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INsiders Guide: TANDM, Connor McLaren, IX Wulf, NuAsia, MNYS, Princess Goes, JAWS, ML, Dean Stacy, CARPOOL TUNNEL…

On the surface, they’re charming in their sweet simplicity – effortlessly compelling thanks to graceful melodies, heartfelt lyricism, and syncopated synergy. But the deeper you dig, the more Toronto duo TANDM’s songs seem to transcend time, place, and even stylistic categorization.

The core duo of vocalist/guitarist Maxine Beck-Sinderby and drummer Thomas Franklin first met in their mid-teens and quickly united over a unique creative chemistry. They dropped their debut single, “Dreamworld,” in 2018, introducing a sound defined by sparse but seductive instrumentation and a dulcet vocal style. Their influences are as subtle as they are diverse, weaving tinges of genre-bending modern innovators from Alvvays to Regina Spector to even Vampire Weekend into their work.

Their forthcoming collection, Sirens, finds the duo teeing up their most engaging and enveloping output to date – a potent distillation of the magical individual components that comprise TANDM’s masterful take on alternative pop but with a newfound polish and elevated production style. The rhythms are entrancing and engaging, drawing the listener into a warm, dreamlike world of stirring melodic dynamism and delicate-but-dauntless vocals.

Embodying the next phase of TANDM’s artistic flourishing, Sirens is sure to send their delightfully whimsical, simple-but-substantial sounds further around the world, and fans will surely relish the opportunity to dig deeper into the adept, label-defying pair of artists behind it.

With the release of the new music video, “Candy Rain,” Indianapolis-based troubadour, Connor McLaren, announces a slew of tour dates in support of his recently released debut album. One listen to the aptly named Innocence, and it’s as if you’ve known this 21-year-old heartland kid your whole life. Listen HERE.

“Bob Dylan doing a line of Oasis with a shot of Sublime,” is how young McLaren describes his multi-colored singalong story-songs. He fuses ‘60s and ‘90s beats with classic-rock tropes and keening post-Beatles harmonies. All of it sprinkled with a breezy island ska-reggae vibe thanks to his family’s annual pilgrimages to Jamaica.

Innocence was the first full-length album to be released in 2023 by The Noise Company, the independent label founded by Ben Kweller. It was a long and circuitous journey that started when McLaren heard Kweller’s music and was inspired to pick up a guitar and pen his own tunes, leading to the two connecting over Instagram, followed by years of McLaren pestering Kweller until it evolved into a full-fledged mentorship and collaboration. McLaren’s childhood idol not only performed and co-wrote many of the songs, but he also produced them at NoiseCo Studios located in Dripping Springs, TX.

A storyteller first, New Jersey born and bred IX Wulf has embarked on a musical journey that spans over two decades. His passion for music was ignited at a young age, growing up with a father who was a wedding singer. Surrounded by the timeless classics performed by his father’s band, IX Wulf developed a deep connection to the art of singing and performing. Inspired by legendary artists like Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and Usher, he set his sights on becoming a musician himself.

At the age of 10, IX Wulf stepped into the studio to record the first song he ever wrote. From that moment onward, he honed his skills as a R&B singer, songwriter and producer, pouring his emotions and experiences into his music. The journey hasn’t always been smooth, with its fair share of ups and downs in the music industry and in life, IX Wulf persevered, using music as a means of healing and self-discovery.

The artist-to-watch has a unique approach to his music that extends beyond the audio realm. He treats each song as an act and has created a forthcoming visionary EP, incorporating his love for film and storytelling. Through carefully crafted scenes, he brings the narrative to life, presenting a multi-dimensional experience for his audience.

Creating and developing his debut EP, ‘Heal Yourself First,’ was a process that spanned over several years and serves as a personal reflection. Each song represents a different act, coming together to form a cohesive narrative. Drawing from his own experiences and emotions, IX Wulf weaves a tale of self-discovery, love, heartbreak and the importance of healing yourself before attempting to heal others.

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With ‘Heal Yourself First’, IX Wulf aims to convey a powerful message of self-love and personal growth. He wants his fans, both old and new, to connect with the overarching story and find solace in his music. Through his soulful vocals and poignant lyrics, he invites listeners on a journey of introspection and healing.

In addition to his talents as a vocalist and songwriter, IX Wulf also takes on the role of producer for the majority of his releases. His creative process begins with crafting the music, allowing the emotions to guide the soundscape. From there, he freestyles melodies that fit the mood and lets the lyrics flow naturally. 

Beyond music, IX Wulf nurtures a deep passion for the world of film. As an actor himself, he aspires to write, direct and produce films. With a versatile and ever-evolving musical style, IX Wulf is poised to captivate the world with his talents and leave a lasting impact on the R&B scene.

NuAsia is a remarkable band that represents the rare but growing presence of Asian artists in the country music scene. Based in Los Angeles, the band is composed of highly talented musicians of Asian heritage who share a deep passion for country songs. Led by Roshan Seresinhe, the visionary behind their debut album, NuAsia is set to break new ground with its unique sound and powerful storytelling.

At the forefront of NuAsia is the stunning and gifted lead vocalist Saint Cloud, who co-wrote all the original tracks on their forthcoming album, Quiet Violence. Saint Cloud, who is of Vietnamese descent, showcases her exceptional songwriting skills in each of the album’s six original tracks. On keyboards is Isamu MacGregor, a phenomenal musician of Japanese descent who brings an incredible depth of talent and experience to the band from his years of touring with Colbie Caillat. On lead guitar, the fabulous Mark Flores, who is of Filipino descent, owning an impeccable resume, is considered one of the top Asian guitarists in California.

The band’s rhythm section is made up of three incredibly talented musicians of Sri Lankan descent. Dhammika (DJ) Jayasinghe on bass guitar, Janesh Ruwanpathirana on percussion, and Roshan Seresinhe on drums, who also serves as the band’s leader and executive producer. With a range of ages from 20 to 60, the band proves that music truly has no age limit, and their collaboration creates a unique and memorable sound that showcases their collective talent and passion.

NuAsia’s debut album, Quiet Violence, is a powerful and emotive work that tells the story of a troubled relationship and the journey to overcome its challenges. The album features six original tracks written by Saint Cloud and Roshan, each with a unique melody that matches the mood and theme of the song. The album’s title track, “Quiet Violence,” is a poignant ballad that explores the quiet pain and neglect that can exist in a troubled relationship. Other tracks include the mid-tempo “Why Are You Back,” the mending ballad “Take Me Home,” and the high-energy “Lovesick, ‘The Way, I’m Loving You.’” A dance tune that is sure to become a staple at anniversary celebrations, “Lost and Found ‘We’re Ok,’” looks back at a relationship and says we are ok now. The album also includes a modern cover of the Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers’ classic song, “Islands in the Stream,” featuring the exceptional voice of Justin Kawika Young. Additionally, the band’s original track, “This Country of Mine,” celebrates America in a unique and catchy way.

MNYS (My New York Summer)

Nick aka MNYS is a Jersey Boy now living in Los Angeles. He has been releasing music since he was in High School, was pretty popular on MySpace and was the number one artist on Pure Volume .. remember that? He took a break to produce and write for other artists like Travis Barker, MGK, Iann Dior, LØ SPIRIT, Dylan Matthew… the list goes on. He has worked numerous jobs like at Starbucks, a hedge fund, a sports startup even does video and graphic design work but music is truly the only thing that fuels him.

His new single “Some Things Aren’t Meant to Be Saved” – is one of the most honest and raw songs to date, explaining the underlying messaging of betrayal. To be honest, if you listen to his catalog every song is packed with lyrics that just give you a sense of nostalgia.

We’ve all experienced it and it’s always out of the blue. “Our demise, why I can’t trust a butterfly” is the scar left from an old friend you no longer talk to. But knowing you are still alive and better off for it – because some things aren’t meant to be saved. – MNYS

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MNYS just completed a run with Cliff Diver who was on Sad Summer Fest (they are awesome, so check them out), and played an acoustic set with SoundRoom in Philadelphia. More music is coming but in the meantime check out  “Some Things Aren’t Meant to Be Saved” which drops this FRIDAY plus all his other music here.

Princess Goes, the trio led by the charismatic showmanship and signature voice of vocalist, lyricist, musician and actor Michael C. Hall (Dexter, Six Feet Under, Lazarus) alongside keyboardist Matt Katz-Bohen (Blondie, Cyndi Lauper) and drummer Peter Yanowitz (The Wallflowers, Morningwood), have released the second single “BLUR”.

The track is taken from their highly anticipated sophomore full-length album,Come Of Age’ (out 15 September via SO In De Goot).

Featuring Michael C. Hall’s distinctive vocals and leftfield narrative style, he sets a surreal scene here: “At best I’m but a blur, if you remember me at all. Fuzzy memories playing on your basement VCR. Found the final payphone, dropped my change and made the call. Picked up – whispered last room on the left. End of the hall.”

‘BLUR’ opens with a classic Juno-106 synth drone, evoking the early 80’s, flirting with the finality of its own fruition as layers of more synth, bass guitar and drums reveal themselves,” says Matt Katz-Bohen of the track. “Michael’s poignant, aching lyrics and melody go from soft to epic, culminating in an MGMT/Human League chorus of loving synth transcendence: Baby I’m full grown now.” 

Crafting a sound all their own that vividly comes to life on stage during their captivating, hypnotic and impassioned live performances, the band have also announced a UK Headline Tour which kicks off on 26 September in Manchester

Come Of Age is the trio’s most accessible, yet innovative, work to date, replete with songs that traverse a thrilling and often surprising sonic and lyrical landscape. There’s a clear cohesiveness to the 12 songs on the album (full tracklisting can be found below) that manage to be all at once catchy and intoxicating, soundtrack-y musicscapes for the ages, synth-heavy but multi-faceted. The musical growth on ‘Come Of Age’ was organic, and though onstage and on paper they are a keyboards-drums-vocals band, this album is rife with guitar and bass, instruments that play a bigger role than on previous recordings. The band’s evolution is ongoing and often unearthly, spacy and provocative in the vein of Bowie’s ‘Blackstar’ (David Bowie personally cast Hall to play the lead role of Thomas Newton in his final stage project – ‘Lazarus’ on Broadway).

JAWS are back with the brand new single: “Sweat”.

Hotter than the summer of 2023 that never happened, it arrives as the freshest track to emerge from their highly anticipated EP ‘If It Wasn’t For My Friends, Things Could Be Different’ (out 15 September).

A song about how to deal with the heat when it feels like the weight of the world is bearing down, Connor Schofield of Jaws explains:

“Lyrically “Sweat” is about dealing with your anxiety in the moment, everything slowing down and trying to take it as it comes when in an overstimulating situation.”

Searching for clarity of mind through waves of undulating basslines, drifty duelling guitar breaks, and opalescent sonic textures, “Sweat” finds JAWS marrying shoegaze-like qualities to their trademark dreamy indie-pop creations and pushing their sound to intrepid new limits.

While “Sweat” itself has been an old favourite of the band for sometime, it will finally find its place on their upcoming studio effort ‘‘If It Wasn’t For My Friends, Things Could Be Different’, alongside recent single “Are My Friends Alright?”. The first body of work by the band since 2019’s ’The Ceiling’, the new EP will also be the first to be produced entirely by Schofield. Written at 123 Studios in Peckham, the new recordings also feature input from Brett Shaw (Foals, Florence and the Machine) who provided his additional production nous to the project, plus the Grammy-nominated duo Mikko Gordon and Robin Schmidt who mixed and mastered all five of its new songs.

Rising South- East London rapper ML releases ‘On A Mission (Savage 2.0)’ following on from releases ‘Folks’ and ‘Who I Am’ ft Giggs in the run up to the release of his anticipated debut mixtape. 

ML is a diverse musician who shows his versatility across all his releases and whilst basing his music on current feelings and life experiences.

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His latest single ‘On A Mission (Savage 2.0)’ melds raw emotion with fierce determination, embodying the struggles and triumphs of the modern generation, whilst looking to motivate others to be the best version of themselves.

ML is carving a lane for himself within the Rap scene and with a large ever-growing catalogue with a song for every mood, whilst keeping the flurry of releases steady, showing no signs of slowing down.

Dean Stacy’s life hasn’t been the most typical one. Born to a working class single mother in Las Vegas, his environment was constantly changing. When his mother worked as a nanny for a man who sold Ukrainian brides to American businessmen, they lived in a spacious manor with carpeted stairs. When his mother fell on hard times, they lived in a car in a Walmart parking lot. But despite his humble beginnings and the challenges he faced, Stacy never let his circumstances define him, instead using it to fuel his creativity. The result is something that the artist describes as, “sloppy, sweet, and all-around disturbed.” 

His new seven-track EP, The Bathtime Tapes, is a testament to Stacy’s unwavering dedication to his craft. Having always battled against procrastination and his tendency to seek out distractions, Stacy decided to take drastic measures to ensure his focus and locked himself away in a bathroom for a week, where he wrote and recorded the new EP. With no phone, no friends, and no entertainment, he poured all of his energy and creativity into the music, with nothing to distract him from his goal. The musician shares, “There’s a creature in me that will stop at nothing to prevent me from being productive. I look for distractions all the time. YouTube videos, video games, pornography. I’ve probably spent more than half my life looking at screens. And even when I could focus for half a second, some insecurity or anxiety would stop me from creating. I would write day in and day out, but could never put in the effort to get something properly recorded. I became so frustrated with myself that I decided the only solution was solitude.” An extreme measure to take, but one that clearly paid off. He continues, “I paid a friend to bring me meals so that I wouldn’t die in there. I slept on the floor in a sleeping bag. I showered surprisingly little.” 

The Bathtime Tapes demonstrates the artist’s innovative songwriting style. Taking a lighthearted, tongue-in-cheek approach to his lyrics, Stacy instills a lofi-ness to his sound, while colliding different sonic worlds to craft something that he characterizes as “vile alternative, folksy, punk garbage.” Stacy confides, “My writing is cynical, almost brutally so. All of these songs attack something whether it be myself, my audience, or modern America as a whole. The goal is to drag in all the cynics and misanthropes and convert them into emotionally intelligent, caring people. This is just the first step.” Providing an outlet for listeners when they feel alone, isolated and just no good, this EP reflects the power music can have to take complex emotions and relate them to others in a way that is beyond language. The artist shares, “It’s rough, it’s rowdy, and it’s uniquely mine. It’s my baby and no matter how ugly it is at times, I’m proud of it. I hope listeners might be inspired to know that all it takes to make an EP is a room, a laptop, and a week of self-administered solitary confinement.” 

SoCal rockers, Carpool Tunnel have released their newest single ‘Nothing I’d Rather Do’. The single is taken off the bands new album ‘Don’t Let Them Pass You By’, out 20th October 2023 via Pure Noise Records. Pre-orders of the new album are available – HERE.

Speaking on their latest new single, the band said: “”Nothing I’d Rather Do,” our second single from our upcoming sophomore album, is like a love letter from a person coming to terms with the feelings of being hopelessly devoted. “and if it weren’t for you then what would become of me?”. The song highlights the desire to spend the rest of your days with someone. A perfect song for singing in the car with friends or dancing in your room by yourself.”

Brooklyn-based Argentine singer/songwriter Federico Aubele announces his seventh studio album, Time Drips On My Bed, due out October 13 and available for pre-order now. Alongside the announcement, Aubele shares a new taste of the project with contemplative track and video “What We Lost.” Out everywhere now, the track allows Aubele to relive memories as he processes his experiences in pursuit of further discovering who he is today and who he might become.

Aubele’s forthcoming seventh studio album, Time Drips On My Bed, which features artwork done by Aubele himself, brings the musician’s over two decade-long career full circle. After his father’s passing in 2021, Aubele found himself reflecting on his home city of Buenos Aires and how it shaped who he is today. He entered the healing process in the way most natural to him–with a guitar and a pen and paper–and deeply sinking into his roots. Slowly, 2000s drum beats, melodica and Moog synth made their way into the budding sonic universe, complete with his ever-present baritone vocals–that would become the album. It was this careful submersion into his grief and early life that ultimately served as the catalyst for his newfound creativity. These drastic life changes and heavy reflection gave Aubele a renewed sense of appreciation for his life and experiences–and allowed him to accept his past–building the foundation of his latest body of work.

It also inspired him to tap into his first album, Gran Hotel Buenos Aires, and the impactful people and places that made it come to life and sparked his early artistry. Aubele says, “We’re constantly evolving and changing, which means analyzing, understanding and accepting aspects of our past. If we don’t do that, what we need to process starts spilling into our present, preventing us from fully reaping its benefits and appreciating where we are.” Unlike prior projects, Time Drips On My Bed was made without any external contributions, and much like the grieving process, this album was constructed very intimately in just one studio.

 indie pop band Daisy the Great share “Tough Kid,” the second song from their upcoming EP, which will be released October 6th.

Watch video here

Stream song on: Spotify | Apple Music | Amazon Music

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““Tough Kid” is a really special song to us. We’ve been holding on to this song for a while and as we’re putting it out now, it almost seems like our younger selves are teaching us this lesson all over again. The song is about feeling scared that you’re not able to keep up, like you’re all scrambled up and overwhelmed and ten steps behind everyone else. It’s about wanting to be able to handle everything and not understanding how it seems like everyone else can do it all. The song is a wish to talk yourself out of your insecurities. We hope that it can be a safe spot for anyone feeling that way – we’ve been there and we hope the song can be a reminder to trust your own instincts and believe in yourself and allow yourself space to mess up.” – Daisy the Great

Scotland’s breakout singer-songwriter Rosie H Sullivan announces new single ‘Chapters’ out August 25th via Nettwerk. 

Closely following her debut EP 123° East out earlier this year, Rosie H Sullivan enters a new era with ‘Chapters’ following on from last month’s tender return ‘Fragments’ – both lifted from Sullivan’s subsequent new EP out this autumn.

With alluring nods to Fiest’s timeless ‘1234’, ‘Chapters’ is an ode to fulfilling each day, celebrating the ups and downs in our lives as well the simple things we shouldn’t take for granted. Sullivan urges listeners to open their eyes and lungs, breath in the air of the life you’re given and taking it all in your stride.

I wrote Chapters when I was 17,” says Sullivan, revealing her uncertainty on unearthing the track now. “It’s been sitting gathering dust, but I put my trust in those who believed in the song and me. A new stage of life, a new chapter, how terrifying, but how lucky and how thrilling to have that. The middle 8 that was born whilst recording it in the studio which Ross Hamilton helped me write. We brought the song alive, and I could have cried when I heard it all as one. Who knew.

The promising young musician, now based in Edinburgh, has been creating music since her early teenage years and is a natural-born storyteller. Now in her 20s, she writes about what she knows and how she feels and has a similar ethereal musical style to the likes of Phoebe BridgersLaura Marling and Elliott Smith.

Sullivan’s breakthrough came in 2021 with her debut single, ‘So It Is’, which she captured in just one take in her parent’s garden. Released in demo form, the single has racked up onwards of 600,000 streams on Spotify. In addition, her recent sold-out stint at Glasgow’s King Tut’s, appearance at this year’s Celtic Connections plus her own Scottish tour is appropriately leading her down the right path to becoming one of the most prestigious songwriters of our age.

Defining your own truth is an artist’s most important battle. For bilingual pop maven Aiza, it comes with the territory.

The Montreal-born, Toronto-based artist found her earliest creative outlets on the stage, falling in love with musical theatre in high school before finding her rhythm as a singer-songwriter. As a member of various Montreal bands, it was in weekly, improvised genre-bending jam sessions, and working alongside musical heavyweights like Beyoncé’s former musical director/bassist Divinity Roxx and former guitarist in Prince’s New Power Generation, Kat Dyson, where Aiza found her footing as a stage performer. “It taught me to trust myself on stage,” she explains. “You don’t always know if you’re gonna hit the mark, but you have to take leaps of faith.”

Born to Burundian parents, visiting Burundi in 2017 deepened her already strong connection to her roots, with her creativity offering another way for her to tap into her lineage in more intentional ways. Surrounded by the sounds of her rich culture, Aiza describes the rhythm and connective spirituality of Burundian music that found its own way into her own. “It’s all about thanking God for the blessings, asking God for protection, and it was always playing in the background,” she explains. “I don’t consider myself religious, but I’m very connected to spirit… so there is always an element of knowing that you can create the life that you want when you’re tapped into spirit.”

multi-faceted Swedish artist Kasbo has officially returned with his first original solo release in three years. “The Way You Had Me” is a single that marks a new sonic journey for Kasbo, one that explores the cathartic nature of dancefloor-driven music. It’s out now via ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective, the beginning of a return for the prolific artist.

With a punchy yet minimal groove, “The Way You Had Me” locks listeners into a mesmerizing spell while giving space to the spine-tingling melodic elements of Kasbo’s production. Still utilizing the many angles of his talent, the new single also includes tight guitar licks that add a level of depth to the record, which Kasbo has exhibited throughout his discography. 

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‘The Way You Had Me’ marked a major turning point for me creatively. I’d been struggling for months, if not years, to rediscover my place in the new and quickly changing electronic music landscape. This song felt like the beginning of me realizing that direction – covering new ground while still creating something that felt true to myself. The song itself is about a past relationship and coming to terms with a partner moving on. That period when you’re wondering if they’re just distracting themselves or if they’ve truly moved on, and questioning how what you had could be real if it could be forgotten so quickly… I’m so happy to finally be releasing music again and can’t wait to continue sharing this new era of inspiration with everyone.”    —Kasbo

Vicky von Vicky is an indie rock band that showcases the talents of Michael Wynn on guitar and vocals, Paul Pasanen on drums, Rolston Miller on bass, and Tom Nesbitt on guitar. Originating in Toronto during the late 1990s, the band was formed by former members of Trains of Winter from Kingston, Ontario, along with Chris Wynn, replaced by Nesbitt (who was previously part of London, Ontario’s The Others). Within the local music scene, Vicky von Vicky quickly established themselves as a formidable presence.

Following the release of two albums in 1998 (self titled) and 2000 (Farmers & Artists), the band took a hiatus in 2001. Now, after almost two decades, Vicky von Vicky has regrouped and has made a triumphant return to stage and studio. With a renewed focus on songwriting and collaboration, they are eager to unveil fresh music and forge new connections with people who like listening to something just a little different.

Vicky von Vicky’s distinctive sound draws inspiration from punk, grunge, classic rock, and powerful rhythms that are a direct result of the rhythm section’s lifelong love of all things hip hop. However, their music is not a genre mash-up. They delve into themes of love, loss, and life experiences, expressing themselves with candidness, vulnerability and a big serving of humour. The result: Vicky von Vicky music.

British artist Bakar reveals a captivating new single “Right Here, For Now.” Opening with an addictive kick snare that meanders throughout the track, “Right Here, For Now” explores the themes of young love and self-discovery, displaying Bakar’s musical prowess and his ability to infuse introspection into a lively song. A fresh take on alternative music, the track is an amalgamation of the North Londoner’s unique sound and showcases Bakar‘s ability to meld intricate layers of instrumentation, and sharp lyricism alongside his signature gritty vocals. All these elements, including a brand-new live performance visual that accompanies the track, blend together to create a dazzling, immersive soundscape from the very first note.

Listen to “Right Here, For Now” HERE and watch the live video HERE.

Bakar’s new single follows his previous release, “Alive!”; both tracks will feature on his upcoming second album, HaloHalo rings in a new era for Bakar.Out September 22nd, the upcoming album is the sonic counterpart to his acclaimed 2018 mixtape BADKID. On his second album, the young artist explores the dichotomy he feels between the nomadic loneliness of a life constantly on the road and the “lifestyle” of being a musician.

Given that he had a very promising US college baseball stint, it seems fitting to use a sporting metaphor to describe the ongoing career ascent of Niagara region-based country music artist Ryan Langdon.
After paying those proverbial dues on a college team, and diligently working on his craft as a vocalist and songwriter, this charismatic performer has proven himself ready for the major leagues. In 2019 Ryan was nominated for a CMAO Rising Star award, and, beginning with his 2020 EP Lit In The Sticks and its breakthrough title track (almost 4 million plus streams on Spotify), he has since delivered a series of Top 40 hits that have now placed him in the top tier of emerging Canadian country acts.

That status will be reaffirmed with the release of a new EP on Hidden Pony/Slaight Music that Langdon is currently completing for release later this year. The new material is the result of writing and recording sessions in Nashville and Toronto with an A-list team of creative collaborators, and Ryan is thrilled at the results. “I think we now have a direction as to who I am as an artist, and, with the label backing that, the sky is the limit,” he confidently declares.

Written, performed and produced at 17 by a prodigious young talent from Colorado culminating in a final session on her 18th birthday, ROY G BIV simply states that each moment and relationship is defined by the different colors of our emotions.  Composing the music and lyrics, singing, playing keyboard and guitar, and co-producing each track, Riley is joined by musicians Doctor Noize, Art Bouton, David Amaya, and full strings.

The daughter of a chart-topping recording/touring artist and college Recording Arts Professor, Riley tracked her album at Reach Studios in Colorado with the exception of Blue, which was recorded at a Recording Arts workshop at Stanford University.  She composed in music production software Logic Pro and completed the album on her 18th birthday in a session with a string quintet bringing joyous new resonance to four of the tracks.  This moment of exhilaration is caught on tape and referenced by Riley in the album’s first track, 18 — the same age she was accepted into a Masters program in Music Production at Berklee School Of Music, which she will be pursuing simultaneously with her undergraduate degree in Music at Harvard in a joint program by the two revered institutions.

A seasoned performer long before releasing her first solo album, Riley’s extensive youth performing resumé includes credits as a featured vocalist on numerous acclaimed recordings and chart hits with other artists, singing with 3-time Grammy Winner and UN Goodwill Ambassador Ricky Kej at the 2021 UNICEF World Children’s Day Concert, performing on recordings with Grammy winners Isabel Leonard and Nathan Gunn, performing solo roles in music videos and education apps with millions of streams and downloads between them, performing live on tours with Doctor Noize, and playing lead roles in Denver Area musical theatre productions like Dorothy in The Wizard Of Oz, Junie B. Jones in Junie B. Jones, Sophie in Mamma Mia, and Esmerelda in Hunchback of Notre Dame

But it’s as a young composer and poet that Riley Max’s work truly stands out as unique.  Where most young artists have been groomed by digital culture to write freestanding songs and singles, Riley is an old soul who’s written a cohesive and affecting concept album, with a clear and purposeful big picture vision, for her first release.  “The message itself is catchy,” says Green guitarist David Amaya, who, like Riley’s mother, is blind and a huge fan of Riley’s music and words. 

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Highlights of Riley’s song cycle include the first single and video Blue, featuring Riley Max on voice and piano looking and sounding like a world-weary, bygone-era jazz diva and instantly announcing she’s a bit of a unicorn who can relate to past generations as much as her own.  “I came up with Blue first — after that I came up with Yellow,” Riley says of the latter guitar and voice folk art song that’s the album’s single-take showcase of her skills as a live singer and instrumentalist. 

Other highlights include Green, written alone in her room while longing to be at her uncle’s camp in the mountains that Riley regularly visited throughout childhood to get away from the busy modern world:  “Green is the anchor of the album because all the other songs are about interactions with other people, and Green is more about connecting with yourself.”  Other tracks include the desperately dangerous pop diva anger of Red, the lush strings and vocals of Orange, the true teen story of Indigo, the cheeky punk perfection of Violet, and the astounding closing instrumental track Alphabet Soup, which confidently and contrapuntally weaves the melodies and moods of all the colorful songs you’ve just heard on the album into a wordless summary of the emotions within. 

New York-based multi-talented powerhouse and rising star, Rob Roth, has released his new single “Awol,” today. The song, co-written by Rob Roth himself, boasts an infectious hook with powerful lyrics that resonate with anyone who has ever felt disillusioned by the corporate world. The main hook of “Awol” revolves around a universal theme of feeling overwhelmed and disconnected from the world, prompting the powerful lyrics, “I don’t wanna do it no more, think I’m going Awol.” Rob Roth masterfully captures the emotions of those who have experienced being caught in the corporate world’s labyrinth, where individual value

can often be overlooked. The song beautifully portrays a journey of self-discovery, self-awareness, and ultimately, breaking free from the constraints of societal expectations.

“Awol” is a song that masterfully combines Rob Roth’s 90s/00s pop-rock influences; with its guitar riff-driven foundation, uplifting atmosphere, bright synths, and lively percussion. Influenced by artists such as Dave Matthews, John Mayer, Goo Goo Dolls, Avicii, Chainsmokers, among others, Rob Roth aims to evoke a wide range of emotions through his songwriting, encompassing pain, hardship, healing, and love. Collaborating with renowned vocal coach RAab Stevenson, who has worked with top artists like Dave Matthews, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, and more, Rob Roth continuously hones his craft to deliver exceptional performances.

Taking flight higher than ever, multiplatinum R&B iconoclast, style icon, and entrepreneur Brent Faiyaz presents a blockbuster superfly music video for his song “Jackie Brown” today. Watch HERE. It graces the tracklisting of his most recent chart-topping album, WASTELAND—out now.

The clip channels the aesthetic and spirit of the 1997 Quentin Tarantino classic flick of the same name, as it opens with Brent on a plane. After cruising through the clouds, he visits the salon, hits the high seas on a yacht, tries on tailored fits, and enjoys a dinner surrounded by friends. These vibrant vignettes melt into one another, matching his smooth cadence. Simultaneously, he spikes the vibe with fluttering falsetto. At one point, he makes an offer impossible to refuse, “Will you be my leading lady?” 

In other big news, earlier this year Brent announced his partnership with UnitedMasters to form a new creative agency notably ISO Supremacy. ISO Supremacy (In Search of Supremacy) is a creative network with the sole mission of executing visual & sonic art. The collective prides themselves on quality and limitless ideation. Brent serves as C.E.O. with Darren Xu as COO, Ashani Allick as Head of A&R, Michael Alexander as Project Manager, and Zac Matias as Art Director.

Right now, he’s in the midst of his 2023 worldwide headline tour, F*ck The World, It’s a Wasteland. Following packed shows in Chicago, New York, and Miami, it visits major markets worldwide including Los Angeles, Toronto, Miami, London, Milan, and Berlin before coming to an end on November 19 in Paris, FR. Remaining tickets are available HERE.

Orlando, FL-born multiplatinum, genre-defying recording artist Tyla Yaweh announces his World Full of Rage Fall Tour in North America in support of his new album, Heart Full of Rage 2.

The 17-date trek will take Tyla Yaweh across North America, kicking off on October 24, 2023 in Atlanta, GA at Masquerade. The tour will take him through the US and Canada, hitting cities such as DC, New YorkPhiladelphia, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and more before ending in Houston, TX on November 25 at the House of Blues. See below for full tour routing. 

Tickets will go on sale to the general public on Friday, August 18, at 10 AM local time. Fans can go to to purchase tickets. A special pre-sale is available today, August 17 from 9 AM to 10 PM local time, where fans can use the code WFORtour for early access. 

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Tyla Yaweh will be touring in support of his new album, Heart Full of Rage 2, which was released earlier this month via Epic Records/London Entertainment. Stream to Heart Full of Rage 2 HERE

Spanish indie-rock band – LAGUNA GOONS – have shared new track “Runaway Massacre”, taken from their EP ‘Teachers’.

An indie-rock freight train that pins together livewire guitar lines with runaway riffs, the new track sees Laguna Goons nod deftly to many of the UK-based bands that inspire them while keeping things fresh with a fun-fuelled twist.

Described by the band as “a taste of pure nerve with a catchy chorus”, “Runaway Massacre” strikes a stellar balance between infectious energy and agitated angst. Laguna Goons’ go-to closer for most of their live shows, the band explain of the track’s origin: 

“It’s about a traumatic experience we had surfing: the water taking you to the wrong place, and how surfing isn’t for the faint of heart.” 

Taken from the band’s ‘Teachers’ EP, the extended release will see “Runaway Massacre” accompanied by four new tracks including “Locked Up”, “Instinto Natural” and the fuzzy title-track “Teachers”, which teeters on the anxiety-inducing line between grunge-laden garage rock and danceable anthemic indie. 

When the Bachelor series first entered my life I’ll admit that I was skeptical of a television world where true love could be found. But the show, and its legion of followers known affectionately as the Bachelor Nation would in time win me over.

Each Monday when my partner would sit down to watch Matt James on his quest to find love I would find a reason to be in the living room. Before long we were discussing the episode’s events over coffee and waiting impatiently for next week’s episode to see what the future would hold for the inhabitants of the Bachelor Nation.

Hear “Bachelor Nation” wherever you get your music.

Check out the video as well.

When it came time to write this song, Matt had found and lost love. The Bachelor Nation shook but kept moving. I decided to focus on the absurdity of fairy tale love both in the Bachelor Nation and the greater world abroad. The truth is, life and love will knock you down and you will have to get back up again and try to put the pieces back together as best you can.

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I hear this song as the soundtrack to a honeymoon in a Vegas motel, with plastic wine glasses by the kidney-shaped pool and the air conditioner leaking slowly onto the carpet. There is sadness on the fringes of that picture but there is also a hope and happiness that reminds me love comes in many forms, none of which are perfect or fairy-taled, not even in the Bachelor Nation.

We look forward to sharing more with you from our forthcoming debut album,


With love,

Gavin Gardiner of MOONRIIVR

Indie rock band, Carver Commodore is thrilled to release their new EP If Nothing Happens that is out now.
Carver Commdore recently partnered with Salt Link Incubator.  Salt Link Incubator is nonprofit artist development organization supporting aspiring musicians in the early stages of their creative journeys. The Incubator seeks to help these musicians develop artistically, sustain their well-being, and forge viable careers. More Details to come.
In support of their new music the band has been touring all year round. See all the tour dates below.  
Formed in 2017, Carver Commodore was a new start for founding members Payton Pruitt and Phillip Blevins after their college band parted ways. They were determined to make music and make it work for them, and since the band’s formation, have added three permanent members (Noah Freeman, Clayton Christopher, David Smith Jr.) and released two full length albums with a smattering of EPs and singles in between. These releases all fall at unique places on the spectrum of indie rock, and after taking the maximalist approach, the band decided to dial things back for their new EP.
The result is a shimmery, wistful, yet still dynamic take on the aesthetic-heavy music of the modern indie pop world, strengthened even more by the substance of Pruitt’s songwriting. David Smith describes the recording of this EP as “therapeutic”—an opportunity to ignore perfectionism and embrace a more simplistic, clean, and light sound.
Five years as a band has taken Carver Commodore on a rollercoaster of incredible highs and difficult lows—not to mention the accompaniment of personal changes as the members have grown older and begun to embrace the idea of building their families. Inevitably, these challenges have brought up questions and doubt about the realism of pursuing music as a career. “If Nothing Happens” is the band giving voice to these doubts, eventually conquering them.
In a world dominated by metrics, the quantitative approach can be a difficult one to take. It can be hard to measure and often feel less fruitful that the decision to pursue numbers above anything else. Carver Commodore’s decision, however, is what they hope will ultimately set them apart as consistent leaders in indie music.
Intentionality is the pursuit. However it manifests—in songwriting, recording, touring—Carver Commodore is on a mission to continue claiming their spot in independent music history. “If Nothing Happens” is a snapshot of a band who is not 100% sure where they are going, but they are going, no matter what.
Tour Dates
September 5 – Athens, GA – Georgia Theatre Rooftop Show
September 6 – Wilmington, NC – UNC Wilmington
September 7 – Columbia, SC – Tin Roof
September 8 – Henderson, TN – Sounds and Grounds
September 15 – Florence, AL – Shoals Community Theatre
October 13 – Atlanta, GA – The Works – Upper Westside Atlanta
October 14 – Nashville, TN – The End
October 19 – Oxford, MS – Proud Larry’s
October 21 – Starkville, MS – Rick’s Cafe

Chin Injeti fuses his love of 80s funk and boogie music with a modern twist that encapsulates a unique yet nostalgic feeling, captivating his fans.

In the music industry, Chin has had a decorated career songwriting and producing with/for many household names. In the 90s, he fronted Bass is Base, which had fans all over the world and garnered him a deal with Universal music and Island Records in the United states. During that time, the group won a Juno (Canadian Grammy) for best R&B record, a Much Music Video award for a song called “Funkmobile” and Chin was awarded with Songwriter of the Year from SOCAN. This was just the beginning of Chin’s success.

Once Bass of Base came to an end, Chin spent years creating, touring and performing all over North America with the likes of The Fugees, The Roots, Jamiroquoi, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul and so many more. Chin learned the craft of carving out frequencies and the importance of an impactful lyric and melody.

Innovation starts with the spark of a big idea. If the idea gets traction, it can mean months and years of development, pitch meetings, tech revisions, and funding challenges. The pace is brutal, but for a small group of people looking to create radical, systemic change—it’s all worth it.

The Big Idea is a three-part documentary short film series that follows the lives of three innovators who are brilliant, bold, and united by the desire to use technology, science, and engineering to solve global challenges. From access to life-saving vaccines, to antiracist technology aimed at reducing the Black maternal mortality rates, to hands-on robot-building kits for underserved Indigenous youth, their big ideas are meant to shake up the status quo and ultimately change lives.

Each of the subjects is competing to be an MIT Solve innovator, or ‘Solver’, a highly-coveted  program to help scale and grow their big idea. This win would raise the profile of their projects and put them in front of the MIT community, global leaders, and major tech brands. But, do they have what it takes to elevate their work to the next level?

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The films have been an official selection of eight film festivals, including the Tribeca X Festival and the Women Deliver Festival, and have won numerous awards from the Telly Awards, Series Fest, and IFFBoston for unscripted storytelling.

viral content creator and artist Gavin Magnus has announced the release of his forthcoming single ‘Psycho’ set to be released on September 1 via Big Noise

Pre-save the introspective track produced by multi platinum and two-time GRAMMY-nominated producer John Feldmann (Blink-182, Panic! At The Disco, 5 Seconds Of Summer) here:

‘Psycho’ is an instant earworm, packing a punch with its memorable hooks and driving pop punk melody. Dedicated to addressing the reality of toxic relationships and the conflicting emotions that follow, Gavin perfectly encapsulates the inner turmoil faced as he processes the fall out of a rocky relationship. Taking ownership of his actions as both he and his sound matures, Gavin isn’t letting the ashes cloud his vision.

This marks the first release on his new label, and the start of a new chapter for the 16 year old artist.  

“I’m super stoked for the release of this song, it almost feels like I’m letting everyone into the new me.” – Gavin Magnus 

Exploding out of their hometown of Toronto, JUNO Award-winning band MONOWHALES have put a new lease on the alt rock genre. Their 2019 breakout single ‘RWLYD (Really Wanna Let You Down)’ made history as MONOWHALES became the only independent, self-managed band to chart at #2 at alt radio in Canada. Subsequent singles ‘All or Nothing’ and ‘Out With The Old’ both reached the Top 10, culminating in the release of MONOWHALES’ debut album ‘Daytona Bleach’ in March, 2021 via the band’s own label TRUE Records (distributed by Warner Music Canada).

2022 was a landmark year for the band, with highlights including winning a JUNO Award for Breakthrough Group of the Year, supporting Mother Mother on their Canadian tour, playing some of the country’s biggest festivals (including Osheaga, Festival d’ete de Quebec, Hillside, and more), releasing their new album ‘Tunnel Vision’ and headlining their own tour across the country to cap off the year. Tunnel Vision’s first single ‘CTRL^^^’ spent 8 weeks in the Top 10 at alt radio, while subsequent single ‘StuckintheMiddle’ was featured on playlists such as Rock Hard, New Noise, Fierce Femmes, and Rock Your Block.

Nashville-based pop singer and songwriter Thomas Day reveals his new single & video, “Gravity,” out today on Arista Records.

2023 has proved to be an impressive year for Thomas Day. He’s already amassed millions of streams across his latest singles – “Come Home,” “MASOCHIST,” and “VICIOUS” – and recently wrapped up a mini tour supporting David Kushner. With his new single, “Gravity,” Thomas once again proves himself as a master at channeling his emotions into catchy, radio-ready hits. 

“This is the first proper love song I ever wrote,” says Thomas. “All of my songs are about love and heartbreak, but ‘Gravity’ is about capturing that feeling you get when you’re in love. The butterflies in your stomach, yell it from the rooftop kind of love.”

Capturing the hearts of millions with his heartfelt songwriting and powerful vocals, Thomas Day has quickly emerged as one of pop’s most exciting new acts. After taking off on TikTok with his captivating covers, he signed to Arista Records in 2021 and has continued to evolve into a fully-fledged pop star.

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Thomas realized music was his future at the age of just 9 years old when he started participating in musical theater productions. Upon entering high school, the Tennessee native found another outlet in football, becoming his school’s star kicker and earning multiple college scholarship offers upon graduating earlier this year. Even as things took off with football, he never let go of his musical dreams.

In 2021, Thomas made the ultimate decision to turn down the football offers and fully commit to a career in music. With over 120 million global streams, nearly 1 million Spotify monthly listeners, and 7 million social followers, it’s clear that Thomas Day chose the right path.

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Salem Ilese gets rowdy and opens up in her new song “don’t shop when ur hungry !!” the final single from her upcoming album, High Concept. Get it HERE via 10K Projects.

Building more anticipation for Salem Ilese’s brand new album, High Concept, her last single before the drop, “don’t shop when ur hungry !!” explores the parallels between the impulsive decisions we make after a breakup and the choices we make when hunger clouds our judgement. The fifth single showcases the popstar’s incredible narrative-driven, allegorical writing, tackling complex emotions with a fresh perspective. The dynamic collaboration with vaultboy cautions against the perils of entering the dating world with an empty heart, creating an effortless, catchy track with a clever twist.

Despite taking time away from her own music to expand her horizons as a songwriter, Salem Ilese’s RIAA-certified Gold hit single “Mad at Disney” has amassed over 3.5 billion streams, with “PS5” following with over 500 million streams. Beyond her own music, she has also worked with some of music’s biggest names including Gwen Stefani, TXT, Ke$ha, Addison Rae, and more, even earning credits for her work on Demi Lovato’s recent album, HOLY FVCK, and Bella Poarch’s hit single, “Build a Bitch.”
Socials: @neillfrazer

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