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INsiders Guide: MAN THE LIFEBOATS, Faiyaz and The Wasted Chances, ACTION/ADVENTURE, Bri Oglu, Talii, Future Teens, Theo Thams, Madison Beer…

Continuing their search for the ‘Soul of Albion’, salty seafarers – MAN THE LIFEBOATS – return with the sweeping folk epic: “The Fires of England”.


Taken from their upcoming second album (out 14th October via Wood Head Records), the collective’s new single blazes bright with its incendiary violins, glowing accordions and profound lyricism that will warm even the coldest of souls.

Piratical by sound, political in its nature, “The Fires of England” takes the listener back to a time of great turmoil across our four nations; the repercussions of which are still being felt today… As frontman Rich Quarterman explains:

“Not sure if it’s wise to mention the B-word but The Fires of England came about shortly after the Brexit referendum, although it’s taken a while for the lyrics to settle, and strangely they seem more and more apt as the years of political and climatic upheaval go by.”

New single Flutter was inspired by teenage heartbreak, the yearning when a relationship ends. It feels awkward, romantic, sad yet uplifting.

The bare bones I wrote as a teenager, at the time when I didn’t really understand how to let out these emotions. Soothing and breezy, this song taught me to accept rejection. 

Listen to and buy “Flutter” via SpotifySoundCloud, and Bandcamp.

A lot softer than my usual offerings, Flutter” blends in pop and ballad sensibilities while holding onto the abrasive punk rock roots The Wasted Chances are known for. Hang tight for that sweet, fuzzy and jazzy end solo.

Thank you for your time,

Faiyaz & The Wasted Chances

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Chicago-based Action/Adventure have released another cover, this time from the Queen of pop, Taylor Swift.

“Folklore was one of the biggest albums of 2020, and I got pretty fixated on a few songs from it-“The Last Great American Dynasty”was one of them.” says Oren Trace.  “It was a tough sell for the rest of of the band, but once we laid down a riff that fit the intro, the rest came together pretty quickly, and we ended up with an arrangement that everyone was stoked about.” 

Bri Oglu has released her debut single, “Slowly,” an alt-pop exploration of the brief moments following a confession of love. The song talks about living in the unknown and being unsure if one is at the beginning of a new romance or at the end of a friendship. “Slowly” is currently available on all digital streaming platforms worldwide.

“Slowly” truly sets the tone for who Bri Oglu is both as an artist and songwriter. The track, off the rising star’s forthcoming EP, follows themes of love, potential loss, and growth. These themes reoccur throughout Oglu’s creations as she uses her raw emotions and detailed storytelling to express a relatable experience through her lyrics. The soulful-pop artist stated that this single is actually something she wrote a few years back and later revisited. “I wrote this song in 2019 and then shelved it because I couldn’t quite figure out its voice,” Oglu shares. “I wrote it about the person who ended up producing it years later; it was a pretty surreal full-circle moment.” With lyrics such as, “why is it before the rise we feel so small?” and “if I’m gonna lose you, please don’t say it just yet,” Oglu gracefully describes the anxieties of facing the unknown. Adding onto an epic, cinematic production from Will Snyder alongside Oglu’s sweet yet unique vocal textures, this song is sure to make a listener feel moved. “Slowly” was mastered at Sterling Sound by Idania Valencia (Shawn Mendes, Sam Smith, X Ambassadors).

rising artist and songwriter Talii has released a brand new single titled “More Than Friends.” Listen to the song now here

The new song unleashes a brand new era for Talii with a fresh sonic edge as she gears up for the release of a string of upcoming singles. A sultry R&B track lined with hard-hitting Afrobeats and graced with Talii’s lush, emotive vocal, the song confronts vulnerability in ways Talii hasn’t before explored in her lyricism. On the track, she describes:

  • “‘More Than Friends’ actually started as a vocal sample that, my boyfriend/producer, Gbliz and I created. Phil Mango (of Luxury Lane) took the sample and added this amazing afrobeats bounce to it. More than friends is bringing the listener in on a conversation going on with a friend and I. She’s been venting about her toxic boyfriend, meanwhile, I’m insinuating that I can treat her better (“we could be more than friends”). It’s the first time I’ve ever shared my queer side in a song before so it’s nerve wracking yet freeing. I feel like the persona I take on in the song is a little more confident than I am when it comes to flirting with women lol but it was fun to embody that for this song.”

“More Than Friends” is the follow-up to Talii’s early 2022 release, “Scars In the Dark,” which led to a collection of tracks titled …Songs To Feel To, which dropped summer 2022. 2011 saw Talii release single “Pointless Numbers,” a deeply personal track delving into the intricacies of mental health struggles. In 2020, Talii was named one of SoundCloud’s March 2020 ‘Artists To Watch,’ a prestigious title showcasing her fast rise and growing momentum. 

Boston-based emo-pop-rock quartet Future Teens share “Team Sports” featuring Dan Campbell (The Wonder Years), the latest track out everywhere now from the forthcoming third studio album Self Help available for pre-order now, and out September 23 via Triple Crown Records. With support from Camp Trash and Rat Tally, Future Teens will embark on a fall U.S. tour through much of the Midwest and East Coast beginning on October 13 in Brooklyn, NY, and a hometown stop in Boston on October 16. Tickets are on sale now via

“Team Sports” gracefully encapsulates the album’s message, as the heavier track concludes with “We’re all just looking for a safe place to spiral / Why not make a team sport out of survival?” It embodies the process of asking for help–from the moment one realizes they need it, to the self-doubt, fear and hesitation, to perhaps the occasional sudden change in appearance, to the value of leaning on friends and getting professional help. There’s a renewed understanding of what it means to ask for help, one that clearly displays the growth of the band both musically and as people in their own lives.

Vocalist and guitarist Amy Hoffman recalls the time a haircut lead several friends to check on their well-being. “The first time I bleached my hair, a surprising number of people asked if I was doing okay. I know they were just razzing me, but it struck me as such an absurd barometer for wellness, like, no! I’m not okay, but that’s not why I’m blonde now!” Hoffman admits seeking help is consistently difficult, but always worth it. “I think it’ll always be challenging to ask for help, or to be honest when my best friend gently checks in about the motivation for my latest self haircut, but I’m grateful I’m not always white knuckling it until my next therapy session anymore.”

Theo Tams has reached the stature of a bona fide music veteran by now, but he’s also at the beginning of something new. 

The Canadian singer, songwriter, and performer has been playing since his teens and releasing music for the past 15 years. He has three albums and three EPs to his credit, along with a formidable collection of singles and…oh yeah, that championship run on the sixth season of Canadian Idol in 2008. Tams has put together a body of work that’s substantial and diverse. It speaks of an artist whose mission is growth and adventure — building upon his proverbial laurels, rather than sitting on them. 

With each step, Tams has made a stride forward, and sometimes even further. That’s certainly been true of the past few years, particularly with the series of three-song Trilogy EPs he’s embarked on, with the third just arriving and taking him into even more new sonic and lyrical terrain. 

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“I think I’ve just gotten a lot more unapologetic in the process,” Tams, who lives in Toronto with his partner and their 11-year-old daughter, explains. “The biggest thing I notice when I listen back to the music that I’ve released before is I had no clue who I was or what I stood for. I really was just trying to check the boxes of what I thought made an artist, realizing that by doing that I wasn’t checking any of them. I was living up to this veneer, this shiny, perfect kind of image I felt like I created, and I don’t think that’s life. Life is messy and it’s hard, no matter who you are or where you’re from or what your background is.

YUMI AND THE WEATHER returns with the confessional new single: “Can You Tell”.

A cautionary tale for the brave, the latest from the creative voice of Ruby Taylor is an ensnaring electro/punk proposition inspired by a series of real-life events that almost had the most calamitous of outcomes.


A song about recklessness and regrets, fate and fortune, loneliness and a longing for love, its suggestive lyrics construct a troubling narrative of a near-miss only narrowly evaded. “Let’s drive straight into the fog, All I know is this isn’t love,” lulls Yumi with all the dreaminess of someone sleepwalking into a cul-de-sac, “This could be the last road that I take, No time to go back or contemplate…” 

Of “Can You Tell”, Yumi AKA Ruby explains:

“‘Can You Tell’ was inspired by a very impulsive decision… It could have been the biggest mistake of my life, but luckily it was absolutely fine. This song came out of the sadness from feeling the fear I felt that overcame me when I realised I was no longer in control. Thoughts of what could happen came into my head, and I thought about what I was doing and had to have some words with myself. I lived and learnt that life is not a dream where I can just wake up when it goes bad, so I slowed down after that because trust is something you build in time, and presumption is the mother of all F*** ups!”

With a laissez-faire cool somewhere between Sonic Youth and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, “Can You Tell” creates a joyride of veering sonics and compulsive rhythms that will fasten you in tight and refuse to let-go until the road runs out.

Written, recorded, produced and performed (Vocals, Guitars, Synth, Bass) almost in its entirety by Ruby Taylor AKA Yumi And The Weather, additional drums were laid down by William Woodfine. Additional mastering was added by Kevin Tuffy at Alchemy, London. 

Reminiscent of the star-crossed romance of your adolescent years that you just didn’t know how to walk away from, 18-year-old indie-pop visionary morgen today releases her new single “Hammock.” Once again proving her knack for writing concise earworm hits, morgen paints a picture of discovering individuality, laced with longing for companionship. “Hammock” is the second single off of her EP that is slated to arrive this fall via Avoca Drive and Sony Music Australia. Listen HERE.

On today’s release, morgen jokingly says, “Welcome to the story of a kid who has no idea how to break up with somebody.”

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RIAA platinum certified indie pop duo flora cash is proud to share today “Soul Mate (Orchestral Version)” from the band’s upcoming release, a unique, symphonic re-imaging of their third album our generation (Another Time) due out January 20, 2023. The song (the original version of which has 15 million streams on Spotify and 2 million on the music video) is available now via the Flower Money Records at all DSPs and streaming services here. The band also announces that the previously mentioned third album, our generation, will be available on vinyl starting September 9.

The band, married couple Cole Randall and Shpresa Lleshaj collaborated with Jordan Grigg for the new instrumental album. The Canadian Grigg has had his compositions performed by a variety of ensembles such as the Symphony Nova Scotia, Annapolis Valley Honour Choir, New England Philharmonia and Symphony Orchestra.

“Working closely with esteemed Canadian composer/arranger, and one-time child prodigy Jordan Grigg, we reimagined our 3rd studio album, ‘our generation’ in symphonic terms. The idea was to distill the essence of the music; strip it of its context both lyrically and chronologically and see what remained. Inspired by the idea that the music we make and consume is influenced and shaped heavily by the times we live in, we asked the question: “what would these songs sound like if we’d composed them in some other time?” our generation (Another Time) is the answer we received.”

flora cash

Taking sounds from across near and distant times, Generations is cultivating a sound like no other. Their sound projects an aestheticism for the listener, leaving a lasting impression upon one’s ear. To explore, discover, create, and manifest otherworldly sounds for us and our listeners is Generations’ only doctrine.

Dominating the bass circuit with his colossal drops and melodic undertones, Dutch producer Spag Heddy returned to Monstercat today, delivering the old-school-influenced single, “Smile (feat. Lalo).” Drawing inspiration from his early productions, Spag blends nostalgic wobbles and heavy growls with Lalo’s polished vocals, giving the record an uplifting feel. In comparison to his decimating stylings like his last label release, “Carbonara” with Pixel Terror, Spag goes back to basics with catchy lyrics that shine in his masterful production, serving up a different kind of anthem.

Spag Heddy shares“Compared to my other dubstep work, “Smile” is a very easy to digest song, with the idea of making it radio-friendly and interesting for a bigger audience. When I heard the vocal topline, it immediately felt like it fit the feeling I was going for. I hope it puts a smile on people’s faces!” 

For over a decade, Spag Heddy has influenced the dubstep scene with his wonky synth riffs and gutting bass drops becoming an in-demand chart topper, with his track “Spaghetti Strap” being one of the most played tracks at EDC Las Vegas in May. This year alone, he’s brought the sauce to Rampage Open Air, Escapade, and Wobbleland, and will kick off a headline tour across multiple US dates next month. 

Confronting the difficulties within modern-day dating, the rising songstress Klaudia Keziah has made a stand in her latest unapologetic-yet-sultry single named, ‘Hero’.  
With the aim to inspire and empower many women around the world, Klaudia Keziah has delivered a slice of sensual heaven that enables women to feel confident in themselves. It’s often thought – at least traditionally – that women need a male partner/companion in order to receive validation – not around here we don’t! Underpinned with a pop and R&B infused production courtesy of Jojo F (ArrDee, Deno, Tion Wayne, Sarkodie, Unknown T), Klaudia welcomes the track with a unique sample of Cher, “A quote that really inspired the track is “She needed a hero, so that’s what she became” because I strongly believe in life the main person who will have your back is yourself. This is also why I chose the Cher interview sample right at the start of the song about being “the rich man” in her own life”, Keziah commented.  

After releasing her massive debut album, Oddities and Prodigies, earlier this year, Nashville-based pop act Caroline Romano returns today with her new single, “Chopstix,” out on all streaming platforms now.

“Chopstix” is a blissful, upbeat indie-pop track with a powerful emotional core. It’s observational, simple and pretty. Caroline elaborates on the new track: “‘Chopstix is kind of that beginning stage of infatuation and heartbreak but it’s also really just a happy song. It’s finding things to reminisce on once it’s all over, and falling for the smallest, most specific things about a person. I write a lot about the aftermath of songs like ‘Chopstix,’ but this song is the prequel to the best and worst of romance. It’s young and clean and feels like childhood summers combined with late-night dinners following a day full of swimming.”

At just 20-years-old, Caroline has already written and performed into the hearts and ears of an anxious generation. She’s accrued millions of streams across her repertoire and has captured the attention of key tastemakers like Hollywood Life, Just Jared, EUPHORIA and American Songwriter. Her songwriting abilities showcase her witty, introspective and hopeful take on modernity, romanticism and the highs and lows of being young in today’s world. After years of buzz around her single releases, Caroline revealed her debut album, Oddities and Prodigies, in early 2022.

Amassing over 14 billion streams to date, RIAA triple-platinum certified Texas-based pop duo Surfaces present their new album Hidden Youth. Get it HERE via 10K Projects.

Their biggest and boldest project yet, Hidden Youth, features previous singles What’s Been On Your Mind? and the groovy I Can’t Help But Feel,” which has amassed over 140 million streams thus far and was hailed by Rolling Stone who called the track, “fresh, breezy and a lot of fun.”

“With this album, we really wanted to explore a new setting – as a band with a beachy sound we wanted to see what sounds the desert would bring us,” says Surfaces. “We rented a house for two weeks and elaborated on ideas we had started on our last tour, and this is what came of it. The music we grew up on is what inspired this album that we’ve always wanted to make but weren’t able to until now. No samples, no loops – just us, our instruments, and the overall energy of being secluded in the desert.”

Photo Credit: Lousia Meng

Madison Beer releases her new single “Dangerous” with its official music video. The drop comes ahead of her performances in the UK this weekend at the Reading and Leeds festivals, where she’ll perform “Dangerous” live for the first time. You can listen to the track here via EPIC Records.

“Dangerous” is co-produced and co-written by Madison alongside Tobias Jesso Jr and James Francies, as well as longtime collaborators Tim Sommers, Jeremy “Kinetics” Dussolliet, and Leroy Clampitt. The song is a beautiful showcase of Madison’s vocals through lush harmonies and dreamy production, complete with an ethereal string arrangement. The cinematic visual, co-directed by Madison, finds the rising pop star in an emotional performance of the track, centerstage amongst an orchestra ensemble.  

“Dangerous is the start of a more honest, vulnerable and mature chapter,” says Madison. “It’s about accepting that some situations didn’t pan out the way you imagined. And it’s about questioning your own responsibility in a relationship. I’m really excited for fans to hear this new side and hope they love it as much as I do!”

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Lola Brooke has set the standard to solidify her status as artist to watch for 2022 with every music release thus far. Today, the Brooklyn-born rap artist, budding rap phenomenon, unveils her latest music offering, “Gator Season” [via Team Eighty]. Lola doubles down on her infectious prowess that spans an array of sub-genres within the world of Hip Hop on the Reefa Music [Lil Wayne, Rock Ross], Gyard-produced track. “Gator Season” is available on all music streaming platforms HERE

The sizzling street record “Gator Season” finds the BK princess doing the things she likes to do—delivering hard-hitting hits packed with ferocity, fearlessness, and lyrical flare. The track was previewed last night via SoundCloud’s ‘The LookOut’ station via SiriusXM’s Hip Hop Nation as Lola appeared as a guest host for the night. The segment is set to re-air three more times throughout the weekend and on SoundCloud Radio, which can be found on the SiriusXM app. 

As gator season commences, Lola shares, “every day I’m Lola Brooke other times I’m Big Gator! This track was created to stamp my bossy energy & bold territorial problems. I have every reason to show you why not to play with me, so I did. Every season is Gator Season, especially when it’s HOT. Let it be known that the fire will continue after Summer too.” 

Toronto-based singer, songwriter and producer sunsetto is back with his new single, “late to the party.”

Co-written and produced by Michael Lantz, sunsetto’s new single instantly hooks listeners with his highly intoxicating vocals laid over lush, rhythmic production. With relatable lyrics like, “I said I’m sorry, I’m always late to the party,” the song presents itself as a sort of apology letter.

sunsetto elaborates: “When you have a dream you’re working towards, it becomes your first priority, and some relationships can suffer because of the lack of attention. I acknowledge the sense of urgency in the summer to go out and fall in love and make memories, especially since summer goes by so quickly in Canada, and the pressure I felt from all directions at one point in my life.”

Pop singer and songwriter Maryon King returns today with her new single, “Boys Will Be Boys,”out now on all streaming platforms.

Guided by Maryon’s exquisitely soulful vocals, “Boys Will Be Boys” is a playful yet empowering pop anthem that gives a middle finger to all the womanizing men out there. “It’s about the fickle nature of modern relationships – or ‘situationships’ – where the person you thought cared about you only wants you for your body,” Maryon elaborates. The single has already been making waves on TikTok – amassing over 1M+ views – after she started posting clips last month.

Born in Calarasi, Moldova, raised in Padova, Italy and London, and now based in Los Angeles, Maryon’s musical journey has been one of grit, determination and undeniable natural talent. She began her love affair with music as a child but her parents encouraged her to follow a more traditional career path. At 18-years-old, she moved to London to study languages but secretly switched to a music degree within a few months. Buoyed by steadfast determination, compelling pop prowess, and a soulful voice that belies her youth, Maryon immersed herself in the London music scene, revealing herself as a promising new act to watch.

Maryon released three singles last year, all of which performed impressive streaming numbers, and is now preparing to roll out her debut EP, starting with the release of “Boys Will Be Boys.” In addition to her own music, Maryon has also co-written and vocaled songs for Afrojack, Martin Jensen and Tiesto, performed on Sigala’s sold out tours in the UK and Ireland, and opened for BEKA on her sold out UK tour. 

Stalking Gia is a New York City based artist and platinum selling songwriter. Generating more than 20 million streams and receiving acclaim from BillboardNoiseyMarie ClaireNylon and more, the singer/songwriter materializes like a specter in the space between online fantasy and Manhattan’s real-life nocturnal glow.  Stalking Gia first came to life via the 2016 single “Second Nature”. Achieving viral success, the track organically tallied 13.2 million Spotify streams and incited a growing buzz.  blackbear integrated a sample of “Second Nature” into “Wish U The Best” from his platinum-certified chart-topping 2017 album, Digital Druglord.  Meanwhile, she maintained her momentum with the single “Siren”. In addition to touring alongside blackbear, she teamed up with him for the song “Miracles”, which landed on New Music Friday playlists worldwide and amassed 4.7 million streams and counting.  Stalking Gia then partnered with Epic Records on releases including “The Kindest Thing”, a bombastic goodbye anthem, “Astronaut”, a Bowie inspired piano ballad, “Worship”, an empowering song exploring the theme of self love, and “Blue”, her most recent track, which pulls the listener into another world with ethereal soundscapes and a static buzz from a lost connection.Stalking Gia is now embarking on a new journey and is back to independently self releasing her music. With a recent Tiktok of a demo gaining momentum she just released “saddest happy girl”; a song which samples the famous nursery rhyme “Clementine” in its chorus. 

Following through with what’s been a consistent year (so far) with sultry sizzlers and summer-ready bangers, the Norway-born and LA-based prodigy Trevis has shared his highly anticipated EP, ‘Floor Plan’ alongside leading single ‘Let Me Know’.  
Housing pre-released singles ‘All Night’, ‘Company For Now’, and ‘Avenue’ (both of which have accumulated over 10.5 million TikTok views and counting), the ‘Floor Plan’ EP delves deeper into a relationship Trevis went through; exploring the highs and lows that come with seeing someone, ‘Floor Plan’ is spread across 6 tracks that each boast his versatility.  

Emerging Scottish DJ and producer ARKLEY continues his unique 90s rave redux with his ‘Origins EP’ out now via Our Space records.

Lead track ‘Back 2 Love (House ’89)’ soaks itself in the spirit and sweat of the M25 orbital raves and warehouse parties of 1989’s second “Summer of Love”.  Analogue synth stabs and chopped-up house diva samples ride an irrepressible rhythm track all the way to a heady climax. 

‘All I Got Is Love’ switches things up with an early UK garage influenced Korg M1 workout.  Sliced-up vocals interlock with skipping drums and an instant-classic M1 organ bassline to create an irresistible summer groove track. 

To round-off the EP, ARKLEY ups the tempo on the hardcore breakbeat-inspired ‘Burnin’ (138 Energy Mix)’. With an infectious synth riff and pitched up vocals, the track recalls the relentless energy and rugged grooves of The Prodigy’s ‘Experience’.

By religiously watching Top of the Pops to taping the Top 40 on TV each week, ARKLEY’s infatuation with music has been there from day one. Writing and playing in bands as a teenager and self-producing home demos from a young age, he started listening to The KLF, Primal Scream, Chemical Brothers and Daft Punk who soon infiltrated his own music.

Soon after immersing himself with these classic electronic acts of the 90s, ARKLEY was led down the path to acid house and 90s rave where the ‘Origins EP’ was born.

Following on from the success of the pre-released single ‘Mind’ earlier this year alongside ‘One to Watch’ artist Amaria BB, Kenah, the rising star  has just released her brand new and highly anticipated second EP titled ‘UNCOVER’ with leading single ‘Foreigner’.  
Accommodating 6 tracks all of which champion Kenah’s reputable soothing vocals, sultry lyricism,  and versatility, ‘UNCOVER’ is a feel-good project that’s bursting with vibrancy. Littered with her timbral dexterity and Afrobeat grooves, this EP houses production from Krizbeatz, Killertunes and fast-rising producer Hulla – who have  delivered a selection of percussive beats for Kenah to gloss.  
Taking centre stage throughout, Kenah opens the EP with the pre-released single ‘Mind’ featuring London’s rising star Amaria BB. Complimenting each other’s sultry approach, ‘Mind’ is grounded with R&B undertones that pair seamlessly with the Afrobeat grooves. Exploring the feelings that come with being infatuated with a new love interest, ‘Mind’ is the perfect track for those late-night drives around the city. Swiftly moving into ‘Nobody’ Kenah turns up the heat ever so slightly with this percussive slice of greatness that showcases an infectious melody that’s bound to leave you wanting more. Journeying through to the lead single ‘Foreigner’, a dance-infused drop that’s paired alongside a set of lively visuals where Kenah takes a helicopter around the city of London; from the dance studio to the arcade, and finally hitting up the city centre, Kenah brings the energy in this charismatic listen.   

Emerging dark pop artist Isabel LaRosa swiftly follows up the release of her audio-visual project i’m watching you with the fresh new single “HEARTBEAT” – out via Slumbo Labs / RCA Records (US) and Ministry of Sound (UK).

Taking shape as an alluring club-inspired ode to secret obsessions, “HEARTBEAT” depicts the severity of how deep a fixation can run – and the lengths one may go to in order to hide those feelings. Across brooding, stormy synths and LaRosa’s signature haunting vocals, the intense and intoxicating production for “HEARTBEAT” helps capture a romanticised version of infatuation and how that feeling can overtake one’s thoughts completely.

Speaking about “HEARTBEAT” Isabel LaRosa made the following statement: “HEARTBEAT” was fully created and produced by my brother and I over the span of a few days, with the intent of strongly capturing the feeling of obsession with a person that may or may not feel the same way about you. We wanted the song to expose the way that strong emotions towards someone can consume your daily life and when left unsaid, those feelings can turn into resentment and anger. When writing “HEARTBEAT,” we wanted to vary the subject matter to something more intense but at the same time keeping the vulnerable undertone that we’ve all felt at one point or another.

“HEARTBEAT” is LaRosa’s next official release since dropping her debut project i’m watching you at the end of June this year; earning co-signs from the likes of Clash,

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Early Rising and WhyNow, the EP branched off from the ominous viral hit “HAUNTED”, with LaRosa’s follow-ups “HELP” and “HEAVEN” expanding i’m watching you as a trilogy of addictively eerie pop bops. Meanwhile, LaRosa’s cinematic experience for the music – co-directed and co-edited by LaRosa herself – enabled her to create fully-realized visual worlds from the ones which she originally began creating on TikTok.

West Coast four-piece – BANDAID BRIGADE – release their much anticipated new album: ‘Sex Is Terrifying’, via Xtra Mile Recordings. 


Fronted by musicians and collaborators Zach Quinn (PEARS) and Brian Wahlstrom (Scorpios, Gods of Mount Olympus), this band of unlikely lads come together to produce a second album packed with powerful choruses and soaring melodies that Bandaid Brigade have proudly patented “Yacht Punk”.

A record that pays homage to all of the music that both Quinn and Wahlstrom personally enjoy from Billy Joel to Bob Mould, while still staying true to their punkier roots; the making of ‘Sex Is Terrifying’ has proven to be a refreshing experience for both musicians and they couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. As Brian Wahlstrom says:

“I’ve never had anything close to this… I feel like I’m able to be myself and be who I am as a musician and writer, but also my personality. I’d tried to play piano in punk before, and Zach was the first person in that punk community who said that that’s what I should be doing! This is a project where I can totally be myself. This is my home.”

Fast-rising London talent J-Racks delivers his latest drill heater “Living My Best Life” – his third 2022 instalment out now.

Known across the UK for delivering sharp, potent bars upon relentless instrumentals, ascending London rapper J-Racks continues the heat surrounding his name with the stylish drill cut “Living My Best Life”. Emerging as a lethal collaboration between producers Gotcha (Unknown T, Digga D, 22Gz) and CZR (DigDat, Pop Smoke, OFB), chest-rattling basslines and sharpened percussive textures create a menacing atmosphere – one where J-Racks is most comfortable. Fiery tones and jumping flows beam with authority as the innovator seamlessly bends words to his will, firmly cementing himself as a serious talent across the underground drill scene.

Despite only 10 tracks across his discography, J-Racks feels like no newcomer – sitting on well over 3M streams on Spotify alone has quickly garnered the lyricist a cult following, with his vigorous aura catching the attention of UK heavyweights M1llionz

and Ivorian Doll, as well as key play time from Snoochie Shy on BBC 1XTRA. Gaining some significant exposure from the likes of GRM DAILY, DUMMY MAGAZINE, MIXTAPE MADNESS, EQUATE MAGAZINE, VIPER MAGAZINE and 9BILLS to name a few, the Londoner continues to demonstrate an unapologetic flair and crystal-clear lyrical finesse that will no doubt bring him further critical acclaim.

With many releases in the pipeline, J-Racks is primed and ready to spearhead the UK drill scene as we anticipate another standout year for an artist poised with both natural rap talent and clear creative nous

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CHARLIE CLARK – returns with his first solo music in almost a year: “I Don’t Mind If You’re Right”.


Following his acclaimed reunion with Glasgow groovesters ASTRID earlier this year, Clark gets back to his solo work with the release of this star-spangled guitar anthem just ripe for late summer listening.

Sharing musical DNA with the vintage works of Teenage Fanclub to The CharlatansOasis to Ride, “I Don’t Mind If You’re Right” is a power-pop pivoted indie ripper that sounds as freshly-cut as it does classic.

Written whilst Charlie was still working and living in Los Angeles, the track formed part of the sessions for his debut solo album ‘Late Night Drinking’. While the record is still yet to receive official release, the single is in many ways a lynchpin for the transatlantic tale it tells.

A song about opening your mind to change, being flexible (literally) and pushing yourself to the limits to get the best out of life, Charlie explains of “I Don’t Mind If You’re Right”:

“Some years ago, a friend of mine had asked me to write a song for a funeral. In return, they gave me a pass to The Golden Bridge, a famous yoga studio in Hollywood.  I’d never done Yoga before and waited till the pass had almost expired before I finally decided to try one class. To say I drank the Kool Aid is an understatement!  I continued to practice, study and embrace the world of Kundalini Yoga every single day in the years that followed.

There’s a real science that you can apply to your life with that particular style of yoga/meditation so life can get a little freaky when you go deep with it… it can push you beyond your limits. ‘I Don’t Mind If You’re Right’ touches more on what lies beyond that.”

London based artist Joulie Fox brings a truly genreless approach to her musicality. Honing down an impressive repertoire, Fox’s musical endeavours shine brightly, as she brings her unique chronicles to life. Defining her truly unique soundscape, her rich musical heritages take the shape of influences such as St. Vincent, Jack White and Marina & The Diamonds, as Fox prides herself on an ability to stay genuine to her unique artistry. 

Her latest single “Running”, off of her upcoming EP Love is a Blessing is an acoustic, mellow ode to the story of a lost soul. With the EP consisting of five different love stories, her unique chronicles and an unparalleled approach to musicality are brought full circle, as she confesses, “Each song shows a different character from Mother Teresa of Love, the stalker to the psychopathic killer. ‘Running’ is a story of a lost soul seeking love but fighting with demons living in her head since she was very little. She feels devoid of emotions, therefore, believing there is not much left in her to give and that she doesn’t deserve true love.” 

Co-produced with British indietronica singer-songwriter and producer James Yuill (Catz’n’Dogs, Mousse T, John Summit) and fully recorded in London in James’ studio, “Running” unites with echoing vocal energy, reverberating rhythms and melodious choruses to form a truly unique soundscape, filled with possessing emotions and an underlying vulnerability. She continues, “It talks about something that many people with a difficult past or a bit more complex personality struggle with. I know that everyone deserves to be loved but some people just don’t and ‘Running’ is the anthem for all the lost souls out there.” A raw and acoustic account of such creates a tune that soars with melancholy. 

Fox’s musical journey sets her apart. Her debut single “Wild Heart” was officially featured on ‘Love Island’ on ITV, and after a few months, she came back with “Oops I am Dead”, that made her shortlisted for the biggest festival in Europe – Glastonbury. Her previous singles have landed on Spotify’s prestigious ‘New Music UK’ playlist and she has garnered critical acclaim from the likes of The Guardian. Continuing to grow exponentially, Fox has streaming numbers hitting the tens of thousands for her impressive repertoire to date.

The ‘A-Pop’ prince Bahjat showcases a deeply personal side of himself with his latest single “War” – released independently via The Orchard from his forthcoming project A-POP. 

In one of his most intimate musical confessions to date, the angsty pop-rock stylings of “War” lay the foundations for Bahjat to reveal his story in a gripping capacity, made up of profound insights into his journey navigating the music industry, as well as the ways war has changed his perceptions on everyday life. Effortlessly blending Arabic verses with English choruses for a seamless effect, Bahjat’s self-written lyrics are further brought to life through his emotional harmonizing and sophisticated vocal layering.   
Bahjat made the following statement about “War”: “After experiencing the war in Libya and its aftermath as a teenager, my views on life changed drastically. I started noticing how real-life echoed war in so many aspects; much of our day-to-day life revolves around battle, survival and resilience. When I entered the music industry, I didn’t know anything or anyone and it felt like being on a battlefield with just a sword, when everyone else had firearms. “War” is about the moments where you almost give up, but then remember everything you’ve already sacrificed to get where you are – so you decide to dive headfirst.”

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This is Witte Beer — the electro-pop alias of Jeremy van Leeuwen from Toronto. My music features sharp sounds of the future that twist around warm vintage tones and look simultaneously forwards and backwards at the trajectory of synth pop. Bright bubblegum vocals deliver earworms that float crisply on top of the punchy framework.

With Fairlight EP, I wanted to create more of a sonic motif than a lyrical one. Most of the melodies come randomly as humming a tune in the shower, or on a bike ride. I have to scramble pretty quickly to my computer to put down the sounds and ideas before they’re gone. I’ll do vocal versions of synth, bass, and drums all stacked on top of eachother, it sounds pretty bad, but makes a great roadmap.

Listen to “Fairlight” out now on streaming platforms!

This three song EP was inspired by the sounds of the Fairlight CMI, which is a vintage sampler known as “the first sampler.” Similar to how the band The Prodigy based their name off the Moog Prodigy synthesizer, a single instrument can be so inspiring that it becomes the focal point and name of the music.

Looking back I felt like these feelings I wrote into song shared parallels to the summer leading up to leaving my hometown to study sound production. It was a busy summer and I was DJing at least once a week at various parties as well as trying to get time in with everyone I was going to miss. I picked from various scenes of the summer for the verses and let the repeated pre-chorus outline the way I was feeling at the time.

Thanks for listening,Jeremy van Leeuwen of Witte Beer


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