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Labrinth Working With Ed Sheeran For The New Album “Take Me To The Truth”

UK artist Labrinth has been working on his second studio album with Ed Sheeran much to his fans delight. He has been in the studio since November of 2013 recording album content, and this song “Same Team” is so far the latest we’ve heard from the project. Before creating the group LSD, Labrinth appeared on two tracks for Tinie Tempah’s album “Demonstration”. In 2014 Labrinth released two singles from the forthcoming album “Let It Be” and “Jealous”.

Recently though Labrinth has been appearing more in the music world, which makes us think his new album is not far away. He appeared on Kygo’s debut album “Cloud Nine” on the track “Fragile”. After his duet with Sia in the Wonder Woman soundtrack “To Be Human” in 2017, Labrinth became one of the members of the collaboration with Diplo and Sia, called LSD. This is the first time the three artists have worked together on a single project. According to Diplo, LSD started when he was invited into the studio to write with Labrinth and Sia. “Genius” was the first single from the group, with rumors that an album is on the way.

But nothing has us more geared up then the anticipation of “Take Me To The Truth” after Labrinth’s huge success he had with his debut album “Electronic Earth” which peaked on the Billboard charts at number 2. Recently the artist spoke about the reason behind the new album title saying “I had some time off music to go out and do normal things. I went on holiday, got the bus, the tube – all the things you don’t do when you’re promoting and touring. I had to stop being Labrinth for a while. That’s why I called the album Take Me To The Truth, because I wanted to return to where I was in terms of enjoying music, and I was trying to make something innovative, instead of just trying to be famous and successful and trying to prove myself as an artist. I thought, what the f**k do I want to do in the world?”.

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Written by Neill Frazer

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