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INsiders Guide: Jerrica Alyssa, Jeff Carl, Velvet Starlings, Francois Klark

Jerrica Alyssa: This Vancouver native has spent many years developing her musical talents training at ARCT, Royal Conservatory of Music. She made a bold move to Nashville, where she started  doing voice over work for TV and film. She also embarked on tours all over the world which took her to places like China, Japan, and the UK. She’s made appearances on Canadian Idol, and Variety’s Got Talent, but it’s not until recently she’s decided to put her solo career first.  “Those Cherry Lips” is the start of her flourishing career, which shows off her incredible mix of pop and urban music influences combined with her sultry vocals. It’s the kind of sound that will make you want to light the candles, turn up the music, and lose yourself in someone you love. “Those Cherry Lips” is available now.

Jeff Carl: “Buried In New York” draws cinematic comparisons to Blade Runner and Spring Breakers, and is a modern synth pop track similar to what we’ve heard from artists like Troy Sivan. With huge praise from Billboard, Jeff Carl has released the video to “Buried In New York” which displays a more polished pop sound from the singer-songwriter. “I think the reason I’ve fought so hard to find myself is so no one can ever say I’m something else,” Carl admits. “I don’t know if my music sounds like something you’ve never heard before. It probably doesn’t. There’s so much out there nowadays, but what I hope sets my music apart is its voice… its perspective and courage… courage to be itself, to explore the depths of light and darkness the human experience has to offer, to invite you in, not just for my journey, but for your own. My music starts with me alone in a bedroom trying to figure out an emotion, but it ends with something much bigger than me… discovery… of something true, something learned, something shared by us all… a sense of commonality. ‘Cause again, we’re all sitting at the same table playing the same goddamn game. My music’s just my attempt at sharing the experience so we all, or maybe even just so I, can feel a little less alone.”

Velvet Starlings: Velvet Starlings is Christian Gisborne a 15 year-old indie rock singer/songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist. Known for his powerful 60s era styled music, he gained inspiration from his early influences of The Beatles, The Who, The Doors, The Kinks and the Rolling Stones which is apparent in his music. The new single from the Velvet Starlings is called “Sold Down The River”, which showcases a soulful sound and raw blues inspired vocals. Velvet Starlings’ long awaited self-titled EP is set for release Fall 2018 and is co written by producer Roger Gisborne and mastered by Brian Lucey Cage The Elephant, Artic Monkeys, Beck, Black Keys.

Francois Klark: Francois Klark is a South-Africa born, Canadian Singer-Songwriter and Producer. His songs have garnered nearly 1 million streams on Spotify, and shared the stage with some huge names in pop including Grammy winner Jon Bellion, Ginuwine, Shawn Desman, Karl Wolf and Sebell. He now releases his symphonic adaptation of ‘Please Stay’, which was arranged for orchestra by award-winning composer Kristjan Bergey. The instrumentals add so much more emotion to this track, as it tells the story of two longtime lovers forced into a long distance relationship which ultimately fails when one of the lovers no longer wants to fight for their love. Not only is this song beautifully written, it’s been epically delivered.

With this release, Klark invites choreographers, dancers, and videographers from around the world to film and create their own visual interpretations to ‘Please Stay (Extended Orchestral Version)’ for a chance to win a $1000 cash prize. Visit for information on how to enter.

Get lost in the emotional story of ‘Please Stay’.

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Written by Neill Frazer

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