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INsiders Guide: Tyler Posey, Salem Ilese, Jonah Kagen, Eprom, Skysia, Darius Martin, Flyana Boss, Olive Louise, FREYA RIDINGS, LOVEBREAKERS, BAHARI…

Tyler Posey is no stranger to the spotlight. His storied acting and music career spans over a decade starring in dozens of TV shows and movies including Teen Wolf and Truth or Dare, as well as being a member of multiple bands including PVMNTS and Five North. In 2020, Posey decided to take a big step in his music career by becoming a solo artist

Standing alone in the spotlight for the first time has been freeing in more ways than one, least of all when it comes to his courage to open up about the hell that was 2020. The early days of the COVID pandemic were particularly pronounced for him, exacerbating deep-rooted anxiety, depression and childhood trauma that manifested in a self-destructive pattern of drug and alcohol abuse. Left to his own devices while quarantine orders ruled Los Angeles, life inside Posey’s home became a dangerous cycle of isolation and intoxication.

This new chapter of Posey’s career sets off a powder keg of personal reflection and growth, grounded by his elastic voice, juxtaposing a devil-may-care growl and smooth-throated pop-punk sheen.

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Salem Ilese opens up about letting go in “Tall Boi” Get it HERE.

Tall Boi” is a bright pop anthem that digs deep into the complex and relatable struggles of moving on from someone who fits a specific “type.” In Salem’s case, that person is a tall boy. With her signature powerful vocals and infectious pop melodies, Salem perfectly captures the emotional rollercoaster of trying to let go of someone who once held a special place in her heart. The track is a testament to Salem’s talent as a songwriter, as she explored the universal pain of heartbreak and the journey towards healing.

Despite taking time away from her own music to expand her horizons as a songwriter, Salem Ilese’s RIAA-certified Gold hit single “Mad at Disney” has amassed over 3.5 billion streams, with “PS5” following with over 500 million streams. Her last release, “PainHub” showcases a fresh new sound that combines pop melodies with high-concept lyrics criticizing media consumption. The track is the first step on this journey towards a new era in Salem’s career in collaboration with Rina Sawayama‘s creative director Crystal Lockhart.

Jonah Kagen presents his new single, “18,” out today on Arista Records. Pairing his signature acoustic-driven sound with lyrics that tug at the heartstrings, Jonah’s new single explores the trials and tribulations of young love.

He adds, “‘18′ is a song that I never thought anyone in the world except myself would ever hear. It’s about falling in love as a kid and how that same love can go from absolutely everything to nothing in just a few minutes. I wrote this song from the deepest part of my being, and I hope you find your own story somewhere in the lyrics.”

The 23-year-old singer and songwriter grew up in Savannah, Georgia and took up guitar at the age of six, diving deep into the instrument’s technical aspects after his jazz musician grandfather showed him performance videos. He further found inspiration in the music of guitarist Andy McKee, whose finger-style technique lit a creative fire within. “He opened my eyes to what an acoustic guitar could be,” he recalls, as he dove deeper into creating music on his own. “If you can bring somebody something with your music that they can’t get anywhere else, there’s nothing better than that.”

“18” follows Jonah’s debut EP, ‘georgia got colder,’ which was released in December 2022 on Arista Records. He’s already cut impressive figures with over 130+ million global streams, a US tour supporting Maisie Peters, nearly 2 million Spotify monthly listeners, and was included on Shazam’s 2023 predictions list. An exciting new voice bringing an undeniable energy and sincerity through his multifaceted sound, Jonah Kagen is undoubtedly an artist on the rise. 

Electronic music visionary Eprom, known for his groundbreaking work as a sonic and visual innovator, is gearing up to release his third single, “The Circle,” on Friday, April 28th, ahead of his highly anticipated first LP in 10 years, Syntheism. Eprom’s unique sound, which traverses toxic hip-hop influences to searing garage innovations and beyond, has captivated audiences and critics alike, garnering widespread acclaim and support from industry heavyweights like Flume, G Jones, and DJ Shadow.

As a multi-faceted artist, Eprom’s influence transcends the boundaries of music, having a profound impact across diverse verticals such as fashion, design, technology, and production. His pioneering sound has been featured at the 2023 Paris Fashion Week by American fashion designer Rick Owens, and his groundbreaking ‘Robotics’ live show, led by renowned lighting designer Christian Jackson, incorporated cutting-edge robotics technology at The North Warehouse in his hometown of Portland, Oregon in late April.

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Quote from Eprom:

“This one is a little love letter to the sounds of my youth – acid, rave, breakbeats and hardcore drum and bass. It’s one that I wrote on lockdown and I’m really happy to unleash it now on the dance floor.”

Skysia presents a groundbreaking storytelling experience with his album, ‘Here.’ Accompanied by a feature-length film, this album is a journey through the full spectrum of life, from birth to death. The opening track, ‘Time,’ sets the stage for the beginning of life and the introduction to the world. The album then guides the listener through a captivating journey of the human experience, culminating in the track ‘Breathless Voyage,’ which symbolizes the end of life and the crossing over to the other side. Finally, the outro track, ‘Return,’ brings the listener back to the beginning, completing the cycle of life and reminding us of our connection to the universe. ‘Here’ is a powerful reminder of the importance of memory and how it shapes our humanity. It invites the listener to reflect on their own life journey and to find their center amidst the magic and struggles of being alive.”

Los Angeles based singer-songwriter and producer Darius Martin pioneers expansive alt R&B music complete with pop-laced hooks and island-drenched soundscapes. Writing about the beauty and struggles found in life, Martin aims to connect with his listeners on a deep level, pouring his own emotions and autobiographical experiences into every release.

Born in El Paso, Texas, Darius Martin spent his childhood in Alamogordo, New Mexico where he took influence from the vastness of the desert. Relocating to Southern California in high school, Martin was an active and serious athlete in his teenage years. Fate though, had a different plan, and when a serious illness sidelined Martin, he began channeling his time into discovering his new passion for music. Influenced by the likes of Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and Marvin Gaye, Martin began experimenting with different sounds and genres aiming to achieve a sound that is fresh as it is timeless. The songwriter attended the prestigious Los Angeles Film Institute where he graduated in 2020. His college experience further reinforced his passion and ambition to pursue a career in music. Equipped with the skills developed during his time at the Los Angeles Film Institute, he began recording music professionally.

In 2022, Martin released his debut single “Ring”, a sultry club infused anthem drenched with intoxicating rhythms over deep dark basslines, pulsating beats, and melancholic lyrics that leaves a haunting memory of sensuality and abandonment. The single was followed by “Feel A Way”, a slow-burned, pitch-black alternative R&B track all about loss and regret. Martin’s emotive vocals fervently sing his remorse to a former lover, enticing the listener with every note.

“Already Won” is a melodic hip hop single with Dribbletoomuch, where both artists take count of their accomplishments while celebrating their future success. An inspiring anthem that captures the relentless pursuit of excellence, the song inspires listeners to conquer their challenges and seize their moment in the spotlight. With “Waves”, Martin creates a seductive and introspective release detailing the pain of a push and pull romantic relationship. Organic percussion underlays layered brooding harmonies and visceral electronics highlighting the emotional upheaval of a broken relationship. 

Darius Martin’s single “Options” details the whirlwind sensations of a wild romance. Shockingly seductive and sonically imaginative, the songwriter’s rich and textural vocals glide effortlessly over iridescent sonics and penetrating bass.

Crafting music that deeply resonates with his listeners, Darius Martin takes inspiration from real life experiences and contrasting perspectives to highlight “the good, bad, and in between. I want real life emotions and feelings to be poured out into my music.”

Hailing from Detroit, MI and Dallas, TX, MCs and multi-instrumentalists Bobbi Lanea and Folayan Kunerede met at a music college in Los Angeles, CA. They immediately hit it off and began collaborating with each other, eventually naming their group, Flyana Boss. Folayan and Bobbi create infectious, hip-hop anthems embodying the spirit of fly-ness and boss-ness. They aim to entertain, make you laugh, and always remind you that you are listening to the direct descendants of all the lady bosses that came before them through generations of humanity, from Cleopatra to Harriet Tubman to Michelle Obama to Beyoncé!

Wan from winter, ruddy cheeked, and enigmatic, Olive Louise is the embodiment of ‘Don’t gild the Lily’. The wispy haired dirty blonde, with a past full of tragedy and eyes like ice that shimmer the same way her coppery strands do, is completely herself and has the uncontrived ability to make you feel like you are understood when listening to her music. 

With a past like hers, one might expect her to be less of an open book after losing both her parents before the age of 15. Instead, she is completely candid about her trauma and her loss. When asked if it is hard for her to talk about, 

“What’s harder for me is how unexpectedly it can hit me even years later. I watched an old video of my mom playing the piano the other day and I wished that she could play the piano again. She was so jipped and so young. I was suddenly inconsolable. I hadn’t ever thought about it that way. The loss really feels like a wound that is always there and sometimes I might accidentally bash against a corner and open it up again, but never the same way and I can’t ever know when or exactly what will do it.” 

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I learn that while we’re having this conversation Olive is germinating strawberry and basil seeds for her garden in the summer. Olive is a breath of fresh air and speaks to you like you’ve known each other your entire lives. The “au naturel” look she has, usually sporting a bare face and crisp pair of pearl earrings, translates into her music, which feels billowy and nostalgic and is reminiscent of her songbird sister Florence Welch and London Grammar, who Olive has often been compared to. 

Olive’s vocals feel soft and like they’ve been plucked directly from her diary entry. Her writing style is vivid and often metaphorical. In “Moroccan Oranges”, she chants, “Your voice like a theremin, I heard it giving in”.. to describe her fathers voice when trying not to cry while on vacation for the first time after his wife’s, Olive’s mother’s passing. To anyone who is unfamiliar, as I was, a Theremin is an instrument that gives off a deep warbling vibrato. Olive’s newest music offers an earnest perspective of the stages of grief, something she knows all too well. 

“Garden” is a letter to her parents, a wish, that they are both together and that they will one day all be together again. It is hopeful and poignant. “Moroccan Oranges” is about the shock and emptiness that she felt after losing her mother, and “The Cure” is an ethereal masterpiece that transports you to the actual Main House of The Great Gatsby estate where she was raised and into the dilapidated remnants of what could have been and what was. 

Olive’s music is haunting and heroic. Olive Louise is for the time traveler, the wanderer and those hungry for real storytelling and adventure.

Freya Ridings’ year to date has seen her establish the ideal platform to launch Blood Orange – the eagerly anticipated follow-up to her #3, Gold-certified and BRIT- nominated debut album. Her first single of 2023, ‘Weekends’, proved to be one of her biggest hits to date as it earned a flurry of airplay (including Tune of the Week at Radio 1 and a playlist at Radio 2) and was propelled into the Top 40 of the Official Charts. Subsequent tracks ‘Face In The Crowd’, ‘Can I Jump?’ and ‘Perfect’ continued to win new fans and reconnect with existing ones, and her profile was further boosted by announcing
upcoming live plans including The Coronation Concert, Glastonbury and her own autumn headline tour. Now the day is finally upon as Freya releases her second album Blood Orange. The album emerges alongside its new single ‘I Feel Love’ and she also shares a performance video of the album’s title track, the latest in a series of visuals which were filmed live at Alexandra Palace. Freya says, “The thing I really wanted to do with this album was to say the things I really struggled to say. Pick the things I actually, physically couldn’t say to people, and write about them, and sing about them. That was the truth with ‘Blood Orange’: to scare myself with how honest these songs could be.” One listen to the album reveals just how much Freya was willing to open her heart as she crafted its fourteen songs. It’s effectively an album of two halves: 18 months of Freya’s lost in the depths of heartbreak and loneliness, and then another 18 months in which she emerges happier than ever before. The moods are both bitter and sweet, the songs spanning from reflective and intimate to joyous and inclusive, and
the transition that she grows through casts a powerfully uplifting spell upon the listener. The Blood Orange story comes to a cathartic, feelgood conclusion with the disco-leaning pop of Freya’s new single ‘I Feel Love’. After the highs and lows that preceded it, Freya celebrates with pure, unadulterated joy as she sings, “I feel love, right here, right now, so clear.”

Alternative punk rock band LOVEBREAKERS have released their brand new single Attracted To Your Fashion, taken from their highly anticipated second album which is due out this summer. The song is an energetic, power pop anthem which has an undeniable chorus, surrounded with their staple and hooky lead guitar lines. Alongside the video the band have also released a new video. The video is a nod to counter cultures of yesteryear and is a complete juxtaposition to the song. 

Los Angeles-based rising alt-pop duo Bahari—aka Natalia Panzarella and Ruby Carr—return with a new single entitled “Kills Me” today. It can be streamed at all DSPs HERE.

Once again, the conversational interplay between Natalia and Ruby drives the track’s momentum. Acoustic guitar underlines confessionally vulnerable vocals. Against a backdrop of ethereal beat-craft, an instantly hypnotic hook echoes with a lilting harmony, “Only you know how to love me, when I’m by myself, it kills me.” It barely contains the mania of attempting to grasp at fleeting memories of an ex—in a quiet last-ditch effort to hold onto the relationship.

About “Kills Me, Bahari agree, “It’s basically about the moment when you lose someone like your partner and you reflect on all of the time you spent together. If you could just be with this person one more time, maybe it would be different. Essentially, it reflects on how this person made you feel safe throughout the relationship. We were in this headspace when we wrote it. You get this anxiety after your partner is gone.”  

It also unlocks the next season of music from Bahari

French DJ and producer Folamour has announced his latest album ‘Manifesto’ – with the fourteen-track LP set for release on Ultra/ Columbia/ Sony Music France on 26th May 2023. A project two years in the making, recently announced during his return to Amsterdam’s iconic DGTL festival, the album sees the Lyon-based artist reveal his most personal project to date, exploring his own concepts and vision of the ideas of “love and freedom”, and welcoming a deep dive into productions stretching the breadth of the house spectrum and beyond loaded with the signature touches listeners have come to expect from his rich sound palette.

Building on his critically acclaimed 2021 LP ‘The Journey’, which has since gone on to rack up close to 10 million plays via Spotify alone, and the launch of his new label House Of Love earlier this year, ‘Manifesto’ sees the globally renowned producer and selector partner return with a wealth of solo material alongside a selection of vocalists, songwriters, and fellow producers across the package – including Baccus, Amadou & Mariam, Jungle By Night, Khazali, Emmanuel Jal, and Tim Ayre.

acclaimed Haitian DJ/Producer Francis Mercier releases his remix of globally revered UK duo Gorgon City’s latest buzzing single “Voodoo.” Featuring a spine-tingling rework full of energy, character, and drive, Francis transforms the original into a massive-sounding cut that is surely primed for the summer festival season.

“1 year ago, my younger self would laugh if I were told I’d be officially remixing one of Gorgon City’s top releases. I am beyond thankful and honored to be given such an opportunity. A lot of incredible things are happening in my career and this is definitely one of them. Thank you to the guys for thinking of me.” — Francis Mercier

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Coming off a hot streak of his debut performance at Coachella and a string of shows at Miami Music Week (including B2B play with Mad Decent label boss Diplo), Francis has been making international waves across the house music community with nonstop touring all over the world from Canada to Columbia to even Pakistan. He is also Co-Founder of Deep Root Records, a Forbes, and Billboard-recognized, 100% Black-owned label.

Gorgon City is one of the UK’s current most prolific staples in house music. Whether they’re dishing out fiery tech house cuts during their live sets, crafting chart-topping studio albums, or putting on new artists via their label REALM, the odds are that every dance music fan has heard their name. The firmly established duo has amassed over 1.5 billion global streams throughout their career and have performed at some of the biggest music events in the world including Glastonbury, Creamfields, Primavera Sound, Coachella, and many, many more.

Francis Mercier offers a brilliant take on Gorgon City’s “Voodoo,” which is currently taking the dance music world by storm. His artistry adds a new layer of depth to the beloved track, infusing his signature Afro and melodic elements. 

Marshall Vincent reveals his exquisite sophomore EP ‘Burn On Arrival’, treating us to four brand new tracks, including the focus single ‘Grace’. 

Focus single Grace is a dynamic and intoxicating offering leaning into Marshall’s theatre background. With performance at the core of who he is as an artist, the spoken word in Grace translates seamlessly.

Burn On Arrival is the flawless next chapter in Marshall’s journey, a body of work touching on love, trust and emotion. The cinematic intensity and emotive soundscapes echo his cathartic songwriting. 

Mentored by legendary producers like Diddy, Timbaland & Missy Elliott, Jozzy has been long celebrated for her penmanship with music credits that include Internet Money’s “Lemonade” featuring Don Toliver, Gunna and Nav, DaniLeigh’s “Lil Bebe”, Metro Boomin & 21 Savage’s “Mr. Right Now” and more. She’s the woman behind Billy Ray Cyrus’ verse on Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” [Remix], which has since been certified platinum 17 times.  Jozzy recently received two GRAMMY nominations for her work on Beyoncé’s RENAISSANCE and Mary J. Blige’s  Good Morning Gorgeous at the 65th annual GRAMMY awards.

Jozzy’s dedication to create across all genres, from Coldplay and Rihanna to Pharrell and The Weeknd, has solidified her song-writing reputation as one of the most diverse and adaptable in the game. In May of 2022, Live Nation’s joint venture with Femme It Forward honored Jozzy with the Pen it Forward Award, an accolade of prestige that celebrates and empowers the music industry’s most creatively accomplished female visionaries.

Diddy first introduced Jozzy to the world during the 2022 Billboard Music Awards, announcing her as his first artist under Love Records before sharing the stage with her as she performed.  At the time, Diddy stated that Jozzy is “one of the most talented songwriters and artists” he had ever worked with and that she reminded him of”R&B Biggie.”

Alt-rock band Ragers is thrilled to share their brand new single and music video “Tossed Out”, out now. The song – a follow up to their recent single “Only Sins No Tragedies” – gives fans another glimspe of the band’s forthcoming album Missed Calls From Home, which is set to be released on September 29th

Check out “Tossed Out” now, here: Watch the music video here:

The band shares: “You ever get kicked out of a pub in Thunder Bay, Ontario after falling in love with the bartender? Out of luck, out of money, and out in the snow without a coat. There’s something mischievous but celebratory about this one. It’s just plain fun, simple and straightforward.

This track evokes some of the alt-rock sounds we grew up with, a sort of dandy way of approaching punk themes. An infectious guitar lick, a chorus that hooks you on the spot, pulls you in, before tossing you right back out.”

Stay tuned for more new music coming soon.

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Indie-pop singer Remy Reilly has released her new single “What Do Ya Know,” a feel-good pop-rock anthem about keeping your heart open and falling in love again. This is the first song the emerging Dallas artist has released following her EP Avalanche, released last year, an eclectic five-track project touching on coming-of-age and spanning across genres. “What Do Ya Know” is available to stream and download on all digital platforms worldwide.

“What Do Ya Know” is a joyful celebration of new love and diving in head first. Committed to seeing the good in others, Remy Reilly decides to keep her heart open and fall in love, no matter what happens in previous relationships. Produced by fellow Dallas native Jonathan Tyler, the song creates an infectious euphoria, overflowing from the breezy, carefree pop-rock rhythmicalities to Reilly’s distinctive gentle soul rasp that she’s known for. Beneath the upbeat, lively exterior made to dance along to, “What Do Ya Know” reflects a newfound wisdom, one as blissfully open to possibilities as a happy ending in a film.

My name is Matt Fasullo. I started playing guitar in 2005, posting covers of my favourite songs on YouTube, but it wasn’t until college that I decided to start singing, performing live, and eventually producing my own music. My music combines the familiar with the new, which is a perfect way to describe my new song, “Video99.”

Video99 was a video and game rental store in Stouffville, Ontario where I grew up. It represents an era that I miss greatly – I’d give anything to go back in time and walk into that dull beige 90s carpeted store again to rent an N64 game.

That’s why I wrote “Video99,” a tribute to that moment of time in my life. The song is inspired by the rhythmic grooves found in blues – which my dad listened to a lot while I was growing up during that same nostalgic era – but the song actually sounds more like R&B and rock.

Hear “Video99” on streaming platforms everywhere now.

Watch the official “Video99” music video on YouTube.

You drop your fist on the table, sound ripples through my brain till I’m just like you

A cool breeze from your shoulder, new curse from my mouth and you’re proud I bruise

I was so pleased to collaborate with a number of talented colleagues on this song, including mixing engineer Dave Worthen and singer Janel Rae, who both added their unique touches to my song.

As much as I feel nostalgic about being able to rent a new video game and play all weekend when I was a kid, that’s just one side of the coin of the song . There are other parts of my life I don’t remember so fondly, like the generational trauma I endured with seemingly endless yelling from my dad. Reflecting on that, I like where I am now and how much I’ve grown.

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Thank you for reminiscing with me,

Matt Fasullo

Producer, Songwriter and Recording Artist, VeeAlwaysHere, has teamed up with Korean Rapper Ted Park for the release of “I don’t dance,” out now. Written by VeeAlwaysHere and Ted Park“I don’t dance,”  is an upbeat song with a deeper meaning behind the lyrics. Simply put, “I don’t dance” is about going out to clubs, but not dancing; you’re there to distract yourself from pain and feelings.

“I don’t dance” is specifically about dealing, or not dealing, with heartbreak by going out and trying to drown the pain with alcohol and excessive spending. VeeAlwaysHere expands; “In my verse, I’m talking about going out to avoid thinking about my daily struggles and potentially unsuccessful lovelife, because when I go out I feel like a star. In Ted Park’s verse, he talks about prioritizing his music career over relationships and struggling with that, even though that’s what he wants. The sound of this song is very ironic, because it’s a very bouncy club-type of song that starts with me saying that “I don’t dance.” It’s a fun-sounding record musically, but we’re talking about how we’re not really having fun going out and how certain life and career choices make it hard for us to navigate personal life.” At the last minute, VeeAlwaysHere included a medieval sounding outro section when working on production for this track. He took inspiration from how gallant knights appear in tournaments, the vibe of majestic horses, larger than life feasts, royalty and nobles; and used that to showcase what it’s like going out in Los Angeles. “I don’t dance” follows the release of his ego: playlist I in 2022, which received praise from MTVBillboardConsequence of Sound, and more. 

GRAMMY® Award-nominated artist, producer, and songwriter Kid Culture unveils a brand-new laidback banger entitled “GOODSEX” via Epic Records and Vol 1 Records. Listen to “GOODSEX” HERE.

Right out of the gate, shadowy drums and nocturnal synths set the tone for the track. Meanwhile, Kid Culture’s vocals flow in a hypnotic motion on the low-key hook, “Good sex, weed, simple conversation, little vacation reset her vibration.” The track illuminates his knack for an arresting and unshakable melody once again.

It continues a prolific season for the buzzing force of nature. He recently served up “Persistence of Memory. Beyond gaining traction on streaming platforms, it earned critical acclaim. The Honey Pop rated it a “perfect 10/10” and attested, “Kid Culture is on a mission to give us the most vibey tunes ever, and he is definitely succeeding with this new single.”

The vibe continues getting stronger…

It landed in the wake of his infectious debut single, “Keep It. Beyond tallying nearly half-a-million streams and counting, it earned widespread critical acclaim. WONDERLAND. declared, “ ‘Keep It’ by Kid Culture is an impressive debut single that showcases the artist’s undeniable talent and creativity, and CLASH hailed it as “an instantly addictive piece of music.” Grimy Goods summed it up best, Kid Culture proves he’s more than just a hip-hop producer.

Everything sets the stage for a breakthrough from Kid Culture this year. 

Kid Culture has been impacting the game from behind-the-scenes by producing and co-writing chart-topping hits for the likes of Justin Bieber, Cordae, Eminem, and more, and now he is taking center stage. 

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buzzworthy Cash Money Records signee Eighty8 releases his first single of the year, “Granny Baby.” The sonically soaring latest music offering from the on-the-rise Miami artist arrives with a fiery official music video made available to watch and experience HERE.

Eighty8’s mission of connecting with people and showing the world why he is the greatest is exemplified today with “Granny Baby—” a perfect display of his rise as he stands ten toes down on the man he’s always been since day one.
In 2021 Eighty8 released his first debut single with Cash Money Records, “Hit” which placed him on the map as a force of musical versatility and a unique style of that breathes freshness in the space of Hip Hop and beyond. The track garnered press praise from Hip Hop DX, Hip Hop N More, On Smash, Respect Magazine, Hype Off Life as the Miami New Times coined him as “an artist to watch” further sharing praise for the single “Hit” as a “slick banger full of confident bars over a horn-based loop.” Eighty8 followed up with his next single, “The Realest,” which caught a salute from Earmilk as the renowned publication stated, “Cash Money Records signee Eighty8 weaves his rhythmic bars through 808s and heavy percussion on the latest release, The Realest.”

ready yourself for superstar-in-the-making Bava’s incredibly infectious new sophomore single “Back To Me (Me Ma Moop)” which comes complete with a feel-good official video directed by Morgan Maher to portray the song’s message of bouncing back.

Back To Me (Me Ma Moop) fuses energetic, hyper-pop together stylistically with some of the best throwback 90’s dance pop you’ll hear.  Expanding on the song’s meaning, Bava explains “Back to Me is a shot of pure serotonin. It marks the transition point—when you finally find your way out of a dark place and regain that surge of energy you thought was gone forever. I had a tough time navigating Los Angeles on my own with no family here, feeling extremely lost and meep-y, but I’m finally finding myself again

A few weeks back Bava released her debut song Itsy Bitsy which quickly amassed over 1 million streams on Youtube. It was lauded by key tastemaker editorial PAPER Mag who premiered the song.  There are few instances where new artists launch their debut song with a hit already under their belt, but in the instance of Bava, she’s already co-penned DJ Snake, Cardi B, Ozuna, and Selena Gomez’s global smash Taki Taki – where she coined the phrase for her sound: Slinky Pop. “My first instinct in calling it that was just this sinuous, playful nature of my music,” she says. “That it slinks around beats. I want you to be able to move to everything I’m doing.”

Gender Amplified, the 501c3 organization propelling the movement for diversity and inclusivity in the music industry through the advancement of women and nonbinary producers, releases their debut single “Future Number” produced and written by artists and producers Olivia Reid, virgogabrielle and Lyd Marie

Future Number” is a beautifully crafted track that speaks to the heart through lyrics about honoring the inner child in all of us, celebrating our individual journeys and acknowledging growth. The song features a blend of soulful vocals, powerful beats and a unique blend of electronic and acoustic instruments all produced and written at a CTRL Room Series in Hyperballad Studios in Brooklyn

Their flagship program, the Ctrl Room Series, is a music production and audio engineering camp designed to bring women and non-binary creatives together in the studio to create, write and produce songs through community development and experiential education. 

Listen to “Future Number” now HERE

All the featured artists shared the creative process in engineering & producing the instrumentals and vocals with their unique signature songwriting flares resulting in an ​​ethereal blend of alternative pop and soulful R&B. Discussing the inspiration behind the track, Olivia Reid said, “We all talked about how – if our younger selves could see us now – they’d think we were so cool! It’s about taking a moment to see how far you’ve come and celebrate the life you’ve built for yourself.”

Virgogabrielle, a songsmith and co-producer on the track adds, “We are all connected and need to inspire and stand by one another in pursuing our dreams.” 

Lyd Marie shares, “I was really nervous on the first day of camp in July 2022, it’s the imposter syndrome we often feel as women in the industry. Writing this song together and seeing the positive feedback it’s received so far served as a reminder that we belong in the room.”

New York City Native LISA REMAR is a Japanese-American record producer and singer songwriter who has reached International acclaim. Known for her unique sonic sensibility, Remar’s psychedelic soundscape threads through most of her tracks and revels in tinges of melancholia, sentimentality and emotional vulnerability.

She released her first EP Still Good in the beginning of 2021, which received praise and placements from Billboard, MTV, Rolling Stone, Wonderland, Ladygunn, Flaunt, Spotify Editorial, Youtube Music, SHAZAM’s official Best New Music” Apple Music Playlistand many more. Following her 2021 release, she was invited to support Justin Nozukaduring his North American tour.

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Two months after Remar’s debut release, Japanese management company LAND INC — known for representing world-renowned band, Sekai no Owari – signed Remar and re-released Still Good exclusively to Japanese listeners, including a bonus track“Holy Nights”, and accompanying visuals directed by Aerin Moreno (Dove Cameron, Soffi Tuker, Madison Beer).

Remar’s latest EP “hi…” has been played alongside interviews on the distinguished Japanese station J WAVE, as well as Japan’s INTER FM. This last summer, Remar performed at two sold out Japanese music festivals. 88rising, the musical platform and record label, also called Lisa their “Rising Artist of the Month” for June 2022 on Sirius XMRemar also supported singer Dana Williams on her 2022 tour. Her new single “WOKE UP EARLY” is a hyper-pop driven r&b song about feeling ready to love and be loved again after self-reflection in isolation.

The world is watching Kevin Ross. As a record-breaking pioneer and R&B artist who is reshaping the music landscape, this is an independent artist paving the way for other artists to follow. 

With upwards of 100 million streams across platforms and unparalleled historic feats, Kevin Ross recently became the first independent artist in music history with two simultaneous singles in the Top 20 of the Hot Adult R&B Airplay Chart. Additionally, Ross broke a radio record with his hit single “Sweet Release”, which had the longest run as the #1 requested song on Sirius XM’s Heart & Soul.

Originally signed to Motown records, Kevin Ross formed his artist-owned label Art Society Music Group (AMG) in 2019. Since then, Ross has garnered over 100 million streams across platforms, multiple Billboard charting songs, and a strong presence in both film and television. His work has been celebrated by Rolling Stone, Billboard, BET, Vibe, Essence, Good Day NY, and many others. Ross has collaborated with renowned artists such as Toni Braxton, Trey Songz, Tank, Ne-Yo, and T.I., and has earned nominations from the Soul Train Music Awards, NAACP Image Awards, and iHeart Radio Music.

For more information on Kevin Ross and his upcoming tour dates:

Los Angeles-based composer, bassist, and arranger Mauricio Morales focuses on the journey of a tormented, heartbroken man with his new single, “Grey,” out May 18th. Mauricio picked up his first bass guitar at 12 years old and continued studying music with a scholarship to Berklee College of Music in Boston. In 2018, he moved to Los Angeles, where he focused on his debut project, “Luna,” released in 2021, followed by his collaboration with Anthony Fung and Edmar Colon, “Eclipse,” in 2022. On his new single, “Grey,” he incorporates his jazz influences to create an eclectic and fiery take on how heartbreak forces us into growth whether we accept it or not.

“Grey” follows the story of a man reflecting on his youth and how heartbreak changed him — for better or worse. Co-written with Jonah Levine and Mark Pelli, the collaborative creative process started as a break-up song that morphed into a new perspective on letting go and growing up. A calm and collected start turns to layers of warm vocals climbing over a synthy jazz-influenced piano. Suddenly, it morphs into a cascade of instrumentation, from brass horns to percussive rhythms, and listeners feel the sense of tension and release that comes from emotional and personal growth. With a wall of sonic atmosphere built around every turn of the story, it perfectly represents Morales as a composer and artist.

As part of Play On Shakespeare’s spring season, this month NAATCO, in partnership with Two River Theater, will present Hansol Jung’s modern verse translation of Romeo and Juliet Off-Broadway at the Lynn F. Angelson Theater in NYC (136 East 13th Street, New York, NY 10013) from May 9 – June 3.

In the words of NAATCO’s Co-Founder and Actor-Manager Mia Katigbak: “I had the great fortune to be introduced to Play On Shakespeare almost seven years ago, when they asked me to participate in a reading of Cymbeline, translated by Andrea Thome. Over the next couple of years, I did readings of seven translations, and was a member of the company for the Play On Festival in the summer of 2019. I was impressed that on March 25, 2020, within a couple of weeks of lockdown, Play On was already experimenting with how to do readings on Zoom. From the get-go, I was intrigued by the project, stimulated by the discussions around language, contemporization, contextualization, and dramaturgy that the translations inspired. Romeo and Juliet was the last reading I did before the festival, and I absolutely fell in love with it. I aggressively pursued obtaining the performing rights, and fortune was with me again when Hansol Jung, the translator, agreed and when Play On wholeheartedly and generously gave its support to NAATCO. I’ve always believed that Play On’s spirit is one founded on its being a labor of love, passion, and rigorous scholarship. This spirit is compatible with NAATCO’s, and our presenting R&J with an all-Asian American cast fills me with joy and gratitude.”


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