U.K. Girl Band M.O Are Back With The New Track ‘Wondering’

M.O are an English girl band featuring members Annie Ashcroft, Chanal Benjilali and Nadine Samuels and previously Frankee Connolly until her departure in June 2017. The group was formed backed in 2012 by the girls themselves, after their previous groups Mini Viva and Duchess both disbanded. Frankee Connolly was a part of Mini Viva until the duo’s split in 2010, where as Nadine Samules and Annie Ashcroft were both members of the girl band Duchess until 2012. They started out on an indie label before signing a deal with Polydor Records.

The name M.O stands for Modus Operandi which is a latin phrase that means “a particular way to do something”. M.O’s initial aim was to bring old school 90s music back, channeling their sound towards groups like TLC and All Saints. They made their debut on a YouTube channel doing covers of 90’s R&B songs, and they received praise from UK artists like Ed Sheeran. The girls started to release their own music via an indie label before being signed to Polydor Records. They started to gain traction on the charts both in the UK and world wide, and in July 2016, it was announced that the band signed a US deal with Interscope Records. After a quiet 18 months, including the departure of Connolly, the girls finally announced they were getting back together in June of 2018.

After much anticipation M.O have finally dropped their new single “Wondering” featuring rapper Chip. We expect this single to hit the top of the UK charts but the question remains can the girls still conquer the U.S. market? Be sure to check out M.O’s new single “Wondering” below.


Written By: Neill Frazer

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