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The Review: Jigsaw Brings Back The Essence Of The Franchise In ‘Saw X’

Saw X takes a thrilling step back in time to explore the untold story of John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer, during a critical moment in his life. Set just weeks after the original “Saw” movie but before “Saw II,” this installment breathes new life into the franchise while staying true to its roots.

One of the smartest decisions made in Saw X is the choice to delve into John Kramer’s past without erasing the existing timeline. This means fans don’t need a refresher on the convoluted series of events from previous films. While newcomers could enjoy it, this movie truly caters to dedicated Saw enthusiasts. The film kicks off with a more subdued tone, focusing on John Kramer’s battle with cancer and his interactions at a support group. It’s a departure from the typical Saw formula, lacking the customary gruesome trap-filled opening. However, this change allows the movie to gradually build tension and establish a deeper connection to the characters.

The decision to delay the full-blown Jigsaw games may feel slightly drawn-out, but it’s a calculated move that pays off. The moment when Kramer and Amanda turn the tables on con artists, led by Cecilia Pederson, is a return to familiar and gripping territory. The confined, one-room setting with multiple traps harks back to the first movie, embracing the franchise’s earlier, more intimate style.

Saw X also scales back on the overly elaborate traps of recent sequels, opting for more straightforward yet wince-inducing scenarios. These traps might not be as iconic as some from the past, but they deliver the gore and discomfort that fans crave.

Saw X manages to captivate by reuniting John Kramer and Amanda, exploring their twisted father-daughter dynamic. This element adds depth and uniqueness to the movie, setting it apart from other sequels in the series. In its attempt to inject new life into the franchise, Saw X successfully delivers the expected gore while striving for innovation. While it may not be the most mind-bending Saw installment, it holds the potential to revitalize the series and keep fans eagerly anticipating what’s next for Jigsaw’s legacy.

SAW X is in cinemas now
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