Introducing Music’s Hottest New Duo ‘Loote’


If you’ve heard the song “High Without Your Love” by Loote, chances are it’s been replaying in your head over and over again. Jackson Foote and Emma Luv Block are the pop masterminds behind the infectious track which has notched up over 30million streams, and this team are set to take the music charts by storm with their catchy melodies and viral hooks. Loote consists of both Jackson and Emma who are both singer/songwriters and producers are signed to Island Records, and the New York based pair were singers in their own right before meeting in college. Emma was a singer and guitarist from a young age and started her career writing jingles for toy commercials and children’s television networks. She met Jackson in college at a writing class, and it wasn’t long before the two started to write songs with each other. Under the guidance of their professor, producer Carl Sturken (responsible for some hits by Rihanna, *NYSNC and Christina Aguilera) they formed the group Loote and signed a publishing deal with Universal Music. One of their most notable songwriting credits was on the chart topper “No Promises” by Cheat Codes which went double platinum globally.

They continued to mix and write for other artist like Shawn Mendes and Mike Posner before they embarked on their own journey and released their debut single “High Without Your Love”. Jackson spoke with odyssey online about just how much they’ve grown as writers since their college days saying “The more you write, the better you get at it, but we developed a closer relationship in terms of aligning our goals and now it’s clear what we are trying to achieve. We both know what we’re trying to get out of this and what we’re going for, as opposed to our first time, when we just went into it. Emma and I, our minds are creatively so in sync because we’ve been working together for so long”. “High Without Your Love” peaked at number 23 on the Billboard charts, and got mass radio air play.

Loote’s sound is quite significant to most of today’s trailblazing artists, it’s confident, sexy, energetic and catchy, a mixture that makes for the perfect chart topping pop act. Although their sound is similar, what sets Loote apart from other acts is their craftsmanship and attention to detail which is apparent on all their music. “High Without Your Love” is a great example of this, with Jackson’s incredible stripped back production gives the opportunity for Emma’s amazing voice to shine. But how does Loote describe the music they make? “We talk about things you’re not supposed to talk about or don’t necessarily know how to articulate,” says Jackson. “Music does that,” adds Emma. “It says what people can’t or don’t say.”

Following the success of “High Without Your Love”, this pop duo released their second single “Out Of My Head” which is a must have for any music lovers playlist. Fun, smooth and brilliantly crafted, this hot track is ready to carry the weight of the world on it’s shoulders. The single’s story was centered around an obsessive love story, from the doubts submerging from a young woman. A kind of open-heart thinking. This second single from Loote just proved what I already figured, which was that their phenomenal debut single “High Without Your Love” was not a fluke and they really are just that good. Two times now this duo has created songs that you literally can’t get out of your head, and I’m really hanging to see how much better they can get on an LP. But what’s on the horizon for Loote? “We plan to roll out new music really soon, with our next single being released in the next couple of months. We have a feature with big DJ – we’re on Martin Jensen’s upcoming single, so that’s really exciting and we might shoot a video with him as well. We have remixes coming out, probably three or four more originals with one as a single, and all those will be bundled into an EP.” Jackson said.

That third song “Wait” is a song about a relationship complete with its highs and lows. A romance which fluctuates just as much as the tropical synth that vibes through this catchy song. The lyrics which are sung by the American duo Loote – also come with different rhythms that playfully merge with the instrumentals. Once again showcasing just how talented Loote are, and how there able to adapt to any musical format.

As much of a hidden gem Loote are at the moment what’s something that many people wouldn’t know about this group? Well in the odyssey interview the guys let loose: “When I first started writing songs, the first songs I wrote were for commercials, toy commercials specifically. I sang on a bunch of FurReal Friends and Littlest Pet Shop and My Little Pony commercials” Emma said. “During freshman year of college, me and my two best friends accidentally made a viral YouTube cover of Lil Jon’s “Get Low.” It was super poppy, uppity style, and polar opposite of what the song actually was. We shot a video where we were entirely clueless, just smiling like idiots, and it turned out to be a perfect storm of this sarcastic thing we did that went viral overnight. So that was my 30 seconds of fame around campus freshman year. Lil Jon actually tweeted it, WorldstarHipHop tweeted it, Perez Hilton tweeted it… I was a blossoming YouTube star! And then, I started to focus more on writing my own songs” Jackson went on to explain.

If you haven’t heard Loote’s music, do yourself a favor and get on it. These two are going to be the hottest pop act in music within the next year mark my words. Take a listen to my fave song by them and their new single “Out Of My Head” below.



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