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If you know someone who isn’t afraid to tell you how they feel, has changed your life for the better, or has danced naked with you in the kitchen after a couple bottles of wine…this is your new song. This one goes out to my best friend and future wife, Katie Peterson.” – Jesse McCartney

• “Party For Two” is the latest track revealed from Jesse McCartney’s forthcoming studio album, New Stage, due out October 8th via his own label, Blue Suit.

• McCartney’s new single is just the latest in his two decade-spanning career of creating inventive pop hits, which has included “Beautiful Soul,” “Leavin’,” and “Bleeding Love”. This time McCartney has brought an envelope-pushing, bossa nova-inspired twist to his music, lyrically giving fans a peek into his relationship with soon-to-be wife, Katie Peterson.

Call Me A Freak

• “This hot and unstoppable jam is about feeling invincible in the face of life’s daily horrors! It’s supposed to make you shake your ass, torso and inner thighs, and feel cooler than you ever did.” – Tolliver

• “Call Me A Freak” is the lead single from Tolliver’s upcoming EP, Daddyland, due out November 19th on SideOneDummy Records

• Tolliver’s new single is a funky, bass-heavy track with a sing-along chorus and bridge tailor-made to be the next big TikTok trend. Recommended for fans of Thundercat, Outkast, and CeeLo Green.

Fresh off the success of singles “Take 3” and “June”, cult LA band Inner Wave are back with the third single to be taken from their forthcoming album Apoptosis, the languorous, hypnotic “Mystery”.

Eerie wah clavinet, expansive guitars and soft electric piano sway over a bed of tight drums and locked-in bass, as lead singer Pablo Sotelo’s trademark filtered vocals swoon liltingly around them.

“Mystery” represents a consummate marriage of music and message; lyrically, the song is an inscrutable but compelling story of a personal crisis – a perfect parallel to

its ethereal soundscapes. Sotelo describes the track simply and enigmatically as “a song about a girl in a bad situation who is indecisive of what to do next.”

The release of Apoptosis on September 30th marks 15 years to the day since the band’s very first rehearsal as fresh-faced middle-schoolers. In that time they have acquired a die-hard following with their signature brand of cerebral psych-rock, clocking up 100m Spotify streams and winning critical support from the likes of i-D, PIGEONS & PLANES and the LA TIMES.

LA-based indie-pop artist, singer/songwriter, producer and live electronic artist, Jenna Kyle, shares her debut EP, Ojos, today. The release represents a new era for Kyle, who has actively been leaving her mark as one of the 2% of female music producers in the industry. With more of a techno and world-influenced sound and English and Spanish lyrics, the focus track, “Abre La,” and the Ojos EP marks a new openness and experimental nature of Jenna Kyle’s production and writing style.

Kyle says, “During 2020 we were living in our small NYC apartment, feeling trapped, uncreative, just trying to keep sane and alive. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder right before the pandemic hit which was already up-ending. I was reading Leonard Cohen’s ‘The Flame’ which kept it real and helped me process some of the darkness. The lyrics “I speak with Jenna night and day, it’s highs and lows and highs again” were inspired by Cohen’s poem where he addresses himself directly; “I love to speak with Leonard, He’s a poet and a Shepard, He’s a lazy bastard Living in a suit”. The English verses are more self-aware, while the Spanish breakdown was written all at once at 4am, the imagining of a more open world. Writing ‘Abre La’ which means “open it, or open her” was probably my way to not go mad!”

8x Olympic gold medalist, fast-rising music maven, entrepreneur, and producer Usain Bolt today releases his eagerly awaited debut album, “Country Yutes,” via A-Team Lifestyle Records/UnitedMasters. The album makes its official premiere following the release of various singles met with global acclaim and attention, including the lead single “It’s A Party.” “Country Yutes” is now available at all DSPs and streaming services. Get it HERE via UnitedMasters.

“Country Yutes” serves as a beautiful, seamless convergence of genres, sounds, and vibes native to Bolt’s worldview of influences. Bolt unites the new and next of Dancehall/Reggae with his best friend Nugent “NJ” Walker, who takes a natural lead as primary featured artist, BibiKamalJae Xo while he and his A-Team Lifestyle ensemble masterfully curate prowess production and more.

If you have followed my career over the years, you would see me always dancing and listening to music. It’s no secret to the world that I love music. Music has just always been a part of my DNA,” Usain shares.

The Death Set today share “Set For Death”, a song that singer/guitarist Johnny Siera describes as “our daily musical reminder of death to remember to live”. The track is accompanied by a video that embraces this by seeing the band reenact twenty-five legendary movie deaths in a single take. Scarface, Independence Day, Hook, Spartacus, and many more are all in the firing line for the Death Set treatment.

“Set For Death” is released in anticipation of the band’s soon-to-be-released fourth album How To Tune A Parrot (September 10, Cobraside/Behemoth).  The track follows the recent releases of “No Where Is Here”, which collaged 2006-2010 NYC DIY show footage against a a twisted visual of Death Set duo Johnny Siera and Dan Walker playing guitars with their heads reversed, and the frantic “Elephant”, which which matched stream-of-consciousness lyrical absurdity with a visual that satirized the ongoing pull towards self-destruction that has accompanied Siera’s last 7 years of clean living and self-care.

Acclaimed singer-songwriter-producer-musician Scott Hirsch releases “Night People” off his upcoming album Windless Day, which comes out on October 8 through Echo Magic Records with Soundly Music. Listen to the “Night People” through the DSPs here and watch the art video for the song on YouTube here. The album is available for pre-order here.

 “We are all trapped in our minds, for better or for worse” says Hirsch, “This is a forever dilemma, but it has felt even more acute in recent days, hasn’t it? ‘Night People’ explores these corners of our minds –a place often shrouded in darkness, but sometimes, there’s a little light in there too. William Tyler, a frequent collaborator of mine wrote, ‘the psychic toll of the last few years, the fatigue, and the need to imagine something different and more hopeful all emerge in the songs on this record.’ On “Night People”, in the midst of a rhythmic strut and fuzzed-out guitars, Hirsch reaches into the murk to pull out some precious gems and hold them up for us so we can admire them glistening in the purple light. Hirsch acknowledges, “I wanted to capture a feeling that is simultaneously serene and fleeting, like a Windless Day.”

Favours are made up of Jacq Andrade and Alex Zen. They released their first LP, Made to Wait, in 2020. It was recorded at Candle Recording Studios in Toronto. Their song “Stowaway” was featured on Netflix and CBC Gem. Recently, Favours joined forces with Jacq’s brother, Mark Andrade and built a home recording studio in a former halfway house in Mimico. Throughout the pandemic, Favours tracked a ton of music in their home studio. Their EP, Left Behind, will be released in 2021 and it features a fresh dreampop, new-wave sound inspired by their shared love of the DIY post-punk feel of Robert Rental. The band collaborated with a strong team for this upcoming EP. They enlisted the talents of Broken Social Scene’s Brendan Canning who plays bass on the EP, the engineering chops of Tallies’ Dylan Franklin who engineered the drums and bass, and the mixing prowess of Alexandre Bonenfont.

(Credit: Maddie Provost)

Brooklyn-based artist Chloe Lilac has released a brand new single and her first of 2021, “10 Things.” The song is the first track to see a release from Chloe’s upcoming new mixtape, due out fall 2021. Listen to “10 Things” everywhere now here. Watch the official video here.

A personal track tracing the rough edges of a close friendship’s fallout, Chloe details, “i wrote 10 things about a bad friend i had throughout my life, and finally realizing it wasn’t healthy for me to keep them around anymore. it can be so frustrating when a close friend prioritizes a relationship above your friendship. best friend breakups are one of the most painful things you can go through, especially when you feel let down by someone you trust so much.”

Rising singer-songwriter, vaultboy, has released his 2nd single as an artist, “aftermath,” today. Named by Rolling Stone as the “King of Sad Songs,” “aftermath” follows the release of vaultboy’s explosively viral debut track everything sucks,” which saw hundreds of thousands of UGC videos created with the audio on  TikTok. Having only one official release under his belt at the time, “everything sucks” skyrocketed not only to the #1 spot on Spotify’s Global Viral Chart, but also hit #1 on the Western music chart in China for two weeks straight, beating out Billie Eilish’s “Lost Cause.”

A track inspired by a past relationship, “aftermath” was “pulled from a relationship, but not mine!” vaultboy states. He elaborates; “It was actually inspired by a close friend’s breakup who went through a really rough time. Sometimes I feel like I have an easier time telling a really important story when I’m not the one who experienced it first hand. That being said, there is a lot of inspiration from my own life in the song as well. I like to tell stories that can help me convey emotions that I have trouble facing head on, and this one is a big example of that!”

Photo Credit: Rob McFadyen

Just in time for back to school, Vancouver musician Rich Chambers aims to impart wisdom to a new generation of high school students and nostalgia for the rest of us with his new single ‘High School Can’t Last Forever’ out today on all digital streaming platforms.

‘High School Can’t Last Forever’ is the 4th single from Rich Chambers’ new album Songs From The Garage set for release in early 2022. Full of old school rock n’ roll vibes, the track explores the innocence of youth and how high school often seems to represent that moment in our lives where anything is possible.

“I wrote this song looking to merge the sounds and vibes of Green Day and Buddy Holly,” says Rich. “The song is about innocence, both lost and gained, and how past reflections often determine our paths forward; hence, why I chose to merge the sound of two different rock vibes—one from the past and one from the present. Essentially, this is a three-minute, fast-paced, rock soundtrack for all of us to consider how we each define innocence.”

Written By: Neill Frazer

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