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INsiders Guide: Maddie Glass, Sarabean, BANDAID BRIGADE, BELMONT, Sticky Fingers, DEATHRETRO, Matt Taylor, BEANS ON TOAST…

Pop punk singer-songwriter and actress, Maddie Glass is an unapologetic new artist on the rise. Born and raised in and around New York City, Maddie grew up acting and performing all around Manhattan in various Off Broadway productions where she found her love for the craft at a young age and never looked back. Attending NYU Tisch, Maddie Glass soon began songwriting; crafting witty, candid and relatable lyrics over a 2000’s throwback sound. 

Her debut single “Livin in 2021” is a poignant tale of the struggles Maddie Glass has faced in her young adult life.  She confides, “Livin In 2021” is a very vulnerable song for me to release because I discuss my personal struggles with anxiety, body image, eating disorders, which many people deal with in some way”. The song also details how unfortunate it is that women particularly often feel unsafe walking home late at night by themselves, which Maddie Glass has herself also experienced. Through unapologetic vocals, jagged pop-punk rhythms and gritty guitars, Maddie Glass successfully takes listeners on an enthralling musical rollercoaster. 

On “Space Boyfriend” Maddie Glass discusses the perils of casual dating and her ultimate desires to find the one.  The single features tongue and cheek lyrics and soaring melodies over Maddie Glass’s signature pop rock soundscapes. 

Her new single “Kiss Your Best Friend” chronicles the what if scenario of revenge kissing your ex’s best friend. With emo-infused power chords under Maddie’s unique vocal chops singing an attention-grabbing melody, “Kiss Your Best Friend” is the perfect revenge song for the season. 

Her debut EP Thank you for Breaking my Heartis a standout collection of coming of age songs. Maddie Glass is the new kid on the block who is here to stay. 

Eighteen-year-old singer/songwriter, producer Sarah Holland has been releasing music as Sarabean from her Florida bedroom since 2019. Her stunning, full-length debut album, “please don’t let me be”, blends dreamy synths and warm acoustic guitars with blunt, confessional lyrics and breathtakingly intimate vocals

  • Sara’s breakout single “i was ur 2nd choice” – listen on Spotify
  • (+45K Streams)
  • Exclusive early release of the new album by Sarabean with story by John Paul Brammer; extended episode with bonus tracks and a conversation between artist and writer – The break out – Audio Magazine
  • Draws inspiration from Portishead, Big Thief, Sonic youth, CaveTown, Bleachers and more
  • Instagram | Tiktok | Youtube | Apple Music

Xtra Mile Recordings is excited to announce the signing of BANDAID BRIGADE, the punk outfit featuring Zach Quinn (PEARS) and Brian Wahlstrom (Scorpios, Gods of Mount Olympus). 

To celebrate the signing announcement, Bandaid Brigade have released a new track entitled “Hit The Buck,” a carefree and punchy pop-punk single that’s accompanied by a humorous lyric video. Watch the lyric video / stream the new track below:


Formed on one of Joey Cape’s (Lagwagon) One Week Records tours, the band has since evolved into a unique unit producing music with powerful choruses and soaring melodies, all injected with 8os synths, plaintive punk guitars and self-deprecating but poignantly poetic lyrics. Serving as an outlet for all the music that both Quinn and Wahlstrom personally enjoy, Bandaid Brigade is a refreshing outfit for both musicians to experiment without the constraints of their affiliations. 

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Expressing their excitement at signing to Xtra Mile in the form of a limerick, Bandaid Brigade say of the news: 

There once was a band with no label. Their lives were bleak and unstable. Then to their relief, there was one who believed, now theyre excited and inspired and grateful.”

Echoing their sentiments, Charlie Caplowe of Xtra Mile Recordings adds:

Massively excited about our new Xtra Mile signing, Bandaid Brigade. Theyve made such an amazing record and we cant wait to get cracking with the band and their team to get it out there.”

Progressive-punk quartet, Belmont, have today released new video for ‘Pain Now,’ the song is taken off the bands new album Aftermath which is out now via Pure Noise Records.

The video, which was filmed on the bands recent headline tour, is a thank you to the fans and everyone else for their support on the tour and after their van accident which tottled their van and trailer. 

Speaking about the song the band said “Pain Now is a reflection of the hardships that come with being in a band. The song takes a mixture of influences from 80’s power pop to a mesh with heavy hip hop, nu-metal, and grunge. The traditional technical pop-punk style of the band remains as a backbone while being meshed together with the experimentation of different genres in the melting pot of the song.”




Having sold out arenas across Australia, racking up 1.5 Billion DSP streams to date and being applauded by the likes of Rolling Stone, Wonderland Magazine, Clash, American Songwriter, Fred Perry, NOTION, Flaunt Magazine and Earmilk to name a few, it’s clear that Sticky Fingers have still got it, even after a nearly three year hiatus. 

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Lekkerboy is the perfect reflection of the journey Sticky Fingers have been on thus far. Written over the pandemic and the first time in thirteen years that the band were isolated from each other, living in different places across the country, the band eventually reconnected to make some of their best work to date. 

Beaker shares, “Even when the world stops our story keeps unravelling and we’re good at capturing that story. Lekkerboy is open to your own interpretation and the poetry is left for the taking…But for me this album is raw and already feels nostalgic – It’s fucking big and full of heart.” 

Freddy explains, “The momentum was too strong and the resulting recording sessions at the Grove further affirmed how massive all these songs were. Lekkerboy is our biggest and longest album yet which I know fans have been gaggin for. I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved, and I can’t wait to take it to the world. It’s time to bop!” 

The band held onto “Lupo the Wolf” until the bitter end as they knew it was something the fans would love and they wanted to make a moment surrounding the song and the video clip. A “classic” Sticky Fingers song with all the right sounds in the right places it’s one they are very excited about releasing. Seamus says “Lupo The Wolf has got such an energy. It’s a bombastic song. It’s dirty, it’s cool and it’s got a throwback to our old stuff but also pushing forward in a new way.  The clip for it is fucking cool. Dizza said he’d been reading about this guy Lupo The Wolf, this gangster and Pats like fuck ya let’s write about that. It was one of the first sessions we did down in Wollongong so really lifted the spirits early on and got the ball rolling. It’s a heater.” 

This Spring, DEATHRETRO motor back into earshot with the darkly exhilarating new single: “Exit Point”.


Plotting a rapid follow-up to their acclaimed 2021 debut album, the track arrives as the first insight of what the band confirm will be their upcoming second full studio release.

Whereas much of their debut album, ‘Deathretro’, was thrashed out during the band’s first incarnation almost 15 years ago, “Exit Point” stands as Deathretro’s first completely original composition in over a decade.

A frenzied post/punk thrill, it veers and swerves through surf-carved curvatures and barbed guitar prangs, as the band spout nihilistic lyrics for the end-of-days. 

“In the bowels, the people scream. Humanity, it appeals to me. Dirty machine, a wretched beast, We give life to the old devil.” howl Deathretro here.

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Touching on the darkest of themes with a white-hot intensity, “Exit Point” rages against religion and propaganda in a dystopian realm of vivid, Dantean imagination. 

Having already aired the track live at a smattering of live fixtures, Adrian of Deathretro sums-up the response so far:

“This is the only second album track that we have played live and to great reception…It’s punky, urgent, does it’s job and f**ks off”

Matt Taylor reveals the beautiful accompanying video for his new single ‘April 13th’

Watch the video HERE

Listen HERE

Navigating matters of the heart with impressive and cathartic songwriting, Matt Taylor’s new single April 13th is a stunning insight into his world. The accompanying video is a dreamy visual that brings the single alive. Born from a conflicting time, April 13th is an emotive dose of weightless alt-pop. Sharing more, Matt explained: “After I took some time away I met back up with him in mid September to put it all to rest, and it’s really just about that whole conversation. 

I knew where the conversation was ultimately going to go, but I was kind of shocked by how dismissive he was of it all. It was so confusing to me that everything was changing, from why it had all happened in the first place to why he even spent time with me. 

What hurt the most was when he told me that the only reason he had been spending so much time with me was because he had nothing better to do. It hurt so much because it’s so cowardly. He couldn’t even take responsibility for the choices he made. After this conversation, I cut him out entirely and I wrote the track about three weeks later.”

Beans on Toast is back with a searing new protest song: “Swimming In It”.

Taking-on the wastewater giant Southern Water, Beans has assembled a collective of over 30 musicians to join the fight against their alleged acts of criminal environmental pollution.

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Written for the community group SOS Whitstable and recorded over a weekend session at The Albion Rooms in Margate, a huge group of musicians from the Kent Coast, dubbed ‘The Kentish Folk’, joined forces to produce the striking new single: “Swimming In It”. 

Possessing Texas roots and thick Rock ‘N Roll blood, Cody Jasper is a renowned musical artist and composer whose passions have been raising the music industry bar since 2014. Heavily influenced by music icons Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, and Waylon Jennings, Cody has a powerhouse background in cultivating boundary-breaking music that goes beyond just the ears and delivering high energy performances that ultimately leave his audiences wanting more.

Raised in Amarillo, Texas and launching hot mixes of southern-infused rock with flaming outlaw country and blues & soul twists that have touched just about every corner of the map, Cody has already left lasting marks in the world of entertainment. Starting at age 16, Cody began playing gigs covering blues and classic rock and played for Texas Hall Of Fame blues boy Willie. Then upon being inspired by Waylon’s son (Shooter) on the art of blending outlaw country with old-fashioned rock, Cody’s international career ignited as he self-wrote and launched his first full album at age 24 and toured all throughout the US, Norway, and England. 

Fast forward to today, Cody holds a strong history forming a rock band called Moon Fever that gained multi-million streams, has opened for Buckcherry, Shooter Jennings, Eric gales, filter, Los Lobos, Cody Canada (amongst many others), and in the past year alone wrote 200 songs, produced his own album, and of course, made killer music videos to go with it. And you guessed it, Cody’s little bit of everything music reign shows no signs of stopping any time soon. In fact, he is about to release another raging solo album that holds some of the best music he has ever fortified to date. 

Queen to Daft Punk, Jimi Hendrix to John Mayer, and splashes of Led Zeppelin. As a signature artist bringing a whole new multi-genre vibe to the Rock ‘N Roll scene, Cody enjoys every moment of delivering statement-making music that ultimately provokes new levels of elating energy and invested attraction. Overall, he has a genuine love for creating intertwining music that tests the genre limits and demonstrates that through his ongoing efforts that have already helped accentuate the entire music/stage experience. This, along with his empowering voice, ambiance, ripping guitar skills, is what led to Cody’s fast track growth as a center stage sensation – making it quite exciting to see what spearheading new drops he will launch next.

Walking the fine line between method and melody, New York-based power trio Alpha Venturi have distilled a unique blend of hard rock and metal that conjures up elements of funk, dance, prog, and thrash. Their sound balances melodic and hook-filled choruses with charged-up grooves and technical instrumentation, with lyrics touching upon concepts observing the darkest and lightest parts of not just the world, but also the mind. This multi-genre brainchild band of vocalist and guitarist Sean Quinn Hanley and drummer Tyler Stackhouse was formed in the midst of the chaotic year that was 2020. However, cultivating and perfecting the songs that came to define the energy of the band truly helped bring an atmosphere of equilibrium to the surrounding chaos in their lives. Although not inherently a band looking to revive an old sound, the singable choruses mixed with prominent guitar solos and driven drum chops can’t help but evoke the hyped energy of classic heavy bands from eras past.

Determined to make sure listeners can get down with funk breaks and metal breakdowns in the same sonic space, Alpha Venturi hopes to encourage people to find their own voice and accept that what they feel, see, and have to offer is valid, no matter how strange or uncharted it all may be. The members themselves may not come from identical musical tastes and backgrounds, but they know how to meet right in the middle of their styles to make something that definitely hits in a one of a kind “signature cocktail” manner.

2022 brings not just the beginning of their public presence, but also many exciting new ventures for the Venturi, with the release of new music as well as touring East Coast venues with their touring bassist Edward Rojas in the spring and summer as support for legendary guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen. Much like the EKG monitor line that subtly makes up the “AV” logo of the band, Alpha Venturi is excited to be adding their own signature heartbeat to help in the growing statement with other new acts that reassures heavy music fans everywhere that yes, the loudness has found a lifeline, and with new sounds and messages to get on board with.

If These Walls Could Talk follows a defining 2021 for the queer artist, marked by the acclaimed release of his previous EP Secrets I’ll Never Tell and Cork’s very own podcast miniseries Secrets I’ll Never Tell; Cork’s podcast hears him chatting candidly on topics of self-exploration with other creatives, including Adam Lambert and MNEK – both of whom Cork has previously written with. 

A gifted pianist with heavyweight support for his music coming in hot from the likes of MTV, Wonderland, Clash, Billboard, The Line of Best FitBBC Introducing and Songfacts, Cork’s songs have racked up 10M+ streams and major DSP placements – most notably via Spotify’s New Music Friday UK, New Pop UK and New Pop Revolution – while being championed by the one and only Elton John and performing alongside music legends Stevie Wonder and Lionel Richie at the British Summertime Festival in 2019.

TOM JENKINS has changed tack with latest single “Magic Mushroom Island”. 


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Following his recent signing to Xtra Mile Recordings, ex-Straight Lines frontman Tom Jenkins has unveiled an anthemic new single that veers towards fresh sonic territory. 

Straying slightly from his acoustic folk-tinged roots, “Magic Mushroom Island” is an exhilarating new cut with larger-than-life instrumentals and an exultant earworm chorus. Building to an electric crescendo with roiling riffs and a colossal guitar breakdown that nods to the legendary works of Led Zeppelin, Jenkins is also joined at the track’s climax by esteemed Motorhead guitarist Phil Campbell

Where previous single “Back Roads” was a softly simmering country-tinged track that paid homage to Jenkins’ affinity for agriculture, “Magic Mushroom Island” bubbles over with blistering vocals and rip-roaring riffs. Buoyant and broiling in equal measure, the track’s influences are as multifarious as its sound, with everything from cult Leonardo DiCaprio film ‘The Beach’ to hallucinogen-hungry university students and iconic rock artists of old cited as influences. 

Speaking on the story behind the single, Tom explains: 

“When writing the new album I wanted to slightly break the singer-songwriter mould and go against the indie-folk sound of my first album. “Magic Mushroom Island” draws influences from some of my favourite rock bands, such as Fugazi, Silverchair and Manic Street Preachers.

Lyrically, the song is a celebration of strangers in the depth of lockdown. I had not left my farm in the hills of the South Wales Valleys or seen a soul for weeks, until a number of random people started showing up and scouring the fields. Apparently word was getting around a local uni that our fields were rich in Magic Mushrooms and it was quite the hot spot. It reminded me of the film ‘The Beach’ which influenced the title. This random occurrence did bring much joy and laughter with strangers to a somewhat lonely time.”

Socials: @neillfrazer

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