INsiders Guide: D. Muñoz, Rence, Alextbh And More… By OLC!

After independently amassing 10 million plus streams and attracting a burgeoning fan base, 19-year-old singer, songwriter, and New Jersey phenomenon D. Muñoz shares his major label debut track and music video “Typa Luv” today.

Get it HERE via Triangle Offense/Epic Records.

Backed by a sinewy guitar lead and a sultry beat, the track properly introduces his anthemic amalgam of R&B, soul, and pop. Dipping between genres, bouncy verses give way to a hypnotic hook, “This that typa luv, typa luv, I can never get enough of you,” before a powerhouse vocal run. Meanwhile, the music video sees D. Muñoz and his lady entangled in a series of intimate vignettes from cruising in a vintage car to sharing a vista of Los Angeles from a chic home in the Hollywood Hills.

Watch it HERE.

The song paves the way for the release of his 2020 debut EP, Moments, with production by Jorgen Odegard [P!nk, Imagine Dragons].

Fall in this “typa luv” with him now…

D. Munoz quietly emerged from Bayonne, NJ to national prominence in 2017. Raised by a single mom, the Colombian and Dominican singer posted an original rap on Instagram that set off initial buzz in 2016. He stormed on to the iTunes R&B/Soul Chart with his independent EP, Until Next Time, taking the #7 spot. “Love Me” put up over 1 million Spotify streams and 4.6 million YouTube views as “Ten Toes Down” exploded to the tune of 7.1 million Spotify streams. A deal from Triangle Offense and Epic Records followed as he prepares to share Moments in the new year.

(Photo Credit: Ben Sherrill)

Sharing real life snapshots in song, Rence magnifies his personal perspective through a genre-less palette, bordering pop, alternative, electro, indie and hip-hop all at once, yet never dipping into one for too long. The Los Angeles-based artist, who was born in D.C., spent his formative teen years in Seattle and then moved to New York to attend NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, first allowed listeners to hear this irresistible inner monologue on his breakthrough independent project, Pink. The project’s lead single “Baby Blue” racked up over 4 million Spotify streams as his total tally approached 8 million. Along the way, peers such as Chelsea Cutler and FLETCHER lent support as critical acclaim came from Hilly Dilly, Lyrical Lemonade, Ones To Watch, Elevator Magazine, and more. Tastemaker Zane Lowe handpicked “Ways To Go” as his “World Record” on Apple Music’s Beats 1. Rence’s current EP, Fall 2019, is out now and features standout tracks “Darkside” and “I know.”

(Credit: Daniel Adams)

Malaysian artist alextbh has debuted a brand new single titled “superstore.” Listen to the song everywhere now here.

A downtempo r&b track lined with sultry melodies and sparse production, Alex describes, “I took my Tinder date to a gay bar called Dalston Superstore in London. At first I was afraid of the idea of falling in love with him, because evidently we got along very well from the get go. We went outside for a smoke break and I took a good look at him, knowing fully that I want neither of us to get hurt. But the more I knew this guy, the less infatuated I got, and that strangely made me appreciate him more. So this song is a celebration of that. Of the fact that you can look into a relationship and say ‘maybe it ain’t that deep’ and still be content with it.”

This week, alextbh also hit the road as direct support with Yuna on her European tour. The dates follow a slew of live highlights including shows with KhalidClean Bandit, Sevdaliza, and Jess Connelly, as well as festivals such as Good Vibes Festival in Malaysia, Laneway Festival in Singapore, and Lalala Festival in Indonesia.

Ebony Buckle is a London-based singer/songwriter. Hailing from the seaside town of Townsville, Australia, Buckle was encouraged into the entertainment industry by her parents, studying singing, violin, piano and drama and before long she completed a degree in opera singing. Taking listeners on a whimsical leftfield-pop journey with her complex harmonies and imaginative storytelling lyricism, Buckle sings about topics covering everything from romance and broken hearts to disgruntled mermaids, lonely whales and alien invasion.

Realising that the only way to be in true control of her own creativity and express herself authentically was to start her journey as a solo artist, Buckle jumped in head first and has not looked back since. She confides, “I am a naturally shy person and sometimes find it hard to be myself in front of other people, but music has really helped me connect to my true self. I feel like the songs I write come straight from my brain and they are a true expression of who I am”.

Following the release of her debut single ‘The Mermaids Said No!’, the quirky songstress is introducing her follow-up single entitled ‘Susan’. A track dedicated to her imaginary best friend and alter ego, Susan the Raptor. Mixing elements of whimsy folk, with fanciful pop melodies and infectious lyrics, all baked in to one big Ebony Buckle cake, the delightfully eccentric musician has created a delicious sound, bursting with vibrancy and charm. Emitting a joyous feeling with a hint of melancholy, the track highlights the singer’s operatic trained vocals, which shine brightly throughout. Buckle reveals, “Susan was born one night after too much prosecco and the name just stuck. She is the carefree, risk-taking and sometimes reckless side of me. I think we are all made up of many different personalities and I just decided to name one of mine! Mostly we wanted to make a really joyful track that would make people smile”.

Reminiscent of Regina Spektor meets Kate Bush, Buckle is inspired by other strong female artists who have forged their own path into the music industry. Aspiring to create music which will help others realise their most authentic self and encouraging people to always take life with a pinch of salt, Buckle confides “I hope it inspires people to be true to who they are. To not be afraid of being different and to know it’s ok to express themselves”.

The singer come actress has performed in West End plays, as well as a BBC drama, where her role as a Geordie folk singer saw her music reach number 1 in the iTunes World Music Charts. She has also received extensive airplay from numerous BBC stations across the nation, as well as garnering blog attention. In the words of The Mind Monster Solution author Hazel Gale, “It’s a rare thing to find music that speaks so directly from (and to) the heart. Wonderful!” Buckle continues to feed our imagination with her beautifully kaleidoscopic music. ‘Susan’ is currently available worldwide.

When it rains it pours! Following their first place win at Live Acts Canada’s “Best in Vancouver” contest over the weekend, Vancouver funk rock group Raincity are excited to announce the release of their ‘Give This Up’ video via exclusive premiere on Beatroute today. The video serves as a teaser of what’s to come when Raincity make their Commodore Ballroom debut opening up for funk legends Five Alarm Funk on December 26th. See below for full details.

‘Give This Up’ is a track from Raincity’s self-titled EP which was released in June 2019. The EP was recorded at Warehouse Studios with the support of Creative BC.

The ‘Give This Up’ video was recorded in one day with directors Wayne Chung and Bailey Wood and a crew of about 45 people. The video was filmed in an elevator that was made and torn down in two days, and most of the extras are close friends of the band which gives the video a fun party-like vibe.

‘Give This Up‘ has been with us for a long time, back to the jazz trio days of 2016,” says Raincity vocalist Clare Twiddy. “It has changed so much, in reflection of the ways that we too have changed. Over time, the song came to describe the freedom that we found in letting go, in embracing ourselves, finding confidence in our voice, and striving to be the ideal self. The fun and energetic video for ‘Give This Up’ embodies that freedom and embrace during a time where many people may need a reminder to love themselves and to look for the joy in life, family, and friends.”

Raincity (known then as Raincity Blue) recorded their debut album Stuck on Replay in 2017 and released the album at Wise Hall in January 2018 to a sold-out audience. Early in 2018, the band progressed to the Top 100 of CBC Searchlight and won contests including, the Hard Rock Casino’s Rock the Mic, Music Heals Covers for the Cause, and The Roxy Launch Project. Throughout 2018, Raincity performed at a number of festivals including Victoria’s Rifflandia, the TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival, and Canadian Music Week in Toronto.

A fair-weather love—someone who’s come and gone through the years. For Sean Aston MacTaggart, that person returned to his life four years ago, time began again, and a record was born. Love You Always is a collection of six acoustic tracks which MacTaggart cut to a tape machine in his parents’ empty suburban home. He spent his nights recording from midnight till dawn in the stillness, a process that’s translated intimately—MacTaggart’s voice is gentle, and disarming at times. At others, while detailing a ramshackle romp through Paris, it’s confident and full-breathed. The guitar work ranges from grand ’60s pop strumming to the nostalgic bedroom shuffle of MacTaggart’s teenage years.

It’s all threaded through with his endearing, detailed lyricism: “You’re the toboggan on the slopes or the shaking in my bones,” he sings on Everest. Later on Every Little Brunette, it’s the heartbreak of a particular night: “Back to bed, and my heart’s melting again/It’s like I’m still seventeen, it’s always the same for me/I long for you.”

Some of these vignettes are new; some of them are up to four years old. Love You Always collects them together into a depiction of love both relational and personal. It is intense and vivid and rough and sweet; in a word, it is lifelike. When MacTaggart received the first vinyl of the record, he took it to the person he wrote it for. Though it would be released to the world, it still lives there: tenderly, between two lovers.

6’3″, 260 pounds, former center for Purdue football… sounds like a likely candidate for a tender musician, no? Well, looks can be deceiving, and despite an eclectic background, Midnight Divide frontman Austen Moret has been obsessed with songwriting since the days his two-year-old self was smashing the keys of a Casio keyboard or his grandmother’s piano. Weird right? He has… layers.

After brief stints in indie/alternative bands, Moret finally decided the only path forward was to forge his own. Thus, via the depths of Craigslist musician ads, Midnight Divide was born. With Jace McPartland on bass, Dan Beltran on lead guitar and Bryan King on drums, the Los Angeles based band deliver cinematic alt-rock with a magnetically fierce sound that’s been electrifying audiences across the nation. 

New EP Weapons-Grade Amnesia covers themes such as self-destruction, self-awareness and yearning for a better future with hope in overcoming the odds. Moret confides, “I think I’ve found over the years that music is really the best way I’m able to cope and express myself in a way that feels honest and real. Somehow you always find the best things to say way after the fact…” The emotion driven EP features ‘Who Do You Think That You Are?’, a track which was deeply inspired by past poor decisions. Showcasing throbbing baselines, fiery vocals and determined melodies, the song radiates tenacity. Then there is ‘Inherent Vice’ an ethereal alt-rock anthem and ‘Say You Believe’ a confident single, oozing with bold instrumentation and impassioned lyrics. Both songs narrate the hope of overcoming faults and becoming the person you want to be.

Sonically Moret’s music melds a variety of sounds, always real alt-rock drums and guitars on every record, layered with synths and pop production, topped with raw emotional vocals, heaped on a cinematic plate. The music is best consumed raw and loud, emitting an essence of Queens Of The Stone Age. Moret shares, “I hope this music inspires someone to feel ok about feeling conflicted. That emotions don’t play by the rules and aren’t limited to one at a time, and that’s ok. You’re able to work through that and be a little fucked up about it”. 

Midnight Divide has seen solid success, with songs ‘Fireline’ and ‘Let It Be Known’ synced on Showtime’s critically acclaimed Shameless, and ‘Torn’ and ‘Animal Eyes’ placed on TNT’s Animal Kingdom. Weapons-Grade Amnesia is out now.

From playing on the streets of Boston to now performing in venues across the globe, the duo of Paul Wright and Tim Harrington, together known as TALL HEIGHTS, have built a career from the ground up, diligently as a relentless touring act. It’s been a journey of consistent evolution for the longtime best friends – everything from instrumentation to production to the size of their band has changed throughout the years, hand-in-hand with an ever-growing audience of listeners. Yet with all of this change, there remains a distinct DNA that courses through the entirety of Tall Heights’ music. The potency of their sound cannot be credited to harmony alone, but rather a unique union of two distinct voices that makes the music inarguably their own.

Tall Heights’ story begins just outside of Boston in Sturbridge, MA, where Paul became close friends with Tim’s elder brother. Two years Tim’s senior, Paul grew up in a family of classically-trained musicians, taking up the cello at a young age, while Tim, the middle brother of three boys, grew up in a household largely devoid of music. While Paul was a consistent fixture in Tim’s life, it wasn’t until high school, when they both took up playing the guitar, that the two began working on music together. Paul recalls, “This kid who had been my best friend’s little brother, not someone I had ever felt connected to, was suddenly my best bud with a shared dream­­­.” Tim echoes the statement, describing himself as the “eternal little brother” and musing on the disparate beginnings that eventually evolved into the musical partnership it is today.

Flash forward to 2018 and the twosome continue on their biggest winning streak yet; with 130 million streams under their belt and touring alongside the likes of Ben Folds, CAKE, Judah & the Lion and Colony House, they ­­­­now gear up for their sophomore album Pretty Colors For Your Actions. Co-produced by Oliver Hill and Steve Wall (both of whom worked with the group on their 2016 LP Neptune), the 11-track album is a sonic universe where man-made instrumentation meets grandiose, contemporary production. Stepping back from the production-heavy, synthetic palette of Neptune, (itself a reaction in part to the acoustic instrumentation of 2015’s Man of Stone), Pretty Colors For Your Actions was recorded with a live band in-studio, creating what Tim describes as, “something much more alive and tactile,” than their previous work.

In a rapidly changing musical landscape, Tall Heights’ commitment to a singular sound is what holds the duo together. It’s an emotional partnership of Yin and Yang that runs as boldly through their harmonies as it does their friendship. Tim, the more outspoken of the two, is constantly five steps ahead of whatever is happening in the studio. Described by Paul as able to “tap into a creative superhighway at a moment’s notice,” Tim’s instincts often drive the group towards the end-product of an album. And if Tim is the spark of spontaneous artistic inspiration, Paul’s songwriting prowess fans the flames. Described by Tim as “his silent sage” and the band’s “true ace-in-the-hole,” Paul brings his lifetime of classical training and understanding of harmony to keep the band on track both lyrically and compositionally. “He’s careful, but not out of fear,” Tim reflects on his bandmate. “Instead he has this profound inner trust that the finished product will be worth the wait.” These two opposing forces create a balanced synergy for Tall Heights: Tim’s instinctual emotionality pushes the group towards completion, while Paul’s quiet musings pull back to refine. It’s this complementary duality, a pairing of disparate strengths that work together as harmoniously as the music itself.

“No matter when you’re creating – culturally, politically, environmentally – the only thing that endures is something that is art across all borders and times,” says Tim, explaining, “It needs to first and foremost be a thing that’s worthy of consumption on an emotional level. Anyone can make a comment on something with their words, but the things that last are the things that inexplicably capture your heart.” Although speaking broadly about the nature of art, the sentiment is the perfect analogy for Tall Heights’ enduring success. From their start nearly ten years ago up until now, perhaps the only thing that hasn’t changed for Paul Wright and Tim Harrington is, in fact, each other. It’s this union of two seemingly opposing pieces, coming together as one, that remains the undeniable force in Tall Heights’ success, propelling them off the streets to venues across the globe, from relative anonymity to their major label debut and hundreds of millions of streams. In harmoniously committing themselves to a signature sound, a product of their unique and undeniable relationship, Tall Heights sets the groundwork for an experimental sonic universe all their own.

Friendly Rich composed background music for three seasons of MTV’s The Tom Green Show. Ever since, he has recorded exclusively for his own eclectic record label, The Pumpkin Pie Corporation. Friendly Rich recently released his new album, We Are All Terrorists. He created a time-lapse film of the album cover decaying (and his face melting) to accompany the music.

Pablo Paddy is an indie rock project formed by singer-songwriter Patrick Beedling. After cutting his teeth as a solo artist in St. Catharines’ downtown music scene, Beedling recruited local players to bring his songs to life. The music—eclectic, and moody— draws from a range of influences, including folk, alternative, art-rock, and indie. With a rotating cast of members the group, known as Barbarosa until 2019, has remained active in the Ontario club scene, playing regularly in Toronto, Hamilton, and Niagara. Beedling continues to play both solo and band shows in support of the project.  

In 2013, Barbarosa released the Sinking West EP, and in 2014, they toured eastern Canada promoting the EP and a new single, ‘Mercy Me, Prosperity.’ In December 2016, they released their second EP, “Eye of the Rabbit.” Now based in Toronto, the band—currently comprised of Patrick Beedling, Calum Beedling,  Jonny Smith, and Arih Struger- Kalkman—continues to release new material and perform regularly.

“Whenever you say goodbye to a beloved friend who’s moving away they always tell you ‘don’t say goodbye, this is a ‘see you later’. But what if you’re not sure you’ll see them again? What if this is the last time you’ll see them but because of blind hope you never actually got the closure a goodbye could bring? This song explores that. And for my sake and the sake of some of my long distanced friends – i hope we see each other again.”–LX Mason

Inspired by Carl Jung’s theory on shadow psychology, the sculpture depicts a hyper realistic Uffie in an embrace with a mythical serpent. Throughout history the symbol of a serpent represents duality of good and evil and Carl Jung’s concept of the ‘Shadow’ emphasizes this. In Jung’s theory, at an early age we are conditioned to what is ‘good’ and ‘evil’ by our early experiences. According to Jung, everyone has a ‘shadow’, the unconscious side of ourselves where negative (and sometimes positive) personality traits are kept. ‘Ego, Self and Shadow’ are Jung’s components of ourselves: the Ego is where our consciousness resides and our sense of identity, the self is the complete potential of the psyche looking forward and striving for wholeness, and the shadow is the negative personality traits we choose to ignore. Depending on how light hits a subject, the shadow can be dense or insignificant. Finding a balance of the Ego, Self and Shadow is a goal Jung explored to reach personal wholeness.

The sculpture has three components: the front portrays the ego embracing a serpent, representing duality. The reverse of the sculpture features a second face looking to the past, representing the unconscious shadow of our psyche.

The sculpture can be explored in 3D alongside the soundtrack by Uffie using an Augmented Reality app. Download the ‘Jam Sutton Studio’ app on the Apple App Store & Google Play. Once installed open the app and select ‘Start’. You will now see the camera view from your device. Slowly move your camera over a floor or surface, then select the tick icon to place the sculpture in the environment. You can now walk around the sculpture and listen to the soundtrack created for the piece.

broox brings us into a queer wonderland with the official music video for “She’s Been Listening,” one of the singles from her recent EP, Over Easy

Created in collaboration with director Sara Ravid, broox’s “She’s Been Listening” music video brings to life a queer re-imagination of childhood. “This music video was thanking my 10 year old self,” broox writes of the heavily nostalgic visual concept. “I got to revisit a queer baby wonderland and relive a time of exploration and fluctuation that is still relevant today. In many ways, the way I expressed myself in the early 2000’s style of clothing, awfully mismatched cargo shorts and graphic tees, have stuck with me throughout the years, having molded it into what truly makes me comfortable in who I am. Looking back at my 10 year old self, she was confident, strong, and didn’t think twice about what people thought. She wore what she want and wore it unapologetically. My 10 year old self’s sense of quirky weird style is a metaphor for my life. She shaped me into who I am today.”

In addition to the new music video, broox is also announcing that her song “Low Key” will be featured in Showtime’s reboot of The L Word, the groundbreaking TV series that saw lesbian love stories take centerstage. A long-time fan of the original series that aired from 2004 to 2009, broox writes that it’s “humbling to not only be recognized for my music but to also be given the opportunity to share it with the world, especially as a queer woman and artist who grew up on The L Word and found solace in it years ago when I was first coming out.” Tune in to The L Word: Generation Q season premiere on December 8th to hear “Low Key.”

broox’s sophomore EP, Over Easy, was released in September and showed an evolution in broox’s artistry since her 2018 debut, Out/Through. Digging into the resonance of emotional melodies, synth-wave sensation, and rhythmic movements, the Brooklyn-based artist makes music to make you feel. Her svelte, soul-baring songs glitter with R&B, indie-pop, and electronica influences in a way that feels fresh and authentic. With lyrics that revolve around her experience as a young, queer woman in 2019, broox pushes the envelope of queer representation in music with each new release.

The Weeks’ new single “Alive Right Now” is out now and can be heard HERE along with the music video that is featured on American Songwriter.

Samuel Williams, guitarist and vocals in the band says, “This song is about trying to find any positive in a world that feels like it’s crumbling all around you. I remember when David Bowie died, my first thought was, “How lucky am I to have lived in the same time frame as Bowie?” This song is about the reality of exactly how lucky we are to be on this planet, breathing this air, creating the art we want. Of all the times and places, we are here now. Being alive right now is something so easily taken for granted. It’s something we all felt so deeply that when this song formed from start to finish so fast, we all wondered if this version we had made in under 30 minutes could possibly be done, but it was.”

This past September, the band released their new album Two Moons and just wrapped up a headlining North American Fall Tour. To finish off the year the band is doing two more shows in Nashville, TN at The Basement East on December 12 and 13 and then their 14th annual Christmassippi in their hometown, Jackson, MS on December 20 and 21. See all tour dates below.

Two Moons was recorded in Nashville with Eric Masse (Rayland Baxter, Mikky Ekko, Robert Ellis). Visit the band’s store at for exclusive bundles including limited run vinyl, cassettes & CDs.

Raucous Mississippi rock combo The Weeks got its start in 2006 while all four members were still in high school. Staffed by twin brothers Cyle (lead vocals) and Cain Barnes (Drums), Samuel Williams (guitar, vocals), and Damien Bone (bass), they released their debut album, Comeback Cadillac, in 2008. Their swaggering, sludgy, and slightly southern indie rock was further expanded with the release of five total albums including four studio albums and one live project.

Ursae is a Brooklyn-via-Bay Area indie-pop project by artist/singer Andy Campbell. Campbell’s earnest songwriting, coupled with his experience as a producer, results in a left-of-center pop sound that blends DIY guitars with glittery synths and rolling 808s. The arrangements are meticulous and clean but far from sterile, tactfully walking the line between RnB-pop and indie-rock. Ursae, Latin for “bears” (of which Andy is enamored), wants to be as direct as possible with his message; to Andy, it’s all about efficient storytelling. Ursae confidently turns out something refreshingly honest: pop that comes from someone who isn’t a perfect pop star.

As a graduate of NYU Clive Davis Institute, Campbell’s ability to fuse organic instrumentation with fresh modern production is highlighted in his new releases. Drawing influence from the likes of SZA, Bon Iver and Japanese Breakfast, Campbell delivers his own story of reinvention and self-empowerment. The songwriter confides, “I was feeling kind of lost and anxious – I’d recently finished school, Trump had just taken office, I was going through a sort of weird breakup. A lot of shit was changing and I had to figure out who I was gonna be and how I was gonna handle it. I was in a weird place at the time and I wanted to make sense of it by writing music that felt really bold and confident, and just be like, ‘fuck everything you’ve heard, this is me now’”.

Co-produced by Jeremy McDonald (Kevin Garrett, Beyonce), ‘Trust’ narrates building yourself back up after you’ve been broken down and figuring out who you want to be. Campbell shares, “I’ve exchanged the experimental avant-pop of my previous music for a brand of storytelling that is much more focused, with my singing front-and-center instead of hidden in the back”. Showcasing the singer’s impressive falsetto vocal range which glide atop cascading synths, ‘Trust’ is reminiscent of Post Malone meets Toro y Moi. The captivating visuals for ‘Trust’ is the work of director Ben Klein. ‘Long Distance’ oozes with funk-fuelled basslines, dreamlike melodies and kaleidoscopic soundscapes. Detailing the emotions of feeling alone or far away from where you want to be or who you want to be with, the heartfelt song creates an entirely relatable message.

Campbell explains how through the process of making the EP, he has gained confidence in himself as an artist and individual, “I hope that comes through in the music and that anyone listening can learn how to be more confident and comfortable with themselves”. Campbell has seen success performing with artists such as Maggie Rogers, Cafuné and Hunter & Wolfe, as well as playing to sold-out audiences across New York City.

Photo Credit: Tim Toda

Gavin Haley and Ella Vos have released the official music video for their hit single, “The Way I Am,” exclusively premiered on Billboard. “The Way I Am” is featured on Haley’s debut EP, Long Gameand the hypnotic, indie-infused pop track has become an instant fan favorite, amassing over 3 million streams to date.

Directed by Jared Asher Harris and starring Ella Vos, Gavin Haley and YouTubers Olivia Rouyre and Luke Korns, “The Way I Am” music video is a kitschy spoof on 80s ‘video dating’ services. Through VHS-inspired graphics and an array of retro characters, the video transports us back to the days before online dating. It’s humorous and a little bit tongue-in-cheek while still acknowledging the true essence of the song – that finding your match who accepts you for “the way you are” has never been an easy feat, not in the 80s and not now.

Alongside the release of “The Way I Am” music video, Gavin Haley is also announcing his first Los Angeles headline show at The Moroccan on February 13th.

Pop/R&B artist Rayvon Owen is thrilled to release his new single “Flexin’ My Vibe” featuring The Selfie Kid (Ryan McKenna)  that is out now along with the music video that is featured on Tigerbeat.

Rayvon says, “Flexin’ My Vibe” is about killing the notion of being a “nobody.” We are all different and unique, and everybody is a somebody, worthy of being able to express who they are with confidence. No matter where we come from or how we got to wherever we are, we are no better or worse than anyone else.

Rayvon is in the process of releasing his new EP in the New Year. Keep a look out for new music soon.

Richmond, VA born Rayvon Owen, is a Pop/R&B artist who cut his teeth studying Commercial Voice at Nashville’s Belmont University. After moving to Los Angeles, he released his debut EP “Cycles” in 2014 while heavily touring the country. In 2015 he auditioned for season 14 of American Idol, was able to perform with artists such as Jamie Foxx and Boy George and made it all the way to the Top 4. Since that summers American Idol tour he has released music that has garnered hundreds of thousands of streams, millions of YouTube views, placed on Spotify Viral Chart’s and Playlists and has been covered by Billboard, The Huffington Post, USA Today and was featured on The Today Show and iHeart Radio and Elvis Duran’s Artist-of-the-Month.

Nashville indie rockers The Pressure Kids’ new EP, The Pressure Kids: Vol. 2, is out now and featured on Parade Magazine.

Nick Johnston from the band says, “The Pressure Kids: Vol. 2 was recorded during the same sessions as our debut self-titled EP that dropped this past spring. At that point we had been a band for just about five years, had seen a few lineup changes, and had amassed this big, eclectic catalog, but didn’t have any sonic artifact to show of it. The idea was to make this messy, celebratory thesis statement type record that paid homage to the many lives we have lived as a band, capturing some of the very first songs we ever wrote together to songs we were still hammering out. We decided this story would best be told in two parts; The Pressure Kids: Vol. 2 is that second half. While the first EP showcased our more immediate, pop-rock leanings, Vol. 2 was meant to be little darker, a little woolier, show a little more breadth. It’s our late-light companion for the caught up, the sound of many lives tangled and in motion. We are immensely proud of these songs and we hope you enjoy this second part of our story.”

This past March, the band released their self-titled EP, where they received praise from a number of local and national outlets for being “some of the most unique and lush indie rock coming out of Nashville right now” (No Country for New Nashville). This self-titled six-song offering led to opening slots on southern and midwestern dates with The Regrettes, Illiterate Light, *repeat repeat, and Cayucas, as well as words in The 405Flood MagazineEarmilk and Alternative Press – but it’s time for some new songs that show some new shades of all The Pressure Kids are capable of.

Now, The Pressure Kids: Vol. 2 showcases where the band has been, and where they’re heading. Serving as both a graduation and an introduction, the band’s March 2019 self-titled EP was a formal invitation to stick around, but The Pressure Kids: Vol. 2 is a testament to what can be accomplished when five friends believe in something bigger than themselves. This is a band who has released 12 stellar songs and 2 ambitious music videos in 2019 alone, a band who will continue to do so as long as they are able.

The pride of Canmore, Alberta, folk rock group Elk Run + Riot, are thrilled to announce the independent release of their fourth full-length album Morning Light on January 31st, 2020. The album’s first single and title track ‘Morning Light’ is out today on all digital music platforms, after premiering yesterday on Ground Sounds.

Formed in 2013, with each release Elk Run + Riot have consistently built on their strength—three and four-part harmonies and a no-nonsense group mentality reminiscent of The Band. Since releasing their 3rd album, Animalia, in early 2018, Elk Run + Riot have been tearing up western Canada, and in the process winning over scores of new fans with their high-energy brand of alternative folk.

Morning Light was written by Ryan Schepens (vocals/guitar), Andrew Cotter (vocals/bass/guitar) and Brian Bailey (mandolin/bass) in one night in a cabin in Golden, BC. The guys went on a songwriting retreat for a night to come up with new material and ended up with enough songs for an entire album! Morning Light was recorded at Studio D in Calgary, Alberta by Steve Dierkens, who co-produced the album with Elk Run + Riot.

Morning Light touches on things like addiction, love/friends lost, growing up, the many times they’ve been crammed in the back of a Dodge Caravan for weeks and months at a time just trying to make a name for themselves, and much more.  The album sees the group growing more as musicians and becoming better songwriters and storytellers, and the first single ‘Morning Light’ is proof of that.

“‘Morning Light’ is a fun light hearted song about living in a small town and the friends we make for life,” says Ryan Schepens. “It’s about never regretting a single moment of the time we have, never taking anything for granted, and having fun along the way! Oh and it’s also partially on true events.”

Elk Run & Riots new single ‘Morning Light’ is available NOW on Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, and other digital retailers and streaming services. For more information and the most up-to-date tour listings, please visit:

Aqua Seca releases their music video for their single, “Slowdrive.” Trent Hankinson and Derek Stewart decided to take on the music scene following the attention they received for the music video for their previous single, “Whipped Cream,” which garnered over 12k views on YouTube not long after its release. The original idea for “Slowdrive” came to Trent a little over two years ago and now the music video brings their vision of a thoughtful night alone to life.

“As the name entails, the song really came to stand for the kind of place of you get to on a long, lonely drive. Alone with your thoughts, just you and the road. Nobody else around, just you thinking things through, really getting deep into your head.” – Trent Hankinson

In “Slowdrive”, the audience is introduced to Trent as he walks to his car that is parked on an empty dirt road. The sun is starting to fade into the horizon while Trent puts his truck in drive. He rides slowly into the night, stopping to watch the nighttime take over the sky a few times. Alone with his thoughts, Trent appreciates the time he has to himself with his car, music, and an open road.

The guys have known each other since they were freshmen in high school and have always enjoyed jamming out together in their spare time. At the time that Trent began writing the songs for the upcoming LP, focusing on music was the last thing he should have been doing. He was a full-time student in college with an overloaded class schedule and an internship, with his songs just voice memos he had on his phone. When Trent decided to stop holding himself back from his dream, he reached out to Derek and Jacob to be permanent fixtures of Aqua Seca. Like Trent, Derek and Jacob had other commitments such as a full-time apprenticeship and school. However, the pull towards their music was not something any of them could ignore and now the songs are more than just melodies in Trent’s head and memos on his phone. “Slowdrive” is dominated by the force of Trent’s guitar playing, Jacob’s bass, combined with the driving beat of the drums and high-hat played by Derek. “Slowdrive” is perfect for fans of early Tame Impala and Led Zeppelin.

Trent Hankinson (main vocalist and guitarist) is in charge of the entire writing, recording, and production process; and with Derek Stewart (on drums), and Jacob Horne (bass, guitar, and keys) they are ready to take on the music world.

The Know began in late 2018 when Daniel Knowles suggested to his wife, Jennifer Farmer, that instead of traveling home for the holidays (to the UK and Texas respectively) that the LA based transplants stay put and try to create music together, just the two of them. This would be the married couple’s gift to themselves.

For the next few weeks, they isolated themselves in their home studio with no real plan except a mutual love of Beach House, Julee Cruise, Ye Ye, The Jesus and Mary Chain, 60’s girl groups, and the evocative storytelling lyricism of Patsy Cline and The National.


Claire Ridgely is a Montreal-based artist originally hailing from Northern Virginia. Claire has worked as a featured artist for many years for the likes of Said the Sky, Robotaki and Pat Lok. Claire took the stage at Osheaga 2019 with Robotaki to perform their song “Ghostboy”. She has turned her energy towards her solo career and has released four singles in the past year: Days Under the Sun, California, ‘Til the Morning, and Gunshot, which have been enthusiastically received by Billboard and Spotify. Claire is excited to continue to bring her indie pop sound to larger audiences.

Written By: Neill Frazer

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