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Exclusive Interview with Aaron Dalla Villa, Who Co-Stars In The Feature Film ‘The Wrath of Becky’


Socials: @neillfrazer

Aaron Dalla Villa was born and raised in Suffolk, Virginia, and studied music and dance training at the prestigious Governor’s School for the Arts in classical ballet and modern dance. He worked in principal, soloist, and ensemble roles with Nashville Ballet, Elements Contemporary Ballet, and Minnesota Ballet Theatre before moving to NYC.

In NYC, Aaron continued to pursue performance as an actor and has been featured in numerous film, television, and theater projects including a starring role in the feature film “Pledge,” a starring role in the feature film “Alpha Rift,” (w/Lance Henriksen) a supporting lead in the feature film “All Those Small Things” (w/James Faulkner) (for which he also wrote two songs for), “Trick” (w/ Omar Epps), “Immortal” (w/ Dylan Baker), “Chasing Gold” (w/ Paul Sorvino), a supporting role in the 2023 SXSW feature film “Becky 2: The Wrath of Becky” (w/Lulu Wilson and Sean William Scott) in theaters May 26th 2023, “Si Robertson” in the upcoming Duck Dynasty and God’s Not Dead backed feature film “The Blind,” in theaters fall 2023, the starring role of the tv series, “Duels,” a guest star on “FBI,” costars on “Gotham,” “Madam Secretary,” “On The Verge,” “Gossip Girl,” “Girls5Eva,” “Late Night With Seth Meyers,” and voiceover work for “Hollister,” “Starburst,” “Liberty Mutual,” and the popular video game series “Earth Defense Force.” He won Best Ensemble Broadway World Long Island 2015 for “Orphans,” by Lyle Kessler, directed by James Bonney at the Conklin Theatre. He was also nominated for BEST ACTOR for his work in the award-winning short film, “The Fold,” directed by Andrew Kiaroscuro.

Off Broadway credits include Bobby in “Seeing You” (dir. Randy Weiner and dir./choreographer Ryan Heffington), John in “Sleep F$@cking: Revision.” NYC workshops include Ponyboy & Ensemble in “The Outsiders” (dir. Danya Taymor), Mephisto in “Life & Trust” (dir. Teddy Bergman and choreography by The Kuperman Bros), and Peter Pan in “Peter Pan” (Broadway Asia, dir. Allegra Libonati). Regional theater roles include Mordred/Squire Dap in “Camelot” (dir. Scott Schwartz/Bay Street Theater), Mr. Mistoffelees in “CATS” (Beef & Boards), and Treat in “Orphans” (Conklin Theatre).

In 2020, when the industry shut down, Aaron decided to explore his musical avenues and now has music available on all platforms under his artist name DALLA VILLA. He has dropped 12 singles so far, which have a combined total of over 350k streams. He recently released the song “Crazy About The Teek Tok,” a collaboration with Full Force member, The Legend Paul Anthony, and will be releasing his first album (a 9 song comedy rap album based on his following sketch characters: meme rapper Tucci Badaducci, Tucci’s terrible manager Vinnie Viddicci, and rival rapper Smooth Bobby on April 14th 2023. These characters can also be seen in the 8 episode web series, for which he starred in and executive produced alongside Logan Riley Bruner (Stranger Things), on YouTube. He is currently developing a one man show based on his documentary in development “Bird Boy,” and has several other features in development.  He is represented by Bonnie Shumofsky of Stewart Talent, Wendy Shepherd of Studio for publicity and brand management.

Hi Aaron, how are you welcome to OLC! You currently star in the sequel ‘The Wrath Of Becky’, which is the follow-up to the highly successful ‘Becky’. Can you tell us a bit about the film and who you play?

— Hey, hey! Happy to be here! ‘The Wrath of Becky’ is about 16-year-old Becky (Lulu Wilson), who is back to kill some more neo-Nazis. It’s a blood-soaked slaughter fest. I play DJ, one of the neo-Nazis who works under the leadership of Darryl (Sean William Scott). I’m a real squirrel of a human.

How did you get involved in this film, and what drew you to the role?

— I received an audition from my agent the morning of for a Zoom call with the director in the afternoon. I enjoy playing pieces of Patriotic filth, so I did my job and created a character for the audition. I was lucky enough to have been chosen for the role.

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What preparation did you do for the role of DJ in the film, and were you a fan of
the first installment of ‘Becky’?

— I put my head down and got to work. The script is the Bible. Then after understanding the story, I started researching these types of people. The internet is a wonderful and brutal place for cowards like DJ. Also, I know plenty of people like him. The wonderful wardrobe styling by Elena Lark really set me into character. I didn’t watch the first film until after shooting the second one. It was a different directing team, so I didn’t want to put up expectations. I like to be open to going with the flow.

What was it like filming a movie like this? I mean, were people just covered in blood all day? And what was it like working with amazing talents like Lulu Wilson and Sean William Scott?

— Film this movie was a dream. It’s the biggest release of my career so far, and I couldn’t be happier. Some people were covered with blood, but hey, that’s the job! Lulu and Sean were wonderful. Zero egos. All talent.

You started in dance, I believe? So what made you make the transition to acting, and was there anyone in particular that inspired that?

— Dancers are some of the hardest working people I know. I’ve also seen dancers get the short end of the stick time and time again. I also saw many of them retire in their early 30s (some even younger). The body can only take so much. I realized that if I diversified my talents, I’d have a longer career. My mentor, the late James Bonney, really helped me transition into more acting. It just made logical sense.

You also ventured into music under the artist name DALLA VILLA; what made you explore that side of the entertainment industry, and where can we listen to your music?

— The covid shutdown of the industry forced me into music. I had to stay creative. I’m glad I did because I have written music for some films and projects I’ve been in. Everything feeds everything. You can find my music on all platforms under the artist name DALLA VILLA.

Do you have any music in the works currently that you can tell us about?

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— Yep! I just dropped a nine-song comedy rap album that can be found under DALLA VILLA and will be launching another music persona, “Peter Da Rock,” a Christian rockstar, on June 16th. I already have several songs in the can and our first music video. The world will know soon.

You also have a web series with Logan Bruner. Can you tell us how you met and a bit about the web series and what inspired it?

— Logan Bruner is a brilliant talent and a friend of mine. He and his team loved my comedic character, “Tucci Badaducci,” so we met one day to discuss how we could create something together. We landed on a web series idea that we could shoot out in a week; 8 short-form episodes that highlighted us both. It’s a simple story about how Tucci (played by me) and Jones (played by Logan) team up to create a diss track to get back at rival rapper Smooth Bobby (also played by me). It’s silly and stupid and fun. We had a great time, and he’s also an amazing director.

What’s next for you in 2023, and do you have any other projects in the works you can tell us about?

— Besides auditioning, I’m currently developing a one-man show, shooting a vampire film, doing another pre-Broadway workshop for a great project in August, and I have the release of my next biggest film, “The Blind,” in September. I also may be shooting a film in October/November and producing a feature or two in Italy. Time will tell, but it’s been a great year so far. Every day I’m hustlin’, and the grind never stops. I love it.

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