INsiders Guide: New EP’s From Laura Jean Anderson and Daniella Mason

“2018 has been badly in need of an electrifying, don’t-fuck-with-me power ballad, and now we’ve got LA songstress Laura Jean Anderson here to bestow it upon us.” – Noisey

Sums up the incredible year that songstress Laura Jean Anderson has had in 2018. She has finally released her new EP entitled “Lonesome No More”, which is a 7 track EP released via B3SCI Records and is currently available on all media platforms. In conjunction with the EP, Laura has debuted her new single “Call It What It Is” which shows off her powerhouse vocals perfectly while shes accompanied by the swirling production. Laura discussed the new EP “Lonesome No More” in which she said;

“I feel like I’m giving birth to my first baby! Its been such a deepening experience making this record and it’s such an honor to share such personal parts of my story with the world. Cant wait for it to be out and for you all to hear!”

Laura Jean Anderson has had such an epic year since the release of her debut single “Silence Won’t Help Me Now”. The single got high praise, and media outlet Noisey described the video as “equally powerful”, as the song chronicled Laura Jean’s struggle resisting societal confines and breaking away from her Mormon upbringing. “Lonesome No More” is just another affirmation of how talented this budding songstress is, and as she continues to rise you can expect huge things from Laura Jean Anderson. Listen to the new album here.

Nashville pop singer Daniella Mason has finally released her EP entitled “Emotional State”. Billboard’s Gab Ginsberg wrote on Thursday “The death of a loved one led to some of the most potent storytelling of Mason’s career, and the recording process was no less heart-wrenching. Now, she is ready to share her innermost vulnerabilities and fears, if only so others can find reprieve.” Her incredible praise doesn’t end there, as media outlets such as Popjustice, V Magazine, and Refinery 29 have all given the EP positive reviews. Her music is pure pop, and her sounds have gained similarities to artists such as Robyn, Maggie Rogers, and Billie Eilish.

Daniella not only shows her great vocals on this EP, but also her gifted skills as a songwriter, as each track touches on a theme personal to the singer. Topics like the loss of her mother which is depicted on the song “Morning Mourning” and the catharsis of crying in public, on my favorite song of the EP “Public Places”. It’s easy to see that “Public Places” could easily be a song that’s destined for the Billboard charts, as listeners get lost in euphoric sound of the boutique production.

The new record is one of four EPs that Daniella Mason will be releasing over the course of the next year as part of her “State Of Mine” sound series. The albums titled “Emotional State”, “Physical State”, “Mental State” and “Spiritual State” will explore different parts of our humanity, four different emotional states that we tend to have difficulty embracing. “All of the days spent peeling away layers, breaking down walls, and coming to terms with life and loss kind of spun together into these songs,” Mason told Billboard. “I hope I can meet many others in their sorrow, in their mourning, and also in their healing”.

Written By: Neill Frazer

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