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In Case You Missed It: The Infectious Single From Why Don’t We, ‘Love Back’

In case you missed it…because well I did. I’m a huge fan of Why Don’t We and can’t wait ’til they come back from there hiatus for music like this. “Love Back” was released as a single on October 6, 2021. The track serves as an ode to an ex, reflecting on the heartbreak that occurred. Whilst teasing the song, Why Don’t We asked fans to send the song lyrics to their exes, with band member Daniel Seavey doing it himself.

In the music video, the band is seen driving around Los Angeles on Vespas, and surprising fans by inviting them to the band’s first concert in more than two years.

“We went around L.A. that day and surprised fans and gave them tickets to the show. They had no idea it was happening. They were told it was gonna be for a documentary about us… but they didn’t know we were showing up,” Marais explained to Entertainment Tonight. “… The [fans’] reactions you see in the video are real.” 

Marais said that the experience was “amazing,” though it didn’t come without some difficulty for Seavey.

“I thought the Vespas were safe until I like literally ate it,” Seavey recalled. “Me and Corbin were fully standing on the seats of the Vespa. And I’m not even kidding, it ran out of gas while I was up like that. It starts slowing down a little and I stalled out and flew off.”

“Love Back” marked the first single that Why Don’t We dropped since their second studio album, “The Good Times and the Bad Ones” (2021). Can’t wait for the return of Why Don’t We.
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