INsiders Guide: Tyla Yaweh, Lo Lo, LX Mason and Neon Dreams

Rising star Tyla Yaweh drops the music video for his latest single, “High Right Now.” 

 “The song is about my life,” explains Yaweh. “I’m living an ultimate high. I went from being homeless to traveling the globe with Rockstars, being able to connect and spread positive vibes to so many people.”

“High Right Now” proves equally intoxicating and irresistible. Yaweh levitates through an ornate church as gorgeous gothic ballerinas sway to the echoes of airy clean guitar and codeine-drenched trap drums. His woozy flows give way to a fiery falsetto refrain, “I’m so high right now. I don’t think I’ll ever come down. With its ominous setting, this alternative hip-hop séance casts an unbreakable spell. A standout from Yaweh’s new project Heart Full of Rage [London Entertainment/Epic Records], “High Right Now” has already cracked 8.6 million streams and counting, and currently finds him covering the coveted Signed XOXO playlist on Spotify. Meanwhile, the project as a whole recently tallied in excess of 27.5 million streams world-wide.

Right now, he continues to bring his high-energy show on a world tour alongside Post Malone and Jaden Smith in Australia, having recently wrapped a European arena run supporting Malone himself. Yaweh recently shared an explosive performance video of “High Right Now” live from Europe. At the end of May, he returns stateside for a series of high-profile festival spots over the Summer and Fall, including Governors Ball (Bud Light Dive Bar Sessions), BonnarooFireflyLollapaloozaLife is Beautiful and more. Additionally, he is confirmed for a slew of European sets, including the iconic Reading and Leeds.

Lo Lo, born and raised in Toronto, draws much of her inspiration from the city’s rich culture and unique voices, while her urban lifestyle has inspired songs that cover heartbreak, adventure and mystery. She is relatable and accessible to todays most relevant pop stars. Now the rising star has released her debut EP called “Sweater Collection”. It’s filled with a masterfully crafted pop hits that stay with you after first listen.

Independent electro-pop artist LX Mason has just released his edgy pop single and self-directed music video titled “Drink Me Goodbye”. LX Mason is an artist that is fedup with being slept on, pushed around, and taken advantage of and it shows in authentic image and personality, his voice, and of course his frustrated electro-pop anthems. Born in Florida, and now based in Sydney. LX Mason is the melodic intuition leads him to craft music that connects with the broad range of emotions people experience when dealing with relationships, social pressures, and cutting through the norm to find their own individuality. His authentic approach to songwriting stems from real life events.

His sophomore single “Drink Me Goodbye” is for people who know what they’re worth and know that their ex left a damn good thing. The song explores the events of an ex-flame trying to reconnect with you once you have clearly moved on as you watch them try to forget how good you were to them by any means necessary. Of course, the song stems from the tragedies of LX’s past relationships as he delivers crisp, powerful, pop melodies perfect for screaming out the car window.

LX Mason’s talent doesn’t stop there. The music video for ‘Drink Me Goodbye’ was directed and produced by LX and is vivid with color, rich storyline, and a dark downward spiral of unhealthfully coping with emotion.

‘Drink Me Goodbye’ is climbing up the streaming platforms and is available worldwide.”

The blueprint for Neon Dreams’ music is simple. “A well-told story, a beautiful melody and some emotional chords are what we aim for. The genre doesn’t matter to us as long as it makes people feel something,” explains frontman Frank Kadillac. Known for their high-energy live performances and irresistible, radio-friendly bops, Neon Dreams first turned heads in 2016 with their gold-certified single, “Marching Bands.” The success of the song lead to a win for Best New Group at the 2017 Canadian Radio Music Awards, a performance at the Juno Awards, their own Warner Music-backed record label Dreaming Out Loud, and even a spot on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s summer Spotify playlist.

At the start of 2019 the band toured 21 dates with close friend Ria Mae and a return to Cadian Top 40 radio with the release of “High School Dropout”.Much like with each release to date, it takes the listener through the Neon Dreams experience, an exhilarating trip that defies genre pigeonholing, as they draw freely upon pop, rock, EDM, hiphop and reggae elements, integrating and blending them in a seamless and thrilling fashion. Kadillac credits a soul-cleansing trip he took to Nicaragua earlier this year as a major leap forward for him as a songwriter. “Nicaragua was a therapeutic, spiritual journey for me,” he says. “I didn’t know what was my next step in life was, and then this camp came out of nowhere like I was invited to Hogwarts.” From that experience came a flood of creatively and inspiration, a confident step forward for a group that continually pushes the envelope with their genre-blurring music.

“We’ve been experimenting with a lot of our production, writing and brand,” adds Kadillac. “Now that we have solid team supporting us you can expect this album to be an emotional rollercoaster of music. This time around we aren’t just giving people a bunch of different genres, we are giving them a mood.”

Neon Dreams just released another high-energy track that defies genre along with a scenic, inspirational visual. This is “about you…”


Written By: Neill Frazer

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