INsiders Guide: The Urban Renewal Project, Unbloom, Young Clancy, Junaco and Maya Killtron

16 piece collective known as The Urban Renewal Project is back. The live band hip hop aesthetic has delivered their own style of jazz-funk fusion on the brand new single ‘Shake Those Hips’. Between coast-to-coast tour dates with rap legends Camp Lo and a transpacific festival appearance in Jakarta, Indonesia last year, the Los Angeles based group has found time to record new material that provides a new age version of the golden era of hip hop. Long-time collaborator Elmer Demond and his laid-back flows are joined by the unpredictable newcomer Slim da Reazon, as well as the band’s one and only bassist Dustin Morgan, a.k.a. Yung Jinja. The trio rhyme over instrumental grooves devised by bandleader R.W. Enoch and the group’s 13 instrumentalists while Alex Nester provides effortless soul, pop and funk vocals to complete the ensemble.

“Shake Those Hips” is the lead single from the forthcoming EP, “Love Glory Duty Death” due out later this year.

Unbloom is a Pop-tronic Futurist Producer, and he teams up with Connor Morand for the hot new single “Best Believe”. On the track Unbloom says Best Believe’ explores the hard truths of what it means to be in a relationship, to be in love. It can involve confrontation and the ensuing pain of getting to the core of where the relationship stands or, quite frankly, doesn’t stand at all. Sometimes the relationship surprises you – the pain is temporary because the outcome is worthwhile. That’s the kind of sentiment Connor and I wanted to explore in my new single”. 

This song is a great example of the up and coming electronic prodigy, and with hits like this you can be sure big things are on the way for Unbloom.

Photo Credit: Nate Bajar

Armed with unique creative tapestry, Young Clancy unveils his brand new EP titled “Friends”. Earmilk gave praise to the rising artist stating One Toronto artist that is definitely putting his stamp on the modern R&B scene”Earmilk

Multi-instrumentalist Young Clancy has been a producer on the rise since delivering 2017’s exceptional “Yung Prince of the Basement EP”. Now he releases the impressive new collection of tracks for the EP “Friends”. Young Clancy’s unique talent for production is influenced by everyone from Neil Young to Kanye West. His “Friends” EP showcases collaborations with a host of talented musicians from Canada’s underground music scene including Chris LaRocca, M.I Blue, Matthew Progress, MADDEE, Jonah Yano and Fredwave.

Maya Kiltron the accomplished vocalist is delighting the world with the release of her brand new single “Red Dress”. The singer, DJ and violinist based in Canada who infuses her music with a playful energy and pop-inspired rhythms. Now she’s leaning towards a new style of 90’s infused R&B with a single that’s sure to be a sure fire hit. On the song Kiltron explains ““Red Dress” is about how hard it is to date another musician. It can be hard AF. At first, you think “what do I have to do to keep this guy?” As time goes on, you realize you have to keep each other – both of you have to wear the dress”.

Maya Kiltron’s brand new full length solo record is due out March 22nd entitled “Never Dance Alone”.

Junaco is the musical talents of Shahana Jaffer and Joey LaRosa. Born in the unincorporated mountain town on the outskirts coastal Northern California, the duo found an escape from musical conventions. Mellow bursts of epiphany and pleas of gentle seduction give way to driving grooves in Junaco’s music, leaving the immediate fan with a delicate, instantly familiar and completely unassailable batch of songs. Their latest offering is the brand new single ‘Willow’, and when I first heard it my reaction was simple “Wow”.

Both stunning and breath taking the lead single ‘Willow’ features warm dark tones, ominous instrumentation and soulful vocals. Thematically ‘Willow’ is inspired by emotions. “Emotions are often intensified by our surroundings. We rarely separate the two – when we are inspired by a feeling it is all encompassed by the environment we are in. The message of this music is to except those feelings rather than trying to mask them”, confides Jaffer.

Written By: Neill Frazer

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