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INsiders Guide: New Music and New Artists for 28/9

Pop artist Chloé Caroline takes us back to the 90s and 00s with her reflective new single Forgive Me, out now.

Forgive Me once again showcases Chloé’s impressive ability to combine sounds from the past and present in order create her own fresh, organic, Californian sound. Her latest ballad immediately pulls at the heartstrings as her rich, lead vocals take centre stage, sounding akin to the likes of Taylor Swift or Sheryl Crow. This combined with Chloé’s undeniably catchy melodies and lyrical charm enables her to create something both infectious and inspiring.

Talking about the single Chloé elaborates, “Forgive Me is a song that shines a light on the normality of mental health struggles, perfectionism, and societal expectations. On the day I wrote this, I woke up one grey winter morning and just felt “blah”. I am naturally a very sunshiny girl but some days I don’t live up to being that person. I’m sort of sarcastically apologising to society and their expectations for just being human, and also talking to myself in a moment where I “want” to be that expected person but just can’t be.”

Chloé’s sincere, personal lyrics, flawlessly uplifting vocal style and strong stage presence has led to a Caesar’s Palace residency in 2018 and a plethora of sold out shows supporting Lee Dewyze of American Idol fame. With more singles due for release, touring scheduled throughout 2019, festival dates confirmed in North America, and residencies in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, Chloé will be aiming to make 2019 her own with her self-defined “New Southern California Sound”.

The “Warlock” is Johnny Stranger’s new single, the third song released by the band since reforming in early 2019. The song is compressed and powerful, driven by wild guitars and drums that punch through the hurricane of guitars, acidic vocals, and psychedelic organs.    The song is from the point of view of a man on trial in colonial Salem for being a witch… trouble is, he’s actually guilty.   While the song describes a fictional trial, for singer/songwriter Peter Anthony, the song is actually about breaking free of those who try to assert themselves over us.    “I think the feeling of ‘The Warlock’ that really connected to me was the sense of being accused of being so terrible, of being judged.    The character I sing through in the song represents a person saying ‘go ahead and judge me, I am every awful thing you say about me’ and -by saying this -they fight back at that judgement’.    Johnny Stranger began their journey in WA State, where they grew their following touring the Pacific Northwest and even moving to Boston to continue their conceptalbum-making endeavors.    Now, following a 10-year hiatus, the band is reformed in Los Angeles and releasing music from their forthcoming album: “Valkyrie”. Keep an eye on for blogs, updates, and show dates.

Balancing her junior year of high school with her musical ambitions, singer-songwriter Noella Rain releases her new single, “Scars Are Your Strength”, from her upcoming album, Phoenix. Self-reflective, honest, and open, Noella Rain distinguishes herself as a young songwriter ready to grow with each song serving as a life-altering lesson.

“Scars Are Your Strength” is an anthem of self-love and self-acceptance. Using her own personal struggles and pain, Noella Rain gives hope to listeners alongside a mellow guitar riff. “Scars Are Your Strength” proceeds the success of her August single “Black & White” – another equally inspire single about maintaining who you are in a relationship.

With over 60,000 collective streams on Spotify, the 16-year-old songwriter has connected her lyricism and soulful vocal style to a new audience. Like many of her songs, Noella Rain focuses on channeling her personal experiences to create intricate stories that resonate with her fans.

Noella Rain is excited to release “Scars Are Your Strength”, which is one of 10 tracks from her upcoming album, Phoenix – dropping November 2nd. The album is a musical diary of Noella’s own personal journey over the past two years documenting feelings of hopelessness and transitions to empowerment. Be sure to follow  Noella Rain on Instagram to stay updated on what coming for this new rising talent.

This is the new single from Country/Americana rock outfit Ted Z and the Wranglers. The new track “Corner Store” is off of their upcoming album Southland and is upbeat infectious twang at its best.  “Corner Store” features ruckus blues guitars, spirited harmonicas, and honky tonk vocals. The band was recently profiled in Billboard. 

Growing up in Manila, Philippines, Red Tan had studied and performed music since age 16. She performed as a jazz singer all over the world, including in Manila, Dubai, Guam, and Malaysia. After marrying her husband, Cedrick Tan, in 2010, she decided to put her music career on the back burner to pursue her other passion — motherhood. After being a full-time mom to their baby boy for five years, her husband was the one to push her back into music. After driving her to the auditions, she immediately won a spot in the World Championships of Performing Arts. It was only two months later that her husband was bitten by a mosquito carrying the deadly Dengue virus, and he was struck dead shortly after.

From there, Red decided she would push herself to continue what her husband selflessly encouraged her to do. She went through to compete against other artists from 60 countries around the world and won two medals. She later moved to London, where she continued her training at a West-End theatre for musical masterclasses. She also performed at the prestigious O2 Arena as a grand finalist in Open Mic UK.

Her experiences of moving to an unfamiliar environment after heartbreaking tragedy has proven to be a catalyst for Red to never give up on her dreams. She wrote and recorded her single “Don’t You Dare” and four other songs of empowerment at River Studios in Southampton, alongside music engineer Luke Adams, and her mentor Chris Grayston (A&R of Sony UK). These songs make up her debut EP, Don’t You Dare, which Red will release later this year.

Julian Daniel is a 19 year old Canadian pop singer, from Toronto, Ontario. Growing up in a musical household and being involved in activities such as musical theatre, vocal lessons and dance he has always been one to be involved in the creative arts. After finishing high school, and having had experimented with a few original songs and successful releases. Julian then decided to dedicate his time to his music and transform it from a hobby to a career.

Harbouring his unique talents varying from graphic design, to music and fashion. Julian Daniel has been able to create his own image and sound that is unlike any other current pop musician. Everything fans and listeners see is 100% authentic and creatively controlled by Julian himself.

Lemontree is the first release from debut EP titled E-Boy. Julian is looking forward to all the new experiences he will be having that will help him grow and mature as an artist. And excited to share his creative projects with the rest of the world.

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Disco Shrine, aka Persian Barbie, is the LA based, pop spark plug known for being a songwriter, world traveling DJ, and event curator. Disco Shrine released her debut single ‘Up In The Air’ in 2018 through French label Kitsune in partnership with the NBA. The electro-pop track was inspired by her parents’ immigration story to America from Iran. ‘Up in the Air’ has touched global audiences receiving acclaim from such outlets as Refinery 29, charted in numerous countries including Spain, Greece, France, and Sweden as well as being played at major retailers including H&M, Zara, Uniqlo and Kitsune. To support the release, Disco Shrine curated a series of pop up events in unconventional locations such as Laundromats, Barber Shops, and Mattress Stores to advocate for immigrant rights.

Continuing writing about current issues, Discos’ new single “Alright” is a feminist anthem about independence and breaking the stereotype associated with being femme. About the video, she confides, “When I first started in music a lot of men would tell me how I should sound, what I should look like, and it usually involved me being hyper girly and sexual. They would make me feel inferior. This video is the embodiment of me finding that power and taking it back. It’s proof that girls can appreciate a cliche without being one.” An ode to y2k nostalgia, Disco Shrine reaches full Persian Barbie in this video. The accompanying visuals features an all-female cast of badass babes reading magazines, playing nintendo, snapping polaroids, chewing bubble gum in a hyper-girly and very ‘gramable dream pop sleepover. They create choreographed dance sequences, skate through clouds, and have dance offs all while giving a middle finger attitude. Instead of rejecting the stereotype, they’re embracing it and having a little fun at the same time

To celebrate the release of “Alright”, Disco is hosting a y2k dream pop themed release party in Los Angeles which will include everything from custom nail decals and glitter tattoos to cotton candy and a cloud photo booth created by production designer Lily Letigre. The party will also feature music by KCRW’s DJ Valida as well as never before seen behind the scenes bloopers.

Growing up, Jack Broadbent listened to a variety of different artists that have greatly influenced the way he produces and performs his music, including Radiohead, Robert Johnson, Joni Mitchell, and Davey Graham. Listening and learning from a wide range of artists has helped him craft his unique style by mixing various genres. With a successful history of opening for acclaimed artists such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Johnny Hallyday, Robben Ford, and Tony Joe White, Jack has headlined internationally and played at sold-out shows all over the world. Jack is releasing his new single, an upbeat-catchy track with hints of folk and blues, “Wishing Well”.

“Whatever You Need” is about meeting someone you like so much you’d do anything to make them happier, give up anything to make their life better.

“For me, I met that person right before leaving town to live in Europe for two months to write songs and try to catch Bowie’s late 70’s Berlin vibe.  Though, all the while I felt like it’d be way more fun if she was there tripping around with me.  The lyrics ‘We’ll get high on our Fame, all stoned on our vain’ is a reference to what it must have been like to be Bowie and Iggy Pop lighting up that city.”

Hunting is barely recognizable as the same band that released a debut album five years ago: it’s gone from a solo project to a trio, from folk to catchy electro-rock, and from wistful melancholy to buoyant exuberance. All this can be heard on the group’s sophomore album, Whatever You Need, due out in summer 2019 via Nevado Music.

Songwriter-producer Bradley Ferguson initially intended the album as a quick follow-up to 2014’s rootsy Hunting LP, but the initial sessions stalled. Instead, Bradley put Hunting on the back burner: he produced an electro-pop LP for Vancouver vocalist Jessicka, and acted as a bassist-for-hire in an array of projects.
Hunting eventually got back on track with the addition of two new members: Jessicka came on board as a full-time backing vocalist, while songwriter Dustin Bentall joined as a co-frontman. “We went back and started the album from scratch,” Bradley remembers. “We decided to approach it in a more organic way. I had been editing it to pop perfection — but then we breathed new life into it and it came together really quickly.”

Dustin Bentall is a well-travelled troubadour in his own right, and he contributed five of his own songs to the recording sessions at Afterlife Studios. Dustin says, “I had this batch of songs that weren’t really going to fit my next record, and I realized they worked seamlessly with Hunting.”
Bradley and Dustin’s songs mesh perfectly on Whatever You Need, tied together by pillowy vintage synth pads and surging rock rhythms. Returning collaborator John Raham (Destroyer) acted as engineer as well as drummer, Paul Rigby (Neko Case) added additional guitars, and Mother Mother’s Ryan Guldemond co-wrote a handful of tracks.

Opener “Scenes from TV Screens” begins the album with muted ‘80s guitars and sly, slinky pop hooks, while “Black Shirt” cranks the distortion with heavy rock riffs, and “Better With Time” is streaked with twinkling synth orchestrations — the result of Bradley’s fondness for spending hours perfecting a single sound. A swooning cover of Sparklehorse’s “Gold Day” is the lone holdover from Hunting’s scrapped prior sessions, acting as a link between Hunting’s early days and their current iteration.

The album’s tone is one of joyful, sonic exploration, marking a big departure from the lonesome folk Hunting used to be known for. “I loved making that first album, but I’m not quite as melancholy as I was back then,” Bradley acknowledges. “I’m a lot more content and life is a lot more solid. I’m not constantly wandering around by myself after some terrible heartbreak.”

That contentment shines on Whatever You Need. With electrifying collaborative chemistry between friends and an anything-goes approach to catchy synth-rock, Hunting has been reborn.

Even with the release of his new album Goodnight Riverdale Park, Suitcase Sam still has no fixed address.

Rumoured to be hailing from “the wilds of Canada,” Suitcase Sam has emerged from the sands of time to give us an album that’s quite an artistic leap forward from his recent Get It To Go. Led by such soulful outlaw rockers as “Growing Up” and the honky-tonk anthem “Edge of Town,” the Suitcase Sam sonics of Goodnight Riverdale Park are expanded – having been recorded by a rotating cast of revellers – and modernized accordingly.

“It’s a much bigger sound than the last one, which was designed with the minimal in mind and made over a few hours with a couple of musicians,” Sam admits. “This one was made over many months and had a lot more musicians involved with it. It’s a much bigger production with more songs. It was bigger all around.”

Co-produced by Juno Award winning analog specialist Walter Sobczak (Sarah Harmer, Barenaked Ladies, Art of Time) at Toronto’s Revolution Recording studios, Goodnight Riverdale Park builds on the throwback sounds of Get It To Go and updates them…to a point.

“The record builds on 20’s jazz and 30’s country, both of which are big influences,” note Sam. “ There’s also a bit of The Band, some Willie Nelson-inspired outlaw country. Goodnight Riverdale Park is sort of the full technicolour version of Get It To Go.”

With Hank Williams and Leon Redbone inflections intact, Suitcase Sam says the 10 originals on the new album that range from the clarinet-driven rag of “Maple Leaf Stomp” to the Southern blues rock feel of the tequila-tinged “Frankie And Me” to the wayfaring hobo drawl of “The Grand Trunk Pacific Railroad” all loosely share the topic of escapism.

“They’re all about being in a state of perpetual motion,” says Sam, who has opened for the likes of Benjamin Booker, Courtney Barnett, Elliot Brood and will be bringing his music to life on a stage near you in the near future.

“Getting on a bus or a train and getting away from toxic people. Every song is about being on the road one way or the other. Sometimes you want to be out there and you’re excited about it, and on other times you’re forced to do it and you’d rather not, but you’re always ready to move.

“Specifically, ‘Edge of Town’ is about being up to no good, getting on people’s nerves, feeling you’re in the way and trying to move on before people get sick of you.”

And the sentiment is all the more realized and authentic with the fact that co-producer and engineer Walter Sobczak stayed away from computers when capturing the overall Suitcase Sam sound.

“I think the fact that we recorded it to two- inch tape really sets the album apart,” notes Sam. “My music is more immediate and intimate – it doesn’t require a Led Zeppelin drum sound. And we were able to work quickly and capture lightning: if a song sounded good, Walter gave me the thumbs-up and we moved on.”

When you listen to Goodnight Riverdale Park, available on Curve Music, you too will ultimately give it the thumbs-up. Aggressive and blues-driven with a tad more fire & diesel than its predecessor, Goodnight Riverdale Park will further the mystique of this enigmatic entertainer as he turns the road into his home.

WESLEY is Anthony Anderson. An electro-pop artist from the frozen state of Minnesota, he moved to Los Angeles in 2014, to develop his musical style and songwriting. After years of juggling a 9-5 job with his passion for music, WESLEY realized that working in a corporation was not going to fulfill his drive to create and made the decision to focus solely on his music.

WESLEY’s music explores explosive 808’s and vibrant synths, hoping to bring back 90’s pop vocals by fusing it with new trap-pop and future bass style beats. Growing up listening to everything from Earth, Wind & Fire, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, and vintage rock’n’roll, WESLEY was inspired to create music covering a variety of different genres. 

Combining a raspy pop vocal with sampled, textured instrumentals, WESLEY crafts a place for others that lets them connect to the words and melodies. His songs are heavily driven by the inspiration of movement. WESLEY states, “I’ve always been someone who likes to move around and explore. I once had an acting coach tell me that I needed to make my car a mobile meditation center, so I just ‘meditated’ on good music and realized that some songs on a road brought out certain feelings that you can’t get anywhere else”.

WESLEY’s two new singles ‘Phantom Feeling’ and ‘Long Way Home’ are a collaboration with artist and producer Denny White (Julia Michaels, Tiesto, Ryan Tedder, Lukas Graham). The unique, fresh and bold sound takes listeners on a ride of emotion through passionate guitar riffs and melodic vocals. Thematically the new music comes from the feelings that WESLEY obtained during a new relationship, after his big shift to Los Angeles and step away from the 9-5 lifestyle. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Bazzi, Justin Timberlake, Post Malone and Khalid, WESLEY’s beats are packed with diverse samples to accompany his mellifluous voice and soundscapes. WESLEY reveals, “I think that these songs capture the time and headspace that I was in while I experienced that. Phantom Feeling truly captures the feeling of having something or someone so close to you that you feel like they/it are/is always there.”  

With the goal to encourage others to take a chance WESLEY advocates, “You really never know what will come of it. I think it’s a testament to words in the songs, the people I’ve been able to work with and meet that if you just take a chance you might surprise yourself”. ‘

Beth Keeping is a singer/songwriter from Surrey, UK. Drawing influences from both traditional country storytelling and modern pop music, Keeping delivers a fresh and modern take, creating songs that speak about real situations. Her honest lyrical approach and emotive vocals have built her a reputation as an artist to watch in the UK music scene

Inspired into the music industry by artists such as Delta Goodrem, John Mayer and Martyn Joseph, Keeping found herself travelling the world, writing and recording in the UK, Singapore, Ireland, Estonia, Andalusia and America. Her debut EP Fool, which was recorded in Nashville, showcased her love for country music and its powerful ability to depict vivid stories through sound. However, her most recent single ‘Building Bridges on the Dancefloor’ marked a move towards more mainstream pop, whilst reserving her signature authentic anecdotal lyrics.

‘San Francisco’ narrates letting go of a moment or person and wondering what may happen if you could only have another chance. Keeping wrote the song after a five week backpacking trip across South East Asia found her connecting with someone from San Francisco. A missed opportunity left the singer thinking, “I’ll probably never see you again, but if I’m ever in San Francisco would you care?” The emotions are captured through Keeping’s use of genuine lyrics and heartfelt vocals. Cascading with delicate pop soundscapes and floaty melodies, the track which is reminiscent of Taylor Swift meets Nina Nesbitt glistens brightly, creating an infectious pop anthem. ‘San Francisco’ garners influence from Lauv and his capacity to emit a pop essence, with emotive and detailed lyrics that make you feel like you’re there in the song with him. Keeping reveals, “I want to write about real situations, to create music that makes people breathe a sigh of relief and say ‘Thank goodness, I thought it was only me who felt that way’. Valuing honesty and realness in my writing style is key – it’s important to me that my music recognises and deals with both the fun and the difficult times of life”.

As founder of ‘Write Like A Girl’, an initiative that puts the spotlight back on female songwriters, Keeping is an advocate of championing the rights of women and equality in the music industry. Keeping shares, “It’s an idea I’ve had for years after I woke up to the gender imbalance at networking nights I was going to. In fact, only 17% of songwriters in the UK are women (PRS for Music, 2018)”. Currently running monthly showcases in London, she will embark on a second ‘Write Like A Girl’ tour in November 2019. Keeping has also seen success winning a PRS songwriting prize in a Mayor of London GIGs competition, as well as reaching #3 on the iTunes singer/songwriter chart for her debut EP.

Coming To is the brand new track from Shawn Kerr, and is about someone waking up with a fresh set of eyes to look at their art and mind, and all of the places that could take them. Each song is about what you experience as you transform into a new beginning. For me, it’s ultimately about self-awareness. I’m letting openness, honesty, and love call the shots in my life from here on out.

Alongside this EP, I’ve been working on a new live show that better represents the atmosphere I want to create for my audience. I’m extremely stoked to start performing it, so stay tuned for upcoming tour dates!

Ava Lake is kicking off her debut EP roll out with her first single, “Mystery,” out on all streaming platforms today. Ava’s 6-track EP, The Rise, is set for release on October 18th.

Mystery” is a bombastic dance-pop track that invites you into the world of Ava Lake. Through her thumping production, synth-pop grandeur, and harrowing vocals, Ava Lake’s creates a sound that is ready to debut on the dancefloor. The song explores the beginning stages of a relationship, the time when you’re still trying to figure out the other person. But, instead of dwelling on the unknown, “Mystery” invites you to live in the present, enjoy the moment, and just dance.

Chicago-based Ava Lake is a multidisciplinary artist who has her hands in songwriting, producing, painting, and dancing. Ava pulls influence from 2000s glitch-pop, 80s vaporware, and current-day lo-fi bedroom pop in order to create a fresh new sound full of beat-driven pop stylings and dance-floor rhythm. Created in her home studio with help from Daniel Loumpouridis (co-wrote/co-produced Louis The Child’s “It’s Strange”), Ava Lake’s upcoming EP, The Rise, introduces Ava as a keen dance-pop act who’s ready to begin her ‘rise.’

Taking influence from Brit rock legends, David Bowie, The Clash and The Rolling Stones, Micky James creates gritty glam rock’n’roll with pop sensibilities.

After touring the States with his previous band, the group eventually dissolved and James decided to focus on the formation of his solo project. The time spent performing in the band essentially helped sculpt the identity of his new project and developed the right ecstatic to correspond with the music he wanted to create. James’ ideology for this new project, was to craft something that felt spontaneous and true. Capturing a raw essence and breathing life into the recordings, James’ priority was to make music filled with honesty, passion and love.

Inspired by the authentic energy of 60s and 70s iconic rock band’s, James is successful in crafting a modern and fresh approach to a timeless genre, “I wanted to take pieces of nostalgia and give it a contemporary twist”, explains James. Successfully taking his vision and turning it into a reality, James’ music has been resonating with listeners.

This bright eyed, fresh sounding and, newly turned 20, artist is about to change the game. Mimika arrived on the music scene in 2018 with 4 pop tracks that racked in thousands of streams and is ready to do it again, and again for the rest of her life.

Born and raised in Brampton, Ontario Mimika first fell in love with writing. She penned countless stories, poems and scripts as a child and transitioned into songwriting right before hitting her teenage years. Couple this with her natural urge and ability to entertain and a long history in performing, Mimika finds herself able to put on live performances that can make a small room feel like a festival stage.

Mimika’s latest release is set to start a succession of new music all leading up to the culmination of her debut EP slated to be released in early 2020. Until then, she is set to continue releasing music, cultivating her relationships with her fans and playing more live shows.

Colombian-American alt-pop artist Jackie Castro is thrilled to unveil her new single “Romanticize” which received its radio world premiere on Boston’s Mix 104.1 station last night. The single comes alongside the release of her 50’s Hollywood movie inspired music videoWatch Here

Jackie says, “I’ve always been a romantic and a sucker for a good love story. This song is a picture of what goes through my head when I hear a song that takes me back to someone that I once wanted to be mine. It’s a song for all the lovers out there who tend to make up dream scenarios in their head instead of actually seeing reality! Or maybe that’s just me?? K cool.

The inspiration for this video came from the lyrics in the pre chorus that say, ‘If this were a movie, you’d be running to me, I’d be in the rain waiting for you. But under the streetlight I’d look into your eyes and see what I always knew…I’m romanticizing you.’ I had the visual of a classic movie scene from the start. However, what I love about how the video turned out is we pulled from specific classic movies like Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Singing in the Rain for inspiration! I love everything about that time period and the visuals are just so classic, I had so much fun getting to play the part in this mini movie we made.”

This is her second single released off her upcoming album following the August release of her debut single, “You Want It, I Want It.” The debut single received radio play in Boston & Dallas,  has over 60,000 streams and 550,000 impressions to date. Both releases were co-written by Jackie Castro.

In 2016, she made a successful debut into the music industry with her band Castro, a folk/pop trio consisting of her brothers Jason and Michael Castro. With the release of their EP ‘Diamond Dreams’ debuting at #1 on the Singer/Songwriter charts on iTunes and gaining over 9.5 million streams on Spotify, they made a national television appearance on The Wendy Williams Show and toured with acts such as Andy Grammer and Gavin DeGraw. In 2018, it was time for her to part ways and find her own voice. Leaving behind a deal with Curb Records, this Dallas native moved to Nashville where she worked to develop her artistry within the pop community. In doing so, she discovered she had a story to tell. Her sound is a mix of whimsical melodies, lush vocals, a balance of synths and acoustic instruments, and honest songwriting.

(Photo Credit: Deserae Evenson)

Jocelyn Alice is a platinum-selling Canadian singer and songwriter with a fiercely powerful voice, heartfelt lyrics, and magnetic style. She rose to fame with her 2015 breakout summer song, “Jackpot.” The track topped radio and sales charts eventually being certified platinum in Canada. Since then, Jocelyn’s songs have received over 100 million streams, including her latest single “Sweetheart”, her collaboration with Tep No, “Never Been Hurt Before” (Canada top 30 radio hit), her single “Still Wondering” (Canada top 40 radio hit), her collaboration with R3hab, “Radio Silence” (Canada top 25 radio hit), her single “I Know” (Canada top 20 radio hit), her Gold-certified single “Bound To You” (Canada top 15 radio hit), and her Gold-certified track “Feels Right”. In December 2017, Jocelyn teamed up with Walk Off The Earth for a cover of Camila Cabello’s “Havana,” amassing over 10 million views to date across all platforms.

Jocelyn received a 2016 SOCAN Pop/Rock Music Award for Jackpot and received Canadian Radio Music Awards nominations in 2016 for Best New Group or Solo Artist: AC and Best New Group or Solo Artist: CHR. She also received Canadian Music Week Indie Awards nominations in 2016 for Pop Artist of the Year and Single of the Year. Jocelyn co- wrote Mother Mother’s hit single ‘The Drugs’, which spent two weeks at #1 on the Mediabase Canada Alt Rock chart in February 2017 and received a SOCAN #1 Song Award in November 2017.

Prior to her solo career, Jocelyn and bassist Lisa Jacobs performed in the indie soul pop duo jocelyn & lisa (a unique sound-blend of pop, soul, reggae, and funk).
Jocelyn has co-written music featured in the hit TV shows One Tree Hill and Pretty Little Liars, the movie Dear Santa, and a television commercial in Canada for Shaw TV. In addition, she was the vocalist in a popular USA nationwide television commercial for Target, which featured a cover of the song “(So Groovy) Reach Out of the Darkness”.

Jocelyn released her debut solo EP Little Devil in September 2018.

Pop n Roll, Austin based four-piece, Swimming with Bearsself-titled EP is out now and featured on The Talkhouse.

The band says, If you’re listening to this EP, then you already know…it’s radical!”

On their new self-titled EP, Swimming With Bears deliver a batch of five songs that showcase the next chapter as a band: truth and escapism. But beneath the vulnerability and personal lyrics are upbeat and fun tracks that everyone can relate to.  It marks a period of major growth for Swimming With Bears, who spent the better part of the last year honing their craft in the writing room as well as on tour, highlighted by press like Nylon who praised them as “Swimming With Bears knows this and turned it into a glistening alt. rock anthem. Oh la la, indeed.” In bringing the new EP to life, they worked closely with producer Ryan Hadlock (produced for Lumineers, Vance Joy, Brandi Carlile), immersing themselves in a more thorough recording process than they ever attempted before.

Meet pop/rock duo sisters, Stereo Jane (Sydney and Mia) who are thrilled to share their new single “Holy Hell” out now along with the music video that is featured on Indie88.

“Holy Hell is a song about being ready to leave someone or something that’s been pulling you down. It’s about becoming what you were meant to be and not conforming to someone else’s idea of what you should be.”

Stereo Jane presents an edgy blend of genres that leaves you wanting more. When you first lay eyes on Sydney and Mia, you would never think that these fresh-faced, 21 year old cover girls could morph into multi-faceted musical divas who can rock out on any stage. There are few things more powerful than siblings finding the same creative spark within themselves and working together to build something impactful. With Sydney at the helm belting out her powerfully soulful vocals and guitar and Mia driving the heartbeat of every song on the drums, the group exemplifies what it is to be a young, real band with a resonating sound.

After years of paying their dues, working with some of the top songwriters and producers in Los Angeles, Stereo Jane’s music embodies this journey, resulting in a new single that feels uniquely satisfying for the duo. Taking influence from the likes of modern hitmakers like Twenty One Pilots and Imagine Dragons, as well as iconic voices like Queen, Aretha Franklin, and Amy Winehouse, “Holy Hell” is the first taste of what listeners can expect from the duo’s new releases.

The track features a new sound for Stereo Jane, but still stays true to the band’s method of writing around prominent vocal melodies and drum patterns.

Kansas born producer, multi-instrumentalist and singer Brooks Brown has independently released a new single, “Soho” with J Ingram.

“Soho,” is a wavy electro-pop anthem comprised of mellow melodies and electronic synths. J Ingram leads with dreamy, rich vocals that layer the diaphanous and light-hearted production cooked up by Brooks Brown. Regarding the concept of the track, the urban hotspot of “Soho” is used as a metaphor for chasing euphoria, but realizing that the hedonistic highs of the moment are not everlasting.

About the song, Brooks Brown tells us:

“The song is about finding yourself in a routine that isn’t true to who you are and in places that you probably shouldn’t be, but eventually embracing the unfamiliar feeling of an unpredictable life.”

Artist J Ingram is a fellow KC artist who has extensive history working with Brooks Brown. In early 2018, the two came out with a collaborative EP titled, Surprise Party! independently released.

Brooks Brown’s electronically infused indie-pop echoes the prominent alternative bands of our time. The single is Brooks Brown’s latest musical offering, coming off the heels of his 2018 independently released EP, Fontana. The EP is named after the street in which Brooks Brown grew up on in Overland City, Kansas. The project details the emotional highs and lows that come with settling down in a dramatically new environment, and the stress that distance puts on relationships.

When Brooks Brown was just eleven years old, his father passed away. Since then, music has become a crucial remedy for the hardships of his life. His own songs are expressions of specific burst of emotions experienced during moments of catharsis, such as, the loss of a loved one, heartbreak, long-distance relationships (both friends and significant others) as well as nostalgia for how things once were in Kansas City. The LA scene has motivated Brooks to become more collaborative in his work; he often shares the spotlight of his tracks with other vocalists, producers, songwriters and instrumentalists.

Most recently, Brooks Brown played to a 250 person audience at El Cid, a renowned indie venue in Silver Lake, CA. The event was co-hosted by publication AmplifyUSC and label 1st Gen on Thursday, September 12th of this year.

Chris Hutton‘s addictive new single, “Crossfire,” is the anthemic single for anyone who has ever experienced unrequited love. The hooky pop track radiates with electric energy from the very first vocal lick, crafting a powerful emotional punch in the gut. A glimpse into Hutton’s personal life, listeners can feel the ache and longing within the virtuosic melody. It’s packed with glam-rock energy and synthy dance arrangements that pound along with the heartbeat in all of us. “Crossfire” is a bittersweet story about being in love with the right person at the wrong time, and the dizzying melody and powerhouse vocals add intensity to a track that weaves between emotions with an uncanny resilience. Check out Chris Hutton’s emotionally explosive “Crossfire,” out now.

Regularly found singing into a tape recorder from the age of three, singer/songwriter Avery Robitaille grew up in the jungles of Indonesia as a missionary kid. Isolated from western and pop culture she spent most of her time writing lyrics and journaling about her dreams of touring the world. At the age of 18,  Robitaille made the decision to relocate to Los Angeles to pursue that dream. While performing at an open mic night, Robitaille met Sean Baker and the two quickly realized their aligned visions and ability to translate each other’s experiences into music.

Following the release of their successful single ‘Shots’, mastered by Joe LaPorta (Imagine Dragons, X Ambassadors), alt pop duo Fever Joy is dropping their highly anticipated five-track EP, Reflections. Inspired by real life events and crafted specifically to focus on experiences that aid in you finding who you truly are, Robitaille shares, “This EP is about empowerment, removing a ‘filter’ and just being open about how certain life experiences made us feel”.

The two set out with the mission to create a space which encourages you to stand up for what you believe in, regardless of what others think. Baker confides, “Music is one of the only things that allows us to see into other people’s experiences from a distance and connect with them. With that insight, and connection we can learn to be more understanding and helpful with each others circumstances”. Fever Joy aims to bring that narrative to the forefront of their music, creating honest and authentic releases. The EP was produced by Adam Castilla of The Colourist and mastered by Brian Lucey (Cage the Elephant, Arctic Monkeys).

Fever Joy have seen success selling out shows across Los Angeles, performing at SXSW, as well as receiving airplay on tastemakers KCRW and KROQ. Reflections is set for release late fall 2019.

Indie pop artist, Tessa Violet’s new single “Games”, is out now and featured on The Fader.

Tessa says, “A friend one told me that madness is bouncing back and forth between the reality you feel in your gut and the story someone is telling you. Games is about the frustration and madness of trying to get the truth out of someone while they boldly tell you nothing’s wrong at all.”

In support of her new music, Tessa is currently touring as main support to AJR’s west coast leg and then heading to Europe for her first headlining tour. See all tour dates below.

Last year Violet released “Crush” – the first single from her forthcoming album Bad Ideas. In the time since her last three singles have exploded, Tessa has gone from an acoustic-leaning solo artist, to an inspirational female fronting a shredding live band (anchored by baddass drummer Jess Bowen). Although her recordings are competitive modern productions which perform well on playlists, her live show has a raw organic energy that is intoxicating. She sold out her first ever headline shows (The Troubadour in LA; and Mercury Lounge in NYC; two show at Camden Assembly Hall in London) and finally achieved her goal of bonafide rock queen when she was offered her first festival slot at Lollapalooza (incidentally selected by Billboard as one of the 10 new festival acts to look out for in 2019). In addition she was tapped for main support for AJR’s west coast leg on their Neotheater tour this September, and COIN’s US tour in February. The sole songwriter on all but one of her releases, Tessa Violet is one to look out for.

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Written by Neill Frazer

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