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My self-titled debut EP was fully written and inspired by true events. I chose bold honesty, sharing details about experiences that have maybe hurt me, but also molded and shaped me. It is meant to simulate an inner downward spiral, enchanting the listener to descend into a hauntingly beautiful immersive world that has been meticulously yet authentically curated.

Listen to APACALDA, in collaboration with Samuel Woywitka, Mishka Stein and Isaac Symonds on your preferred platform.

My latest track, “Male Gaze,” is deliberate introspection about the unfortunate yet inevitable darker experiences femme/women have endured and tolerated in a world led predominantly by the “Male Gaze.” It’s about speaking out, the refusal to continue to adapt to what is, and instead confronting the truth with the intention to accept nothing less than change in favour of a safer existence.

Watch and share the official music video on YouTube.

Director Maïlis got an instant inspired vision from listening to the first 20 seconds of this song. The depiction of a woman going through some sort of exorcism, releasing all of the residual judgments, the ingrained ideas of the perception of a woman, and confronting the problematic behaviour that has consumed femme/women and their existence for centuries.

From its inception, “Male Gaze” was fueled by passionate resentment. For you. I’ll live, I’ll die for you. I don’t wanna be for you. This is significant to me because a great majority of my existence from the perspective of me being a woman has been to accommodate or be appealing, appeasing, and submissive to men. This song is about our accountability of how we propagate the current gaze and its emerging ramifications. I hope it incites power in you.

Thank you for spending time with my music,


Singer-songwriter, vocal powerhouse and now-producer Grace Davies has released the music video for triumphant showstopper ‘Breathe’, the lead single taken from her newly released EP, It Wasn’t Perfect, But We Tried. Directed by Adam Young and shot in Manchester, the visual sees Grace put on a passionate performance of the track with her band, surrounded by a beat-driven light show and steered by Grace’s infectious energy as a seasoned live performer – watch here

A lesson in pop mastery featuring Grace’s signature powerhouse vocal, crashing drums and a hook-driven, belter of a chorus, Grace comments of the track: “‘Breathe’ is about reclaiming your power. It’s about taking all the shit that’s been thrown at you and owning it/turning it into something powerful. ‘The end of where you tear me apart’ – the start of a new beginning where I don’t let you control my life anymore. I wrote it in 2017, but it’s a song I came back to 5 years later reflecting on everything I’ve been through as an independent artist, and it means even more to me now than it did when I wrote it”.

The Florence, SC-based multi-instrumentalist Alex Melton, known for his renditions of Punk Songs as country influenced songs on YouTube, has announced his new album Southern Charm’. The record, which is out 23rd January 2023, is Alex’s debut album on label Pure Noise Records. Today Alex has also released new song and video off of the album, a cover of Luke Combs ‘Beer Never Broke My Heart’.

Indie rock singer Petal Crush (Andy Petrusky) is thrilled to release his new EP Lucky Ever After that is out now. To celebrate he has released the music video to his  single“ Gonna Need It Now” that is featured on Under the Radar.
Over 10 years ago, Andy Petrusky left behind a promising career as a professional tennis player and moved to New York City to pursue rock and roll after the death of his brother, who originated the band name Petal Crush.
Now, he’s releasing the Playing Dead EP, introducing the singer and multi-instrumentalist’s boldest-sounding songs yet, following 2016 debut album Electrica and the Look Out Sister EP in 2019. Evolution is inevitable, and amidst the chaos of 2020, Petrusky became a father for the first time and closed out the year having an emergency appendectomy.
The first song he wrote was EP opener “Gonna Need It Now,” a piano-driven anthem that’s far from the fuzzed-out rush of Petal Crush’s previous work. The title track channels an early Strokes-like urgency that undeniably sounds like moving to New York in your early 20s, while synth lines by co-producer Ayad Al Adhamy (Passion Pit, Team Spirit) recall the Killers’ Hot Fuss.
Growing up with these albums means being a particular age, and the songs on Playing Dead, also co-produced by Craig Almquist (Cold Fronts), speak to millennial malaise. While they have appeal for all ages, “Of Course Of Course” and “Lucky Ever After” hint at a specific burnout.

rising critically acclaimed San Antonio, TX rapper Mike Dimes returns with a new single and music video entitled “247”. Listen to “247” HERE and watch the music video HERE.

The track’s ominous production channels tension from the jump. The hypnotic synths underline a punchy beat as Mike stunts verbally over this airy sonic backdrop. He threads together rhymes with dynamic dexterity before delivering the hook, “247, this phone keeps buzzing. Bitch, it’s nothing. In the accompanying visual, he makes deals from a penthouse, plays poker, and flaunts stacks of cash. Rapping from the back of a luxury truck, it showcases a high-roller lifestyle without comparison and hints at more to come. The video is directed by directed by fellow Texan, Keaton Jones.

Most recently, he dropped “TALK2ME” over the summer. So far, it has generated north of 3 million Spotify streams and 328K YouTube views on the music video. Beyond reeling in hundreds of millions of total streams, he has continued to garner critical acclaim as well. Pitchfork proclaimed, “His performance will grab your ears and shake your brain for loose change, and Billboard attested, “San Antonio’s Mike Dimes is becoming the city’s newest rap hero.” In addition, XXLplugged him as part of The Break.

Right now, he’s cooking up more music for release soon.

Osiris Media announces the return of Salute the Songbird, a podcast hosted by rock and soul singer Maggie Rose that celebrates the lives and careers of women in music. 

The first episode of season four premieres today, October 18th, with musician Susan TedeschiSalute the Songbird is one of Osiris Artist Spotlight podcasts and was developed in partnership with Rose and her manager, Austin Marshall of Starstruck Entertainment.

Salute the Songbird features candid conversations with Rose’s female musical heroes about their lives in and out of music. Women who are challenging the status quo and have a desire to offer guidance for artists starting their careers. Season Four will feature guests such as Rita WilsonThe Indigo Girls’ Amy Ray, and other female musicians, songwriters, producers, and industry mavens who detail their triumphs, struggles, and how they continue to succeed as women in the music industry.

Osiris Artist Spotlight shows include Moods & Modes with Alex SkolnickWheels Off with Rhett Miller; Comes A Time, with Oteil Burbridge and Mike FinoiaEric Krasno Plus OneInside the Musicians Brain, with Chris PandolfiTouchdowns All Day with Jon Barber.

About Osiris Media:

Osiris Media is the only podcast studio focused exclusively on music. Whether exploring the stories behind music’s greatest legends, documenting the next wave of musical heroes, or featuring cult artists beloved by passionate audiences, Osiris is synonymous with the best in music storytelling.

LA indie-pop quartet and longtime best friends Atta Boy share their long-awaited third studio album Crab Park out now along with the album’s title track. With poignant songwriting and soothing instrumentation, the latest LP from the group elegantly captures the continual cycle of change, matched by the pillars that remain vital to stay afloat–friendship, love, home and more–with their most refined work to date.

Atta Boy’s third studio album Crab Park, out now, is a pacifying body of work that feels like a candle in a dark room–a quiet guiding light that evokes a particular sense of serenity. With album art designed by the band’s own Lewis Pullman (drums), the ten track body of work allows the band to thoughtfully reflect on the varied aspects of change–nostalgia, an ever-changing understanding of home, the value of meaningful friendship and the vulnerability that comes with embracing the full, broad spectrum of emotions throughout life’s highs and lows. With imaginative song structures and twirling melodies, Crab Park is a buoyant celebration of the natural cycle of living, dying, dissolving, and reforming, ultimately, perpetually in bloom.

The band’s most realized work to date was created largely due to the solid, tight-knit environment the four close friends built together. Pianist Dashel Thompson explains, “The process of recording an album as a band is an extremely vulnerable one. Instead of letting that vulnerability slow us down, we embraced it during the creation of ‘Crab Park.’ I’ve known my bandmates for more than half my life, and I think this is the closest I’ve ever felt to them – in large part because of the open and safe, but intensely intimate environment we built during the making of this album. The result was extremely positive: I think ‘Crab Park’ is our most personal, most mature, and the work I’m most proud of.” Guitarist Freddy Reish adds, The feelings and ideas that [the project] conjures for me are reflection, growth, finding and building love.”

Emmy-nominated singer/songwriter and musician The White Buffalo has shared the new single and video “Winter Act 2,” out today, watch HERE. The song is the second single to be unveiled from his extraordinary forthcoming album Year Of The Dark Horse, set for release November 11 on Snakefarm Records, the album is now available for pre-order, HERE.

This weekend, The White Buffalo performed a stripped down acoustic performance from the Rebels & Renegades Festival in Monterey, CA on Paste magazine’s “Paste Studio On The Road”; watch and share the performance, HERE.

JEEN has entered the 2020s with boot firmly planted in the current musical landscape.

JEEN (2020), Dog Bite (2021) and the forthcoming Tracer (2022) could be a trilogy of sorts. A strong reflective collection and a call on song to navigate these last couple of years. JEEN is a heady intoxicating record.  Each track swirls with a sense of naivety and wild abandon. A “before times” if you will. With Dog Bite there is an enveloping intensity and immediacy which strongly reflects the moment in which it was recorded where all were being strangled and suffocated by the pandemic. Dog Bite might have the monicker of something ferocious and the sneer to back it but with Tracer there is a more vulnerable and fragile quality to JEEN’s vocals. Both warmer and less angular. Perhaps affected by past experience, perhaps intentional. Whichever way one can’t argue how intimate a space she creates on this album, vocally and sonically. Upon first listen one quickly realizes Tracer is an immersive experience. A challenge or even a dare, to sit with and allow oneself to be taken in and even more so taken over.

Madison, WI-based rising psychedelic-funk multi-instrumentalist Kainalu shares the vulnerable psych-funk title track out now with an accompanying vibrant lyric video, from his forthcoming LP Ginseng HourglassThe contemplative, experimental sophomore LP by Kainalu is due out November 4. Shop exclusive Kainalu merch on sale now here and join Kainalu for the official album release parties in Madison, WI and Chicago, IL on December 2nd and December 3rd with tickets on sale this Friday at 10AM CT here and here respectively.

Today’s release highlights a heavier, more personal side of Kainalu as he grapples with the finiteness of life, and powerfully captures the complexities of loss and the importance of growth. It asks, in a fleeting lifespan, how should one spend their time? Kainalu shares the title track is, “a psychedelic funk song that explores everything from deep rhythm and overblown heaviness. Ginseng is a representation of the darker, grittier side of the album. The song is written about wrestling with the reality of your fleeting lifespan. As depicted in the album’s artwork, Kainalu adds, “Ginseng – the traditional, medicinal herb, and hourglass – the falling sands of time. Together the words symbolize the sands of time. How will you spend the life you’ve been gifted?”

London-based artist Barny Fletcher has released his new mixtape project, JETPACK. The collection of songs is released via Guin Records. Listen in full now here.

A project which took Barny back to his humble roots hunting for hidden beats on the internet, the resulting JETPACK mixtape takes us on a wild ride through its 10 high-octane tracks. Twisting through smart hip-hop beats, slick R&B melodies, and laser sharp lyricism, the songs are the latest testament to Barny’s meteoric rise. Barny describes:

  • JETPACK started out as a 3 track pack of songs. Over time I kept adding to it and eventually stopped myself at 10 before it turned into a double side album. During Covid, studio sessions weren’t really possible, so I found myself writing to beats from the internet, just how I used to when I first started writing. The process was refreshing actually. I’ve worked with Platinum producers & Grammy winners, but nothing compares to writing a hot song to a beat which has been hiding in a corner of the infinite labyrinth, which is the internet. JETPACK has energy and all the songs serve a purpose. Front to back. Listen and enjoy.”

Alongside today’s mixtape release comes new single, “Weakness,” a breezy track showcasing Barny’s impeccable flow and laidback confidence. On the track, Barny notes, “I wanted a song which captured the feeling of cruising through London at 2am in the back of an Uber with the windows down. The city turns into a blur and you’re scheming in the back, figuring out how the hell you’re gonna make it. ‘Weakness’ checks that box for me.” Watch the official video for “Weakness” here

Queer|Art, New York City’s home for the creative and professional development of LGBTQ+ artists, is pleased to announce the winners of two of its biggest annual awards. Writer, educator, and activist Alexis De Veaux is the winner of the 2022 Pamela Sneed Award for Black Queer|Art|Mentorship Artists and Organizers. And orator and community leader Wendi Moore-O’Neal is the winner of the 2022 Queer|Art|Prize for Sustained Achievement. Both artists are based in New Orleans – a significant regional first for both awards. Four additional artists—stefa marin alarcon, Marie Amegah, Uhuru Moor, and Grace Rosario Perkins—have also been named as the finalists of the 2022 Queer|Art|Prize for Recent Work. Winners for all three awards will receive a $10,000 cash prize; and new this year, each Finalist for the Queer|Art|Prize for recent work will also receive $5,000. All three awards are made possible with support from HBO Max. 

De Veaux, Moore-O’Neal, and the four Recent Work Prize finalists will be honored in a public ceremony—The 2022 Queer|Art Annual Party, Queer|Art’s biggest event of the year—on November 10th, 7pm streaming Live from The Whitney Museum of American Art. The ceremony will be hosted by activist/drag artist Junior Mintt, and also occasions the reveal of the winner for the 2022 Queer|Art|Prize in the category of Recent Work, as well as the graduation of the 2022 Queer|Art|Mentorship Fellows. An After Party emceed by Cecilia Gentili with DJ sets by Body Hack artists Cisne and NYMPH will immediately follow, beginning at 8:45pm.

My brand new single, “Ordinary People,” marks my second Latin American collaboration and first with Menny Flores. You can stream it now via your preferred platform.

It’s about two people from completely different walks of life looking for love despite their everyday struggles. It’s about hope in the face of despair.

This song was written during my first trip to Mexico City. The city itself inspired me. The food, the culture, the passion and music were palpable and everyone I met and worked with had this amazing energy. Menny and I were at Pere George’s house when he played us a beautiful huapango track and we jumped on it immediately. It was after one of my other sessions so we started at around midnight and kept going until four in the morning.

We collaborated with Diana Martinezfor the artwork. Since everything was inspired by my time in Mexico City, I wanted to keep a lot of the creative down there.

I’ve never written a song with the intention of eliciting a feeling in someone else. I have to just write something that makes me feel something and see if other people feel the same way.

Thank you for listening!


Dancing between memories, confessions and calls for action, Sable suspends her stories in synth-based soundscapes, underpinned by a love for pop music. The result is a sound that pulls as much from Joy Division and Justin Vernon as it does from Kate Bush and Caroline Polachek, carving out a space in the art pop world that is uniquely her own.

Following her self-produced debut EP, “Kitchen Sink,” and follow-up single, “Long Hot Summer,” Sable has become an exciting name in the Berlin indie scene, leading to her supporting Glass Animals at their sold out show at Berlin’s Columbiahalle. Other recent performances include venues as varied as KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Outer Sound Open-Air, and Loophole.

Sable’s songs have garnered attention from the likes of Euphoria Mag, DUMMY, KALTBLUT and La Vague Parallele, and received a coveted spot on Spotify’s Fresh Finds Playlist with her 2021 single, “Team”. Prior to this, she completed a mentorship under Darkstar’s James Young (Warp, Hyperdub) as part of Amplify Berlin’s June 2020 cohort.

This November, Sable will be heading back to the UK for her “Graduation Tour” (Bristol, Oxford, Manchester) in celebration of her upcoming EP, “English Literature.”

Germany based indie rock artist M. Byrdhas signed to Nettwerk Music Group, and recently he celebrated the news with his new single “Flood” with an accompanying music video. M. Byrd writes songs for these moments in life where you feel like you’re the main character in your own movie. 
An airy indie rock song uplifted by swooning vocals, “Flood” is about the turbulence of life, being on the road and community, and also about the art of letting go. “I’ve been traveling, and I have this thought of where home is and what home means to me,” he reveals.“My partner’s family is in Denmark. My family is somewhere at the French border. My friends are everywhere. I’m trying to make sense of letting go and still being firmly with myself and the people I love,” adds M. Byrd. The music video was directed by the talented videographer Joseph Strauch and captures life on tour in a clever way, making the viewers feel like they are a part of a road movie.“

“Flood” takes you on a ride. It’s a song about the interplay of love, distance, family, and moving forward in your life,” states M. Byrd about the track. “I like to think of it as a constant cascade, like a waterfall that is becoming stronger and stronger, the more it is raining. Musically I find that to be most apparent in the littler guitar melody that slowly weaves into the song in the second part of the song as it is growing to a big cascading choir that Doreen and I recorded in like 2 overdubs together. We were just screaming in the room, it was magnificent!”d part of the song as it is growing to a big cascading choir that Doreen and I recorded in like 2 overdubs together. We were just screaming in the room, it was magnificent!”

M. Byrd joins Nettwerk’s expanding label roster, which also includes OSKA, Like Sital-Singh, SYML, and The Paper Kites. Making it onto the cover of Indie Brandneu’s renowned playlist, and New Music Friday’s across DE, NL and CHE, he’s already amounted to tens of thousands of streams already! As well as garnering humbling support from the likes of Billboard news amongst his new singing via Nettwerk, N. Byrd has also received airplays on the likes of German radio stations such as NDR, 1LIVE and Radio Fritz. 

Indie-pop singer and songwriter Cade Hoppe is back with the music video for his latest single, “Faded Love.”

The concept for the video, which was self-directed by Cade, was inspired by one of his favorite lyrics from the song: “I’ll put ‘Hot Fuss’ vinyl on / We’ll scream the words to every song again.” The video sees Cade strolling around New York City, stopping in record stores. Just like how the song grapples with whether to pursue an old flame, the music video follows Cade on his journey to find a record from his past. Will he find it again or will it remain a remnant of the past?

Cade broke out in 2021 with the release of his debut EP, ‘Tell Me How It’s Worth It.’ He quickly followed it up with his sophomore effort, ‘Everything That’s Wrong with You,’ in Spring 2022. His discography is a continually unfolding process that evolves with confidence and clarity with each new release. With his steadfast determination and undeniable talent, Cade is well on his way to becoming an indie-pop mainstay.


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