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K-Pop Rookie boy band, CRAVITY, break into the music scene with their debut album CRAVITY SEASON1. [HIDEOUT: REMEMBER WHO WE ARE]. Within the first hour of their debut, 6 celebratory hashtags took up the worldwide trends on Twitter, including #STANCRAVITY. ‘HIDEOUT’ symbolizes the nine members stepping out into the world through an experience unique to them, and creating a safe haven where they can lean on each other. Title track, “Break All The Rules,” tells the story of 9 youths with strong ambitions venturing out on their first journey together, overcoming obstacles, and continuing to move forward without hesitation; with hopes of providing solace for anyone going through the same emotions. Leader and Rapper, Serim, states ; “the album encompasses tremor of excitement, and our desire to give delight and comfort to our fans.”

Inspiration behind the name, CRAVITY, came to fruition through the combination of “Creativity” and “Gravity,” Starship Entertainment’s new boy band for the first time in five years since Monsta X. Consisting of nine members, [Serim, Allen, Jungmo, Woobin, Wonjin, Minhee, Hyeongjun, Taeyoung, Seongmin], CRAVITY, which is also an acronym for “Center of Gravity,” is meant to attract/gravitate listeners into their unique universe, by pulling them in with their creativity, charm, and pure talent. As humans, we all have our own “first experiences”; whether that be in school, society, or in a relationship. When encountering new relationships, we sometimes prepare ourselves by running from the starting line at full speed, hearts racing, butterflies in our stomach, but at the same time we are afraid. We are hopeful, but we also experience despair. CRAVITY, through their debut album, share these different emotions in an effort to convey a message of hope to each other, and most importantly, to their fans.

Another standout track, “JUMPER,” which was produced by Joohoney of Monsta X, showcases the spirit of rookies who are freely exploring this new world, and are excited to meet their new fans. “I personally tried hard to highlight the strengths of the members while producing songs. It’s even more meaningful for me to be in charge of producing the members’ debut album” says Joohoney.

Jungmo, reflects on the debut of CRAVITY; “it still feels dreamy to me, but I truly want to show you how we will continue to improve ourselves nonstop. All of our members and I have a lot of dreams that we want to achieve, and we will make sure to do our best to accomplish those.” Wonjin added, “It is an honor to have the title “CRAVITY” in front of my name…”

All seven tracks displayed on this album build up emotions step by step as you listen in full, maintaining tension and increasing immersion throughout. From the rock-styling of “Top Of The Chain,” to the fusion of Pop, Hip-Hop, and Trap heard on “Blackout,” and closing out with the final R&B/Pop track “Star,” which tells the story of wishing to be the “star” that shines through the dark sky for their fans, and to each other.

Vocalist Seongmin leaves us with a final statement; “thank you to the members who led me and supported me, so I can stand here today. As CRAVITY, we can’t wait to show you our music and performances that we’ve prepared for a long time.”

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Written by Neill Frazer

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