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INsiders Guide ‘Artist Of The Week’ : Holander

Los Angeles electro-pop artist Holander is our artist of the week, with her brand new single “Smoke”. Featuring glossy synths and warm vocals it’s set to put Holander on the musical map. She’s focused her music on empowering herself and others and has studied social change, as well as practicing feminism and advocacy for LGBTQ and minority groups. Raised in a city where people are constantly trying to create a future for themselves, Holander became inspired by how people morph themselves into what is most viral at any time. The 21 year old singer-songwriter channels this inspiration into creating her stunning music.

Born Carly Harpur Hollander, she grew up in a household that was continuously full of music. She initially recorded cover songs on piano and guitar, but wasn’t long before she swayed her way towards the electronic side of pop music and decided to create a solo project for the world to hear. One of her strongest values is social action, attending USC for social change, as well as practicing feminism and advocacy for LGBTQ and minority groups. Holander’s creative storytelling has always been built around lyrics that have been directed towards strengthening others.
“Smoke” is a fantastic effort from the songstress, not only embodying her positive lyrics but it features her warm vocals and dreamy basslines that will captivate any listener. “Smoke” tells the story about standing on the edge of love in your youth, and choosing to fully surrender. She spoke of the single stating “When you’re overtaken by someone, it’s like smoke in your lungs. I believe when two people love each other, they start to tap in to the universal love— this love that is bigger, and connects us all.”

“Smoke” is currently available worldwide.


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Written by Neill Frazer

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