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INsiders Guide: Small Crush, RÜFÜS DU SOL, Noel Gallagher, Adam Ten & Maori, Manu Chao, Moodymann, EDDIE & Lights, Connie Talbot…

Just ahead of their upcoming sophomore album Penelope, the enigmatic indie rock band Small Crush floats back onto the scene to woo fans with their latest single “Rumblin’ Tummy.” Known for their youthful, carefree style, the band’s newest song takes a refreshing turn, fusing heady sincerity into their signature sound. The single comes just weeks before their album Penelope, out September 15 via Asian Man Records.

Frontwoman Logan Hammon describes “Rumblin’ Tummy” as a song about “staying in love and getting butterflies in your stomach no matter how long it’s been.” Appropriately, “Rumblin’ Tummy” is a fresh re-imagining of a fan-favorite from 2019, “Tummy Rumblin.” Just as the song’s romance has lasted the years, Small Crush built off the old track while injecting a fresh perspective, creating an entirely new and delightful sonic experience. The song’s upbeat and infectious vibe effortlessly sweeps listeners off their feet, while the heartfelt lyrics resonate with relatable themes of longing and uncertainty.

“Rumblin’ Tummy’s” poignant verses lovingly invite listeners into an at once guarded and emotionally unfettered moment of vulnerability: “My tummy is rumblin’ / I keep stumblin’ over you / I keep on mumblin’ / I wish I knew what to do.” Logan Hammon’s voice is lilting and dreamy with backing from the lead guitarist Jackson Felton, drummer Allen Moreno, and bassist Joey Chavez. Small Crush’s harmonious synergy cross-stitches a breezy yet introspective work of art in this track.

The illustrious productions of RÜFÜS DU SOL have long been inspired by the band’s experiences in some of the world’s most vibrant destinations. Their coveted DJ sets have provided them another platform to visit these sources of natural inspiration, reaching beyond the live stage to take over some of clubland’s most exotic dance floors. Today, RÜFÜS DU SOL have charted the next addition to this storied tenure with their much anticipated return to the jungles of Tulum, January 11th at Zamna. 

RÜFÜS DU SOL will play a very special DJ set at Zamna alongside a to-be-announced lineup featuring some of their favorite artists du jour. The group have not returned to Tulum since the launch of their Sundream event in 2022, a double weekender that inked their position amongst the rich electronic music event history of the region. 

Zamna will provide the perfect canvas for this journey into the RÜFÜS DU SOL universe, surrounded by revitalizing cenotes, lush tree canopies, and the historic cultural context of the area. Zamna has emerged as one of the most exciting destinations to experience electronic music in the world, a yearly season-long gathering for fans around the globe. 

RÜFÜS DU SOL return to Tulum after a full-year bringing their Sundream event concept to San José del Cabo, playing sold out shows across Central and North America, and setting their sights on what’s next for one of the world’s most celebrated live electronic outfits. 

Full Lineup to be announced soon.


Gibson TV, the iconic American instrument brand’s award-winning, worldwide online network–features original series about music and culture from the world’s best storytellers. Gibson TV has premiered the seventh episode of the show titled “Icons”–a longform interview series featuring some of the most iconic artists, producers, and music business pioneers in the world.

In the new episode of “Icons” out today, Gibson TV sits down with the world renowned singersongwriter, and guitaristNoel Gallagher. In this intimate look into his musical journey, Noel dives deep into his history and talks music influences, and his songwriting process, while sharing personal and hilarious stories along the way.

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celebrated Tel Aviv-based producers Adam Ten & Maori release “Spring Girl” via Diplo’s house and techno label, Higher Ground. The track has been a secret weapon among the most elite DJs in the world (Solomun, Vintage Culture, Michael Bibi, Adriatique) and is now fully unveiled for fans to take in and spin as they please. 

Active for over a decade, Adam Ten has established himself as one of the best in the Mediterranean underground, while Maori is one of Israel’s top emerging young talents. Together they combine both their seasoned and fresh perspectives to serve as the cutting edge of the Tel Aviv dance scene, as demonstrated in “Spring Girl,” which follows up their recent collaboration on Gorgon City’s REALM imprint. 

Anchored by a cheeky, sped-up vocal sample and a deep, rolling bassline, “Spring Girl” draws inspiration from the psytrance-partial Israeli dance scene. Subtly calling on buzzing synth stabs to bolster the energy of the tune while keeping the tempo at a moderate pace creates a unique vibe that has connected with dancefloors all over the globe, as demonstrated by tech house titans like Michael Bibi and melodic techno pair Adriatique. 

globetrotting DJ/producer Francis Mercier delivers an official remix for internationally renowned, generational talent Manu Chao as he injects his signature worldly-inspired grooves into Chao’s hit song, “Bongo Bong.” Originally released in 1998, this release marks the only official remix that Chao has approved as a co-release with another artist. 

With passion and integrity, Francis Mercier continues to breathe new life into international classics that the modern dance music communities may not necessarily be familiar with. Keeping Manu’s iconic vocals and the playful spirit of “Bongo Bong” intact, Francis masterfully flips the original into a scintillating house groover that will have listeners of all ages and backgrounds getting up to dance. The track falls within the narrative of Francis’ career as he continues to reinvent worldly classics with a modern dance touch – introducing some of the younger, dance-oriented audience to some of the greatest musicians in history. This remix follows Francis’ other releases, “NaNa Djon” and “Welcome To Dinna,” which are reinventions of classics from West African artist Victor Démé and the beloved Grammy-award-winning Jamaican band, Black Uhuru, respectively. 

The story of this release originates three years ago when Francis decided to take a crack at remixing “Bongo Bong,” one of his favorite songs growing up. After wrapping up his touches on the remix, he then sent the demo to his label for their approval. Two years later, Francis finally received word that Manu Chao, one of his all-time musical idols, gave his approval to release the track as an official remix. 

Growing up in Haiti, my friends, family, neighbors, and everyone used to listen to Manu Chao nearly every day. It being 25 years later now since Bongo Bong was released, it is an immense honor for Manu to approve my remix. All of my gratitude goes to him for appreciating my work.”        — Francis Mercier

one of Detroit’s most free-spirited and trail-blazing artists, Moodymann, remixes one of its current champions, DJ Minx, for a commemorative release that brings a 20+ year friendship full circle. Commissioned via Insomniac’s house and techno imprint Factory 93, Moodymann takes on DJ Minx’s iconic 2004 single “A Walk In The Park,” transforming it from one of the greatest minimal house tracks of all time into a funky, experimental masterpiece that defies the rules of genres. 

At the turn of the millennium, “A Walk In The Park” was one of the first releases on DJ Minx’s seminal record label, Women On Wax. During this time, Moodymann served as a mentor to Minx, helping her get the label off the ground. Following a relaunch this past June, the label lives on, and so does the friendship between Moodymann and Minx, as they continue to work together as two of Detroit’s most influential and impactful artists. Being able to revisit the track 20 years later, with both artists still at the top of their game, is a rare feat that few can match. 

Moodymann’s untethered production acts as a clever take on the track’s title. While the original “A Walk In The Park” followed a strict and tight rhythm, Moodymann unravels it into a lucid dream that plays with auditory hallucinations, soulful chords, and creative arrangements. While the minimal and sub-y bassline remains intact, this is one “A Walk In The Park” like you’ve never experienced before. 

Moodymann’s remix completes the official remix package that DJ Minx initially released at the end of 2022, which featured Detroit brother-in-arms Seth Troxler as well as Soul Clap, Ardalan, and even a re-edit of the original from Minx herself. 

Australian producer/DJ EDDIE and Juno-award winning electro-pop vocalist Lights release their new single ‘Pocketknife’ out now on Rezz’s label HypnoVizion.

Returning to the label with another intricately produced midtempo bass original, EDDIE continues to impress with ‘Pocketknife’. Captivating from start to finish, ‘Pocketknife’ is richly dynamic and full of angst as Lights sings, “I trust almost everyone, but still carry a pocketknife”. From its heavy builds and razor-sharp drops to Lights’ tantalizing pop vocals, ‘Pocketknife’ continues to see HypnoVizion encouraging a lyrically-led bass movement. 

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“First of all, I cannot explain how excited I am for this song to finally be out. It’s been in the works for roughly 2 years and it’s had many different versions. Clearly, we were so picky with how we wanted this to turn out and the end result was absolutely worth it. I love combining my darker/harsher sound with mesmerizing vocals, this time from none other than the iconic Lights. Working with her and getting to know her throughout this process has been a pleasure and I feel so much joy that this record was completed.” – EDDIE

 internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter Connie Talbot unveils her highly anticipated project, Growing Pains, a stunning 4-track project narrating the young artist’s journey through the ebbs and flows of love, loss, and learning about herself. Much like a camera’s lens capturing fleeting moments, this self-penned project immortalises the diverse spectrum of emotions that constitute the deeply personal voyage of navigating heartbreak and discovering restoration. Talbot’s innate melodic instincts seamlessly fuse with the project’s production, characterised by its inclusion of raw, organic sonic components that mirror the bare realities of love’s dissolution. This creation effortlessly balances authenticity and refinement, emerging as the ultimate melodic companion for those undergoing their own heartrending expedition.

On the inspiration behind the project, Connie Talbot explains: “Writing and creating my EP Growing Pains has been a journey that has been so good for my soul. I really wanted to create something from scratch independently. Working with some incredible writers has been a dream. Emily, Ant, Alfie, Cameron have quite literally been my therapists. Putting thoughts into lyrics and into songs has been a form of therapy that I can revisit whenever I want. I have always loved that music can make you feel something and for me music has always been a constant in my life that I can rely on. If one of these songs can help someone, I will be happy. The overall message that I would love people to take from this EP is that it’s okay to learn lessons from experience, it’s okay to feel those emotions intensely, lean into them and grow from them. That’s why we call them growing pains.”

Bright Sunny Days is the first single from the forthcoming album GhostHound which will be released in 2024. The single will be released on September 1st 2023 on Tone Zone Records through MGM. The project has grown out of Marty’s online ‘sessioneer series’, and the initial ideas of sessioneer Tony Rumble with his desire to make music and write lyrics that encapsulate his life journey on Sydney’s northern beaches. Incorporating an interesting core band of personalities, Marty sings and plays lead guitar, Nigel Macara plays drums with DC on bass, both from the present line-up of the legendary Tamam Shud, as well as Tony himself on guitar – Olivia Willson-Piper plays violin and also sings. Recorded in Midnight Oil’s studio in Sydney, they have tended towards simple songs with guitar crazy, musical abandon, atmosphere, and memorable melodies. 

Long Beach, CA based Rockers OF LIMBO have released their controversial and provocative new single “California Demon” – Listen Here.  The heavy and sinister groove-laden track explores the concept of making a Mephistophelian bargain for diabolical favors to achieve your Hollywood dreams.

The song was recorded at Fab Factory Studios and produced by Mike Pepe (Taking Back Sunday, Plain White T’s), with mixing and mastering done by Grammy Winner Jett Galindo.

The song features wicked & sinewy dark guitar riffs, thunderous drums, a throbbing bass line, and a chorus as addictive as it is memorable. The band’s influences from 90’s stalwarts like Alice in Chains and Soundgarden shine through on the track.

The band’s Luke Davies says “The song explores the concept of “selling your soul for fame and fortune” but in a literal sense. As if the devil was real and young, innocent and corruptible people are actually coming to Hollywood and selling their soul to become a star.   There’s a large section of the population, like our conspiracy theory loving uncle, who believes this to be 100% fact/reality. He sends us videos of stars in interviews implying they sold their souls, or the latest Grammy performances, etc. from Sam Smith or mumble rappers dressed up as Satan. He doesn’t believe this is just pageantry. He thinks it’s all some kind of televised satanic ritual. It’s a concept we always felt was perfect for a rock song. Innocent girl comes to Hollywood with wide eyes and high hopes, only to find she has to sacrifice a lot more than she bargained for… HER SOUL”!

For 150 years, Epiphone has been a leading innovator in instrument design. By leveraging its iconic past and leaning into the future, Epiphone has set the stage for the next era of sound for present and future generations. Epiphone is proud to announce the Adam Jones Les Paul Custom Art Collection an unprecedented, limited-edition collection curated by Adam Jones of TOOL which brings Adam’s love of fine art and music together with seven, iconic and unique Les Paul Custom Silverburst masterpieces featuring the artwork of five distinguished visual artists handpicked by Adam. The Epiphone Adam Jones Les Paul Custom Art Collection is now available worldwide in limited quantities at authorized Epiphone dealers, and on

By projecting her own thoughts and emotions onto her subjects, acclaimed American painter Korin Faught explores romanticism, femininity and timeless beauty within her art. Faught finds inspiration in mid-century modern design, fashion, and white on white. Her influences include master portrait painters (such as John Singer Sargent), Pre-Raphaelite painters (such as Waterhouse), and impressionist Marie Cassatt.

The fifth model to debut in the Adam Jones Les Paul Custom Art Collection features Korin Faught’s original painting “Sensation” which first premiered as part of the “Lost Days” Exhibition in October 2016 at the Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles.

“‘Sensation’ is a painting about the loneliness and isolation of illness. ‘Sensation’ is a word to replace a fear based word. A word she learned while preparing for childbirth. A word she could retreat into when lying in bed with only herself and her thoughts. Gentle meditative properties and calmness resonate through her body as she lives within the moment.” –Korin Faught

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Described as “one of the most exciting names in UK indie pop” by Wonderland Magazine on her last release “supermarket”, SOFY continues to justify that with every next track, falling on eagerly awaiting ears. Current single “Ashley Cole Type Beat” not only delivers the distinctive animacy of a SOFY release but comes with the additional excitement of a wider project announcement, “Chaos & Commotion”, arriving this Oct 27th, and a UK headline tour commencing on the 28th November. 

The announcement arrives into out-stretched fingers and welcoming arms as SOFY’s army of rats continues to grow into cult-like status, and the buzz around her name is starting to turn into a national sonic stir. The “Chaos & Commotion” mixtape will be a nod to her previous two EP’s “Bored In Colour (Pt.1)” and “Bored In Colour (Pt.2)”, but will stand as a 9-track opus demonstrating the incredible artistic evolution of SOFY and the creative confidence instilled by the rewards she has reaped from earlier releases. Incredibly, the mixtape will be SOFY’s first ever masterpiece pressed to vinyl. Just 4-weeks later, SOFY will be embarking on her first ever UK headline tour to share the excitement of its release with her ever-growing fanbase, with stops in Glasgow,  Leeds, Nottingham, Bristol, Manchester, and of course her hometown of Leicester. Not forgetting London, of course, SOFY will be hosting an intimate 3-night residency at The Grace, ahead of some very exciting live plans for London in 2024.

Spearheading the announcement, single “Ashley Cole Type Beat” delivers the attitude of Kate Nash with the zest of a Beck track. Symbolic of SOFY’s innate ability to synergise the old with the new, the track is a single-handed serving of forward thinking nostalgia, that sets a very promising precedence for the mixtape to follow. Capturing this, the official music video offers a space for this attitude to come alive, as SOFY gets a chance to turn, what looks like your parents kitchen, into complete chaos and commotion.

Speaking on “Ashley Cole Type Beat”, SOFY explains; “”Ashley Cole Type Beat is one of the most playful tracks on the mixtape, it’s about hedonism, giving in to temptation and basically being a bit of a dickhead but being totally unapologetic about it – ‘Coz I’m a reckless driver, got no self control, when you’re a semi – pro liar, life’s an open goal ’. I love writing songs like this, where you can just totally lean into a character or an aspect of personality that you wouldn’t usually tap into in everyday life (coz you’d have no frie nds) – it’s like letting the devil on your shoulder write a song for you. It’s such a fun song, and I feel like the production really leans into that as well, it’s got that in – your – face almost playground – esque taunting feeling to it that matches the lyrics really well.”

Electronic R&B’s heartthrob duo, DRAMA, producer Na’el Shehade and vocalist/songwriter Via Rosa, return to release their confidently self-titled single, ‘DRAMA.’ It’s the third track off the duo’s highly anticipated EP, Till We Die, dropping later this Fall. The newest single ‘DRAMA’ demonstrates Shehade and Rosa’s sonic range with their fun immersion of genres, in retrospect to their previously released records ‘Tighten It UpandFeel The Same.’ 


The single ‘DRAMA’ is an infectious spur to action that plays around with funky house beats by Shehade complimented by Rosa’s sassy, fun lyrics. The positively self-titled single is undeniably a clubbable track, guaranteed to ignite body-moving dance explosions.

Over the years, DRAMA has refused to be musically categorized, relentlessly breaking musical barriers by freely crossing over and blending R&B/electronic genres as heard in their previous projects. The powerhouse team has demonstrated their ability to seamlessly crossover genres as seen from their dynamic performances at major festivals like Coachella and Lightning in a Bottle this past year. The pair’s high energy, but cool sets and all-too-relatable lyrics have undeniably continued to win the duo a myriad of fans on and off the dance floor across North America.  

On the single, DRAMA comments —  “This self-titled anthem is for anyone in their ‘this is what I need in order to love properly’ era, those of us who are entering the humble yet confident ‘of course they’re going to love me, I’m amazing’ stage of our lives. It’s a reminder to ourselves that we don’t have to accept love from people who don’t know how to love us, we’re no longer afraid of not being wanted. THIS is what the girls dream of, someone who knows how to love them. The song itself lyrically was inspired by our live performances and the things that one would see during a DRAMA show – looking out at the crowd and seeing everyone enjoying themselves, you get accustomed to what the energy feels like when we’re all moving together. It’s not up to just one of us, but all of us to create the perfect atmosphere for everyone to have a good time.”

Derrick Stembridge, renowned for his work on the award-winning ambient project Drifting In Silence, is unveiling his latest single, “Facewithin.” This compelling track will debut on Labile Records across all major streaming platforms on September 1, 2023. The single is a key feature of his upcoming album “Past Present Future,” slated for release on October 13.

Facewithin is an invitation to an auditory and visual expedition that delves into human consciousness and artificial intelligence. The opening beats usher listeners into a complex realm housed within the DNA of both humans and androids. Complementing the single is an evocative music video that challenges viewers to grapple with questions of identity and existence.

Norwegian native and global music sensation Torine, unleashes her up-tempo and curiosity filled new single, Seven Minutes in Heaven in the U.S. via Universal Music. The highly anticipated, adrenaline-fueled track is pure electropop perfection from the +200 million streaming singer songwriter. Of the new single Torine says, “How long does it take for you to realize you like things you haven’t tried before? For me, it took 7 minutes after years of intense crushing. Just be yourself and love whomever you want to love <3”

Seven Minutes in Heaven comes fast on the heels of the critical and commercial success of Torine’s first EP “UNHOLY’’. Telling the story of her life in black and white with little room for shades of grey, the EP describes Torine’s early years spent trying to figure out her own identity amongst a family caught between religion and drugs. In her own words. “The burial of the person I used to be”. Now, the pop-punk princess takes a big step into the future with new music this fall. The music reflects her evolution to where she is in life now – a person who speaks to those who are usually not spoken to and writes songs about girls the exact same way that boys do. And most importantly, normalizes it.

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The handcuffs from the past are gone. Torine feels more liberated than ever. Free to explore herself both lyrically and musically. Despite her young age, the 23-year-old from Arendal, Norway has built an impressive artistic CV. Torine’s music career started as an ambitious 16-year-old when she auditioned for Norwegian Idol. Five
years later she has established herself as a rebellious, honest, and vulnerable artist who creates music for outsiders who thrive outside the box. With over 200 million streams under her belt and successful tours in both Europe and Asia, Torine has proven that she has a voice, stage presence, music, and identity that qualify her for a place among the stars. Torine is especially excited about her upcoming U.S. Touring dates.

Torine Touring in the United States:
For tickets and information click HERE
November 8 – San Francisco, CA – The Chapel
November 10 – West Hollywood, CA – Troubador
November 11 – San Diego, CA – Quartyard
November 12 – Phoenix, AZ – Last Exit Live
November 14 – Salt Lake, UT – Soundwell
November 16 – Colorado Springs, CO – Black Sheep
November 17 – Fort Collins, CO – Washington’s
November 18 – Denver, CO – Marquis

Lo Lauren has started things off on a high. With only one release to her name, “Never The One”, this budding pop-powerhouse has already won the adoration of BBC Radio 1, earnt ‘Track of the Week’ status on her local BBC Introducing platform, and amassed over 100,000 streams, all on the basis of purely great music. Now back to reinforce her position as one of the most exciting names to burst onto the scene and a keen contender for 2024 ‘Ones to Watch’ lists, Lo Lauren delivers “Only One on Earth”, this August 31st. 

A synth-soaked sensation, “Only One on Earth” is an indelible second entry into the current soundscape. Uniting the playful effervescence of noughties nostalgia with the unapologetically bold character of today’s music scene, Lo Lauren demonstrates undeniable ability to pen an internationally digestible pop anthem, yet, maintain its own quirky, endearing charm. Telling a tale of unrequited lust, the single chimes, “I can’t be the only one on earth, when’s it gonna be my turn?”,  as Lo Lauren embarks on a 2 minute 49 second colourful  journey on the shades of rejection. Beyond its buoyancy is a profound exploration of human connection, yet, whether it be a break-up anthem like “Never The One” or a rejection rant like “Only One on Earth”, true to the exuberant core of Lo Lauren, she always makes you feel like you’re going to make it through it.

In her own words, Lo Lauren explains; “Only One on Earth” is about putting yourself out there, telling someone you like them and being flat out rejected. It’s heartbreaking, savage and embarrassing! And in moments when your feelings are unrequited and you’re knocked back, it’s suddenly like everyone around you is extra loved up and happy, which leaves you feeling even more sad and alone.  So this is a cry for human connection, acceptance and love and I had so much fun writing it”

As Clash Magazine states, Joey Maxwell is “somewhat of a tour-de-force”.  An all-encompassing entity, taking on the role of artist, manager, label and booking agent, and doing it at the applaudable level he is, is an incredible feat in itself. Dropping music on the level that he is, is another. Releasing his second single, in his new powerhouse form, “like a clown”, is another sonic statement from Maxwell that will indubitably etch its mark into the current alt-scene. 

Delving more and more into the soundscapes of the 90’s grunge era, Joey Maxwell is a breath of fresh air from the tight spandex of the softer alt sounds that seem to be coming through right now. Homing introspective lyrics, akin to the genre, “like a clown” intricately explores the ubiquitous phenomenon of artists not attaining the rightful recognition they deserve. Drawing from a personal space for the inspiration of this track, originating from a phase in his life where he wrestled with the overwhelming sentiment that his artistic pursuits were marginalized and diminished by those within his immediate circle. This profound emotional turmoil compelled him to create a song that not only encapsulates his journey towards self-acknowledgment but also encapsulates the crystallization of his genuine creative perspective. Now, he extends an invitation to his audience to partake in this journey alongside him.

Diplo’s house and techno label, Higher Ground, ushers in a massive collaboration from Tel Aviv DJ/producer Kino Todo, who has linked up with fellow Israeli ragga/reggae/dub outfit Trilion for an irresistible, ecstasy-inducing anthem, “Raver,” out now. 

The release is the epitome of how the close-knit fabric of the Tel Aviv music scene is woven. While Kino Todo and Trilion may be in two different musical lanes, they’ve come together to bring “Raver” — which was originally featured on Trilion’s 2022 album, Second — to nightclub dancefloors. 

The original masterfully ties in dancehall vocals and the classic, euphoria-driven sound of rave music. With massive energy, Kino Todo transforms the track into a techno-infused masterpiece, detailed with a formidable bassline and bolstered piano chords that are meant for the peak hours of the dancefloor. Check out these clips of Higher Ground boss Diplo, Solomun, and more playing it out on top-tier dancefloors. 

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Since he released his first single in 2019, Kino Todo has toured with Red Axes, performed at DGTL and Circoloco, and released on DJ Tennis’s Life Or Death label, among others. His 2023 album Chances was his most collaborative effort to date, clocking in features from Reo Cragun, Tel Aviv vocalist Sima Noon, Israeli rapper Elevata E, and others. Instead of relying on the house sound he’s become known for, Kino Todo took the chance to showcase his versatility with themes of electronica, R&B, breakbeat, trip-hop, and more. His music serves as a soundtrack to life, capturing the feelings of the here and now.

multi-platinum Melbourne-born, LA-based producer/DJ Hayden James teams up with electro-pop duo AR/CO to share their new single ‘We Could Be Love’ out via Future Classic

‘We Could Be Love’ boasts the dancefloor-focused melodies and emotive lyricism that continues to permeate Hayden James’ catalog. The track is an arrangement of the vibrant house-pop that has made him one of Australia’s finest exports. Saturated with endearing sentiments, AR/CO’s angelic vocals shine against James’ euphoric synths, thumping basslines and percussive accents. Uplifting and anthemic, ‘We Could Be Love’ will have fans enamored with its cosmic and transcendent nature. 

On the track, Hayden James says, “I loved writing this record with the crazy talented AR/CO legends. This song feels like it was made for the heat of summer with the super dreamy gang vocals and 90’s rave vibes. I’m really excited for people to hear this one.”

AR/CO added, “‘We Could Be Love’ has been on repeat since we wrote it in LA in January, it’s anthemic and uplifting. It’s something we can imagine at hot summer day festivals and equally sweaty night rave spots. Working with Hayden has been like working with a mate, he’s all Aussie charm and talent. 1/2 of our duo is Australian and it felt like a 360 moment for Mali, so we’re super excited to have this slice of nostalgia out in the world together!”

Swiss electronic duo Adriatique and Danish trio WhoMadeWho release their new collaboration ‘Miracle’ out now via RÜFÜS DU SOL’s Rose Avenue Records

Effortlessly euphoric and wondrously blissful, ‘Miracle’ marks a flawless collaboration from the European pairing. Crescendoing with vividly moving basslines and harmonious, swelling synths, ‘Miracle’ is a whimsical dip into Adriatique’ passionate production. Topped with angelic vocals, ‘Miracle’ captures the feeling of ecstasy that comes with romantic compatibility as WhoMadeWho sings “It’s a miracle, and I can never die”. Gripping from start to finish, ‘Miracle’ is an alluring blend of melodic techno and synth-pop that finds the sweet spot between Adriatique’s dance roots and WhoMadeWho’s pop sensibilities. 

“Good things come to those who wait“ is normally not the right quote when making music but in the case of Miracle it is true. This was one of the projects which had given us an immediate excitement but ultimately it took time to make it what it is today. Thanks to the very talented WhoMadeWho and everyone involved in this collaboration.” – Adriatique

XXIM Records is proud to announce a new album from award-winning Italian pianist and composer Olivia Belli alongside the release of “Valadier,” the first track to be taken from it and an accompanying video. IntermundiaBelli’s second full length release for the label, sees the acclaimed pianist go beyond her deep connection to the natural world to explore the spiritual side of nature, something beyond the physical – the world of thin places.

These locales, said to be where heaven and earth virtually meet, are places to soothe and sedate, or to beguile and enchant – places to catch glimpses of the transcendent. “Here, you become freed from everything non-essential, everything in the modern world,” explains Belli. “It is only you and your soul.” Such places have long been a part of her life and her own spiritual journey, and for Intermundia Belli chose eight locations, all in central Italy, very close to her home in Le Marche, and each represented by one track.

rising Italian producer/DJ MAGNVM! releases his new Clap EP, out now via Dirtybird Records

Aligning with Dirtybird’s signature brand of outlandish sounds and oddball arrangements, Clap is a befitting main label debut from the burgeoning Birdfeed (Dirtybird’s sub label) talent. The EP opens with its titular track ‘Clap’, where MAGNVM! experiments with layers of dizzying synth lines and zippering countermelodies, before diving into its quirky companion ‘MinimAlien’. Fluctuating with alternating rhythms and tech-heavy elements, ‘MinimAlien’ unrolls with dynamic range over its 6 minutes. As a bonus, the EP comes primed with Birdfeed exclusive ‘Peppa Tits’. 

Milan-based DJ and producer MAGNVM! has been exploring house, tech, breakbeat and bass sound both on the dancefloor and in the studio for a few years now. He has released music on labels such as Dirtybird, My Techno Weighs A Ton, and House Of Hustle, gaining support by DJs including Jamie Jones, Marco Carola, Claude VonStroke, Joris Voorn, Monki and more. A rising member of the Dirtybird flock, MAGNVM! has been building his profile with releases on Birdfeed like ‘Popeye’ and ‘Poopdeck Pappy’, the latter of which was featured on this year’s Best of the Birdfeed compilation. 

On the heels of their most recent single ‘Safe,’ Daktyl and Benni Ola return 9/1 with ‘Family Ties,’ the second single from their forthcoming Chaos Theory (Part 2) EP, releasing 9/29 via TOKiMONSTA’s Young Art Records. Following the duo’s promise that the sequel to Chaos Theory will charter new sonic and emotional territory, ‘Family Ties’ ventures into punk rock infused with jazz chords and broken beats. The track epitomizes the Chaos Theory project’s ethos – an eclectic mix of sounds that leave listeners wondering: “Why does this work?”

Benni Ola, who provides vocals across the EP, is a true Renaissance man. In addition to recording music, Benni’s artistic background spans songwriting, spoken word poetry, modeling, and acting. Daktyl is a music production guru who has accumulated an expansive catalog spanning many corners of electronic music over the past decade. When these two come together, a special synergy is unlocked. The duo creates music for creation’s sake – fostering an authentic relationship that results in honest art.

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FNGRS CRSSD and Framework have announced the phase one lineup for the debut edition of PROPER Las Vegas, taking place at the iconic AREA15 on December 30th + 31st. This announcement comes on the heels of the brand’s lineup reveal for PROPER NYE/NYD in San Diego, returning to Petco Park on December 31st and January 1st following a sold-out debut.

PROPER has quickly become Southern California’s ultimate New Year’s Eve destination, now set to take over Las Vegas’ most immersive experiential location, AREA15. The event will feature 4 stages, 50+ artists, and endless sensory wonders at the renowned venue, just minutes away from the bustling Las Vegas strip during the most electric time of the year.

PROPER Las Vegas features a powerful lineup billing featuring Black Book Records label boss Chris Lake, Grammy-nominated electronic producer and singer ZHU, chart-topping North London duo Gorgon City, modern UK house sensation Hot Since 82, triple-platinum UK duo CamelPhat, and German FCKNG SERIOUS label head Boris Brejcha.

Attendees can also look forward to performances from Aussie favorite Sonny Fodera, the introspective sounds of Cuban-American artist Maceo Plex, and beloved DJ and production duos Eli & Fur and Giolì & Assia.

Varying styles of modern house are scattered throughout the PROPER lineup, with acts like groove-driven duo Walker & Royce, global sensation Layla Benitez, and tech house standouts BiscitsKyle Watson, and Eddy M on the bill. Additional highlights include melodic house producer Franky Wah, Chicago’s underground riser Azzecca, and emotive dance producers Sultan + ShepardJerro, and Le Youth.

PROPER’s underground and techno curation holds star-studded representation from the likes of progressive house breakout star Miss Monique, Berlin production duo Pan-Pot, and German Afterlife standouts Chris Avantgarde and Innellea. This is further supplemented by breakout rave sensation Rebūke, rising Ukrainian producer 8Kays, and emerging melodic techno act Massano.
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