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Review: ‘Bank Of Dave’ Is A Heart Warming Underdog Story Based On The True Experiences of Dave Fishwick

Director: Chris Foggin

Writer: Piers Ashworth

Stars: Phoebe Dynevor. Rory Kinnear, Paul Kay

Inspired by the true story of Dave Fishwick, a self-made millionaire from Burnley who set up a community bank to support local businesses. From Director Chris Foggin, ‘Bank Of Dave’ is a film that embodies everything you could want out of a feel good film, it’s very simplistic, but it’s filled with so much heart and warmth and joy that it keeps you watching from beginning to end.

Primarily a feel good drama-comedy, ‘Bank of Dave’ also has a romantic subplot between Joel Fry and Phoebe Dynevor, but it get’s easily outshined by Rory Kinnear who gives a likable performance as Dave. His performance makes this story an easy crowd-pleaser. It’s almost as if Kinnear was born to play this role as he does it so effortlessly.

Fry and Dynevor on screen presence doesn’t go unnoticed though. Fry brings a humorous and charming element to the character of Hugh (Dave’s Lawyer), and as the film goes on Hugh gradually becomes immersed in Burnley’s community. Phoebe Dynevor plays Dave’s neice, Dr. Alexandra Ashforth, who is a doctor attempting to relieve pressure on hospitals and GPs and resolve lengthy emergency waiting times by opening a walk-in clinic. Alexandra is the vessel in the story, allowing the director to explore the community, from the hospital to the perfect date spot at a local music venue. Alexandra is a stern character who carry’s a lot of heart and want’s nothing but the best for the residents of Burnley.

‘Bank Of Dave’ is not an action, or adventure story or even a huge fantasy production, it’s a simple yet charming story championing a true local hero.

‘Bank Of Dave’ Is In Cinemas June 1.


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