Zara Larsson’s “So Good” On Her Second Studio Album

Swedish singer and songwriter Zara Larsson released her second studio album “So Good” internationally on March 17th on EPIC records. The album got positive reviews with The Guardian giving it 3 out of 5 stars calling it a “sugar-soaked postmodern pop” and comparing Larsson to a ’19 year old Rihanna gate crashing a tropical house party’. The album consists of producers and writers who are apart of the ‘IT’ crowd of music these days including Stargate, MNEK, Charlie Puth, Clean Bandit and more.

Zara Larsson sounds and looks like a pop star, and this album jumps from UK club beats, piano ballads and Rihanna dancehall bops. “Never Forget You” featuring MNEK was the lead single off the album and got massive airplay and became a club anthem. The song proves that the pop star is capable of owning edgier club sounds when she’s pared with the right producer. This single had heavyweights of the music industry taking notice of this 19 year old star and simply described the song “Never Forget You” as ‘impressive’. Larsson’s ability to team up with the right artists to make her sound that much better is spot on.

“Symphony” whom she joins forces with Clean Bandit is an avalanche of club beats and orchestral instruments, dance-pop doesn’t get any more better than this Song Of The Summer contender. Another song that exploded for Zara was The Monsters And The Strangerz produced hit “I Would Like”, which hit the charts internationally including hitting the top 10 in the Billboard charts and making the top 5 in the Australian ARIA charts. The song became so popularised that Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull recycled it on the “Climate Change” album calling the track “Sexy Body”.

“So Good” has set the standard high for pop albums in 2017 with so many bright spots on the album. The opening number entitled “What They Say” teams her up again with MNEK and is a pop ballad that expresses sweet sentiment. It’s not a obvious selection for a single but it does set up the mood for the album nicely. Another track that leaves a good impression is the Stargate produced song “Sundown” which almost sounds like a Rihanna inspired club jam. If a soft ballad is something you seek then the album also provides that with the song “Mississippi” an emotional ballad about a doomed romance.

“Lush Life” became the second single from “So Good” which became another international hit including booming the UK and Australian charts and getting massive radio airplay. If you’re a fan of pop music and the direction it’s taking these days by combining a hint of dancehall, then this album is for you. Not really being a fan of the first two singles, in the end this album didn’t disappoint. Zara Larsson’s second studio album “So Good” is out now.

RATING : 4 out of 5

“So Good” tracklisting and credits:

  1. What They Say (MNEK)
  2. Lush Life (Emanuel Abrahamsson/Freedo/Shuko)
  3. I Would Like (The Monsters & Strangerz/Zara Larsson/German)
  4. So Good (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) (Larsson/Charlie Puth/Tyrone William Griffin Jr/Danny Boy Styles)
  5. TG4M (Joakim Haukkas/Sepehrmanesh/Kid Joki)
  6. Only You (Astma & Rocwell/Markus Sepehrmanesh)
  7. Never Forget You (featuring MNEK) (MNEK/Astronomy)
  8. Sundown (featuring Wizkid) (Larsson/Brian Garcia/Stargate)
  9. Don’t Let Me Be Yours (Larsson/Steve Mac)
  10. Make That Money Girl (Larsson/Ajay Bhattacharyya/Erik Persson Hassle)
  11. Ain’t My Fault (Larsson/MNEK/Mike Spencer)
  12. One Mississippi (Julia Michaels/Fred Ball)
  13. Funeral (Larsson/Jason Gill/Ana Diaz)
  14. I Can’t Fall In Love Without You (Christian Waltz/Lindvall)
  15. Symphony (featuring Clean Bandit) (Jack Patterson/Malik/Mark Ralph/Clean Bandit)

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Written By: Neill Frazer

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