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INsiders Guide Exclusive Interview with Liza Jane On Her Debut EP “Unbreakable”

Musician Liza Jane’s debut EP, “Unbreakable,” unfolds the layers of heartbreak to find inner peace and strength. At the age of 2, Liza Jane told her parents, “I came here to sing”. From that moment on, music was a driving force in her life. After attending Nashville’s Belmont University, where she studied Classical Voice, she released her debut alt-pop ballad, “People These Days” and secured a spot on the “New Music Nashville” Spotify playlist. An award-winning singer-songwriter, she’s performed with Grammy Award-winner James Slater (Chris Isaak, Emmylou Harris) and Phil Brown, lead guitarist of Little Feat. Liza Jane has performed globally opening for Three Dog Night, Grand Funk Railroad, and The Doobie Brothers. After relocating to Los Angeles, she began work on her debut EP, “Unbreakable,” a melodic journey through heartbreak and pain.

“Unbreakable” begins with murky electric guitars that catapult an escape to the subconscious on “Dream Tonight.” Written on the heels of multiple nightmares influenced by the anxiety of loneliness, it’s a haunting departure from reality, where Liza Jane can once again be with the one she loves. Her smooth soprano sings, “if I had a dream tonight, maybe I could dream tonight of you, instead of these things inside, the nightmares clouded in my mind.” The EP’s upcoming single, “Don’t Bring Me Down” is a lesson in letting go of the toxic people in your life. Whether it’s friends or a partner, setting boundaries around your freedom to enjoy your life is a message Jane carries throughout her music. The soft acoustic instrumentation intro morphs into a rhythmic, danceable track that carries a message of positivity and introspection.

“Carry On” is a reminder to keep moving forward despite the obstacles you face. Inspired by her experience in the music industry where she’s always being picked apart from the outside in — she flips the negativity on its head. The vibe is dark and sultry, bubbling with confidence as each chord progresses to a layered, harmonious chorus. The title track, “Unbreakable” is the quintessential anthem of the EP. Liza Jane reflects on a moment in her life that nearly derailed her career and self-confidence, and the small messages of positivity she fed herself to remain strong and fight the demons she faced. On the other side of her journey, the powerful chorus and anthemic vocals light a spark of determination in all of us. Written in the darkness of 3 A.M., “Numb To It All” is about the transition from hurting to healing. An electro-synth beat flows under her warm vocals as she reflects on the past and encourages herself to welcome the future with open arms. Just as the journey started with a dream of a happier reality, it ends with the healing and hopes manifested in that dream. “Wake Up” is a powerful reminder to live a happy and healthy life. Carefree in both melody and sentiment, it’s the perfect ending to a journey that started with heartbreak and ends with a new outlook.

Hi Liza, welcome to OLC! It’s a pleasure to have you here. So tell us how, when and where your musical journey began and what was your biggest inspiration?

Thank you for the interview! It all started when I was 2 years old. It was then that I told my family that I came here to sing. I would dance around the house with a blue wig on singing to Cher and Celine Dion. I always loved singing to musical theater, classical, opera and Disney music! 

So I love the new EP entitled ‘Unbreakable’, what’s the title behind the EP mean to you?
Thank you! I titled it ‘Unbreakable’ after a song on my EP called ‘Unbreakable’, which I wrote as an anthem to empower women, to show us how strong we are regardless of what life throws at us. I wanted a hopeful and inspiring title. Mental health is a topic near and dear to my heart for many reasons and I truly believe music has the power to heal. 
I love the song “Wake Up”, What was the inspiration behind this song?
‘Wake Up’ was written about my personal experience of how I used to feel once I woke up every day. It was a darker period of my life and I wanted to talk about how sometimes it feels like we are just running through the motions of the day and how hard it could be. I hope it can bring comfort to those who relate, while knowing that – as sung in other songs on the EP – life does get better. Those times do pass.
How would you describe the sound of this EP?
I would say that every song is different, but it all fits well together into a story. It has sultry pop and dance with hip hop, even EDM beats and vibes, and dark and inspiring lyrics.
Talk me through the creation process of the EP and who helped you work on it?
I wrote the lyrics and melody out first, sometimes the lyrics would come to me, then I would play the chords on the piano, and vice versa. When I moved to LA, I recorded these songs with producer Gemini Muziq and he introduced me to other established songwriters and a rapper named “Young Miller Tha Don” who rapped on my song ‘Carry On’ (found on the EP). Being around other creatives definitely helped bring the songs to life and I cannot wait to share them with you.
What’s your favourite song on the EP and why does it mean something to you?
My favorite song is ‘Unbreakable’ because it is empowering and hopeful. I want it to inspire and uplift others. While I wrote it as an anthem for all women, the song took on new meaning after my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. I dedicate the song to her and her strength to power through it all; to be a fighter and a warrior.
Who came up with the idea for the video of “Unbreakable” and where did you shoot it?
I came up with the idea for the video, but it was a team effort! We filmed it in a loft in downtown LA. I had great back up dancers and multiple outfit and hair and makeup changes to symbolize strength, confidence, and empowerment in perseverance. It was a fun experience and I am happy with how the video turned out.

What’s next on the agenda for you in 2022?

I plan to continue writing new songs and to start touring. I hope to continue to share music that inspires others and collaborate with other musicians and industry professionals to create something that can positively impact mental health awareness.

What do you think?

Written by Neill Frazer

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