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Exclusive Interview with Viral TikTok Recording Artist Shiadanni

Photo Credit: Cuiltáhuac Correa


Socials: @neillfrazer

Pop singers tend to prefer sunny weather to stormy skies. It’s the rare artist who has the courage to dive deep in song. But Shiadanni is no ordinary artist, and her music is anything but average. The Montreal alternative pop singer and songwriter has already demonstrated that she can bring the party: her prior singles were dancefloor burners, late-night anthems, fearless amalgamations of European club music and Latin soul. But with her latest, she’s taking us somewhere we’ve never been before — her mind. The singer and songwriter was born and raised in Guadalajara, and the echoes of Mexican pop-rock are audible in everything she does. But she’s currently based in Montreal, the center of the dream-pop revolution, and the sound she’s crafted there draws heavily from late-night R&B and moody, intoxicated hip-hop. With the confidence of an auteur who has found her path, Shiadanni nods toward the many places she’s been and makes records that suit the whole world.

Photo Credit: Cuiltáhuac Correa

Shiadanni welcome to OLC! So tell us about your journey and what got you into music, and what took you from Mexico to Canada?

I always loved music since I can remember, to work creating my own music and visuals has been my number one dream despite working on different creative areas, I started with a passion for singing at a early age and then learned guitar at 11 years old, later in life I discovered love for other instruments such as the piano and the harp which is my favourite so far. I think my music evolution has naturally followed my personal evolution and growth, I left Mexico at 21 because I needed a change of environment so I could keep growing and discovering not only new atmospheres in my songs but also personal strength I needed to find.

Do you remember the first song you ever wrote and what was it about?

Totally. It is titled Without You, on the acoustic guitar with 3 chords, for some reason I remember the song perfectly and despite hating a lot of my past songs, this one I don’t! and of course it was about terrible heartache, always the worst teenage anger drama, these were my first songs

What do you normally use as your muse for songwriting and do you mostly derive your songs from your own personal experiences?

It’s all personal experiences and spiritual release, I grow a little more each time I make a song, I don’t remember my process before but lately I have been using the instrumentals I use as the leads in my music, the base of any song I start always inspire me to layer the rest so I’d say that has been my muse, to listen and follow my intuition, not pursuing anything, just what the music asks for, I’ve always felt so connected to the story instruments can tell, lyrics can fall easily when you’re already in a room that tells a story.

Let’s talk about your latest EP ‘Facing The Mirror’, what was the inspiration behind it?

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‘Facing The Mirror’ is about finding the key in your own darkness, finding that it was inside of me, it’s a dive into my mind, how I struggle to find power and keep carrying on, I think these are universal feelings that I touched a lot, I have this crazy outspoken full of energy persona on social media and I feel I was able to be myself on this album and have this safe space to confess. This album was therapy for me as it saved me from going crazy during the lockdown, helped me grow personally and also professionally I think it elevated me artistically which I’m proud of as I produced the album myself, this will always be a special project to me!

What do you hope listeners will take away from the EP after they hear it?

That music can still be honest and real, that people and artists can feel motivated or even inspired to have the courage to be themselves, to know that it’s possible to swim against the current, to create with the intention of personal satisfaction and growth

‘Green Marble’ is the latest song you’ve released from the EP, what inspired you to write this song and how did you come up with the concept for the video?

I always wanted to tell my music in a cinematic way, I’ve always enjoyed short films, and I honestly would make a movie for every album I make, so this is why I wanted to make something with that essence in my capabilities- Green Marble and Melted Gun videos take place in the same forest and it’s just a beautiful way to listen to the music, I wanted something that transports you somewhere and makes you stare while you listen to the story, and the concepts always come up while I’m making the songs, If they don’t initially give me a visual, then I’m not as excited.

What song means the most to you on this EP and why?

I think facing the mirror, I enjoy singing this one the most, but that’s because I’m dramatic, most people might enjoy the other songs because they’re vocally enjoyable but I love the release this song gives, of course I can’t listen to it twice, I’m sick of it after 1 play, but if I’d have to choose to listen to 1! it would be that one. I also love penny pills, but I don’t enjoy singing it, I think this was a whisper confession song of secrets I wanted to share, but only once

You have a massive following on social media, especially TikTok, how important has it been to your career and how did you grow your social media following?

so important!! TikTok has helped me grow as it loves supporting personalities and I love sharing mine, I also been lucky that people have received me with open arms in everything I do, I will always be thankful for it! I think the key for me was I’ve always loved being a showgirl, and at the same time I have always been myself, love embracing my background, my accent, I don’t hide! and I love how I have motivated people to do the same.

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What would you like to say to the millions of your followers out there?

thank you for your constant support since day one, I hope to meet everyone in person, to come sing with you, laugh, and have the best time.

What is next for you in 2022?

Touring!! I’m excited to bring this music to a new world I haven’t explored yet.




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