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INsiders Guide : Album Release From Daniel Ellsworth and The Great Lakes

Daniel Ellsworth and The Great Lakes: This Nashville based band has finally released their highly anticipated album “Fashion”. The album is set to be released in three parts Chapter One in winter 2018, Chapter Two in spring 2018, and the full album to follow. It was recorded over the course of a year at Elephant Lady Studios, engineered, co-produced, and mixed by indie-pop-mastermind Kyle Andrews. The album is full of powerhouse tracks, it displays captivating, euphoric, and pounding pop songs that makes for a great listen.

The album was almost an experimentation of sound, and the creation was entirely under The Great Lakes control. The anthemic album is certainly going to find it’s way to the Billboard charts, and contains everything it needs to be a contender for pop/rock album of the year. The experimentation of music on “Fashion” is clearly audible on tracks like “Modern Lover” and “Control” which emphasize the more electronic elements into The Great Lakes sound. “Headfirst (it’s all happening)” is another example how the bands musical diversity has shun through, displaying a more digital background sound, combined with the forefront of their live energetic rock instrumentals.

Daniel Ellsworth + The Great Lakes are committed to making music their way, and “Fashion” is a testament to their willingness to try new things and remain totally independent and unique, while creating a sound that works.

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Written by Neill Frazer

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