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“Meant to Be” is about my experience loving someone at a young age. I was only 15 when we started dating and I thought he would always be here for me. You get so distracted by the idea of “love” that you forget who you are. This song was my message to him and my younger self. I wrote this song with an early 2000s pop/punk feel. I feel like that teen edge and angst will really help relate to younger individuals.

Hi my name is Caroline Reilly and I am a Pop Alternative artist from Atlanta Georgia. I write for myself and also for the younger generation of individuals coming up. I want to share my experiences of heartbreak, independence, and self-love. I like to show the dark and light sides of situations through my music. I have subtle waves of early 2000s pop/punk in my sound. I would love to be a part of such a diverse playlist. Thank you so much for your time! – Caroline Reilly

Some people light a fire inside of you. Every once in a while, we’re lucky to meet somebody that completely rocks our world and words don’t even come close to doing them justice. This song is my attempt at describing how those people make us feel.

About Her” is now available to stream on your preferred platform.

Doesn’t need a neon to make her shine, she’s a little more New York at night.

That city don’t sleep, neither do I.

San Francisco’s very own fast-rising DJ and producer, Air Apparent, releases his dreamy new single, “All By Yourself (feat. Krysta Youngs),” today. Indian-American dance musician, Neil Sethi (aka Air Apparent), draws on the themes of self-growth and personal discovery in his single, and reminds listeners of the inherent beauty that can result from being alone with oneself, and allowing focus to sink from the mind the heart. The new track combs through soft and dreamy vocals with a driving subtle beat, as lush, euphoric synth rhythms melt into the sweet, airy vocals of Krysta Youngs.

“All By Yourself” creates the perfect backdrop for recovering from the end of any summer fling, or any relationship that becomes more draining than nourishing over time. The bravery of being alone rather than being lonely shines through. Describing “All By Yourself,” Air Apparent says, “There’s an empowered feeling telling someone they’re no good for you and making it clear to them that they’ll have to find solace alone. Rather than sulking in sadness, ‘All By Yourself’ differs from the typical break-up song, showcasing the individual growth of ending a relationship.”

“Let it burn. It’s the ashes that I admire.” A taunt from the title track of The Honeyrunners’ debut album, Everything Is On Fire, up for release worldwide Friday, October 22nd, 2021 on Canadian roots label, Gypsy Soul Records. The band’s new body of work aims to disrobe our culture of apathy – a sentiment that everything is always on fire, with nothing to do but watch. The album was born of late nights and long drives; a tapestry of rhythm and melody, underpinned with desperate optimism and a stark reminder of why your presence is needed in times like these. Or as singer and pianist Dan Dwoskin notes, “We write songs for the times we need them.”

The Honeyrunners are a Northern take on Southern Roots and Americana – hot-blooded and rife with the poetry of heartache. Their energy is contagious on stage and on record. It is a discography that suits fans of bands like The Lumineers, Bahamas, Alabama Shakes, Brandi Carlile, Elle King, Arkells, Nathaniel Rateliff, and Leon Bridges.

There is something weightless about Bailey Kate’s songs – they pass by with a kind of supernatural ease. Timeless songwriting and dextrous arrangements are the cornerstones of her debut record Within / Without. The songs give a first impression of simplicity, but layers of harmonic and lyrical complexity reward the attentive listener. Lead lines interweave with her vocals to form a sturdy thread of melody and countermelody. On Within / Without, Bailey explores themes of relationships, community, and existential dread with clear-eyed sincerity.

On this debut record, she has worked with a handpicked community of top-notch audio and visual artists. Key collaborators include Jon Martin (Green Recording Studio) in the role of Engineer and Producer, Philip Shaw Bova (who’s mastered records by Feist, Andy Shauf, and others) as Mastering Engineer, and Angeline Simon as photographer.

Japanese-American artist, Caelan Moriarty, from the international group INTERSECTION has released the global version of his first solo single “Forever With You”. This single is a bittersweet love song and serves as a teaser
for the beginning of Caelan’s future global promotions. “This song is for vibing out, jamming, singing along, and partying. This song is a great song for when you drive on the road and just want to bop your head through
something. I hope the people who can relate to the lyrics can also sing out with their full heart as much as I did. I want to say a special thank you to the songwriters and everyone who has helped with this song. There was a lot of hard work put into this. I hope everyone can have fun with this song.” – CAELAN

Jordan Paul is a singer songwriter born and raised on the island of Kaua’i, Hawai’i. With his incredibly versatile vocal abilities, Jordan Paul has made his presence known since his debut single “Elsewhere” released in April, 2021, followed by “Cloud Nine” and the “Live from the Treehouse” EP. Inspired by many different artists, such as Bruno Mars, Mac Ayres, Samm Henshaw, Smokey Robinson and more, he has a unique blend of sounds that are pleasing to the ears and soul. Jordan Paul is a full time working/gigging musician, doing weekly gigs all over Kaua’i. In July he was featured on “School Night at home – Los Angeles” hosted by Chris Douridas on a Twitch live stream. He regularly shares the stage and produces music with Polydor recording artist Eli Smart.

Australian-in-London and renowned singer-songwriter Jess Chalker is perhaps best known for being one half of Australian new-wave duo We Are The Brave. She is also a highly sought-after composer and producer, having worked collaboratively with a plethora of respected artists and musicians around the globe, including Sam Fischer, Vintage Culture, Isamachine, Gold Kimono and Passenger. Jess was also part of a GRAMMY-winning team that co-penned Lisa Loeb’s lead single on her kids record Feel What U Feel. Recently, she also composed the original track Darkest Hour for the Amazon Original show Panic, performed by Tate McRae. Now Jess embarks as a solo artist in her own right. She releases single “Stupid Trick” on 21st September 2021 across all the usual streaming and download platforms.

 “Stupid Trick” is taken from her debut solo full-length album “Hemispheres”– due November 5th via Jess’ own imprint 528 Records. The track follows lead single “Don’t Fight It” which charted at #1 on Hype Machine and was named to The Guardian’s list of “Best New Australian Music.” Jess has also shared the album tracks “Dance in the Rain and West Hollywood”, the latter of which was named to Spotify’s Global Fresh Finds and Pop Hits playlists. Jess executive produced the album, enlisting the help of co-producers/co-writers/additional instrumentalists Dan Long (Local Natives, Pavement), Josh Humphreys (M83) and Ox Why (her former We are the Brave bandmate). The album was mixed by Billy Centenaro (Sara Bareilles, Lukas Nelson); and mastered by John Davis (The Killers, Lana del Rey.)

 Hemispheres” – which received funding from the prestigious Australia Council for the Arts – dives into lyrical themes that explore the dichotomy between depression and hopefulness, self-doubt and self-love, and more, with Jess’ expressive vocals slicing through at every turn. The album was completed under the weight of the pandemic, as Jess dealt with the loss of her day job and heart-breaking health issues at the same time. Like many others, she found herself spiralling, and turned to music to find the creative outlet she needed. Collaborating with friends across Sydney, Los Angeles and London to finish her emotional album, she found much longed-for freedom too.

“Stupid Trick” is an ‘80s-inspired track that features light-hearted, upbeat vibes and lyrics that emote the innocence of young love and the intense feelings you used to have as a teenager before learning what love really means. Jess says: “I’d been reading Gael Garcia Marquez novels and watching John Hughes movies at the time of writing it, which I think definitely helped shape the concept.” The video to the track was shot in London, post lockdown, and was inspired by one of Jess’ favourite places, Postman’s Park. It also references cinematic classics including the 1956 French film The Red Balloon, Charlie Chaplin and Before Sunrise. It was also her first time crafting a short film script. Directed by Marcelo de la Vega, with cinematography by Shane Benson.

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Written by Neill Frazer

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