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INsiders Guide: New Artists & Music by OLC! (Sammy Wilk, Juliette Goglia and more…)

Ahead of his headlining show at Mercury Lounge in New York on Thursday, November 7, today singer and songwriter Sammy Wilk shares his new single “Livin’ Life.” The laidback and hearty track is the follow-up to the single “Saturday (Wedding Song),” which Sammy shared at the end of the Summer. “Saturday (Wedding Song)” was written for his sister and brother-in-law Baker Mayfield (Cleveland Browns’ Quarter Back), and performed for the first time at their wedding. He released his acclaimed Keep It In the Middle EP earlier this summer, which includes single “Lift Off.”

Current, Sammy Wilk is in the midst of a run of headlining shows surrounding Keep It In the Middle. He recently performed to sold-out crowds in London, Paris, Amsterdam and his own Los Angeles, with the tour wrapping up this week in New York.

Rising alt-indie artist, Juliette Goglia, has released her most personal song off of her upcoming EP, “Pray.” The Thousand Oaks, CA native recalls the most difficult and heartbreaking day of her life, the shooting that occurred at the Borderline Bar & Grill in her beloved hometown on November 7, 2018. To commemorate the lives lost, the families affected and the souls shattered from the senseless act, Juliette tried to find a definition of hope in her new single, “Pray.”

Juliette grew up in Thousand Oaks, CA, where her parents still reside. On the night of the shooting, Juliette’s brother was expected to be at Borderline Bar & Grill. Thankfully, he changed his mind and was not in attendance. Once Juliette heard about the shooting, she returned to her parent’s house in her hometown to feel a sense of connection to her community.

The morning after, still rattled of the acts from the night before, Juliette saw a single ray of sun shine through her window, which she instinctively interpreted as a higher power looking down on her, which seemed preposterous given the madness that was happening around her. Juliette took the feeling to her song, rendering lyrics of “How did a single beam of light, offer me comfort without expectations.” The world didn’t rest after the shooting. In fact, the tragedies amplified. The next day, Thousand Oaks was ravaged by was succumbed to wildfires and placed under voluntary, then mandatory evacuations. The fire led Juliette to beg for one second to breathe with lyrics of “Can we strike a deal? Can you give it a rest? I’m fighting a fire this pain I’ve suppressed.”

In the one year anniversary of the shooting and wildfires, no reformative actions have been taken toward common sense gun laws. Juliette raised money for the victims of the Borderline Shooting and the Woolsey wildfire and continues to support organizations such as EveryTown, Moms Demand, and the ACLU to continue to press for gun control.

LIA’s sultry vocals carry stories nestled in poetic prose with cinematic electronic productions featuring elements of trip hop and futuristic RnB.

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At the age of 16, LIA developed the base of her sound crafting acoustic-laid stories on her father’s old guitar in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. After moving to Montreal for school, LIA enveloped herself in the city’s electronic music scene and decided to dispel her academic background to develop production skills and refine her sound. Now LIA grows a universe through her words, voice, and compositions, drawing influence from artists such as Feist, Banks, Bon Iver and James Blake.

Over the summer and fall of 2017 LIA released four singles under Parisian label Nowadays Records. Her first single, an energy-infused, cinematic electronic gem titled Shiver, broke 1.4 million Youtube views in the first year. Two of LIA’s fifteen collaborations also quickly peaked within their first year of release: Distant by Clement Bazin struck 8 million Spotify streams along with I Promise by Fossa Beats and Thomas White at 5.6 million. In 2018, LIA was invited to perform in Montreal, New York City and Singapore for MURAL Festival, Bar Datcha, NYC label Key + Needle and Singaporean label Super Snacks.

With this momentum, LIA finished developing her debut Vasilia EP co-produced with Montreal’s Lust and Thomas White. Drawing inspiration from the slavic folk tale of Baba Yaga, Vasilia depicts Lia’s journey of finding resilience in the mind, resilience as a woman and resilience in her relationships. LIA’s releases of 2019 have so far proven that this will be a year of monumental growth for the young artist. LIA’s first single of the year, Out of Control, landed her a premiere with Nakid Magazine and a spot at #1 on Hype Machine’s Popular chart as well as a re-release on Parisian boutique label Maison Kitsuné. Her collaborative EP with Thomas White titled Drifting continues to gain streams after landing in editorial Spotify playlists such as New Music Friday Canada, New Music Friday Norway, Evening Commute, Outliers and Montreal Chill.

LIA has just released her new EP called ‘VASILIA’. 

LIA’s thoughts on the ‘VASILIA’:

“I wrote this EP as I was coming into myself. It was a period of my life when I learned how to love myself and what it meant to show myself respect. The root of this EP grew from the word resilience; Resilience in my mental health, as a woman and in my relationships. Upon building the lyrics and the universe of this project, pieces of inspiration found their way to me. I wrote Out of Control based on the story of Hansel and Gretel. I wrote Milk & Light from the story of Vasilisa The Beautiful. I wrote Kissel Shore from the folk tale about the land of Milky Rivers and Kissel Shores that I discovered through the photographer Uldus Bakhtiozina.

As a child, I was surrounded by story. One in particular was from a computer game called Baba Yaga. More recently, I decided to read the actual tale behind the character and I fell upon Vasilisa The Beautiful. I felt like her story was an accurate homage to my lived experience emerging from my teens into my early twenties. Trapped by Baba Yaga, Vasilisa has to trust in herself and the universe to face seemingly impossible high-stakes tasks to gain her freedom. She prevails and Baba Yaga sees that the universe is on her side so she’s too pure to kill. I realized I was the one trapping myself. I was accepting relationships that didn’t make me feel good, binge-drinking and not trusting that I was capable enough to achieve the goals I wanted. I was battling depression and anxiety. I felt isolated and helpless. I had to start showing myself love. This EP is the mental diary of my transition into loving and respecting myself. These are the lessons I learned living the tale of Vasilia.”

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(Photo Credit: Jasper Soloff)

Brooklyn artist Chloe Lilac has released a brand new single titled, “High School,” out now via RCA Records. The song is available everywhere now here. Watch the official video here

A melancholic ode to endings and new beginnings, “High School” is the 2nd single to be released from Chloe’s forthcoming sophomore EP. In an exclusive on “High School,” Chloe told Billboard, “The song is all about the relief of high school being over. I had a really tough time in high school so when it was done I was so so so happy about it.” Further discussing the song’s official video, Chloe adds, “Jasper Soloff (the director) and I wanted to depict the stereotypes that define the typical high school experience. We captured scenes of me and my friends on our phones, a house party scene, and the excitement of a new high school sweetheart — all with a raw, Gen Z spin.”

“High School” follows previous single “Special,” the first to see a release from Chloe’s upcoming EP. “Special” was added to Spotify’s ‘New Music Friday’ playlist and saw critical love from outlets such as Refinery29, who called the track “a shot of some catchy nostalgia.” Watch the “Special” official video here.

Today also marks the beginning of Chloe Lilac’s support tour with mxmtoon, which kicks off in Toronto tonight. The tour comes on the heels of Chloe’s first Los Angeles headline for Neon Gold’s renowned “Popshop” showcase last month. Chloe documented her time in L.A. and her trip home to NYC in an exclusive photo diary feature with Flaunt.

Pop singer-songwriter AJ Mitchell has released his brand new song “Say It Again” today via Epic Records. With endearing lyrics and an infectious hook, the song has the heartbeat of a true pop anthem. “Say It Again” is premiering now on the cover of Apple Music’s New Music Daily playlist HERE and can be heard across all digital streaming platforms HERE.

“Say It Again” was co-written by Jake Torrey (Lauv), Michael Pollack (Maroon 5, Alec Benjamin) and the Futuristics (Halsey, Camila Cabello). The track was preceded by AJ’s smooth, stripped-back song “Like Strangers Do”, which arrived on October 18th to acclaim from Dujour, Idolator, and more. He’s currently prepping his debut full-length album, due out early 2020 via Epic Records.

AJ was officially announced as the latest MTV PUSH artist earlier this week, highlighting him as a singer-songwriter that’s truly on the verge of breaking out. Additionally, AJ was recently named a 2019 Vevo LIFT artist, joining an impressive group of notable alumni such as Sam Smith, Halsey, Khalid, Billie Eilish, Jorja Smith, SZA and more. Watch Vevo’s beautiful short film about the singer-songwriter’s upbringing and connection to his hometown of Belleville, IL HERE.

In August, AJ officially released his Slow Dance EP via Epic Records. The collection of songs showcase the rising pop sensation’s unparalleled vocals and unique pop & R&B sound, including the title track featuring Ava Max. Last month, AJ delivered a stirring performance of the song on The TODAY Show with Hoda & Jenna on NBC. Currently in the Top 40 at US Pop Radio, “Slow Dance” is at number 35 and continuing to rise.

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Hunting is barely recognizable as the same band that released a debut album five years ago: it’s gone from a solo project to a trio, from folk to catchy electro-rock, and from wistful melancholy to buoyant exuberance. All this can be heard on the group’s sophomore album, Whatever You Need, due out in summer 2019 via Nevado Music.

Songwriter-producer Bradley Ferguson initially intended the album as a quick follow-up to 2014’s rootsy Hunting LP, but the initial sessions stalled. Instead, Bradley put Hunting on the back burner: he produced an electro-pop LP for Vancouver vocalist Jessicka, and acted as a bassist-for-hire in an array of projects.

Hunting eventually got back on track with the addition of two new members: Jessicka came on board as a full-time backing vocalist, while songwriter Dustin Bentall joined as a co-frontman. “We went back and started the album from scratch,” Bradley remembers. “We decided to approach it in a more organic way. I had been editing it to pop perfection — but then we breathed new life into it and it came together really quickly.”

Dustin Bentall is a well-travelled troubadour in his own right, and he contributed five of his own songs to the recording sessions at Afterlife Studios. Dustin says, “I had this batch of songs that weren’t really going to fit my next record, and I realized they worked seamlessly with Hunting.”

Bradley and Dustin’s songs mesh perfectly on Whatever You Need, tied together by pillowy vintage synth pads and surging rock rhythms. Returning collaborator John Raham (Destroyer) acted as engineer as well as drummer, Paul Rigby (Neko Case) added additional guitars, and Mother Mother’s Ryan Guldemond co-wrote a handful of tracks.

Opener “Scenes from TV Screens” begins the album with muted ‘80s guitars and sly, slinky pop hooks, while “Black Shirt” cranks the distortion with heavy rock riffs, and “Better With Time” is streaked with twinkling synth orchestrations — the result of Bradley’s fondness for spending hours perfecting a single sound. A swooning cover of Sparklehorse’s “Gold Day” is the lone holdover from Hunting’s scrapped prior sessions, acting as a link between Hunting’s early days and their current iteration.

The album’s tone is one of joyful, sonic exploration, marking a big departure from the lonesome folk Hunting used to be known for. “I loved making that first album, but I’m not quite as melancholy as I was back then,” Bradley acknowledges. “I’m a lot more content and life is a lot more solid. I’m not constantly wandering around by myself after some terrible heartbreak.” That contentment shines on Whatever You Need. With electrifying collaborative chemistry between friends and an anything-goes approach to catchy synth-rock, Hunting has been reborn.

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SKo (Skeleton Woman) personifies her psychedelic sound in the visually mesmerizing new video for single, “Planes.” Filmed over a single day hanging out with friends in Los Angeles, the video traverses the desolate metros and scenic rooftops of the City of Angels. The aimless wandering captures the essence of the song, which reflects on the lifespan of a relationship, from the anticipatory budding romance to the eventual demise. SKo is ethereal and chill, giving into the release that comes of letting go of what doesn’t serve her, as she explores the city before her. From golden hour over the L.A. skyline to a dimly lit room that serves as an experimental space for reflection, SKo’s “Planes” is the atmospheric escape from relationship chaos we all need.

NJ-based singer-songwriter Kenny Curcio has announced his new single “Hometown Heart” slated for release on November 1st. Written and produced by Curcio at 0x1 Studios in Cherry Hill, NJ, “Hometown Heart” is an uplifting blend of Americana and rock, which has become his signature sound. Lyrically, Curcio wrote an anthem to express his appreciation for where he started and celebrate how the past has shaped him.

Reflecting on what inspired him to write “Hometown Heart”, Kenny Curcio says, “I wanted to tell the story of where things started for me, which others can apply to their own life experiences. It’s all about remembering and appreciating the good times, and accepting life’s challenges as learning experiences; because they both can serve to help each of us grow into becoming the person we are meant to be.”

From learning on the family organ to receiving his first guitar at 12, Kenny Curcio has always had a passion for music. He began embracing songwriting in high school, later forming the band  Whiskey Train in college, which released two studio albums, Keep On Walking and Open Up Your Mind. Curcio then moved on to solo work releasing debut album More to Do in 2012.

During this time, Kenny Curcio had the opportunity to open for national acts Gary Allen at the House of Blues in Atlantic City, NJ, and Corey Smith at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, PA. He has performed live for Philly’s 93.3 WMMR for Preston and Steve’s ‘Campout For Hunger’ to raise money for the homeless. He has become a staple live performer being featured at Trocadero and TLA in Philadelphia as well as numerous venues in NYC.

Canadian indie rock trio, Close Talker, are thrilled to announce their new live album of How Do We Stay Here?” to be released November 8th. Today the documentary of the making of the live album from their IMMERSION (a 3D binaural Silent Headphone Concert) is out now.

Close Talker has always had an appetite for pushing their music and craft to uncharted territories. With their new album ‘How Do We Stay Here?’ the band felt that it was especially important to create an environment and atmosphere where the audience could truly lose themselves in the music and be apart of the whole experience on a deeper level. The result was a concert experience that is truly the first of its kind: IMMERSION (a 3D binaural Silent Headphone Concert). Taking the idea from concept to reality was a labour of love, and one that came to life through the efforts of many dedicated people rallying behind this special and rewarding project. This short documentary provides some insight into the world behind the scenes in developing this project, along with live performance footage with immersive binaural audio for you to experience a glimpse of IMMERSION.

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The band says, “It would have been easier to have just left it an idea that we had dreamt up in the van, or the thought, that some band should do this someday it is pretty cool to reflect and look back and be like, ‘Whoa’ we’re that band. Special thank you to Versa Films for their vivid storytelling and helping share IMMERSION with a wider audience.”

Regarding the live album, “It was always our intention that our special 3D headphone concert series: IMMERSION would outlive the cross Canada tour itself. With that, we’ve selected recordings from the tour and compiled a full representation of our new album ‘How Do We Stay Here?’ Live from select cities across Canada. In addition, we’ve mixed the album with immersive binaural audio, best experienced in its entirety wearing headphones, by yourself, and with a glass of red wine. If you can manage to achieve at least two out of the three listed above, you’ll be in good shape. This tour and album represent such a special chapter for us and we hope that you too connect and resonate with the album.”

IMMERSION is a concert series by Close Talker that first took place in August 2019 at art galleries, studios, and other unique locations across Canada. It is a headphone concert that integrates cutting-edge binaural audio software to create a 360 degree immersive listening experience. Close Talker performed their new album ‘How Do We Stay Here?’ from front to back at each performance.

This band should not exist. Heather was a practicing lawyer. Dave had an MBA and Taylor had been accepted to business school. Dave had the idea of creating a revival 90s alternative rock band, but a series of parallel tragedies made it something much deeper. Heather had a breakdown after her con man ex was arrested in front of her at the US border, and Taylor’s immediate family passed away in a tragic plane crash. They lost everything and transmuted their pain through song, creating Another Crush.

Hailing from just outside Toronto, Bedhead (Veronica Racanelli) grew up in an intensely artistic household, sparking a lifelong passion for her own creative pursuits. Having studied painting and photography in addition to music, these elements are incorporated into Bedhead’s live shows. Each roaring pop chorus and heartfelt verse is accompanied by complementary visuals as bold and bright, or soft and reflective, as the songs they accompany.

Bedhead’s songwriting process begins at the piano, and evolves through carefully crafted synthetic soundscapes that highlight her emotional lyrics. Her first single, “Bitter,” reconciles complex themes of mental health, heartbreak, and relationships, presenting a relatable experience to the listener on a bed of lush synths and excellent production. While comparisons have been drawn to groundbreaking artists such as Maggie Rogers, MØ, and Lights, Bedhead is carving a unique space for herself in Toronto’s eclectic music scene.

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In March 2019, Bedhead released her debut single, “Bitter” produced by Feurd Moore of the Elwins, and Derek Hoffman of Fox Sounds (Seaway, the Trews, the Elwins). She continues to partner with them as she gets ready to release her debut EP. Hoffman’s pop-punk sensibilities, alongside Bedhead’s brilliant lyricism, has once again resulted in the undeniably catchy yet authentic pop sound she is becoming well known for.

Ursae is a Brooklyn-via-Bay Area indie-pop project by artist/singer Andy Campbell. Campbell’s earnest songwriting, coupled with his experience as a producer, results in a left-of-center pop sound that blends DIY guitars with glittery synths and rolling 808s. The arrangements are meticulous and clean but far from sterile, tactfully walking the line between RnB-pop and indie-rock. Ursae, Latin for “bears” (of which Andy is enamored), wants to be as direct as possible with his message; to Andy, it’s all about efficient storytelling. Ursae confidently turns out something refreshingly honest: pop that comes from someone who isn’t a perfect pop star.

As a graduate of NYU Clive Davis Institute, Campbell’s ability to fuse organic instrumentation with fresh modern production is highlighted in his new releases. Drawing influence from the likes of SZA, Bon Iver and Japanese Breakfast, Campbell delivers his own story of reinvention and self-empowerment. The songwriter confides, “I was feeling kind of lost and anxious – I’d recently finished school, Trump had just taken office, I was going through a sort of weird breakup. A lot of shit was changing and I had to figure out who I was gonna be and how I was gonna handle it. I was in a weird place at the time and I wanted to make sense of it by writing music that felt really bold and confident, and just be like, ‘fuck everything you’ve heard, this is me now’”.

Co-produced by Jeremy McDonald (Kevin Garrett, Beyonce), ‘Trust’ narrates building yourself back up after you’ve been broken down and figuring out who you want to be. Campbell shares, “I’ve exchanged the experimental avant-pop of my previous music for a brand of storytelling that is much more focused, with my singing front-and-center instead of hidden in the back”. Showcasing the singer’s impressive falsetto vocal range which glide atop cascading synths, ‘Trust’ is reminiscent of Post Malone meets Toro y Moi. The captivating visuals for ‘Trust’ is the work of director Ben Klein. ‘Long Distance’ oozes with funk-fuelled basslines, dreamlike melodies and kaleidoscopic soundscapes. Detailing the emotions of feeling alone or far away from where you want to be or who you want to be with, the heartfelt song creates an entirely relatable message.

Campbell explains how through the process of making the EP, he has gained confidence in himself as an artist and individual, “I hope that comes through in the music and that anyone listening can learn how to be more confident and comfortable with themselves”. Campbell has seen success performing with artists such as Maggie Rogers, Cafuné and Hunter & Wolfe, as well as playing to sold-out audiences across New York City.

Elise is a singer, actor, and NBA spirit squad member has been performing since she was just nine years old. After moving from Dallas to Los Angeles, she was cast in several impactful roles with the Disney Channel and on various award-winning independent films, while continuing to perform whenever she had the chance. While in college, she began to experiment with songwriting and booked game-changing performances, including singing the National Anthem on Fox Sports Network and performing shows at the House of Blues Dallas. She’s spent the past few months in LA diving into her songwriting and completing work on her debut EP.

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On her new single, “A-Frame,” Elise reflects on the beautifully messy pressure of falling in love when you’re a dreamer with big plans. A heady, slow groove introduces Elise’s soulful voice as it undulates over a stunning melody. As she croons about struggling to separate her dreams from her desires, the beat trips and triggers beneath her whispering, introspective musings. On a track all about trying to let love fall into place while chasing your dreams, the climax explodes in a fiery rhythmic wreck of blame and goodbye. Check out Elise’s new single, “A-Frame.”

“after releasing music for the past six years under the name, Art of Shades, my new, self-titled project represents a change in sonic landscape. my latest track, “Somebody New,” is a love story. you know how much of a paradox love can be; I tried to show that within the weird song structure and change of intensity.

the first verse leaves you feeling a little cold. nothing is squared. you get lost in time a little bit. the hook hits and you feel good, warm, in a place where you can relate and connect. the second part of “Somebody New” explodes as I let go of the frustration, building up until reaching an almost violent climax. the hook comes back again to emphasize that contradiction of love. you find yourself lost in feelings and time once more.

spending time producing/recording between Toronto, Los Angeles and Paris has influenced my blending of genres. I’ll be releasing several more singles/music videos this year, crafting my new image and sound even further. hope you like what you hear,”Leo Dessi

Singer-songwriter Dante Mazzetti recently announced his new EP Hotel Vol. 2, slated for release on November 22nd. Keeping with the themes and story-telling from his July EP, Hotel Vol. 2 continues the tale of a troubled man finding a new life and new challenges. Through 4 new original tracks, Dante Mazzetti tackles a darker tone, infusing his sound with somber vocals and bluesy undertones.

In preparation for his upcoming EP release, Dante dropped the first single “Ugly” in September. A combination of jazz, blues, and a slight Latin flair, “Ugly” conveys a story of an unpleasant encounter. Dante once again shows off his diverse artistry, while maintaining his notable songwriting skills.

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Conceptualizing the past two years of emotional growth into profound songwriting, Noella Rain releases her heartfelt debut album Phoenix, out now. Noella Rain had the opportunity to work with producer Jeff Gruber (Ken Navarro, Sam Post, Jessica Krash) at the renowned Blue House Productions. Comprised of 10 original tracks, Noella Rain covers themes of self-love, dark times, and empowerment.

Noella Rain has teased the album through her various single releases. “Black & white” dropped in August and conveys the uniqueness and color within all of us – reiterating the power of independence and individuality. She followed the single with the releases of “Scars Are Your Strength”, a piece about moving forward with strength, and the title track “Phoenix”.

After getting its premiere on Canadian Musician earlier this week, Vancouver musician, performer, and mental health advocate Sarah Jickling’s much anticipated sophomore album The Family Curse was officially released today. Sarah is celebrating her big day with the premiere of the video for the album’s 2nd single ‘Villian’ and her Album Release Show in Vancouver tonight at the Red Gate Revue Stage

On The Family Curse, Sarah explores mental illness within families and intergenerational trauma, and documents her childhood experiences and revelations about her family’s history of bipolar disorder. Her latest single ‘Villian’  taps into a particularly destructive time in her life.

“There was a period in my life where I felt like I was watching myself from far away, totally out of control,” says Sarah. “Depression and anger had turned me into someone I didn’t recognize, and I remember thinking over and over, ‘this time I’m the villain.’ I had a habit of smashing all of the dishes in my house, so for this song we used samples of actual plates smashing as percussion. I worked on this song with Laura Smith (Rococode), Carol Lynne Quinn (High Love) and Greg McLeod, and they all pushed me to go places that were scary and uncomfortable at first, but ultimately powerful.” 

Sarah digs even deeper into the uncomfortable chaos of her mental illness on her new ‘Villian’ video. 

“Lyrically and musically, ‘Villain’ reveals a side of me that I don’t normally want to show people,” says Sarah. “Clinically they are my borderline personality disorder symptoms, but most people just see a ‘crazy b*tch.’ I have just started to learn Russian exotic dance, and I felt like this style was perfect for exploring my inner villain. We filmed the whole thing in my house, and yes, I am 6’6″ in those heels.”

Sarah Jickling’s new album The Family Curse is available now on Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes and other digital retailers and streaming services. For more information and the most up to date tour listings, please visit:

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Danny Toeman is a vibrant and powerful performer who seamlessly blends the classic vibes of Funk and Soul’s golden age with his own inimitable London edge, delivering a modern and fresh ‘neo-vintage’ flavour. The North London singer who is known for his outstanding live performances that showcase his rugged vocals and altitude-defying falsetto, creates a sound oozing with character and emotion. Along with his seven-piece band The Love Explosion, Toeman stages an electrifying show filled to the brim with feel-good funky soul, designed to make you move. 

In his latest release ‘Give It All Up (Mr Showtime)’, Toeman presents a dramatically beautiful, classic love song that perfectly captures his use of fusing vintage sounds with contemporary style. Sonically the single comes to life through colourful grooves and embellished melodies, with a ‘Torch Song’ style introduction and uplifting finish, the track lends itself to a feel-good love song. Toeman expresses how gratitude was the inspiration for the new track sharing, “This song came to me as I was travelling home from a random gig in the middle of nowhere, clunky guitar case and amplifier taking up space in the train carriage. I was thinking about the show and how despite how small it was, the audience had shown so much love for my set. I wondered what they would think if they saw me now and if they knew it was their reaction that keeps me going. So I decided to write something that would express my appreciation to them and all other audiences who’ve had a similar effect on me”. 

Influenced by the power and swagger of James Brown, the pained romance of Marvin Gaye, and the uplifting joy of Curtis Mayfield, Toeman combines his love of classic soul with modern elements, bringing a new sound of soul, whilst forging his own path into unchartered territory. Thematically his music narrates finding the sweetness in the sour and getting through the rough times with dignity. “I try and keep my music positive and aspirational, in matters of life and love, matter how hard the present circumstances. This is the message I have always found at the heart of the music I love”, admits Toeman. 

When he is not performing, writing and producing music, the musician hopes to flaunts his powerful charisma as a professional wrestler, having taken up training last year. Whether in the ring or on stage, he displays a charming eccentricity and incomparable flair that consistently captivates his audience.

To date, Toeman has performed to sold out audiences at prestigious venues such as Alexandra Palace and the o2 Arena, as well as supporting soul luminaries such as Kool & The Gang, Betty Wright, Michael Kiwanuka, and Charles Bradley. His music can also be heard in a global advertising campaign for Toyota, on Saturday Night Live and in Made in Chelsea, as well as receiving national radio airplay from the likes of BBC 6 Music’s Craig Charles. 

Put quite simply, there is no other artist quite like Danny Toeman. With a full album release on the horizon and a range of live dates on the way, now is the ideal time to catch an awe inspiring live performance from a true rising star. ‘Give It All Up (Mr Showtime)’ is currently available worldwide.

Gorran is a London based vocalist and songwriter whose music fuses elements of dance, pop, R&B and hip-hop. Bursting with intricate, polished production, the young musician produces contemporary pop with dark undertones, which has been resonating with audiences across the globe. Gorran’s passion and flair for music was evident from a young age, where during his time at the prestigious BRIT School (alumni including Adele, Amy Winehouse, and Rex Orange County), he developed his distinctive sound and dynamic live show. Since graduating, Gorran has been writing and recording with industry professionals to produce original, bold and gritty pop tracks. Influenced by the likes of Post Malone, Lauv and Billie Eilish, Gorran strives to create music that oozes with real and authentic emotions. He shares, “Whether it’s sadness, joy, anger, nostalgia, fear – I just want them to feel something. I think that is what makes a great song and so that is what I will always aim to achieve”. 

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Following the release of ‘Easy For You’ and ‘Hush’ which both garnered commercial acclaim, accumulating over 100 thousand Spotify streams in only a few short weeks, Gorran is now unveiling the highly anticipated ‘I Don’t Love You Anymore’. The powerful, emotive ballad, supported by effortlessly classy melodies and rich compelling vocals, delivers an emotional and heartfelt anthem. Though truly poignant and agonising at its core, the song also evokes a deep sense of subconscious relief. With such a profoundly personal yet universal message, the track will resonate with everyone who has experienced the pain of heartache. 

The self-produced track, which was mixed by Gavin Goldberg (Chrissie Hynde, Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne) reminisces the story of a love lost. Gorran admits how the song helped him heal, acting as a form of therapy. “I was finding it incredibly difficult to express exactly what I was trying to say lyrically in those last few weeks of being with her – it was only once we ended the relationship that I found I was able to completely let go and properly finish the song. It really helped me come to terms with how I was feeling, and how I had been feeling for quite a while. It became clear that the verses were a poetic summary of the fundamental weaknesses in the relationship. The middle 8 was the last section I wrote, and were some of the most painful lyrics I’ve ever had to write, as I realised whilst writing it that it was one final parting note to the person I thought I loved. The song honestly means more to me than almost anything”. 

Then there is ‘Roses’. Thematically the stunning single narrates the suppression of dreams and aspirations, particularly in young girls. Originally inspired by his little sister and also greatly inspired by the likes of Greta Thunberg, the song spurs this generation to dream, act and shape our future for the better. Gorran confides, “Young women such as Thunberg are paving the way for a whole generation of people to make positive changes in our society and so it’s time we listen to them and take them seriously. I think having a little sister myself, who at the time of the writing of the song was only 12 years old, made the subject matter even more poignant for me”.

Gorran has seen success opening for KT Tunstall on her UK tour, performing to sold-out audiences across the nation, as well as having graced the stage at the legendary London Roundhouse. With the hope that his music will encourage listeners to be honest with themselves about what makes them happy and to put their mental health first, Gorran continues to produce thought-provoking and powerful music.

Swedish artist and prolific songwriter SHY Martin (real name Sara Hjellström) has released a new single titled “Make Us Never Happen.” The track is available everywhere now here.

A lush, mid-tempo ballad exploring the poignant fallout of a relationship with a close friend, SHY describes,

  • “A few years ago I fell in love with my best friend, only to realise later that it was a big mistake. By that time, too many things had passed that we couldn’t unsay or undo. Our relationship was short and intense. We both ended up hurt and damaged, desperately trying to figure out why we couldn’t make sense together. The truth really was simple, we didn’t need each other in that way. I don’t like to regret anything, but I hated losing the person I cared about the most, and I hated how we destroyed the friendship we once had, when all we wanted was to save each other. It took me a long time to accept that I wouldn’t get my best friend back and that I had to let go.”

“Make Us Never Happen” marks the first original release for SHY Martin since summer 2019 single “Same Old” and previous single “Out of My Hands,” which have seen support from the likes of V MagazinePAPERIdolator, and The Line of Best Fit, among others. The songs are a precursor to a forthcoming new EP, which will see a 2020 release.

SHY Martin also recently released a new collaboration with Swedish duo NOTD on track “Keep You Mine.” Watch the video here. Last week, SHY also released a new collaboration with Boy In Space on single “On a Prayer” — listen here

Since the release of her December 2018 debut EP, Overthinking, which featured standout singles “Forget To Forget,” “Good Together,” and “Just A Little Longer,” SHY Martin has amassed a collective 150 million+ Spotify streams. Her releases have generated widespread critical love, notably with PAPER naming SHY among their 100 People Taking over 2019.’

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2019 also saw SHY Martin complete her first European headline tour, which traversed 14 cities and stunned audiences with her electrifying live show. SHY will next support Nina Nesbitt December 10 at her London show @ Electric Ballroom. Stay tuned for more tour news to come.

Matthew Chaim delivers his new full-length project, The Mathematics of NatureThe 7-track album includes his previously released singles, “Sunflowers” and “Reason,” as well as 5 brand new tracks. Much of the inspiration for the record was captured during Chaim’s cross-country road trip from his hometown of Montreal to his new base in Los Angeles, CA. Inspired by the beauty of nature, mathematics, and the ways in which they intersect and diverge, The Mathematics of Nature arrives as a journey of personal growth and self-discovery. 

The Mathematics of Nature is a conversation with myself, a conversation with my father, a conversation with someone I love,” Chaim writes of the record. “It is a meditation on the helpless nature of death, the healing nature of love, and the restless nature of our own minds. It is a creative collaboration between myself and my dearest friend Rabitt aka Jason Wu. It is a short LP, a long EP, a stream of consciousness, a hopeful expression of vulnerability and change. And it is meant to be completely and entirely yours. I love you. Thank you. Amen.”

Matthew Chaim has been making waves with his indie-electronic soundscapes and lyrical storytelling since his 2016 breakout “Vanilla Ways.” Quickly building organic Spotify buzz, Chaim followed the initial success with a soulful EP titled Homemade. The now-LA based singer/songwriter started to tease out The Mathematics of Nature this Summer with the two lead singles, “Sunflowers” and “Reason,” which captured the hearts of fans and key tastemakers alike. 

(Photo Credit: Kelly De Geer)

Brooklyn-based queer alt-pop artist and guitarist Denitia releases her much-anticipated entirely self-produced album Touch of the Sky. A cinematic indie-pop ode to nostalgia and the alchemy of love, along with a beautiful short film.

The album features recently released singles “Waves”, “Where To Go”, “Place To Be”, that have caught the attention of Refinery 29, Dummy Mag as well as official Shazam and Spotify playlists. Touch of the Sky will also feature five new tracks. On Touch of the Sky listeners might hear hints of dream-pop and ambient electronica reflecting
the guiding inspiration of ethereal acts like Beach House and Cocteau Twins. The album is a reflection on identity, love, youth, and self-evolution anchored in wide sonic soundscapes composed of layered vocals, dreamy synths, and reverbed guitars. Denitia on the album: “It’s a reflective project, it’s me coming up for air and wanting even more of what’s out there: a Touch of the Sky.”

The wide-open skies and the vast ocean were key inspirations for the album and the short film is a way for Denitia to pay homage to the Rockaways, where she found a sense of serenity and freedom during a chaotic moment of her life. The cinematic visual showcases the beautiful beaches of the Rockaways, peaceful shots of nature and serve as a backdrop for Denitia to
express through her music and word, the intentions of her lyrics and sounds on the record. The short film was directed by Brazilian filmmaker Hugo Faraco, who specializes in music videos and documenting creative processes. His latest short documentary, Tapume, follows the process of artist Luiz d’Orey. It was selected to screen in festivals around the world such as DocNYC and Melbourne Doc Film Festival. Hugo has also directed commercials for companies such as Nike, Toyota, Lincoln and more.
Denitia will be celebrating the release of Touch of the Sky on 11/09/2019 at Baby’s All Right, in Brooklyn, New York, with the help of alt-R&B artist DUVV and DJ Benaminski. The New York Times, included the show in their “12 Pop, Rock and Jazz Concerts to Check Out in N.Y.C. This Weekend.”

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Lesley Ann Foster, Montreal based singer-songwriter, D.J. and Radio Host has lived in many parts of the world, including Argentina, Chile and Mexico. She has been a staple in the Montreal music scene with many collaborations and projects under her belt. Foster’s sample-rich, beat-heavy songs, paired with her intense emotional vocals showcase her influences and come together as an engaging, melancholic-dance-party. From UK dance, soul, cumbia, reggaeton, hip hop, and dark R&B, Foster’s sound draws from her eclectic musical taste and her growth as a collaborator with a multitude of producers and musicians (Stephen Ramsay, TONE, Brother May (Curl Records)). Having come off a cross Canada tour in Summer of 2019 we see the release of a two track EP in October 2019 with a second EP follow up for Spring 2020 with dates being set in the U.K., Europe and North America for Spring and Summer 2020.

Genre-hip-hop/indie/Pop/alternative artist from Long Island, New York, Marcaux new single “Cedar Creek” is out now featured on The Line of Best Fit.

Marcuax says, “Cedar Creek is named after the park that we would hang out at when we were kids. The song speaks about all of the bad things I’ve experienced since then, while explaining that life keeps going, and thats ok, but I would love to feel the feeling of being back at Cedar Creek before we had to grow up. Hopefully something everyone can relate to, because we all have our own ‘Cedar Creek’”.

This past August he released his other single “Harm” that was featured on The Fader and has over 350,000 streams on Spotify and counting along with being placed in Internet People, Varsity Bars, Fresh Finds, Fresh Finds Fire Emoji playlists.

In support of his new music Marcaux has been doing some local tour dates. He just wrapped up a Sold Out show as direct support to 8 Graves and then on November 14th has a show at in Brooklyn at Elsewhere with Superwhatever.   

Marcaux is basically an R-Rated version of Jon Bellion or Twenty One Pilots. Blending hip-hop, alternative and pop . Marcaux isn’t afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve and tell his story. The upcoming Cedar Creek tells his stories of Love, Loss, self doubt, substance abuse, as well as a look back at his past and his childhood through nostalgic eyes. Marcaux is know for his amazing and raw live show , where he brings a ton of energy and a punk rock ethos. Influences range from the Bad Brains to Eminem, which is what helps make Marcaux such a cool and unique act. “Harm” is the first track off his upcoming EP “Cedar Creek” . Harm being the sole “Flexing Record” on a project based off Nostalgia through real lyricism.

A consummate guitarist, singer and songwriter, Kellindo Parker aka Kellindo easily sounds like an artist you should already know. He recently released his new alt-rock single “Sugar”, a guitar riff-based song with a trap beat and a theme of the seduction of music. The song is his first single from his debut solo album, Games, set to release on February 28, 2020.

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Kellindo’s professional music career began when his uncle, Maceo Parker, asked him to join him on a world tour as his lead guitarist. Upon his return, he was hired to be the lead guitarist for Grammy-nominated artist Janelle Monae in 2006. Their collaboration blossomed where Kellindo also became collaborator and co-arranger on “Many Moons” from Monae’s Grammy-nominated Metropolis album. He also co-wrote “Mushrooms and Roses,” “Come Alive” and “Dance or Die” from her Archandroid album and co-wrote “Q.U.E.E.N,” “Sally Ride,” “Victory,” and “We Were Rock and Roll” from Monae’s critically acclaimed album, Electric Lady. In addition, Kellindo co-wrote “Take a Byte” and “Americans” as well as co-arranged “Pynk” on Monae’s most recent album, Dirty Computer.

In December 2018, Kellindo released his debut solo single, “When Flowers Could Dance”, which garnered 115,000 streams on Spotify. East Coast Rocker says Parker’s music “blends the best of rock, soul, funk, and psych” and he is “definitely outside the box.” Soulbounce lauded that Kellindo’s

“ridiculous skills have allowed him to share the stage with icons like Prince and Nile Rodgers.”

Today, Kellindo is set to release his debut body of work in early 2020. Check out his first single, “Sugar”, which is out now on all music streaming platforms. And stay tuned for the new “Sugar” music video — coming soon!

All of life is a journey and the best journeys are those taken with friends. For the 5 members of The Mowgli’s that road has seen their friendship tested and rebuilt numerous times. From their earliest Venice, California days as a 10+ revolving cast of characters to their current line-up, the core members have evolved from playing midnight warehouse parties to the stages of the largest festivals.

 While there have been many highlights – appearances on late night TV shows, incredibly rewarding collaborations with charities and electrifying performances in legendary venues among them –  there have also been tests: Losing band members, battling with the stress of constant touring and maintaining their friendship, trying to remain both grounded and optimistic when things go amazingly well and when they don’t. But there have been benefits of creating deep bonds and close relationships, not least the marriage of singers Katie Jayne Earl and Josh Hogan in 2017. “Being in a touring band is hard work,” says Katie, “but inspiring. It only works because people care about the band and we have a core who support us, people who have both been there since the beginning and joined along the way. Those supporters keep us motivated.”

The release of The Mowgli’s first major-label LP Waiting For The Dawn in 2013 saw immediate success with the hit single San Francisco. The record – which focused on the joy of bringing people together – immediately connected in a cynical world. The band quickly found themselves playing to sold out crowds in clubs around the US and inundated by requests for press, sponsorships and partnerships. Appearances at Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Firefly, Osheaga, Bottlerock and many other festivals followed as did performances on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Conan and a stint as the SXSW House band for Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live (Bravo)

The follow up LP, 2015’s  Kids in Love (which spawned the feel-good single I’m Good) saw the band explore personal relationships including their own inter-band ones, and their third LP Where’d Your Weekend Go? which came in the Fall of 2016, often found the band working on songs together from their very inception – giving much of the record a relaxed and communal feeling.

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Parting ways with their original label in 2017, The Mowgli’s released a pair of EPs: I Was Starting To Wonder (2018) and American Feelings (2019), each backed by national US tours and both exploring the “band experience” to a large extent. The first EP focused on travelling, missing home, looking for excitement in the daily churn of a tour, finding it in the back alleys and on the rooftops of America. The more recent EP American Feelings turned more towards relationships and connections, noticeable in Talk About It and Mr. Telephone which both harken to the lack of discourse and engagement prevalent in society today, especially with technology serving as both a facilitator and barrier. Says singer/guitarist Josh Hogan, “Communication is a very powerful tool. If we could learn to communicate in a healthy way, this place would be much less divided.”

“…Wonder” was supported by a deliberately small club tour. “It was exciting to get back out on the road, up close and personal with our fans who have stuck with us from the beginning,” says Katie. “We took a really needed break after [Where’d Your Weekend Go?] – after years of almost non-stop touring.”

“It was a relief to get back on the road and do something a little different for that tour,” adds Josh.

The inspiring new music video from Frida Farrell, “You Can’t Hurt Me No More,” also serves as the title track to her independent film, Apartment 407. While the film is the true story of the events that changed her life, the song is the aftermath of that tragic story. In this case, Farrell’s experience surviving sex trafficking. The video is an emotional look at the harrowing experience that changed her life, featuring gut-wrenching flashbacks pulled from the film itself. Each flashback is a disturbing glimpse into the darkness she had to endure. Juxtaposed between this tragic and painful ordeal, you see Farrell begin to rise from the ashes of her past through strength and determination. On this heartbreaking ballad about moving forward after the worst happens, Farrell is a beacon of hope for other survivors, that they too can come out on the other side stronger than they were before. Her film, Apartment 407, is available now on Amazon Prime, iTunes and Youtube alongside her music video for “You Can’t Hurt Me No More,” which is out now.



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