show, which was a little unusual. It was just different.” she says.

Grace VanderWaal was born January 15th, 2004 in Kansas City, Kansas. Since winning AGT though she has moved to New York city where she is now home schooled. She began composing songs at just the age of 3 using a wireless microphone, and founded inspiration for songwriting by watching movies and trying to imagine what the characters were feeling. Using money she got for her 11th birthday Grace VanderWaal purchased herself a ukulele, an instrument she was inspired to learn to play after watching a family friend play it. Believe it or not she taught herself to play the instrument by watching YouTube videos. She credits her musical influences as artists such as Jason Mraz, Twenty One Pilots and Katy Perry.

With the release of her EP, VanderWaal plans to take a break from the spotlight in January to focus on writing more songs for an extended studio LP next year. Until then fans can enjoy this dynamic EP which touches on many issues faced by youth of today.

Perfectly Imperfect tracklist:

  1. I Don’t Know My Name
  2. Clay
  3. Light The Sky
  4. Beautiful Thing
  5. Gossip Girl

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Written by Neill Frazer

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