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Indie-pop sensation CLOE WILDER is back with a new music video, “In the Next Life.”

Filmed in Lancaster, California, the ethereal video portrays a beautiful, emotive and melancholy picture of Wilder singing about the loss and love she has for her late grandfather. “I didn’t want to say goodbye / I love you, but this life’s unkind / You’re not mine to keep / So I made a deal with the other side / So I can find you in the next life.” 

Directed by Bobby Hanaford, who also shot Wilder’s videos for “It’s True,” “Call Me if You Need Me,” and “I Wanna Be Alone with You,” the music video reflects the heartbreak mood of “In the Next Life”— bringing the cinematography to life.  

“This is an entirely alternative video from what I had originally planned to use. We shot this in one-take between other shots for fun, but it ended up being my favorite,” explains Wilder. “It’s the last one off of my debut (“Teenage Lullabies”) EP, so it feels nice to close with something this simple. It feels a little more like me. I’m so grateful for the warm welcome that this project has received. Thank you, thank you, thank you. There is much more where that came from.” 

Credit 〰️ Becca Hamel

The emotionally charged last year opened up heavier feelings for me. Writing Liquid Sunshine, the EP I am sharing with you today, helped me to work through them.

I have a tendency to bury things and the process of creating these songs has allowed me to be as honest with myself as possible.

Liquid Sunshine includes “Orchid,” a song about feeling underappreciated in a relationship that was produced by my friend and frequent collaborator, Quin Kiu.

Orchids are really resilient flowers and they’re pretty low maintenance; they die and grow back over and over with little care.

I think that’s why a lot of people have them – they sit there and look pretty, but you don’t need to show them much love.

Stream Liquid Sunshine now on your preferred platform.

Watch the official “Orchid” music video on YouTube.

Coming out of a long period of numbness myself, I’ve been trying to get back in touch with my emotions and let myself feel them.

All I ever hope for with my songs is that they help people feel something. I hope that Liquid Sunshine can guide you back to that immediacy.

Thank you for listening,


Photos by Quinton Cruikshanks

This is my very first single ever! I have been working professionally in this industry for seven years and I am so excited to put out solo work on my own terms. As an LGBTQ person, it is important for us to get to tell our stories as we are.

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I was falling out of love, and blaming it on my partner. I kept wanting them to change, but that was something I was projecting out of insecurity with myself. In an economy of song where singers never really take the fall or the blame, I am interested in taking a look at the parts of me that feel villainous, yet vulnerable.

Cannot wait for you to hear my debut EP, A Thousand Days, in spring 2022, produced by myself and a handful of Juno-winning friends!

Until then, stay tuned for the “Someone New” video out on October 22!

— Fox Revett

DANIELLE LEWIS, is pleased to present the official video for: “Slow, Sad and Real”. WATCH HERE

As the nights grow longer and the release of her debut album ‘Dreaming In Slow Motion’ draws closer, the Welsh songwriter’s latest single beckons like a light through the darkness.

Starring Danielle Lewis and created by acclaimed videographer Mark James Works, the new video artfully captures the elegance and magnetism of “Slow, Sad, and Real” as cinematic effects surround the artist like an aurora borealis. 
Speaking about the video Danielle Lewis says:
“It was really special creating the visuals for the album with Mark James Works. I’ve always admired his unique vision and drive to create the extraordinary. Mark somehow manages to beautifully bring the artwork to life as we carry the same theme across with the white infinity, swirling colours and casting shadows. I love how the visuals just melt into the music with almost a gothic and psychedelic edge.”
Balancing arrangements of an ethereal lightness with self-effacing lyrics conjured from the darkest of dreams, “Slow, Sad, and Real” spellbound audiences on BBC 6 Music recently, with Mark Radcliffe praising the track as “absolutely lovely”.
Striking a fine line between electronic and more traditional sounds, the blend of vintage synthesizers and Lewis’ own folk nuances owe to a single that feels both cinematic and defiantly emphatic. Arrangements are provided by Alex Hibbert (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vibraphone) and Secondson (bass, drums, Korg PE200, Solina String Ensemble).

Written by Danielle Lewis, the track was recorded at Sail Loft Studios, Cardiff. It was produced by the highly esteemed Secondson, Engineered by Thomas V Westgård and Mixed & Mastered by Leon West; all of whom have contributed to Lewis’ soon-to-be-released debut album: ‘Dreaming In Slow Motion’.

From the haunting to the humbling, the songs of ‘Dreaming in Slow Motion’ collectively offer a collage of Lewis’ life as she navigated through the trials and tribulations of early adulthood. Her first collection of songs since the ‘Live Forever’ EP of 2018, the songs of ‘Dreaming in Slow Motion’ are unrushed and organic in nature and design; developing with Lewis as she too blossomed in her abilities and gathered perspective on the definitive events of her formative years.

With producer Secondson pulling illusory, languid melodies from the ether and pairing them with Lewis’ distinctive vocal flutter, the results make for an album that cycles through phases of Julia Holter-esque ambience (“Dreaming In Slow Motion”, “In My Sleep”)  to songs of life-affirming, affecting folk-pop (“Flower”, “Temporary”) with DNA more aligned with that of Weyes Blood or The Weather Station

Hayley Sales is an American/Canadian award-winning and internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter (Universal Music Group), actress and producer.    

In Spring 2021 SHARON STONE and Sales released their first co-write, NEVER BEFORE, the first single from Sales’ highly anticipated, double record, ‘Ricochet.’ As a teenager, Sales signed with UMG and went on to released two self-penned, self-produced records that hit the Top 40 charts in Canada, Japan and Australia. During this time, Sales toured internationally with Jason Mraz, INXS, Feist, The Spice Girls, Angus and Julia Stone, Donavon Frankenreiter and many more.  Her new single “Lifeguard” is a raw and soulful indie pop song about personal devastation and being backstabbed.   

Parallel to her music career, Sales finished filming “Corrective Measures,” (Fox Feature Film) starring alongside Bruce Willis and Michael Rooker. The film will be officially announced early Fall.  Starting at a young age, Sales trained extensively in the Meisner Technique (AADA/ USC), with The Oregon Shakespeare Co. and likewise, Tygers Heart Shakespeare Co. Before the age of 16, Sales had taken part in over one hundred theatrical productions and performed at the Pentagon.  Sales has acted alongside Josh Brolin and Ryan Reynolds as Hope Summers in DEADPOOL 2, was nominated for her portrayal of historical suffragette Helen Armstrong in the musical feature STAND (Best Supporting Actress, Leo Awards 2021) and likewise for her leading role in JUST FOR THE SUMMER, a romantic-comedy co-staring Brant Daugherty (Best Actress, Leo Awards 2021). Her credits include numerous network TV shows, most recently Supergirl, Girlfriends Guide to Divorce, The Good Doctor, Cedar Cove and Heartbeat.  

UK Tour Dates:

Young Hollywood’s next star to watch TJ Atoms, who is currently earning critical acclaim for his starring role in Hulu’s drama series Wu-Tang: An American Saga, recently was announced as a star in the highly anticipated Iron Mike Hulu series that chronicles the life of former American boxer Mike Tyson via The Hollywood Reporter. Most known for his breakout role as Russell Tyrone Jones, better known by his stage name Ol’ Dirty Bastard in Wu-Tang: An American Saga, Atoms has received noteworthy praise for his refreshing performance. “Atoms does admirable work making ODB’s larger-than-life ridiculousness come across as organic and not just comic relief” (The Hollywood Reporter), “… you’ll want your eyes on the screen whenever the actor TJ Atoms impishly shimmies into frame” (The New Yorker) “Atoms (ODB) – is pitch-perfect” (IGN). As production for Atoms next buzz-worthy role concludes, the North Philadelphia native was also most recently seen in Netflix’s and Lena Waithe’s comedy film The 40 Year Old Version,” where he took on the role of Kamal. Creating a name for himself outside of the space of TV/Film, Atoms is also a rapper/ songwriter with musical influences that range from Tupac Shakur to Jimi Hendrix. He is currently preparing the release for his official debut single “Potato Chips,” which attests to his undeniable range as one to watch across entertainment.

Connecticut-born, NY-bred & LA-based singer/songwriter LUCK has undoubtedly pioneered her own unique fusion of R&B, Hip Hop, Pop and Rock & Roll. She is also the founder/designer of the bold and elegant unisex jewelry brand F.O.P. (For Other People | For Our People) that celebrates all humans. Luck has been featured in VICE, PAPER MAGAZINE, Complex, Galore Magazine, and FLAUNT Magazine – effortlessly curating & carving out a culture of music and fashion through her own lens.

Her forthcoming record “Higher” is the first single off her debut album slated for a Winter 2021 release. Luck flexes her impressive vocal range on the powerful ballad “Higher” that preaches strength and resilience in the face of adversity. Her alternative sound and affirming messaging is a comfort to those still discovering themselves, as she uses her music to document her journey of self-growth and healing.

Tim Rose Bio:

Tim Rose is a funk/soul songwriter from Honolulu, Hawaii, he has ‘Soulful’, ‘Funky’, and ‘Smooth’ regularly equated with his music. His voice is a rough blue silk— his guitar playing a deep funk pocket. His 2018 release “<3” was created after years of sacrifice and soul searching deep in the funk jungles of Hawaii. The visual album counterpart to this music was funded by his fans to the tune of $30,000 on Kickstarter. Before the Pandemic he was performing full time; touring regularly and playing shows all over the world. Today has a combined social media following of 15,000 and over 500,000 views on YouTube. His latest music video “Visuam Album” was released in 2020. He’s opened for Allen Stone, and headlines successful club shows in Hawaii (Blue Note), Los Angeles (Hotel Cafe), Seattle (Triple Door), Portland (Fremont Theatre), San Francisco (Boom Boom Room), as well as performed at NAMM show 4 years running, and finally as a featured performer on Sofar Sounds. He is endorsed by Roland, QSC, Earthworks Audio, Reunion Blues, and Pig Hog Cables.

Darien “DDidThat” Newton Bio:

Darien Newton is a multi-instrumentalist and music producer living in Los Angeles. Over his three-year career, he has made waves in LA’s local R&B scene, producing singles for some of LA’s most promising singer-songwriters. As a product of the church, he has drawn inspiration from the gospel greats: Fred Hammond, Kirk Franklin, and Israel Houghton. Through their use of lush R&B chords and funky gospel grooves, he has developed a sound reminiscent of classic “feel good” gospel while mixing the hypnotic feel of Neptunes-inspired R&B. His love for gospel has opened doors for him musically — playing drums for Gospel chart-topper “Vashawn Mitchell” and International recording artist Sunny Badu. In 2018, he left his comfortable musician lifestyle in Oahu, Hawaii, to pursue a full-time music production career in Los Angeles. He released his own 5-track EP titled “Q Tapes Vol. 1”, co-produced a song for Virginia-legend “Mad Skillz”, and produced the latest single “Truth is” for Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart’s winner, Christopher Watson. As a self-taught drummer and pianist, he has earned his keep in the live music scene, playing drums for the likes of rapper Too Short’s signee Mercy Collazo and opening for G-Funk pioneer, DJ BattleCat.  2021 has seen Darien explore new roles, taking on the position of Lead Producer for the online children’s show “Boogie’s Library”. There, he provides the show’s music, along with setting the show’s creative tone. His exposure in the LA production scene has garnered attention from Interscope-signees “333 Rockstars”. Darien worked with the group’s artist “333 Versace” and has even produced a song for him.

Meet Miles and Becca. AKA Drug Couple. They used to be a “Brooklyn band”. They got married, moved to the Vermont woods, and built a studio in a two-hundred-year-old barn that they named ‘Freelandia’. They grow marijuana, like country and American indie rock, and they are never going back again.

Appearing from that haze of love and hash with an ounce of creative clarity that’s ripe for public consumption, the couple are pleased to present: “Lemon Trees”. 


Their debut single, if you want to call it that, is a laid-back, love-lorn, little peach of a song. Or lemon even. Think J Mascis and Hope Sandoval sharing a spliff on a dusky night, waxing lyrical about their shared love of ‘Fables of the Reconstruction’. Or something like that.
You know it’s true what they say. When life gives you lemons, well… do that. “Lemon Trees” is a song from the very beginning of Drug Couple’s journey. It was written as the pair just started getting serious about leaving the city and growing a new life in the sticks. As Miles and Becca clarify:
“This is a song about the possibility of moving somewhere you can breathe, and grow plants on the earth. And maybe you don’t know what you’re doing, and maybe those things you try to grow will die, but you can still try. And that by hanging around the city trying not to miss anything, maybe you’re actually missing out on, like, a whole life.”

Loose and languorous, a little like the couple themselves, “Lemon Trees” ripples like a gentle breeze through a pastel-hued orchard on a long summer’s evening. Its yawning pedal steels and lackadaisical guitars surround a sleepy-eyed duet between Miles and Becca, who hold it all together in some kind of warm embrace. Neat. 

Released via the PaperCup Music label, it’s the first of a collection of songs called ‘Stoned Weekend’, all homegrown in the soils of ‘Freelandia’ that Drug Couple hope to share with you very soon.

indie-pop singer and songwriter Anna Shoemaker shares her new single, “It’s Depression (ft. Middle Part),” out now on +1 Records. “It’s Depression” arrives on the heels of “Sick!,” the first single to be released from Anna’s forthcoming debut album due out in early 2022. With these new songs, Anna is breaking out of the bedroom pop world into a more mature and intentional sound, writing her feelings as though you’ve lived them alongside her. “It’s Depression” is a collaboration between Anna and Brooklyn-based musician Middle Part, who has been credited on many of Anna’s previous tracks and often performs in her live band. “Middle Part and I similarly overthink a lot of things and, to me, that’s kind of what this is about,” she says. It’s an anxiety attack in a song.” It’s a bold and anthemic song, swelling with infectious guitar riffs, heavy-hitting percussion and an irrepressible chorus destined to be sung by future crowds: “Tell me that you want me back and I’ll stop over thinking everything I do and all I say to you / It’s not really what I had in mind! / All I want is someone to love and I don’t know why I always fuck everything that I do and all I say to you / It’s not really what I had in mind!”

What do you think?

Written by Neill Frazer

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