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Pop Culture’s Influence on Streetwear and Customization: As Seen on Euphoria

By Dani Diarbakerly

Bio: Dani Diarbakerly a self-taught screenprinter and graphic designer, and she founded KingPro Custom Merchandise in 2020. In 2018, Dani was hired to print at Off-White Nike activation and was included in Hypebeast printing with Virgil Abloh. Dani was recognized as a Rising Star in Screenprinting in the 2022 edition of Screenprinting Magazine, and has been featured in NY Weekly, Influencer Daily, Miami Wire, on iheartradio and more!

The fashion industry continues to have a grip on society as it promotes fluidity and creative expression for everyone. Streetwear is one of the fastest-growing and most powerful areas of the fashion industry. It is an integral part of our lives in one way or another, especially within Generation Z. 

Growing up, streetwear was seen on TV, enabling people to find themselves and figure out who they are through their clothing and style. What you wore growing up reflected who you are and what makes you unique. Streetwear allows young people to find themselves and showcase their inner selves through clothing that promotes a sense of individuality and creative expression. 

High-end designers are quickly adapting their exclusive design styles to accommodate streetwear trends through bold colors, prints, silhouettes, and clothing structures that enhance the designer look with an addition of streetwear flair. 

Shows like Euphoria kickstarted fluid intersectionality between streetwear and pop culture, making the design style trendy and globally appreciated. Each outfit and stylistic choice on the show was indicative of each character and who they are, and this is where pop culture plays a part in the identities we each adopt through the media we consume. 

The highly stylized series has also become a cultural touchpoint for the trademark freedom and fluidity embodied in its depiction of Gen Z—nowhere more apparent than in the characters’ fashion and beauty choices,” As seen on Time

Shows like Euphoria have taken street style and turned it into an appeal through each character and their distinctive personality traits. Each character on Euphoria brought their style; Maddy Perez brings the glitz and glamorous side to street style, with eccentric makeup looks and bold colored clothing that compliments her sassy nature, while Rue takes a more relaxed and comfortable approach adopting the oversized aspect of street style. 

We see Kat Rodriguez’s evolution in street style and Jules Vaughn’s expression through her clothing. All this is to say; streetwear is no longer one thing or another. It can be anything you make of it, and this is where the appeal and Gen Z ‘identity’ are found because Gen Z tends to be more expressive of their beliefs, from style to social issues. The street-style appeal is the ability to wear what you feel showcases your personality and create an abstract yet stylish look. 

Aside from pop culture’s influence on streetwear through media, celebrities significantly influence the streetwear movement. Rihanna’s recent pregnancy announcement embodies street style, as well as her high fashion looks, with boyfriend, A$AP Rocky.

This embodiment of street style from high-profile celebrities and public figures has opened up a whole new market for unique pieces tailored to each individual. 

Once again, the flexible nature of streetwear fosters a unique experience through customization and adaptations to traditional streetwear. Customized fashion goes hand-in-hand with pop culture, which is seen through my brand at King Pro Custom Merchandise. 

We specialize in custom products and design services, including standard screenprinting, embroidery, digital and design services. 

Artists such as Drake, Diplo, Chronixx, and a handful of others with Epic Records have worn King Pro products. KingPro also works with the brand YNAD, which can be seen on Drake’s instagram. The dynamism of streetwear and the ability to customize nearly any piece makes it the perfect stylistic choice for Gen Z, hence the mass adoption.  

KingPro provides brand development for artists, influencers, and businesses to drive additional revenues or monetize their brands through custom products. We concentrate on what makes a brand, influencer, or business special then develop fully-customized products that resonate with their fan base to drive sales and increase brand impressions. 

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Written by Neill Frazer

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