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Overtime, the leading brand for the next generation of sports fans, announced today the launch of its new million dollar college athlete creator studio. The content studio will help college athletes participate in the creator economy, growing their individual brand on social media through custom content creation including short form and long form video series and podcasts, apparel, and brand sponsorship opportunities. A for profit venture, the company will immediately commit $1 million in resources to go to male and female athletes across all sports towards name, image and likeness deals.

Overtime announced it signed its first NIL athlete deal with Space Jam star and USC football player, Ceyair Wright who stars in Overtime’s “Dual Threat” series that will focus on Wright’s life over the last few months of high school as he prepares for the release of Space Jam: A New Legacy and his transition to college. Additionally, the company is already in talks with over a dozen other high profile college athletes around creator based content. Wright recently signed with 3 Arts Entertainment, a talent management agency based in Beverly Hills, CA.

“The recent rule changes by the NCAA have created new opportunities for athletes to realize their value and to capitalize on their creative expression in the burgeoning creator economy,” said Overtime’s CEO and Co-Founder, Dan Porter. “We have long wanted to follow athletes on their high school journey into college and now we can, sharing their unique stories, passions, and inspiration with the next generation sports fans. There will be many opportunities for athletes to promote local and national products. Overtime is the first to support athletes by offering a chance to monetize from being a creator.” 

Since its founding less than five years ago, the creator economy has been a huge driver of Overtime’s business with over 50 million social media followers, the majority under-35, and its content receives more than 1.5 billion monthly video views. Through the new content studio, NCAA athletes will be empowered to speak directly to the next generation fan. In addition, athletes will finally receive payment for their following and influence.  

“This new endeavor opens the doors for so many talented athletes across all college sports to express themselves through original content creation,” said Overtime’s Chief Content Officer, Marc Kohn. “Our audience is already familiar with Overtime athletes from high school, and we’re thrilled to be able to continue following their journey, as well introducing our audience to the new faces of Overtime.” 

“I grew up as a huge fan and follower of Overtime and it is surreal to now have my own show on the platform,” said Ceyair Wright. “I’m honored to be the first NCAA athlete to have the opportunity to be a part of Overtime’s new content studio and look forward to seeing the stories from my fellow athletes.”

Continuing to carve her own way to the top, rising R&B singer songwriter Alysha returns with shimmering song Sugar Sweet. Opening with nostalgic synth chords and Alysha’s signature honeyed vocals, Sugar Sweet explores the feeling of being entirely consumed by desire and wanting to experience the rush of a new relationship. Buoyed by a simmering R&B bassline, Sugar Sweet fizzes with excitement as Alysha cheekily sings “you’re my sugar sweet / I can be your baby”. Further proving her emotional dexterity and slick skill with every release, Alysha’s ability to deftly mirror feelings in her musicality instantly sets her apart from her contemporaries.

Entirely fuelled by emotion, Alysha’s music soundtracks the midnight hour. Weaving her experiences of coming of age and heartbreak into her intuitive songwriting, the singer spins her encounters into pulsating musical gold. With influences stretching from Lauryn Hill and Amy Winehouse to Nirvana, Alysha’s catalogue gleans the very best of what’s come before, with her own glistening originality pushing her ever forwards as a multi-faceted artist.

Scott is the first signing to release music via Charlie Clark’s brand new label: No Big Deal Music. Putting the spotlight on some of the finest sounds currently emerging from the Scottish Highlands and Islands, the label is pleased to introduce one of the Isle of Lewis’ most inspiring voices. Scott C. Park makes country-tinged alt-pop about what it feels like to change. Writing songs about identity, religion, and the weirdness of human behaviour with the unique perspective his island home has nurtured, Scott’s tracks veer from the angular to the breezy and are as memorably striking as the landscape that surrounds him. Dusky, dreamy and mercurial, Scott’s new single “The Smoke” was written in 2019 as the artist found himself waving goodbye to his student days, with the clouds of an uncertain future approaching. Touching on themes of personal paranoia and self-help to finding your way in the world, Scott elaborates of the track: “I wrote The Smoke in summer 2019 after graduating from an arts course into the big bad world of unemployment. I’d been coming down pretty hard on myself with negative self-talk, constantly expecting myself to achieve impossible or unreasonable standards. I got myself into a particular state of mind one night where I was able to perceive this more objectively, and that’s what The Smoke is about — recognising the horrible ways you can talk to yourself and figuring out whether any of that vitriol is even true. Often it’s not.”

Returning to the Isle of Lewis as the pandemic began to take hold last year, Scott fashioned a homemade studio in the laundry room of his parents’ campsite and began to lay down the blueprint of what would become “The Smoke”. Laden with twinkling acoustic arrangements and sleepy pedal steels courtesy of Glaswegian “pedal steel wizard” Conor Smith, Scott’s melancholy-tinted vocal is accompanied with guitars by Michael McGovern and Paul Martin on the keys. “The Smoke” was then given its final mix and master in Black Bay Studio by Pete Fletcher, where drums played by DC Macmillan completed the piece. The single is accompanied by a stunning official video which finds Scott on his native island and follows the narrative of a protagonist struggling to break free from self-destructive behaviour patterns. “I think what we’ve ended up with is a visual poem about how it feels to be constrained by one’s own choices” says Scott. It was directed by John Murdo MacAulay, with assistance from Paul Martin and Scott’s wife Danielle Macleod.

In today’s world of manic emotions, we require more grandiose experiences and dynamic stories to help take our mind off the monotony of our current lives.
My new single, “Die Tonight,” was influenced by the uncertainty and growing social anxiety of the pandemic. This record is about living in the moment, forgetting about everything around you, and falling victim to the rush of love in a dark time.

Stream “Die Tonight” on ​yourpreferred streaming platform now.

High in the darkest times like we’re satellites, you’re my antisocial socialite
Themes of sex and death are at the heart of this song, which was written almost like a movie script. This record is an expression of a moment where end and beginning meet, asking myself what I would do in my last moments alive.
Dive into the existential euphoria,

Nadine Gagné is a proud Metis Nation BC Citizen who has been one of only a handful of Indigenous artists creating children’s music since 2004. Her Métis ancestry comes from her mother who was the late Rosemarie Plante and her grandmother the late Alice Desjarlais from Marlboro, Alberta. She is French and English on her fathers side. She is a single mother to three children who are 1, 8 and 12 years old and who are her entire world.

Nadine has worked in Indigenous early childhood development her entire 25 year career and began creating music because she saw a huge need for more Indigenous children’s music to be developed. For several years she volunteered to coordinate and lead “Children of the Rainbow Drum Group.” This was a performance group of 60 children aged 6 months to 14 years. The group performed at over 30 venues in two years throughout 2005-2008 within Vancouver and the lower mainland. They performed at award ceremonies, conferences, for the premiere of BC and even traveled as far as Ottawa to perform for the Governor General Michelle Jean in 2008. Nadine has been a National Role model for Canada in 2007/08 and has traveled to many communities across Canada and BC sharing her children’s music. Her first CD My Moccasins was nominated for a Canadian Music Award and she performed at the awards ceremony. Her song “My Moccasins,” along with her song “Bannock in my Belly” from her 2nd CD both made it to #1 on the National Aboriginal top 40 Countdown in 2008 and 2016. Her 2nd CD, Wrapped in Daisies won Best Folk Acoustic CD at the Indigenous Music Awards for North America and was nominated for Best New Artist and Nadine performed her hit song “Bannock in my Belly” at the awards ceremony.

Growing up, I’ve felt that I always had the worst luck!

I seemed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

My new single “Unlucky” seeks comfort in a state of melancholy. Sad, but hopeful.

Watch the music video on YouTube. Stream “Unlucky” on Spotify & Apple Music.

I’ve always been a “Mr. Brightside” kinda fella.

Got used to my unluckiness and just learned to deal with it; shrug it off and make the best of it.

There’s no need to beat yourself up about things that are completely out of your control.

When you are down on your luck, it is easy to think that the whole world is against you.

But there is always a light at the end of the tunnel!

This is my first release as a solo artist – you may recognize me from Little Cities.

I’m excited to drop my solo EP in the fall.

I hope you enjoy it,

Mat Hannah 🤙

Vevo, the world’s leading music video network, announces the release of Nashville singer songwriter Sam Williams’ DSCVR performances of “The World: Alone” and “Glasshouse Children,” off his forthcoming album, Glasshouse Children set to be released August 20 via Mercury Nashville. Vevo DSCVR focuses on the development of emerging artists, through performance content and careful curation. Vevo has a long history of helping emerging artists break through to new and wider audiences. Past alumni of Vevo’s DSCVR series include HARDY, Mitchell Tenpenny and Jade Bird. Vevo is committed to working with artists at an early stage of their career to create unique content that brings their music to life visually and provides exposure to new audiences through the platform.

It’s believed that the pacing of comedy is comparable to the rhythm of music. Humoristic folk-fusion band Good Job Honey understands those sentiments exceptionally well. After releasing their popular singles “Lazy Lovin’,’”“Crazy Country” and “Balls From The Back,” the eccentric trio has now released their debut album Why You So Sticky?. Through their long awaited album, Good Job Honey seek to energize and inspire joy for all who listen, fusing multiple genres including folk, funk, bluegrass and Americana.

Currently available on all digital platforms, the 10-track album blends drums, guitars, ukulele, and brass instruments underneath humorous lyrics. The songs carry a variety of themes, including living life boldly, a satirical outlook on the male body and the unpredictability that comes along with romantic love and partnership. 

I won’t sit here and pretend like communication has always been my strong suit, especially when it comes to sharing my feelings. My new song explores just that and the lies we tell ourselves to hide what we are actually feeling.

We’re dishonest with ourselves, especially when we don’t want to ruin a relationship with someone by telling them that we like them… Even if we’re pretty sure that they feel the same.

Take a listen to “LIES” on your preferred streaming platform.

Watch the official music video for “LIES” on YouTube.

I took inspiration from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood for the song’s visuals to highlight this connection.

LIES” is a confused, desperate, and excited track, revealing the frustrations of keeping your mouth closed and the relief that comes when you and the person you like are able to admit that you’re more than friends.

Thank you for listening!


Solar Eyes quickly follow up on the success of their first double drop release ‘Acid Test’ & ‘Nothing’s For Free‘ (Nearly 60,000 views between the two tracks) with the insanely infectious ‘Naked Monkey On A Spaceship’ released on 6th August through AWAL/Sleeping Sun Recordings.

NMOAS is another psychedelic rock/pop trip from the Birmingham based trio of Glenn Smyth, Tom Ford & Sebastian Maynard-Francis. The track bears the similar hallmarks of first track ‘Acid Test’ – that 90’s Chemical Brothers, Primal Scream mash up sound but with a futuristic feel.

The track was written after a conversation between Glenn & a friend, who proclaimed that life is like being a naked monkey on a spaceship, with no control.

On hearing this Glenn was compelled to write the track – but after a quick google though, it seemed Glenn’s friend had misled him and said friend had in-fact heard it on a Joe Rogan podcast! The official video for the track is from Matt Watkins of Gorillaz fame – who has managed to create the visual word to perfectly accompany the music.

Provocative pop phenomenon Miss Madeline arrives today with the much-anticipated official music video for her latest single, “Bad Girls.” The Leander Capuzzo-directed, megasuperstarprincess-styled visual is available to watch on Miss Madeline’s official YouTube Channel HERE.

“Every pop star needs their bad girls moment…” Miss Madeline confides in an exclusive interview with Office Magazine, “… so this is mine.”

Miss Madeline is back with ‘Bad Girls,’ an x-rated anthem for all the ‘sick girls, nasty girls, dirty girls, sexy girls,”” writes PAPER, accompanied by a list curated by Miss Madeline of Top 10 “Bad Girls” that inspire the young pop star’s artistry, including Lindsey Lohan, Janet Jackson, Amanda Lepore and Uffie, to name a few.

Denim Blù is not supposed to be Chinese and making pop music; he’s not supposed to be gay; he’s not supposed to emote sex. Well, he does. His music training and influence spans three continents having studied and composed in China, the UK, and Toronto. The product of his music is pure pop fantasy with emotional intrigue, drawing from blues, dance, electronica, and R&B elements, all while being unapologetically queer. His music delivers new-age pop with a story to tell.

Walsall UK born artist SC.Undercover started creating music as a way of escapism from the darker periods of his early life. The mysterious and sometimes flamboyant crossover artist blends characters and influences of indie, dark pop and R&B, offering something distinctly unique in today’s industry. 

“Deal With The Devil” is the perfect amalgamation of atmospheric production meets R&B, in true SCU style his track takes unexpected twists and turns, mixing up his melodies and dynamics and adding to the knife-cutting apprehension. With fast, high-frequency beats, prowling guitar riffs and bass laced in haunting backing vocals reminiscent of The Weeknd, the single glides into a mesmerising break. Shot across the tropics of Spain and the island of Mallorca, with Born Films, the music video for “Deal With The Devil” drips in James Bond edginess and tension. The cinematic aura carefully intertwines past projects as SCU explains, “We wanted the atmosphere to reflect the tone of the music but also provide the closing chapter in the trilogy of videos ranging from Darkness Before Light, Morals and finally now, Deal With The Devil”.  Also delving heavily this year into songwriting, the artist splits his time up working for other artists and producers in the UK and US, currently working with the production team of Grammy award-winning EDM DJ Benny Benassi, where he has been writing and singing for producer Riccardo Marchi. SCU’s music is a beautiful juxtaposition with upbeat dance/pop melodies complimenting the darker lyrical undertones of his previous work. Instantly recognisable, SCU has crafted an unmistakable sound. Hoping to help others overcome their own struggles with mental health, SCU wants to share his experiences, shining light on a subject very close to his heart using his music as a platform to reach wider audiences. Having performed to sold out audiences across Atlanta and at home in the UK, as well as garnering acclaim from publications, SC.Undercover is labelled as an artist to watch.

One of the foremost rising British R&B talents Olivia Nelson releases her gorgeous new offering ‘Oblivion’ – her first brand new material since the electrifying Back To You EP

‘Oblivion’ opens with haunting violins a contemplative R&B piano instrumental, forming a classic bed for Olivia’s remarkable vocal performance to dance over, its raw beauty marked by her stark, bluesy lyricism. “I’m letting loose, I’ve lost control, lost my mind, can’t find my soul, I’ve been sipping on oblivion.” Speaking on the track, Olivia states: “Oblivion is about a love lost and using different vices to help yourself cope with that feeling. It’s about being numb and free.”

Artwork by Dunya Darwiche

My bittersweet yet brightly sounding new track, “Time Machine,” is officially out! Produced by Jay Century (Kaskade, Duckwrth, Starley), you can check it out on your preferred platform now.

After finding myself wide awake at 3am one night, I noticed how my bed was suddenly too big, and how I really missed the feeling of someone sleeping next to me.

The emptiness that was left in my life after I broke up with my ex was unbearable, and it was everywhere I looked. But I didn’t miss him anymore; I just missed being happy. So I decided that I wanted to build a time machine, to take me back to the last time I was happy.
My producer, Jay Century – the Jack Antonoff to her Taylor Swift – collaborated with me on this song, which ended up combining the elements of two tracks penned on those nights when I had forgotten to take my sleeping meds.
I am looking forward to sharing my debut EP with you soon. You can keep up with me and all news about my upcoming releases via TwitterInstagramFacebook & TikTok in the meantime.

– Kaylee Patterson

Rising Australian gaze-pop group PLANET are back with the euphoric “Resign”, their eagerly anticipated first release of 2021.

“Resign” opens with a dynamic wall of lush guitar chords and searing licks over a punchy, driving rhythm section. Compelling alt-pop vocal hooks push the track forward towards the heartfelt, anthemic release of its chorus: “I’m breaking at the seams // Life was always short”. Lyrically, the song offers a deft counterpoint to the summery pop of the music in its powerful articulation of the crushing moments of self-doubt that can be experienced in a relationship.

Lead vocalist/guitarist Matty Took explains: “Resign is a pop summer anthem with the instrumentation hitting you straight in the face. Lyrically, it’s about not being enough in

someone’s eyes and how it affects you to the point of collapse, but trying to break past it to make it work.”

LA-based dark-synth pop artist, L’FREAQ, shares the lyric video for her battle cry title track, “Showgirl,” from her sophomore EP, Showgirl, due out on September 23, 2021 via Position Music. Furthering the story from the debut single and music video for “Gimmick,” it’s clear that the upcoming EP is absolutely stacked with metaphor, all-star fashion, witchy babe vibes and an important message about the role media plays with children — especially young women. L’FREAQ is turning trauma into triumph, tapping into her heart and getting out of her head.

From puppet to powerhouse (just like in The “Gimmick” video), L’FREAQ breaks free of the monotony and shreds through the brainwashed stereotypes, as she literally shreds on a guitar. “Gimmick” showed L’FREAQ embodying themes of resiliency in a time of self-doubt, combining heart-pounding beats with passionate lyrics about believing in the power that everyone inherently owns and nobody else can take away. It also emphasizes L’FREAQ’s expansive “robust range (Refinery29),” which is also on full display in her recent live and unplugged version of “Gimmick.” This new track follows in those footsteps and takes it further into a deeper love of music, family and personal freedom.

On “Showgirl” and the new lyric video L’FREAQ says:

This song is about my relationship with my mother, our experience living through the trauma of her abusive ex-partner, and the pains of growing up. I wanted the video to emulate the dark beauty of the “showgirl” mentality. All that you see is not what it seems. But through it all, we can still retain our power.”

We all have dreams and fantasies about the person we wish we could be. 

To me, this song is about becoming “Closer” to yourself.

There is an inner conflict when we have to leave behind preconceived ideas about who we are in order to evolve into the person we are meant to be. 

“Closer” is featured on my upcoming album, All At Once (out August 27th), some feel-good therapy for all of us after a difficult couple of years.

You can hear “Closer” now via your preferred streaming service.

Thanks for your time,

Ellyn Woods  

Featuring typically outspoken wordplay from Ben Robinson, the Hello Cosmos head-honcho is joined by guest vocalists Telle & Elara on this latest effort.

A track that says good-riddance to the silence of socially distanced Britain and gets on its soapbox to welcome the return of live music, the billboard-like message of “Loud Is Beautiful” couldn’t be clearer… or LOUDER. “There’s a perceived virtue in being quiet that has been increased with the pandemic”muses Robinson of the song. “I realised looking out my window during lockdown that quiet is dull, that the loud noise of music isn’t noise, it’s beauty. So the track’s about that, being non apologetic for volume and loving life.”

A swirl of esoteric synths, clipped beats and sampled brass inflections, “Loud Is Beautiful” the latest cut to emerge from a brand new mixtape project: ‘Golden Dirt’; a new collaboration with San Francisco-based producer The Olchemist.

Blurring the lines between alternative rock, electronica and hip-hop, the harmonic backing melodies and blazing sax breakdown of “Loud Is Beautiful” come courtesy of Elara (aka Claire Crowther, who has received support from BBC Introducing for her second single Burnin’), whilst the raw Hip-Hop esque vocal elements are provided by Seattle upstart ‘Chantelle DeSchutter’ AKA ‘Telle’. Speaking about the collaboration Telle says:

“Having this opportunity to work with Hello Cosmos and being featured on their ‘Lockdown’ project has been an amazing experience. They’re insanely talented and they’re right up my alley in terms of style. I’ve always wanted to collab with a rock band. I’m beyond grateful to share this wonderful journey with them. LET’S GET LOUD CHAMPS!! You’re going to love this one!”

Photo Credit: Spire Entertainment

OMEGA X (오메가엑스) is an 11 member South Korean boy group under Spire Entertainment. The group consists of: Jaehan, Hwichan, Sebin, Hangyeom, Taedong, Xen, Jehyun, Kevin, Junghoon, Hyuk & Yechan. They have no set positions, and they are all leaders of the group! They made their debut on June 30th, 2021 with the mini album VAMOS and title track with the same name.

Renowned progressive house producer PROFF returned to Monstercat Silk today with his soothing new single, “Light Magic”. Void of his usual deeper, darker motifs, “Light Magic” is the sonic antithesis to his earlier single, “Dark Magic.” The warm atmospheric pads and ambient forest Foley effects conjure feelings of hope as the crisp percussion guide listeners towards the light at the end of the tunnel. 

PROFF shares, “Light always comes even after the longest darkness.

With over a decade of experience and classical training, PROFF has performed all over the world and recently coined his lauded style as “Proffgressive.” Having repeatedly ranked in the Top 10 Beatport charts, his unique productions have earned support from leading electronic artists such as Above & Beyond, Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk, Eric Prydz, and deadmau5. Citing influences like Sasha and John Digweed, PROFF continues to expand his robust discography through releases on industry flagships like Anjunabeats and Armada, now returning to Monstercat Silk for the third time this year.

(Photo Credit Gipps Media)

Canadian country artist Nicole Sumerlyn is pleased to share her summer single – “Floatin’” – which is currently available on all digital streaming platforms along with an official music video on YouTube.

Watch the Floatin’ Music Video:

Listen to Floatin’ on Spotify:

As the second single of 2021 for the North Vancouver-based artist, “Floatin’” is Sumerlyn’s first musical release with acclaimed producer Mitch Merrett (Tyler Joe Miller, Black Mountain Whiskey Rebellion, Karen Lee Batten), who also co-wrote it with her. With playful lyrics and a bluesy-country grit painting the song’s summer-soaked canvas, it’s a colourful, lighthearted showcase for Sumerlyn’s twang and the alto key depth in her voice.

In speaking about “Floatin’”, Sumerlyn says, “This song comes from one of my favourite things to do in the summer, which is just to float in a tube down a river all day. There are many summer country songs about tan lines and beer drinkin’, but not a whole lot of songs about floatin’! We wanted to write a song to capture the chill and relaxed vibes of those lazy river days.” 

The chillaxin’ inspiration behind “Floatin’” harkens back to Sumerlyn’s own summer memories from her hometown of Abbotsford, British Columbia, where floating down the river with good friends was a summer staple for her. The artist recruited some of her friends and videographer Meaghan Gipps to create a music video with same carefree mood in a water setting.

Sumerlyn’s Abbotsford upbringing was instrumental in not only introducing her to floating, but it was the place where she discovered her love for country music as well. Sumerlyn manifested that love of the genre into career-building highlights like opening for Brett Kissel, playing at the famous Bluebird Café in Nashville, being recognized as one of 2015’s Global Country Star Search Winners, and finishing as a finalist in the 2017 Breakthrough Country Music Project. Since then, she’s also carved out a fiery, energetic live presence on stages like the Calgary Stampede and the the main stage of the SunFest Country Music Festival in Western Canada.

As the follow-up to this spring’s well-received Nashville-penned single, “Over A Drink” – which doubled as her first single release in adulthood – “Floatin’” is Sumerlyn’s invitation to country music fans to immerse themselves in a laid-back style that is perfectly in line with the season.

She says, “I want people to vibe with the song and feel the joy of kickin’ back on the water. After all we’ve been through with the pandemic, it’s time to relax and have some fun just Floatin’.”

“Floatin’” is available across all digital platforms. 

A fruitful career packed with hits, this release sees B Young take it up a level up as releases his debut album. ‘Differences’ demonstrates a wide range of different styles and influences throughout. He provides a hint of Afro-wave combined with his indulgent signature sound.

2017 saw B Young came into the limelight succeeding a run of hits that led to viral recognition. The East London rapper, singer, songwriter is responsible for UK street anthems such as ‘Jumanji’ and the ‘079ME’. Crossing over the boarders of sounds, B Young combines afro wave and dancehall influences, and these 16 tracks incoming are the pinnacle of everything B Young has been refining.

Introducing the project and setting the landscape, ‘Justin Bieber’, comes with the soothing drum pattern and allows space for B Young to do what he does best. In the track, amidst the aurally perfect vocal melodies he pays homage to the likes of Ariana Grande, Wizkid and of course Justin Bieber.

Known for his picturesque visuals, B Young does not dissatisfy on this track. Set out in the desert featuring amazing views, top outfits from the singer and even camels. This video has really pushed boundaries with this incredible location. Combining with the tune to create a faultless final teaser for the arriving album.

Pleasing his fans from single ‘Come Alive’, full of summer vibes with a great impression from its release with 1.1 million views on YouTube and counting. The track witnesses his ability to write and perform an enduring hook. Switching from skippy tuneful rap to a more all-embracing singing elegance during the track, this vibrant approach, harmonised with the tender feel that B Young portrays, really expresses the distinctive talent at his disposal.

 ‘Distant’ takes us far away to the West Coast of Africa. B Young adopts an Afro Beat style on this track with a mythical xylophone and a limitless Saxophone.

‘Juicy’ brings it down a notch with a lush guitar led beat which sees B Young deliver a seductive and delightful side to his character. Continuing with the same message, he angelically conveys a message to a romantic counterpart about putting their ‘Differences’ to the side.

 In the next tune ‘Wet’ we see further evidence as to why B Young has had so many top hits as he pulls through with another skilled chorus once again. A more upbeat track on the album, ticking the energy box. ‘Save that s***’ has a different tone to the previous tracks with more attitude directed in his lyrics. Narrating his experience and picking himself up from a previous loss he took.

 It is starting to feel like ‘Lightwork’ for B Young, with a bag full of highly listenable melodies and many ways of portraying them. The beat is minimalistic with a rhythmic piano layered next to his operatic and nuanced vocals. Remaining cohesive, ‘Fondue’ is inviting with an indulging concept on the song.

‘You Feel Me’ has a strong message that is crucial for B Young to reveal. Talking about his upbringing and having to resist the temptation of going down the wrong path. It has a warming feeling and is a pivotal indication of B Youngs talent, telling his story surrounded by a highly listenable track. The vibe rises again for the next section of the listeners journey, ironically ‘Chill’ is percussion soaked to the core and pays witness to inventive and complex flows.

Taking it to the streets with ‘Flex’, it is accompanied by a riveting synth based instrumental and shows solid bars with less melodies from the East Londoner. The Hi-Hats take an increase in pace as the listener is blessed with ‘R&Drill’. A hybrid of R&B and UK Drill, B Young is breaking boundaries and crossing genres with this harmonious tune.

One from the heart, ‘Right Now’ is touching and unique. Just involving B Young and a guitar, both remaining harmonically rich from start to finish. Hard hitting drums reverberate in ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ accompanied by a hypnotic piano synth working with the tight rhythm. Closing B Young’s project in style on track number 16, ‘Living Easy’ is a chance to reflect on how his life is now and showing gratitude to his position. A finely calibrated way to end a focussed and progressive project.

Now the door has opened to the artistic world of albums, B Young is set to grow further and top his previous accolades. With over 2 million monthly listeners on Spotify alone which has helped the accumulation of 300+ million views and streams across all platforms, he is already in a prominent position in the UK scene. A true pioneer for melodic rap in the UK and he is innovating once again with this visionary album.

Vevo, the world’s leading music video network, announces the release of Remi Wolf’s live performances of “Liquor Store,” the lead single off her forthcoming debut album out this fall. Remi Wolf has previously worked with Vevo after being named one of their 2021 Artists To Watch, releasing live performances of “Photo ID” and “Disco Man.”

Quickly emerging as one of pop’s leading faces, Remi Wolf continues her ascension with “Liquor Store.” Wolf’s eccentric charm, poignant songwriting and penchant for crafting intoxicating hooks combine to create a vibrant, textured, feel-good summer anthem. With such distinct offerings, Wolf’s unmistakable sound and personality has caught the eye of some of the industry’s biggest trend-setters from peers like Beck and Dominic Fike.

“‘Liquor Store’ feels like I am shedding a skin” says Remi, “It’s about my journey with sobriety, which has been a major life shift for me over the last year. At the end of 2020, after six months away from the studio, I had a crazy explosive week where all these feelings came pouring out of me — ‘Liquor Store’ captures a lot of them. It’s my first baby of the bunch and I hope you love it.”

ABOUT VEVO: Vevo is the world’s leading music video network, connecting an ever-growing global audience to high quality music video content for more than a decade. Founded by Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment in 2009, Vevo offers fans worldwide a vast array of premium content to choose from, showcasing official music videos alongside a constantly developing lineup of live performances and innovative original programming. From top superstars to rising new talents, Vevo brings incomparable cross-promotional support to artists across the musical spectrum, at every stage of their careers.

 Vevo has consistently evolved over the past decade to lead within today’s ever-changing media landscape, embracing partnerships with a number of leading distribution platforms to deliver extraordinary content within ad-supported environments. With more than 26B views across television, desktop and mobile devices each month, Vevo brings music videos to the world – when, where, and how fans want them.  

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Titus Bank has a voice that can stop an audience in its tracks. The Vancouver-based pop adventurer can effortlessly shift from a smooth croon to a soulful vibrato to a note-perfect howl — arresting and inviting; confident yet vulnerable.

His debut single “I Do Yeah” was praised by BBC Radio 1 as “pop perfection,” and the follow up “Hide Me Like You Do” is no exception. While Titus previously made waves with his ambitious, song-a-day 365 Songwriting Challenge (during which he wrote, recorded and released 185 in the span of a year), his new music is the result of a shifting focus towards songwriting refinement over sheer quantity. Letting his ideas marinate across multiple writing sessions with Toronto pop quartet Valley, emphasis was placed on workshopping melodies, honing in on details, and creating beautiful, sprawling, emotional songs.

“Hide Me Like You Do” was the first song I wrote with Valley, and it was really special because it sparked a chemistry that I’ve never experienced before with any other songwriters. We spent the day getting to know each other, and then started writing the song by brainstorming title ideas and going from there. It was really organic and natural.

Returning to the top, rising superstar and multi-platinum singer Jacquees logs the “#1 Most Added Record At Urban Radio” this week with his new single “Not Jus Anybody”featuring Future. It went into regular rotation at 47 stations in key markets nationwide. Get it HERE.

The music video made its debut on MTV Live, MTVU, BET Jams, BET Soul, BET Hip Hop, YO! MTV, and VEVO last month. BET named it “Jam of the Week” this week, logging over 100 spins. Simultaneously, the video is in strong rotation on REVOLT and Music ChoiceAdditionally, Jacquees appeared as a guest on the FB Live Audio Room executive produced by Jesse Collins Entertainment and Facebook last week.

Photo Credit // TOBEFRANC

Nightshifts is the recording project of Toronto based songwriter Andrew Oliver. He works his magic across vintage synths, groovy guitars and drum machines during late-night recording sessions to create soulful and cosmic pop tunes. Nightshifts delivers slow-building progressions of phased synthesizers and delay-coated guitars to create powerful atmospheres that feel close-at-home. The project is both exciting and complex with a fast-growing reputation for kaleidoscopic production and soulful songwriting. 

His music carries an underlying theme of imbalance and the challenge to stay present, with the musician confiding, “I very often get caught up thinking about past situations, and looking towards future ones. I write a lot about this imbalance. And ironically, the times I feel most in the moment are when I’m working on music.” Aiming to create music to teleport you to paradise, even if it’s just for three minutes, Nightshifts creates a space to both boogie and feel introspective, whilst learning and feeling something new with each and every turn. 

“Beach” is centred around the notion of wondering what would have happened if we took a different road. Honing in on an impossibly idyllic environment with peaches growing on the beach and sunflowers waving, this magical dreamland is a paradise for a vivid imagination. Nightshifts explains how the wild catalogue of mental visuals is to mimic the way we often exaggerate what we could have had, had we made different decisions, confiding, “I have a tendency to daydream, to second guess choices I’ve made in the past, and to think about what could have been.”

In true Nightshifts style, the romantic indie guitar loops sit over a subtle, vintage-synth soundscape, giving us a calming, mesmerizing intro to “Beach.” The exciting, zesty new feel of this single comes in with an electrifying building beat, glazed in a grittier tone, bolting electro elements and a fast-paced array of dynamics. The Toronto artist explains, “I wanted the chill verses to mimic a calm and steady reality, and the hyper choruses to be a technicolour imagining of this impossible, fantasized other life paths.”

Having garnered millions of streams on Spotify alone, Nightshifts has made a name for himself through his unique and innovative sound. Following the release of a remix of Bon Iver’s “Michicant,” Oliver was praised by Justin Vernon himself, further propelling the Canadian artist into the limelight and giving him a taste of what he is truly capable of.

Singer-songwriter Andrea Ramolo is the first to admit that she creates music out of chaos and often misery. If that is a dark statement, it’s also one she laughs about because it all works out in the end. This time, once again, it has lent itself to the creation of her stunning new seventh studio album, Quarantine Dream (due Oct.).

Her past six studio albums — four solo and two with the duo Scarlett Jane — have been borne out of heartbreak, but Quarantine Dream, made almost entirely with women, is different: it’s about a breakup with our lives as we knew it when COVID-19 hit in early 2020.

“The record’s about extreme hope, extreme fear, extreme loss, extreme loneliness, and extreme imagination — wishing and hoping for a better tomorrow,” says Andrea.

Gal Musette is the nom de plum of Grace Freeman, a musical prodigy who began writing piano based lyrical compositions and performing at open mics in her home city of San Clemente, CA at the age of 10. Her graceful approach to melody-driven indie-folk and French chansons has captured audiences all over Southern California. At age 14, inspired by The Magnetic Fields’ triple album 69 Love Songs, Gal recorded her own collection titled 70 Love Songs, which caught the attention of the band, and won her an opening slot on a few of their Midwestern U.S. tour dates. In more recent years, Gal has opened for several renowned artists such as Macy Gray, Suzanne Vega, Todd Snyder, and Donavon Frankenreiter. While her artist name is taken from bal-musette, the accordion-based, waltz-style French instrumental music, Gal’s primary inspiration is drawn from songwriters including Joni Mitchell, Regina Spektor, Bjork, Cocteau Twins, Burt Bacharach, Irving Berlin and The Cure. 

In October 2021, Gal will be releasing her debut album, Backwards Lullaby, featuring a vocal duet with one of her biggest musical inspirations, Rufus Wainwright. The upcoming album explores the pangs of hopeless romances and unrequited love, what it’s like to move beyond idealized love into the acceptance of what is real and constant, as well as the cyclical nature of life and love in relationships.

“Summertime,” the first single from the EP, was released in June and tells an overwhelmingly nostalgic and bittersweet narrative about short-lived friendships, like romances, that fade with the season’s change. The romantic and warm nature of the song overflows with a joyous indie-folk melody laced with snippets of loss and heartache.

Gal’s newest single, “Ghost,” is rooted in tragedy and carries her listeners through the struggle of being in love with two people at the same time. Heart-wrenching vocals and gentle piano fill this song with raw emotion, painting a vivid portrait of pain, passion, and longing – but also leaving much of the song’s meaning open to unique interpretation. Gal confides “there’s no one meaning to be understood from the lyrics- I would hope that each listener could take something a bit different from them. The “ghost” could be seen as a metaphor for an imaginary friend that stuck around a little overdue- even when you’ve grown up and shouldn’t be clinging to those fantasies anymore.”  Indie-rock band Coma Culture is featured on the song and adds to a harmony full of ecstasy and emotion.

French house aficionado Tony Romera returned today with the third single off his forthcoming debut album, ‘Introspection’. Linking up with Canadian rapper Max Wassen, the two have delivered this year’s most relatable track, “Party On My Own.” A lyrical mixture of melancholia and euphoria, it’s a callback to the nights we all partied alone in our homes over the last year. Tony’s effortless groove is the perfect counterpart to Max’s raw rap stylings, crafting an irresistibly catchy tune fit for your next kickback. Their wax poetics come to life in the music video featuring gluttonous scenes from a quarantine dream.

Tony Romera shares, “This track defines how we all felt a few months ago, combining nostalgia and melancholia with hope and happiness at the same time. When I started, I wanted to make something super experimental with some new production techniques I had just learned at the time. Then my friends Miller Miller showed me Max Wassen who was working with them on another project. I totally went nuts when he sent me his work on this song.”

Max Wassen adds, “If you think we’re making light of a horrible situation then you are 100%, incredibly, undeniably, sorta, kinda right. It’s not that we don’t have empathy for those affected by the pandemic, it’s that the news already makes everything seem like the world is ending so how ’bout a shred of fun during this shitty time, eh?”

Photo Credit: Chance Edwards

Jeffrey originally teased the powerful pop ballad while appearing on NBC’s Songland last year. On the show, he was paired with prolific producer and songwriter Ryan Tedder who helped tighten up the song with more precise lyricism and anthemic production. Even though the episode’s guest judge Martina McBride selected another song to record, Jeffrey’s inspiring performance of “We Can Be Heroes” was met with overwhelming online support and feedback.

“‘We Can Be Heroes’ is about stepping up when times look dark. It’s about helping those in need and not waiting for someone else to step in as the hero,” Jeffrey says. “We all have it in ourselves to take responsibility for our future and look out for each other.”

Jeffrey James is an eclectic pop singer-songwriter based in Nashville, Tennessee. Pairing rich vocals, R&B stylings and reflective lyricism, he creates svelte, brooding tracks that provide deep introspection on the human experience. Since his first project, the 2016 Walls EP, Jeffrey has continued to explore his sound and challenge himself to discover exactly what kind of artist he wants to be. In 2020, Jeffrey released his sophomore EP, East London, a project that took him to London for a month in search of collaborators who could challenge him artistically and help hone a sound that resonates with listeners around the globe.

Jeffrey’s music has been used in ads for Xbox Game Pass and Ford and featured in numerous TV shows and films including All-American, Jack Ryan, iZombie, Criminal Minds, Good Trouble and Shameless, among others. He’s amassed millions of streams across his repertoire and tastemakers like Billboard, 1883 Magazine, and EARMILK have taken note. In addition to his own releases, Jeffrey has also become a coveted songwriter, penning tracks for artists like Megan Davies, Tungeaag & Raaban, and Matstubs.

Speaking about the track, SHEAFS say:“Spectator is one of the most recent songs we’ve written. Even from the roughest of demos, we thought something special and captivating was there. It’s written with the idea of ‘people watching’ and playing the role of a spectator. The idea of looking at someone and not knowing who or how they truly are.”

 Written during the first lockdown, “Spectator” is haunted by the shadowy presence of the period; its overarching mood and ominous underbelly palpable throughout.

Marking a significant shift in gear for the Yorkshire five piece, “Spectator” is fluid, progressive and dark to the core. Reminiscent of Bauhaus of early Cure, as reverb drenched guitars dual and clash, its seismic rhythms lead stealth-like time shifts destined to catch the listener off-guard. One of their most complex recordings to date, “Spectator” was created with two-time Grammy award-winning producer Adrian Bushby (Foo Fighters, Muse). Christian Wright at Abbey Road Studios also provided final mastering.

Spectator” is the first new music to emerge from SHEAFS since their acclaimed debut EP, “Vox Pop“, which was released in March 2020. Produced by Dead Nature/Spring King talent Tarek Musa and Jonathan Hucks, it was an EP that witnessed a band finding their voice and realising their potential across 4 tracks that confronted frustrations with our consumerist world. Using the pandemic that has elapsed since, SHEAFS have spent the time wisely to plan their next move and laying the blueprint for what is expected to form their long awaited debut album.

Following a hometown appearance at Tramlines Festival in July, the band now look forward to resuming their electrifying duties on the live stage. Picking up their postponed support slots with The Slow Readers Club, SHEAFS will be joining the band on five of their UK tour dates in Sheffield, Liverpool, Nottingham, Cambridge, London and Leeds this Autumn. Full live dates and details below.

An irresistibly upbeat new track, the MULTI-PLATINUM selling international pop sensations return with their first music in over three-years. The single also sees the band enlist UK-based Ghanaian vocalist K.O.G. (fresh from his appearance on BBC’s Later with Jools Holland), to sprinkle a little of his own gold dust on proceedings. Summoning the summer season with a groove that couldn’t be anyone else, “Sun Dance” is a blazing, beatific and brassy new single of pure Afropop dynamite.  Initially an instrumental, “Sun Dance” was written by the band’s Sam Ritchie in early 2020 following a binge of Fela Kuti’s untameable live recordings. Taking inspiration from Kuti’s trademark 12/8 rhythms and simple pentatonic brass lines, Ritchie began to fold-in layers of hypnotic loops and a propulsive four-to-the-floor backbeat until very soon something identifiably in-line with Womp’s own distinctive brand of bangers emerged. Bringing the final version to life at Love Electric Studios in North London, live drums came courtesy of longtime Womp drummer Juba Wetzler. Live brass instrumentation was orchestrated by Sam Ritchie (trumpet), with its multi-layered oomph provided with the assistance of long time band members Tony Rico (sax), Tom White (trombone) and new tuba player Christopher Barrett. With an emphatic backing now in place, Bloom de Wilde added her spirited, sunshine-soaked vocals from the Lullabye Factory in Amsterdam, while collaborator K.O.G. laid down bars from his current base in Sheffield. Engineered with James Carey, “Sun Dance” was edited in collaboration with Sam Ritchie. The final arrangement was sent to 2x GRAMMY Certified Recording and Mix Engineer, Producer Mack Woodward in the US and then mastered by Nick Watson at Fluid.

One of the UK’s most compelling voices in R&B, Pip Millett, releases her highly anticipated new EP, Motion Sick on 13th August 2021.

Following on from her critically acclaimed offerings ‘Running’ ft. Ghetts and ‘Hard Life’, the EP fleshes out Pip’s thoughts on the wider world and her inner life – the unreleased tracks “Braid it Back’, ‘Sad Girls’ ft. Gaidaa and ‘Best Things’ see Pip’s confessional lyricism through a prism of soul, boom-bam and hip hop, featuring production from Joice (Jorja Smith, Loyle Carner, Stormzy) and Josh Crocker (Celeste, Kali Uchis, Gotts Street Park), offering refreshingly blunt thoughts on the state of the Black experience in the UK, identity, loss and family legacy.

Speaking on the EP, Pip states: “I have often felt lost when things around me have started to change. In recent times I’ve realised I’m simply ‘Motion Sick’. My core self is still there but without change there cannot be any growth. ‘Motion Sick’ is about the various changes in my life. With this change I have tried to find comfort in the simple things.”

Turning up the heat, Haviah Mighty takes a trip abroad with her dancefloor-ready song, ‘Flamenco’, featuring Barcelona-based artist, Mala Rodríguez. ‘Flamenco’ will appear on Haviah’s new mixtape, ‘Stock Exchange’, set for release this fall, which is the latest full length following her 2019 Polaris Music Prize-winning album, ‘13th Floor’.

Continuing to raise the summer heat off her latest banger, ‘Avocado’ (featuring producer, Grandtheft), Haviah steps to the beat and pulse in this sensual, castanet-inflected track reminiscent of an adventure in a new place, with a sound that embodies the striking, powerful energy of its namesake artform and cultural history.

Produced by Haviah Mighty and long-time collaborator, Taabu (known for his work on ‘13th Floor’ standout, ‘Wishy Washy’), this spicy international collaboration transcends continent and genre. A multiple Latin GRAMMY winner, Mala Rodríguez has held a prolific career for over two decades, collaborating with the likes of Big Freedia, Stylo G, and Juan Magán to being featured on President Barack Obama’s Summer Spotify Playlist in 2015, with her song, ‘Yo Marco El Minuto’, and named as one of NPR’s 200 Greatest Songs by 21st Century Women.

Speaking on the track, Haviah said “With this one, I wanted to try something different! Inspired by the cultural influences behind flamenco, this song allowed me to be a guest in a new genre, Mala Rodríguez really brought this record home – her verse added authenticity, sensuality and pizzazz. She has a great voice and message, and with her Spanish roots, I felt that she spoke to the energy of the song more directly than I evercould. It’s a feel-good song, with the intention of resonating on a dancefloor, with

the bass pulsing as heavily as the sweat on one’s brow as they hit their moves. This song is quite literally a vibe!”

On the heels of his debut album There Will Be Tears, internationally acclaimed pop singer/songwriter VINCINT appeared as a special guest bartender on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen last night.

The episode saw VINCINT behind the bar of the TV show’s famed “Clubhouse” serving cocktails for Andy Cohen’s couch guests, comedian / television host Amber Ruffin and actor / producer Marlon Wayans.

“I’m going on tour this fall!” VINCINT announced for the first time with Cohen ahead of soon-to-be-announced dates. Visit VINCINT’s official Instagram HERE for complete information and ticket updates.

Singer. Songwriter. Actor. Multi-platinum recording artist Jesse McCartney is what you’d call a triple threat. This new, acoustic version of his recent single “Kiss The World Goodbye” proves just that. McCartney is just as at-home with energetic production as he is aside an acoustic guitar.

Inspired by his future wife, actress Katie Peterson, the song reflects their bond.

“This song is intended to inspire, even when you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. And when you have that special someone you can rely on, someone who can share in the good times and bad, it really gives you the sense that the two of you can take on anything.” – Jesse McCartney

The original version of the track will appear on his upcoming sixth studio album – and first of new material in seven years – New Stage, due out this fall.

Fall 2021 will also see McCartney returning to the road, as he embarks on 22-city US headlining run. The tour will begin in Austin, TX on November 4th and criss-cross the States before concluding in Los Angeles on December 8th.

“SoundCloud sweethearts Flora Cash are masters of capturing raw emotion in their music. Writing about their experiences, thoughts, observations and insights, each song becomes the soundtrack of their lives, welcoming the listener into their world and reality.”


 RIAA platinum-certified indie-pop duo Flora Cash has announced today’s premiere of a gloriously powerful new single. “we used to laugh / 9 to 9” is available now at all DSPs and streaming services.

 “we used to laugh / 9 to 9” heralds the hugely anticipated arrival of Flora Cash’s new studio album, our generation, due via the Swedish/American band’s own Flower Money Records on Friday, October 22.

Atlanta’s own rapper Casper Bluff releases the official video to his rhythmic banger “My Shawty” featuring Coca Vango via Cash Money Records/ AweSomLife Entertainment. The video made its broadcast premiere via Bet Jams earlier today and earned a slot on the channel’s Fresh Face Friday lineup. Watch HERE

The official video, directed by Gerard Victor, brings the infectious track, with magnetic melodies, to life as the emerging rap star showcases his signature street style. With his latest offering underscoring the significant layers of his artistry, “My Shawty” strikes a match of anticipation to all that the Bluff-born artist has in store for fans and growing followers next.

King Park has been turning out mercurial, high-contrast indie rock since they released their 2017 breakout track, “Stay.” Gritty and lush, the quartet’s sound mirrors the antitheses of their hometown, Hamilton, Ontario: on the one hand, blue-collar and raw, and, on the other, artful and lovely.

Following their self-released debut EP, The Light I Can’t See, King Park won the 97.7 HTZ-FM’s Rock Search 2018 contest, which helped launch other Canadian rock groups like Finger Eleven, the Trews, and Glorious Sons. The basement-to-ceiling intensity of their live show has since continued to earn them a growing and devoted following across southern Ontario.

At the heart of the group you’ll find childhood friends and musical co-conspirators Timon Moolman (vocals, guitar) and Tyler Heemskerk (bass, vocals), rounded out more recently by guitarist Brenden Campbell and the animated Nate Wall on drums.

Sneak peeks of their upcoming 2021 full-length, Everett, show the quartet exploiting its strengths. Guitars chime, drums thwack, and Moolman’s broken-up baritone—which often veers into shouted speak-sing—is ornamented one minute by barber shop harmonies, and the next by barstool gang vocals. Songs like “This is the End,” “Stuck in the Middle,” and the title track set up camp in that familiar moment after life has fallen apart, and before a way forward seems possible. King Park’s Everett promises a collection of elegies for ordinary, apocalyptic losses.

Rising singer-songwriter ROSIE releases her new single & video, “Sad Sad Sad,” out today via Arista Records. After releasing her viral hit “Never The 1” in 2020, ROSIE has continued to deliver a series of captivating singles as she heads towards the release of her debut EP.

Her debut EP, which is slated for release this Fall, explores the five stages of grief. In a statement about how her new single “Sad Sad Sad” aligns with the EP’s theme, ROSIE says, “The song represents acceptance and how, after a full year of healing and growing, sadness can still creep inThis feeling is a reminder that sometimes there are certain scars that never go away, and when sadness is accepted it can serve as a lesson to never repeat the same mistake twice.”

Opening with gentle guitar strumming, ROSIE’s soft vocals deliver a heart-wrenching first verse: “Too many restless nights my body’s shaking / My head hurts gotta stomach ache / Too many sleepless nights and I’m impatient / Like a war inside my mind / I’m anxious all the time.” As the production kicks in, “Sad Sad Sad” transforms into a captivating anthem packed with palpable, raw emotion.

Eric Punzo is a 24 year old singer/songwriter from Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada. As someone who grew up relying on open-mic nights as the platform to share his art, Eric is no stranger to vulnerability – it’s the catalyst sparking his drive to create. Eric finds resolution in being honest and open; sharing his life and expressing his emotions though the music he writes has become a form of therapy. His unique and clever way of melding acoustic pop with melodic hip-hop paints a picture that is vivid and powerfully authentic.

(Credit: Charlotte Rutherford)

New York-based artist and songwriter BAYLI has released a brand new single, “16.” The song is taken from BAYLI’s forthcoming debut EP, stories from new york, due out September 10 via Snafu Records. Listen to “16” now here.

A poignant ode to her mother, which originated as a poem, BAYLI details, “’16’ tells the story of my mom, whom my family and I recently lost unexpectedly. Born an orphan in the UK, my mom immigrated to NYC from London at age 16. This song is a fast-forward through the hardships she faced in the years of her travels and the things she taught us from her experiences. It’s my first ever attempt at some type of memoir-esque writing. ’16’ is about how strong, epic and beautiful my mother is; she is the reason I know how to be a strong woman today.”

“16” is the latest taste of BAYLI’s forthcoming debut EP, stories from new york  an urban symphony depicting BAYLI’s coming-of-age experience in NYC. Traversing BAYLI’s undying love for cutting edge fashion, forward-thinking music, and the broader arts world, all with refined, international taste, the collection of songs piece together a stunning mosaic of stories that define BAYLI’s self-discovery. 

Visceral storytelling, shred guitar and synth-soaked 90s arena rock fuse together into the molten glob of precious metal that is Superweapon. This mad sound combines the musicality of VAN HALEN and DOKKEN with the dark, theatrical presence of ALICE COOPER and OZZY OSBORUNE, then tops it all off with the orchestral scope of JOURNEY and RUSH.

 San Diego’s Superweapon hails from the sunny perfection that is SoCal, where guitarist Severiano “Seve” Wada earned a degree in rock guitar from the Musician’s Institute in LA, and another in Jazz Studies from San Diego State University. 

 Cooped up by COVID shutdowns that kept him from live performances, Seve combined with singer/bassist Merciless to found Superweapon in late 2020. Merciless, the alter-ego of #1 New York Times bestselling horror author Scott Sigler, wove word tapestries against Seve’s distortion-laced technical mastery, and yet this matter/antimatter mix of pending destruction wasn’t quite enough to make Superweapon’s sound soar — the addition of Austin Farmer on keys and angelic vocals crystalized the band’s scintillating structure. 

 With the triple threat complete, Superweapon recorded their four-song “Demo of Doom,” and did it all remotely due to COVID shutdowns — the three members had yet to be in the same room together.  With their second EP on the way, driven by the cinematic epic single “Battlecry,” the trio marches forward in a tireless quest for world domination.

 Rising singer-songwriter vaultboy has released a remix of his viral debut single, “everything sucks,” which features singer-songwriter Eric Namvaultboy initially released this track on May 21st, 2021, and rapidly hit #1 on the Spotify Global Charts, staying there for almost two full weeks. “People are always telling me to write happy songs. I think the reason that people like the song is because it’s a happy song that’s kind of aware of the shit that isn’t happy.” vaultboy recently told Genius about the song. vaultboy and Eric Nam also teamed up to shoot an official music video, which will be dropping next week.

“I am beyond stoked to have Eric on the everything sucks remix! I first met Eric after we collaborated on the song he performed with Sarah Barrios “Have We Met Before”, which I co-wrote. We shot a live performance video together for that song and we got along well, so when I was looking for someone to guest feature on “everything sucks”, Eric felt like a no brainer. He’s an awesome dude and crazy talented, and we share a lot of laughs when we work together, so it was a fun experience getting to work with him in the studio and shoot a music video together!” – vaultboy

With the release of Cheap Thrills, Stereos’ first album since 2010’s Uncontrollable, the freshly reformed Canadian pop act tap into a new sound; one that will evoke a powerful sense of nostalgia in fans, but also display their stellar talents as individual players and the undeniable chemistry that drove their initial popularity.

Featuring original members, Patrick Kordyback (lead vocals), guitarists Miles Holmwood and Robb Chalifoux, and drummer Aaron Verdonk, Cheap Thrills finds the band expanding dramatically on their signature sound. But while the record showcases Kordyback’s growth as a songwriter and his willingness to expand on the styles and sounds he brings to his writing, lyrically it’s rooted in the experiences from Stereos’ first go around as well as what’s happened in their lives since then.

Nowhere is that clearer than on “Sunset Gold.” Released in February 2020, “Sunset Gold” is a powerful, pulsing pop track – and a perfect introduction to Stereos’ new direction. It’s also the first track Kordyback wrote after the band’s 2019 sold out reunion shows in Toronto and Edmonton. “‘Sunset Gold’ really means a lot to me,” Kordyback says, adding that although the song reads like a love tune, “For me, I was 100-percent writing about the band getting back together.”

LA-based singer, songwriter, and screenwriter Simona, releases her fierce music video for “Hot Fire,” today. With multi-platinum selling Producer Dakari on the track; “Hot Fire” is about female empowerment, feeling sexy in your own skin, but also about Simona’s struggles of leaving her life/family behind in Germany and pursuing her dreams in Los Angeles. Simona explains, “I tend to be a bubbly person for the most part but I do have a serious side, and I like to mix these emotions together while writing. The way I used to write was very dark and depressing; instead of being sad I realized I should be more positive about certain things, say what I’m really feeling, and turn it into a positive mood with a more serious message tied into it.”

pop-soul virtuoso, Wyn Starks, delivers music for our hearts with his new single “Tomorrow” featuring Andreas Moss. The song, enhanced by smooth melodies, highlights the importance of optimism and perseverance.

“Tomorrow” follows Wyn’s breakout single, “Circles” HERE, which amassed more than 1.7M+ Spotify streams to date. The song tells a story of overcoming and conquering defeat, themes fans of Wyn’s music are familiar with. “The song is about not staying stuck no matter how bad it looks today or in this moment,” he explains. “You are always looking for better. And that’s what “Tomorrow” represents. Not staying in that bad place. It’s okay to hurt, to feel emotions, but we can’t allow it to keep us in a space where we are stagnant and not able to move forward.”

The purpose driven message is affirmed by rising queer pop artist Andreas Moss (Billboard, Flaunt). “It was really fun to be able to write this with Andreas and to have him featured on it because we know each other’s story. We’ve known each other for 20 years,” adds Wyn. With its moving lyrics and vocals, soulful beat, the track sets the tone for Wyn’s forthcoming album Black Is Gold.

Wyn has been recognized for his multi-octave range of vocals and powerful songwriting. The Nashville-based recording artist made his debut with last year’s Who I Am EP HERE, followed by music videos for favorites like “Dancing My Way” HERE and “Sunday Morning” HERE. “His sinewy vocals unapologetically caress the music, unveiling his authentic self,” wrote ThisIsRnB. “He’s shed the juberous thoughts that were stunting his artistry.”

Written By: Neill Frazer

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