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INsiders Guide: Exclusive Interview with Pop Artist Eden Hunter

Following on from her debut independent single “Weightless”, British pop princess in-the-making Eden Hunter continues making her mark on the UK music scene with her second official single: “Chance My Heart”, released
independently via AWAL. An unapologetic synthpop banger, the charismatic “Chance My Heart” blends pulsing arpeggio synths with four-on-the-floor dance thumps to tell Eden’s uplifting story of following your dreams and never giving up on what’s in your heart. The independently produced music video sees Hunter hosting the ultimate sleepover with her real-life friends Taya Latter and Dexter Clift (aka River Medway, star of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Season 3), complete with splendidly campy satin pyjama outfits, smooth dance routines (choreographed by Six the Musical’s Freya Sands) and charming hairbrush singing moments to channel the popstar fantasy Eden always dreamed about growing up in her bedroom. Speaking about “Chance My Heart”, Eden shared the following: Chance My Heart is a song I had been trying to write for ages. I knew and understood exactly what I was feeling, but I really struggled to articulate that into lyrics. After about ten months of trying to write the song alone, I explained the concept to Kaity Rae and she instantly got it. We wrote it together over Zoom at the height of the pandemic, which actually made it even more special for us both. I think when you want something so much, you have to be prepared to take risks and put what you have out on the line. Writing this was a reminder to me to go after my dreams no matter what and that although the journey may be rocky, you have to embrace every moment of it and celebrate your small victories. In the video, I wanted to create a really colourful, playful space that my bedroom allows me to have; my bedroom has always been a space where I have felt safe to allow my imagination to roam free, and for the set we took elements from my real bedroom such as the bed, my clothes and the props. I personally built this set in my garden over the course of about three months with my friend Ol. There were eighteen 12ft flats which weighed about 50kg each – I really did feel like Superwoman by the time this video was filmed! I had the best time dancing alongside Dexter and Taya, two of my dearest friends. I hand-picked everyone involved on set because I absolutely admire and appreciate their talent; Freya Sands, who is an incredible choreographer, and Rosie Williams who is just the most insane make-up artist.

“Chance My Heart” follows on from the success of Eden’s October single “Weightless”; supported by international tastemakers including Notion Magazine, Equate Magazine, Crack in the Road, The Q Review, The Honey Pop, Australia’s Amnplify and Belgium’s Dansende Beren, “Weightless” has since racked up over 10K streams and was further marked by Eden’s sold-out launch show (400 tickets) at  London’s Bush Hall, where Eden was supported by Island Records guitar-pop riser Josie Proto. Although on first listen one might assume Hunter is speaking about romance in her songs, Hunter’s music actually explores platonic relationships and the relationship with herself. All of Hunter’s music is only written from the perspective of what she personally experiences: “My songs have really genuine, raw messages. None of my music I write for my own artist project is about being in love because I have never been in love; it’s about friendship, hardship, happiness, drive, intuition. I can write about being loved and loving someone, but being in love is something very different which I haven’t personally experienced.”

Eden has been working tirelessly to put herself out there over the last few years, building a growing yet loyal following by performing at countless showcases around the UK in venues including O2 Academy Islington and Putney’s The Half-Moon. Eventually finding herself in sessions with some of the industry’s biggest labels, Hunter decided to go at it alone and finally felt the time was right to independently share her original creations with the world. The queer artist continues attracting a predominantly LGBT+ crowd with her performances, including a string of performances at London’s Freedom Bar and counting notable UK and US drag queens as fans of her work: “Most of my life I never felt as though I slotted into a mould that I didn’t have an influence in making. In queer culture there is no mould.” Describing her style as “very costume inspired and influenced by androgynous and camp icons”, Eden attributes a lot of her main inspirations artistically and musically to camp culture: Lady Gaga, Elton John, Freddie Mercury, Bowie, Cher, Alexander McQueen, Bob Mackie. Only at the start of her career, Eden Hunter is already proving herself to be a fiercely unique artistical prospect, aiming to deliver pop bops with substance – stay tuned for more from this promising young artist.

Hi Eden welcome to OLC! For everyone out there in OLC-Land tell us a bit about yourself and who you are as an artist?

Hello!! Thank you so much for having me! My name is Eden Hunter, I am a musician, singer, songwriter from South London. I am a pop princess wanna be! I’d like to think as an artist I am colourful, honest and inspiring all round icon to be honest.

How did you gravitate towards music and singing?

I’ve always loved performing, dancing in particular (which you definitely wouldn’t be able to tell) I used to go to extra curricular dance classes which I adored. But I have always had such a fascination with music because it makes me physically feel emotion. From about 11 I started learning the piano properly and singing. Then when I was 13 I auditioned for the Musical Theatre course at The BRIT School and from then I suppose my passion for creating and devising flourished and that is how I have ended up where I am! Trying to be a pop star!

Do you remember the first song you ever wrote and what it was about?

Oh god, the first song I ever wrote well…I used to make up melodies and awful cringey lyrics all of the time. The first song I remember finishing was called ‘The Sound Of The Penny Dropping’ oh lord it makes my teeth clench.. It has taken me a little minute to figure out how I put who I am into songs. But this song was about an imaginary relationship I must’ve had and me then realising that it was no good and I deserved better. It turns out I actually still haven’t been in a relationship so the song still doesn’t relate.

Who were some of your biggest inspirations growing up and what did you love about their craft?

I have always been intrigued by artists like Elton John, Spice Girls, Alanis Morisettes, George Michael, and Freddie Mercury. There is an element of fearlessness which I absolutely admire so much. I am also really influenced by visuals, so I was inspired a lot by theatre, costume and fashion. Work from people like Bob Mackey and Alexander McQueen.

You have a brand new single out called “Chance My Heart”, what can you tell me about it and what inspired you to write it?

YES! Oh my god! Chance My Heart is one of my favourite songs I have ever written. I felt as though I needed a song like a letter I had written to myself as a reminder of my passion and that is Chance My Heart. I wrote this song before I released any music at all, I’d like to think I am very aware of the reality of being in the world of creatives. Maybe too aware sometimes, ya know I feel a lot of my youth has been sacrificed out of choice because of what I have chosen to do as a career, because I am so dedicated and so Chance My Heart reminds me that I adore what I do so just enjoy it and embrace it for however far it gets.

Who helped you work on the song and have you collaborated with them before?

I wrote this song with an incredible female writer and producer and now very good friend Kaity Rae. I highlight that Kaity is female because only 2% of producers are female in the music industry. We work so well together. I am such a huge fan girl of Kaity. When I got the opportunity to work with her first it was on Zoom and even then I was just in awe of her talent. We had worked together only a couple of times before writing Chance My Heart but since then have been working on so much stuff for my project but also for some REALLY fun exciting projects for other things that I can’t wait for everyone to hear.

How did the concept for the music video come about?

I wanted the video for Chance My Heart to be set in a space where my brain thinks about all the things the song is about. Usually that is when I am laying in my bed trying to fall asleep then all of a sudden I am wide awake panicking about messing up my entire life. Then when I wake up, everything is back within reason and I believe in myself again. I am a HUGE overthinker and worrier and my bedroom is a place where my brain goes from one extreme to another safely, so I decided I wanted to set the video in a gorgeous pink bedroom. I think lots of people relate to creative moments in their room so that’s what I settled on!

Can we expect an EP to follow some time soon and if so anything you can tell us about?

God urm, well I can assure you there is lots of new music coming. It is vibrant, colourful and very honest. There are plans for lots of things to happen. I am still working out how to execute them being independent BUT anything is possible. I would love to release an EP soon but for now the plan is for a few more singles to come out first. Hopefully by the latter end of 2022 I will have a lovely body of work to share as a whole!

What do you think your performance has taught you that you didn’t expect to learn?

It’s such a strange thing analyzing performing because on one hand I feel totally myself on stage, you know you are exposed to however many people and nothing else matters than that very moment. I think normal Eden has a lot to learn from on stage Eden. I have performed so much that now on stage I feel in control, I trust myself, I don’t see any judgement. But in day to day life despite being a confident person, a lot of the time I don’t feel quite in control or trust that I am doing the right thing. It is a very strange concept to break down. One thing for sure is that I love it, entertaining is a craft that takes practice and I want to be able to do it forever and ever.

How do you deal with a lull or creative block?

I don’t think there is any answer to dealing with it. It still frustrates me so much when I hit a wall. I think trusting that you know you will soon be inspired again is a good comfort. Although when I don’t feel creative usually I turn to the admin side of stuff, being independent I obviously sort everything out for myself so there is always a hustle to be done via email. Usually I try to do that as it still feels productive, just not directly creatively.

For you, what makes all the hard work worth it at the end of the day?

Feeling happy, making music is like therapy for me and it helps me find peace. The industry can be hard, really hard in fact but the core of it all is music and I adore it.

I’ve got a really cute little fan base too, of really amazing people. They constantly remind me how my music makes them feel and I love each one of them!

What do you think?

Written by Neill Frazer

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