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New Music For Fetty Wap And The “Fifty Shades” Movie

Fetty Wap has been blowin’ up the charts lately, and what other better way to re-enter them, then acquiring the help of female rapper Nicki Minaj on there new single “Like A Star”. Nicki’s verse can be heard over this new reggae based urban track talking about rockin’ Saint Lauren and dropping b#$ches. Nicki Minaj recently dropped by The Breakfast Club and spoke of her collaboration with Fetty Wap saying “So shout out to all the women coming up that are paying attention to lyrics. I love a lot of the new guys, too,” she said. “I feel like they’re super fun. I love Lil Uzi Vert, I love the melodies. I love Fetty. I did something with Fetty that’s gonna come out soon that I think is super dope.”

Fetty Wap has been busy as of late releasing his new mixtape “Zoovier” and preparing for his next studio album entitled “King Zoo” which is due out 2017. Like most Fetty Wap singles he finds a way to make it main stream enough to chart whilst keeping urban. Fetty shot to fame with his viral hit “Trap Queen” which sold 2.7 million copies just in the US alone, which opened the doors for his other hit “679”.

You can expect big things for this single when it hits the airwaves but you can hear “Like A Star” below, and be sure to drop us a line and let us know what you guys think:


What better way to hit the Billboard charts then teaming up two of the hottest pop acts together for the new “Fifty Shades Darker” film. The surefire hit “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” teams up two of pops brightest stars Zayn Malik (formerly of One Direction) and Taylor Swift in a lyric video that captures some of the films sultry scenes. The video begins with a masked Christian Grey and Ana heading to a ball. The next scene shows the duo flirting with each other over dinner, with Ana making eyes at Christian. Other footage shows the couple sailing on a yacht, hooking up in an elevator and making love in the shower.

The single debuted on December 8th and hit number 1 on the Itunes charts just an hour after it’s release. Taylor Swift wrote the track alongside Sam Dew and Jack Antonoff, who all later produced it too. It was Zayn Malik’s girlfriend Gigi Hadid who played musical matchmaker for this song as she is very good friends with Taylor Swift, as Zayn later explained on an interview with The Morning Show,

“We were kind of in separate places when I mentioned the idea to her. I spoke to her on the phone,” he said. “She had heard the song ’cause Jack had played it to her, so she really liked it. She went in the studio the next day to record it, she mentioned to me that she liked the song, and I already kind of knew in the back of my head that she liked it.” But the collaboration won’t end there as the two plan to start filming the music video this month.

“I Don’t Wanna Love Forever” is available to purchase on ITunes now.

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