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Samurai Jack Season 5, Episode 3

Picking up from the last episode, Jack has been wounded by the Daughters of Aku and killed one of them, barely escaping with his life. Now Jack must take shelter and survive what may be the longest winter of his life. Jack takes shelter soon, slowly coming to recover, but not without his haunting visions.

“You’ve survived worse,” as his vision accurately states. What is truly hurting Jack, is the fact that he has finally killed. In the last episode, Jack was on the brink of death. The Daughters of Aku very nearly killed Jack, forcing him to take the life of one.

“We’ve never killed a human before, have we?” Jack’s vision hauntingly states. Jack has become so used to fighting machines that the fact he has finally killed, “real flesh and blood,” is a fact Jack is struggling to come to terms with.

This aversion to blood also stems from a traumatic childhood memory of Jack’s. During a family trip, an assassination party arrived to kill Jack’s father, the Emperor. This means nothing to Jack’s sinister reflection. The vision only taunts him more. “You’ll have to kill them too. Can you? Will you be able to when the time comes? Maybe they will kill you. Or is that what you want?!”

As the Daughters track down Jack, we come to realize how little they are aware of the outside world. Coming upon a doe, they question what it is. One of them says she will kill it, but when a fully grown deer arrives, they believe it to be a minion of Aku, its antlers looking like Aku’s head.

Jack, fully rested and having prepared for this encounter, taunts the Daughters. In a clever callback to an episode from the original show (Season 4, Episode 4, “Samurai Versus Ninja”) Jack begins to kill off the remaining Daughters of Aku. Having been trained to use the light, Jack blends into the light in the snowy forest, culminating in a ferocious, nail-biting battle with the Daughters.


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I previously stated that I could only grow more excited for what Genndy Tartakovsky has created for this ten-episode limited series. Once again I am more than happy to have been proven correct. If you are not watching this series or have not caught up with the previous episodes of the show you must immediately rectify that!

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Written by Alexander Trovini

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