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INsiders Guide: The Pressure Kids, Dr. Joe, Katey Brooks, Sophia Danai

Introducing Nashville Indie Rockers, The Pressure Kids. They have just dropped their music video for their single, “Team”. The band says, “We knew that we wanted to create a storyline-driven music video, and became excited by the idea of flipping the ‘high school nerd gets made over’ cliche on its head a little bit. We drew directly from our adolescent selves: Zach really did wear eyeliner, Allan loved his Ibanez, Nick ate waffles every day after school, Justin wore out his skater apparel, Katy sported the exact same SNL ‘Lazy Sunday’ t-shirt. Wanting to land somewhere in between Rushmore and Kicking and Screaming, we cast the sweetest young actors as our opponents, playing younger versions of ourselves. In that way, the game represents internal battles brought to life.” 

The Pressure Kids have released 2 singles, “Team” and “Fever” that have been featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday. The band plans to release new music through out the year to lead up to release of their debut album.

Gospel band, Dr. Joe is thrilled to share their debut single, “Tell Your Mother.” It was produced by Vance Powell (four-time Grammy Award winning record producer) whose credits include Jack White, The Raconteurs, White Stripes, Kings of Leon, Arctic Monkeys, Chris Stapleton, etc. and recorded at his famed Sputnik Studio in East Nashville. This single is taken from their forthcoming debut album due out in September. Joe says, “I was brought up on those big gospel chord movements and the energy of 60’s rock and roll. I call it FUZZ GOSPEL – because the songs have those wide handed gospel chords and vocal harmonies – but instead of sounding clean and sweet – we cooked them so they sound crunchy, distorted and overdriven. I run a 100-year-old piano through a guitar amp and it sounds huge.”

We’ve featured the talented Katey Brooks on ‘The Guide’ before and we’re excited to see she’s released another single ‘Never Gonna Let Her Go’. Growing up inside a cult, as a child Brooks found refuge in song. Her music details her romantic turbulence and the struggle to come to terms with her sexuality. “In my most recent work I’ve finally been able to sing directly about women instead of using the mysterious ‘you’. I want to sing completely honestly” she reveals. She’s received high praise from some major publications including Billboard, The Independent and The BBC.

‘Never Gonna Let Her Go’ is about being true to yourself and rejecting shame. The singer reveals, “We’re all going to walk this planet with different scripts in our heads, different upbringings, experiences and beliefs, and if we want to get along and be peaceful we need to accept that.  Hate isn’t the answer in any situation – so I believe anyway”. The stunning single is backed by the earthy sounds of the bluesy guitars and Brooks passionate vocals. Brooks prevails,  “Judge me for my true failings, ask me to change those things that actually effect you, and I’ll hear that. But one thing I’ll never change, and one thing that is definitely not wrong with me, is my love for women”.

Introducing Sophia Danai and her new song, “Daughter,” which she writes is about “the cycles of abuse that we bear witness to and endure. All people deserve to be treated with respect. The ability and power to create this relationship is within each of us, and is a direct result of the relationship that we have with ourselves”.

It’s the latest single taken from her forthcoming EP entitled “Real Eyes” which is due out March 29th. Sophia recorded the track at Echoplant Studios in Port Coquitlam, B.C. with award-winning producer Ryan Worsley (Dear Rouge, Said The Whale, Mathew V) and her amazing band; Michael Meroniuk (Guitar) and Jan Orsag (Keys, Ableton Live).

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Written by Neill Frazer

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